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Free GUMBALL Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Plenty of kids love The Amazing World of Gumball, an animated series about a blue cat named Gumball. If your kids can’t get enough of this show, they’re sure to love Gumball coloring pages. The only thing more fun than watching Gumball’s adventures is bringing those adventures to life with a set of crayons.

Welcome to our collection of free GUMBALL coloring pages. Click the Gumball pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. EveryGumball coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Kids Can Color All Their Favorite Gumball Characters

There are coloring pages for all of Gumball’s colorful characters, including Darwin, Anais, Nicole, and Richard. Kids can look for pages that feature the characters they love and bring those images to life! If you go looking for pictures, you’ll find an amazing selection of images to color.

Many kids love both Gumball and his adopted brother Darwin, who is a goldfish. You’ll find plenty of pages that show these characters together. There are even images that showcase minor characters like Steve Small and Banana Joe!

Gumball Coloring Pages Can Reduce Screen Time

If your kid’s been begging you to let them watch Gumball, you don’t have to give in and put on a few episodes. Instead, you can try to redirect them by encouraging them to do something else that involves Gumball, like coloring in pictures. Kids can get time with Gumball without having to watch TV!

Experts recommend limiting screen time for children, but that isn’t always easy to do. If you can give your kids a great alternative to watching the shows that they love, they’ll spend less time watching TV and more time engaging in other, more creative activities. 

You Can Encourage Kids To Create Their Own Stories

One of the reasons that children love this cartoon so much is that Gumball and Darwin are always getting into wacky, yet relatable adventures. When your kid is working on a coloring picture, you should ask them what they think Gumball is doing in the picture. You can help your child come up with stories of their own. Trying to create stories that are completely original can be challenging, especially for kids that are still developing their imaginations. It can be easier to imagine a scenario that features familiar characters. If you give your child a little encouragement, they might start writing stories before long!

These Coloring Pages Can Be Great for Siblings

No siblings get along all the time. If you feel like your kids are constantly fighting, you may want to try exposing them to positive sibling relationships. Since Gumball is about two brothers who are very different but are still best friends, it can help remind kids that having a sibling can be a lot of fun!

When kids are working on their Gumball coloring pictures, you can talk to them about how well Gumball and Darwin get along. Ask them to say something nice about their sibling. Before you know it, your kids will be having a great time together. 

They Can Be Fun for Kids That Have Never Seen the Cartoon

Even if your child has never seen an episode of Gumball, there’s a good chance they’ll fall in love with these fun coloring pictures. Gumball is an adorable cartoon cat, and most kids love coloring cute pictures of animals. Even though Gumball is normally blue, kids can use any colors they like. There are plenty of fun animal characters in the cast of Gumball, which is why these coloring pictures are sure to please kids that love animals. Some images of Gumball are also very funny. Your kids will have the opportunity to laugh and color at the same time. 

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