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25 Books for 8 Year Old Girls

Little girl reading a book at home.

It can be confusing to buy eight-year-old girls reading books because they still have so much childlike innocence, but they are also old enough to read chapter books independently. Choosing the right book and genre is crucial in their literacy and mental development.

At the age of eight, girls want to immerse themselves in the world of escapism, such as fantasy fiction. They also love relatable stories and help with daily situations such as realistic fiction about friendships and self-development books are lovely for learning emotional intelligence.

Below is a list of books for eight-year-old girls that will intrigue their curious minds, help their developing mental and emotional changes and boost literacy skills through the fun of reading and imagination.

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  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published: 1988
  • Genre: Literature, Humor. Fantasy Fiction
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Matilda is based on a little girl who loves to read books and wants to learn. Her parents don’t care about her and mock her for her interest in knowledge. One day she discovers her power of magic through heightened emotions of anger and frustration for her family.

When she goes to school, she realizes that her principal is a horrible and mean person, but her teacher is charming. She uses her magic to help save the kids and her class teacher in school from the punishment and abuse of the principal.

The story is full of humor and is light-hearted for kids. A timeless classic that every child loves and was even adapted into a movie in 1996. It encourages kids never to stop learning and also teaches kindness.

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Charlottes Web

Charlotte's Web (Trophy Newbery)

  • Author: EB White
  • Published: 1952
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction

Charlotte is a beautiful and intelligent spider who saves Wilbur, a loveable pig, from the cruel fate of being slaughtered. She spins a web that convinces the farmer at the barn and community that Wilbur is not an ordinary animal and should be saved.

The book is about the magic on a farm enveloping the loving, tender, and life-changing friendship between a spider and a pig. The central theme is friendship and kindness.

The story brings awareness about the relationship between pigs and spiders, and that animals can become friends through kindness and compassion. It was adapted into an animated film in 1973. Later it was adapted into a live-action movie of the original story in 2006 and a video game in 2006.

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Little House in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods: Full Color Edition (Little House, 1)

  • Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Published: 1932
  • Genre: Literature, Family Saga

Little House in the Big Woods is an autobiographical novel for children based on the real-life adventures of the author, Laura Inglis Wilder. This was her first book initially published, which planted the seeds for her Little House Series.

The story introduces Laura, a little four-year-old girl who lived on the edge of the big woods in a log cabin in Wisconsin with her parents, sisters, and dog. They lived a challenging pioneer life as they had to prepare for the cold winter by catching and growing their food. However, they made the best of every situation, and celebrations such as Christmas were done simply.

Laura talks about how the sound of her father’s fiddle lulls her and her sisters to sleep every night, safely and warmly. The story pulls at your heartstrings and is the perfect comfort read.

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The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

The Vanderbeekers Of 141st Street (The Vanderbeekers, 1)

  • Author: Karina Yan Glaser
  • Published: 2017
  • Genre: Fiction

The Vanderbeeker family faces a challenge when their reclusive landlord, Mr. Beiderman, gives them notice to move out of their beloved brownstone home on 141st street. They have lived there for years, and the house is like another member of their family.

The five siblings of the Vanderbeeker family take upon them to befriend the landlord in hopes that he will realize how wonderful they are and let them stay. There is a sense of community and neighborhood that envelopes the story.

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Reading the book makes you feel like you want to jump into the book and become part of the family. The story is amusing and heartwarming and encourages love for others, even those who seem unlovable. The book is the first of a five-book series.

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The Vanderbeekers Lost and Found

The Vanderbeekers Lost And Found

  • Author: Karina Yan Glaser
  • Published: 2020
  • Genre: Fiction

Lost and Found in the last book in The Vanderbeekers collection, which includes five in total. In this story, the five siblings are on a mission to make their neighborhood a better place. They use heartfelt plans to do this and want to celebrate their dad’s fortieth birthday and discover more about their mysterious grandparents.

The book also includes the children helping Mr. Biederman; their landlord makes sure the mysterious person who sleeps in their community garden gets enough food to eat. However, when they discover who the person is, their worlds turn upside down because they learn what it means to take care of someone in a situation that’s impossible.

This story, as they all are, is heartwarming, heartwrenching, and heartbreaking. The characters are fantastic role models for young kids, and it teaches kids kindness, compassion, and how to grieve in challenging situations.

