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Holidays Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printable Downloads)

About our Holiday-themed coloring pages

In a year filled with holidays, you need a source for coloring pages for every holiday. You found your source for holiday coloring pages with current collections of winter characters and Halloween characters.

You can entertain your children with this set of free printable coloring page projects. They can start coloring a week or two before the holiday and color enough pieces to decorate an entire wall. Kids can use these printed coloring pages to create a mural for you or a holiday book for their grandparents or parents.

You’ll find five collections to color with many simply pages and some more complex and challenging ones, such as snow people. You might not think of Frosty the Snowman as a challenge, but have you ever colored snow? It’s white. Unless you print it on colored paper, that snow buddy of yours with the  carrot nose poses a challenge because the white crayon won’t show up very well on white paper. You could color those pages as a night scene by printing them on black paper though. Blue paper works, too, because the blue becomes the sky while you can color the rest of the picture darker. Snow isn’t a problem since the white crayon would now show up on the colored paper.

You can find Santa here, too, color him in his jolly red suit to celebrate Christmas. You can also find elves in their green suits with red piping. These pages provide your kids with plenty of options since they also contain holiday archers and toymakers. This pages do not reference any religion which makes them an ideal subject for coloring pages.

While snow might not seem that easy to color, you can focus on the other characters in the picture and add vibrant colors to the coloring page. For example, you could color the snowman’s scarf electric blue and snow woman’s hat purple. Use brown and gray on the wood piles or trees. While you won’t have flowers since it is winter, you could draw in a rainbow. You don’t have to stick with only the art in the photo. You can draw in things you want to add.

Reindeer typically come in brown, sometimes with white or cream. You can use these coloring pages to teach children about the animals that appear in the coloring pages. That way they can see what colors each animal, such as birds or squirrels, might be.

You can also use glitter markers to make certain areas from the coloring page stand out. You can add silver to the snow to add a touch of realism because snow glistens. You can also use glitter markers or glitter glue on the snow people to get them to shimmer in the sun and snow.

You can find simple printable snowman or elf coloring page projects for preschoolers to color. They’ll have one large image and little else. This ensures they do not become overwhelmed. Older children can color more complex pictures. Either way, using colored pencils, crayons, and pens to color these artworks helps the child develop fine motor skills.

Some of these pictures feature a Christmas tree which you can color green for tradition or color it purple, red, or blue. Your ornaments  can be in any color, but silver and gold are common. Color the clothing of each character in any hue you like. Trees might be brown if barren of leaves or green if pines or other evergreens.

Provide large crayons for younger kids. Older children can use a variety of types of colors, including watercolors, watercolor markers, and oil pastel sticks.

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