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How To Draw A Mushroom Easy Steps

There are lots of options to get creative with; follow the steps below, and we hope at the end you will show us how creative you can be with your drawing. Mushroom Drawing may seem easy; thus, it may make the resulting portrait a bit too flat or a bit too bulbous if not correctly articulated.
Prep Time 5 mins
Craft Time 20 mins
Total Time 25 mins


  • 1 Sheet Paper White
  • 1 Marker Black
  • 1 Pack Crayons


  • Draw the center mushroom stem. Make the stem wider towards the bottom-middle and narrower towards the top. Draw the sides with wave-like lines. The stem connects to the underside of the cap. You can make the stalk thinner or thicker if you wish.
    Mushroom Step 1
  • Draw the oval around the stem. The oval will hold the Curved Mushroom Cap on top. It acts as the underside.Try to angle the curve of the line.
    Mushroom Step 2
  • Add the cap onto the oval sketch. Draw the mushroom cap with a large curve for the top. The curve should take a similar look to that of a burger bun top. The cap will be the first part to be noticed about a mushroom. Caps integrate bright and beautiful colors.
    Mushroom Step 3
  • Add the cap spots. Mushrooms blend some pretty and intricate patterns on the cap. The mushroom cap spots should be of varying sizes with either oval or circular shapes. Circular cap spots should be drawn in the middle, while narrower oval spots are drawn closer to the top/ sides.
    The spot arrangement and wrapping give the drawing a more 3D look. You can get creative with the shapes and positioning of the spots on the mushroom cap. Decorate the cap of your mushroom with different spot shapes.
    Mushroom Step 4
  • Draw the second mushroom cap on either side. Let it be smaller than the initial mushroom. Draw in the stem and the cap spots.
    Mushroom Step 5
  • Draw the third mushroom stem and cap. Use a long, curved line to enclose the shape. Let the cap feature a rounded top and an oval bottom
    Mushroom Step 6
  • Add spots on the cap of the third mushroom. Once done drawing the spots, go over the drawing to darken the lines. Add in some final details for a preferred kind of overall look.
    Mushroom Step 7
  • Color the mushrooms by marking the cap red. Use light-colored pencils or paint on the stem. Stems don't need too bright colors. A mushroom-like one below is relatively easy to draw.
    Mushroom Step 8


Now you see how easy it is to draw a mushroom in just a few steps. We would really like to see your incredible mushroom drawing.
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