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

  • Author: James Matthew Barrie
  • Published: 1906
  • Genre: Literature, Fantasy Fiction

Peter Pan is a timeless classic that many kids currently know from the adapted movie in 2003. It is a typical fairytale, fantasy story about Peter Pan, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.  The story shows that you should believe in family and a mother’s love is real. Fantasy is an illusion.

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The story follows Peter, who enters the bedroom of three young kids, Wendy, Michael, and John. He blunders about, and Wendy re-attaches Peter’s shadow. In return, he proposes that the three siblings accompany him back to his home, Neverland.

The world of Neverland includes Tinkerbell, magic, fantasy, flight, and fun. It brings wonderment to the three siblings, but it also brings the evil Captain Hook with its magnificence, and they have to escape him.

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Celebrate Your Body

Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls (Celebrate You, 1)

  • Author: Sonya Renee Taylor
  • Published: 2018
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

Celebrating your body is a guide for young kids to learn about their bodies and their changes. It gives them an understanding of how the body works and teaches them to love their body, in the present, as it is, and as it develops through change.

The book explains puberty, bras, periods, age-appropriate sex education, braces, and everything else, including body positivity. It also teaches social skills, self-care tips and answers all the questions young girls may have about their development.

The book is lovely and full of wisdom for young girls to learn positive affirmations at a time and age when they are being faced with change and peer pressure. They can read and learn about everything in a kind, positive, and appropriate manner, which leads to less misinformation from the media and friends.

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The Ramona Collection Volume 1

The Ramona Collection, Vol. 1: Beezus and Ramona / Ramona the Pest / Ramona the Brave / Ramona and Her Father [4 Book Box set]

  • Author: Beverly Cleary
  • Published: 2020
  • Genre: Realistic Fiction

The collection of Ramona comes in a set of four books with the first volume. The stories are hilarious, wise, and entertaining to read.

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It follows a little four-year-old girl, Ramona, who has a habit of being the most unpredictable, embarrassing, and annoying thing. Her nine-year-old elder sister tries to be patient with her and loves her, but sometimes doing that feels impossible, which leads to guilt.

The series continues with Ramona as she grows older and faces more experiences. Her teachers call her a nuisance, and her mother does not understand her. Ramona wants to be brave, but it inst always easy.

The stories are exciting, amusing, and highly resonating to a young child, who may face the same challenges, such as making mistakes like Ramona, not feeling understood by parents, or having a big sister who is distant and irritable clashing with teachers. The books give children a sense of community and relatability.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published: 1964
  • Genre: Literature, Fairytale, Fantasy Fiction, Humor

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is another timeless classic that has been loved from its beginning. The story is well-known for its movie that was adapted from the book in 2005. It has since been a favorite for kids worldwide and has made everyone laugh with its rich humor, amusing dialect, and enjoyable sarcasm. The imagination of a candy factory always engages children

The story is about Charlie Bucket, a poor boy in a lopsided home where he lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents. One day, amongst four other kids, he wins a golden ticket in a chocolate bar from Willy Wonka and gains free entry into the Chocolate Factory.

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The book follows the adventures the kids take with their caregivers behind Willy Wonka as each one of them does something that puts them out of the journey. Charlie Bucket is the last one remaining, and Willy Wonka has a big surprise gift for him.

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  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published: 1982
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

The BFG is an expansion of one of Roald Dahl’s other books called Danny, The Champion of the World. The book is dedicated to the author’s daughter, who died of measles encephalitis at seven in 1962.

The story sends a message about morality versus conventions. It shows that having a morally good character is better than following the patterns of polite society. Character is more important than external appearances or circumstances.

The book is about a young orphan Sophie, who one night sees a giant in a cloak blowing a trumpet-like object into a bedroom window down the street. The giant carries her to his homeland, the Giant Country.

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The Secret Seven

Secret Seven Complete Library Enid Blyton Collection 16 Books Bundle (The Secret Seven, Secret Seven Adventure, Well Done, Secret Seven, Secret Seven on the Trial, Go Ahead, Secret Seven, Good Work...

  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Published: 1949 – 1963
  • Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Literature

The Secret Seven is a collection of sixteen books about a Fictional Society, including a group of seven child detectives. It takes the reader on mysterious adventures in all seasons, and weather changes through generations.

The stories’ adventures include disguises, games, enemies, suspects, and friends through indoor and outdoor dealings.

The collection of books will engage children to the max, there is something relatable in each story, and it even teaches them about life without any violence or foul language.

