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Free GEOMETRIC Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free GEOMETRIC coloring pages. Click the Geometric pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Older children, teens, and adults can find a fun challenge in these geometric shapes coloring pages. These printable coloring sheets leave a lot of room for creativity since geometric shapes come in a variety of styles and designs with no preconceived notions.

Our geometric shapes coloring book uses complex shapes and patterns in many variations. These include abstract geometric designs, geometric mosaics, geometric star coloring pages, geometric art coloring pages, plus patterns of geometric designs, geometric owls, geometric flowers, geometric hearts, and sacred geometric coloring pages. We also include a few simple geometric coloring pages ideal for children who want to color like the grownups.

Most of these shapes include interior sub-shapes that take on a maze-type pattern. These can use a single color throughout the lines or mix and match the hues of a single color to create an ombre effect with a hand drawing.

These coloring pages typically feature just one picture on them that fills the entire page. The intricate detail of these coloring pages proves more challenging to color since it requires fine motor skills. This type of coloring sheet offers more creativity since you don’t need to reference photos or books to learn what the finished product should look like. Unlike an animal, you can let your creativity rule the coloring sheet since these artworks have no pre-existing reference to any existing creature or item. The exception to this is Native American geometric designs. These reference existing motifs of heritage in a specific nation or tribe.

The intricacy of these coloring pages lends itself to any media – crayons, watercolors, colored pens, colored pencils, watercolor markers, or oil pastels. Use decoupage to preserve coloring pages that turned out particularly well. While you might not be the next M.C. Escher, you can get creative with these geometric shapes by adding found materials, string, wire, or colored fishing lines to outline certain areas of the pattern. This adds a 3-D element to the coloring page that vaults it into a crafting project or artwork. Adding colored pushpins at certain points on the geometric pattern or printing onto cardstock, then sewing buttons or beads onto the design at specific points also creates a 3-D project suitable for framing. Speaking of cardstock, printing these artworks doesn’t require a white cotton bond or office printer paper. Get more creative with paper in pastel or neon hues. This does depend on the printer and inks used, but most ink-jet printers can handle construction paper or cardstock. Owners of older roll-fed printers can use waxy paper that has a butcher paper consistency for a glossy effect.

We make each drawing available as a printable page or a .pdf file that you can download. Saving these files in .pdf format lets you convert them to .jpg and import them into a graphic program to color electronically. You can use any paint program, such as PaintShop Pro, Corel Draw, or GIMP, to electronically color these pictures. This method provides you with access to unlimited colors and the ability to create gradients, patterns, and apply special effects. The electronic file formats used to allow you to re-size these pieces of unfinished art, so you can print them in any size you like. Using the re-sizing settings in PaintShop, Draw, and GIMP, you can create a poster of the coloring page. Coloring this larger-sized artwork can net you a homemade artwork suitable for framing.

If you don’t have a printer that can print a poster, you can use a local copy shop to create your project. Most of these shops own a sheet printer, also called a plotter, used for printing maps and house plans.

Why pick just one? All of our coloring pages cost you nothing to download or print. We offer each free geometric shapes coloring page separately or you can download a geometric shapes coloring book in .pdf format from our website. Before you leave, explore the other coloring pages we offer. We cover many topics, from superhero coloring pages with characters like Batman and Superman to beach theme designs and woodland animals. You can find projects for your children or for the adults who enjoy coloring as a hobby in your household.

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