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Free ELENA OF AVALOR Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Are you ready to color your way to becoming a better princess? Then check out these Elena of Avalor coloring pages and channel the magic within! You’ll need the whole gang to help out the independent, headstrong, and talented Princess Elena. So join Princess Isabel, wily Zuzo, clever Naomi, loyal Gabe, wizard Mateo, and the magical Jaquins, Skylar, Migs, and Luna, and color on. 

Welcome to our collection of free ELENA OF AVALOR coloring pages. Click the Elena of Avalor pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Elena coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Remember: with good friends and your favorite crayons and pencils beside you, you can’t be afraid!    

Put your pencils to work with crown princess Elena on her way to becoming the leader of her kingdom. Unlike her parents, she survived being trapped in Shuriki’s magic amulet. Though she’s savvy and self-possessed, she may not be ready for the throne. But does that mean she’s ready to take some advice? Probably not from her boastful cousin, Chancellor Esteban. Color her glowing scepter and curly dark hair as she leaps, tumbles, and fences her way through another adventure.           

Do you have a clever friend like Naomi Turner, always ready to fight by your side or tell it to you straight? Use your coloring utensils to outfit Naomi with her turquoise dress and blond bobbed hair. In the end, she’s as much at ease on the rolling seas as in the chancellor’s chair at court. Draw your sword, and draw Elena’s best friend in these coloring pages.            

Best friends are great but siblings are something else—for better or for worse! Luckily, Princess Elena has her brave sister, Princess Isabel. The young inventor always has a blue dress and a bright idea. Use your favorite pencils to equip the princess with her brown bow and her golden goggles. Or wait…is that some kind of new musical instrument?!           

All the noise brings loyal Gabe Nunez, captain of the royal guard, appearing in his blue uniform and black brush cut. With crossed arms and a sardonic smile, he’s ready to spring into action beside Princess Elena, sister Isabel, and sailor Naomi. And he may have brought a sweet treat from the bakery for his secret crush…. Decorate it with all the friends in these Elena of Avalor coloring pages.            

Who’s Princess Elena’s secret crush? Could it be wizard-in-training Mateo with his magical tamborita? He certainly cuts a striking figure with his red and golden robes and shy smile. But maybe he’s just a fast friend and clever apprentice whom Elena can count on to accompany her on a spirit world adventure. Cast your favorite crayons across the page and mix up some color magic!           

While coloring your way across the spirit world, you’re sure to encounter Zuzo, that wily spirit fox who guides Princess Elena in and out of trouble. Not everyone can see this glowing blue chanul, but his advice has far-reaching consequences for Elena and her kingdom of Avalor. And wise Zuzo isn’t the only magical creature you’ll be coloring in these Elena of Avalor coloring pages. Check out the Jaquins, swooping in with their bright wings and broad grins to guard the kingdom against dark forces. Grab your favorite coloring tools to tint their macaw feathers and dab their jaguar spots. But if you visit Vallestrella or Mooncliff Mountain, Just make sure to bring a bag full of yellow mangoes or some bright Anoki berries; these guardians get grumpy without their grub! They love music, too!

So strike up the band (or a one-sister instrument version) and get ready to color the whole crew in these Elena of Avalor coloring pages. A good leader knows how to surround herself with a loyal (and colorful!) band of friends.

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