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The Adventures of the Wishing Chair

Enid Blyton The Wishing Chair Books Collection Set Pack (The Adventures of the Wishing-chair, The Wishing-chair Again, More Wishing-chair Stories) (Enid Blyton The Wishing Chair Collection)

  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Published: 1937
  • Genre: Fiction

The Wishing Chair Adventures is another one of Enid Blyton’s incredible series. The collection contains three books of fun and fantasy and is one of the author’s bestselling books.

The stories include the adventures that Mollie and Peter take with a magical, flying, wish-granting chair. They face some challenges along the way, but the enchanted journeys are always unique.

The books take children into the world of escapism and imagination. The stories are charming and magical and keep children engaged in reading.

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The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood (Magic Faraway Tree)

  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Published: 1939
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

The Enchanted Wood is a novel from The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton. It is beautiful fantasy fiction for young kids who love escapism stories and want to indulge in vast imagination and fairytales.

The story’s plot is about Joe, Beth, and Frannie who move to the countryside, near a large wood. One day they find an enormous tree that has branches reaching the clouds. The children climb the tree and realize it is strange with a range of fruits and nuts growing. Many magical creatures live there.

The kids become friends with all these people, and at the top of the tree, they discover a ladder taking them to the magical lands. On each visit, the land is different. The children are free to come and go but must leave before the land moves, or they will be stuck there until land returns to the faraway tree.

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One-Third Nerd

One-Third Nerd

  • Author: Gennifer Choldenko
  • Published: 2019
  • Genre: Fiction

One-Third Nerd is a funny story about a loving family and the best dog. It follows Liam, in fifth grade, who lives in the Bay area near Francisco with his mom and sisters. One sister Dakota is fascinated by science with a big personality, and Izzy is Down syndrome but makes friends quickly and is very observant.

The dad lives across town but comes over a lot. Their lovable German shepherd, Cupcake, guards their basement apartment. Cupcake has been peeing a lot, and they need to make money to take her to the vet before the landlord finds out, or they will have let her go.

The book shows the thoughtfulness between the siblings and the tender, loving relationships they have. The characters are rich, with a bit of mystery and warmth. It has originality and is a delightful read.

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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Books 1-4

  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • Published: 1930
  • Genre: Mystery

The Mystery collection is a treat for all Nancy Drew fans and new readers to the series. The set includes books one to four of the series.

The books portray the struggle between good and evil. It shows the difference between honesty and criminality and teaches justice and injustice.

The stories take you on the adventures of Nancy and her friends and the steps they take to solve crimes and find culprits. They solve cases for themselves and help others in the process.

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Girls Best Friend (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery)

Girl's Best Friend (A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery)

  • Author: Leslie Margolis
  • Published: 2010
  • Genre: Mystery, Fiction
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The story of Girls Best Friend follows Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair, who knows all about the dogs that are disappearing in the neighborhood.

She is a dog-walker that is a sem-secret after-school gig she does. Maggie doesn’t like seeing dogs in trouble, and she helps her ex-best friend Ivy find her rescue dog, Kermit. Maggie noticed suspicious behavior as Kermit was being held for ransom, but she never suspected that her crush Milo could be involved.

The story is a light-hearted mystery and shows the competence and strength of a young female character who shows kindness to animals and people, even those who aren’t her friends.

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The Complete Adventures of the Borrowers

The Complete Adventures Of The Borrowers

  • Author: Mary Norton
  • Published: 1952
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

The bestselling books by author Mary Norton are perfect for tiny heroes. It is a collection of five from the series of The Borrowers.

The books are perfect for young readers who delight in classic adventures. It is charming and magical and convincing that Borrowers do exist.

The book shows the simplicity of borrowing and living, which sets it apart from other stories focused on heroes and geniuses in characters. It teaches kindness, acceptance, and simplicity.

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  • Author: Barbara O’Connor
  • Published: 2016
  • Genre: Domestic Fiction

Wish is perfect for young readers who are animal lovers. It is about an eleven-year-old girl Charlie Reese has made the same secret wish every day since she was in the fourth grade.

She gets sent to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she has to live with family she barely knows. It seems unlikely to her that her wish will ever come true. She further meets a stray dog and a neighbor boy, who is surprising in many ways. She then realizes that what she might have wished for is not what she needs.

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The book teaches children to be vulnerable and express their feelings of hurt, anger, and resentment. It is a heartfelt tale, warming and genuine.

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The Secret Lake

The Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventure

  • Author: Karen Inglis
  • Published: 2011
  • Genre: Time Travel Fiction, Adventure

The Secret Lake is a page-turning time travel adventure for young children. The story follows a set of siblings who move to a new home in London but become mystified by the disappearance of their neighbor’s dog, who keeps reappearing wet.

They are on a quest to solve the riddle during the summer holidays and find a boat buried under a grassy mound. They end up in a secret lake through a tunnel they discovered after the mound. They hear voices in the wind and see a terrified boy rowing towards them.

They discover that they have traveled back in time to their home and gardens from a hundred years earlier. They make friends and enemies and uncover connections between the past and present.

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Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know

Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know!: Hundreds of rib ticklers, tongue twisters and side splitters

  • Author: Mat Waugh
  • Published: 2018
  • Genre: Humor, Riddles, Literature

There is nothing more light-hearted for a developing eight-year-old than some funny riddles. This book is the perfect way to bring out the laughter.

It contains jokes from the classics, originals, and brand-new ones to turn those frowns upside down and give children belly-aching laughter.

The book is fun and easy to read for an eight-year-old and can be carried over for years so that kids never have to run out of jokes.

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Me and My Feelings: A Kids Guide to Understanding and Expressing

Me and My Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Understanding and Expressing Themselves

  • Author: Vanessa Green Allen
  • Published: 2019
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Development
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This is a lovely book for kids to use as a guide on learning how to understand their different emotions. At the age of eight, new feelings are developing along with body changes and peer pressure.

The book teaches kids that it’s okay to feel their feelings and every emotion is valid. It teaches them how to be conscious of their feelings and methods to control anything that may come up.

There are activities, quizzes, and exercises that kids can use for physically and mentally dealing with big feelings. There are tools that they can use and learn for day-to-day experiences.

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My Magical Choices

My Magical Choices (The Magic of Me Series)

  • Author: Becky Cummings
  • Published: 2020
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Development

My Magical Choices is a juvenile book but ultimately essential for even an eight-year-old to learn positive affirmations.

It teaches children how to use conscious, positive language and helps them transform their mindsets to remove negative self-talk. It is vital to teaching confidence and self-love along with hard work and persistence to reach goals.

The book helps kids develop these healthy habits, especially around middle age, where pressure from friends and media already starts to take over.

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I Am Stronger Than Anxiety

I Am Stronger Than Anxiety: Children’s Book about Overcoming Worries, Stress and Fear (World of Kids Emotions)

  • Author: Elizabeth Cole
  • Published: 2021
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Development

The book follows little Nick’s adventures to capture how children can have worrisome days and feel anxiety which are immense feelings for little people.

Children don’t know how to deal with these big and heavy emotions, significantly affecting their behavior, development, and self-confidence.

The book captures kids’ attention and gives them tools and points into understanding anxiety and the essence of validating their feelings. It educates them on how to overcome and work through worries, fear, and phobias.

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The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree. Enid Blyton

  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Published: 1943
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

The Magic Faraway Tree is the perfect fantasy novel for imagination and amusement. It is suspenseful alternating chapters without being intimidating.

The story is about a magical tree that has revolving magical worlds at the top of it. It is a fun introduction to the world of sci-fi and fantasy fiction for children.

The book is from The Magic Faraway Tree Series and is an entertaining, exciting, page-turning story collection.

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The Adventures of Amelia Jane

The Adventures of Amelia Jane 5 Books Boxset Collection(Good Idea, Amelia Jane!,Amelia Jane Gets Into Trouble,Amelia Jane Again,Naughty Amelia Jane)

  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Published: 1939
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Amelia Jane is a naughty, rude doll and always getting into trouble with other toys in the nursery. She is not kind and drives everyone crazy. She is the terror of the toy cupboard.

She plays tricks on the other toys, and when they teach her a lesson, it doesn’t last very long because she is full of mischief.

The book is an easy read, and it is light-hearted and full of humor. Children love all the naughty things Amelia doll does, and the magical aspect gives the story an extra charm.

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You can choose (or let your eight-year-old do it) pick out the next read from the list above. There is a type of book and genre for all interests and personalities, and any young girl would enjoy adding the books to their home library.

An eight-year-old will be able to read most novels by herself but may want to snuggle up with a caregiver and have them read aloud one of the more advanced chapter books. So there is an option for everyone to enjoy!

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