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Where Can You Buy Used LEGO Sets?

Little boy playing with Lego set.

As a parent, I know that buying new LEGO sets can become expensive quickly. Not to mention, it can be hard to find the time to put the sets together. Am I right?

My son is obsessed with Star Wars LEGO sets and LEGO Mandalorian sets. These are not cheap LEGO sets. I resolved to fix this problem. I researched and found I could save a lot of money by buying used LEGO.

I’m on a tight budget, so finding where to buy used LEGO sets was vital because I didn’t want my son to miss out on playing with those plastic bricks.

I also found it surprising I could search for missing LEGO pieces or instructions for any used LEGO sets I bought.

So, if I can save money by buying used LEGO sets, it’s a win-win for my son and me. Let’s go through the best sites to buy used LEGO, offline places to get cheap used LEGO sets, and how much to pay for used sets.

The Best Sites to Buy Used LEGOs

Lego mini figures

In your hunt for where to buy cheap used LEGO sets, make sure you find reputable sources.

There are probably thousands of buy-and-use sites, but if they aren’t well-known brands or don’t have much of an online presence, I would stay clear of them.

Luckily for you, here are the five best sites to buy used LEGO.

1. Used LEGO Sets on eBay

eBay logo displayed on phone.

You will find hundreds of excellent quality used LEGO sets on eBay.

Whether you want a LEGO classic or Lego sets for adults, or more commonly available LEGO sets, the prices will vary.

What I like about using eBay to buy cheap used LEGO sets is you can check the seller’s feedback rating.

Ensure the seller has a high percentage of positive feedback so you know they are reputable.

But one thing I don’t like is it takes a bit of time and ingenuity to find a used LEGO set on eBay.

And The Brick Blogger agrees, “On eBay LEGO items would most likely appear under the Toys & Hobbies category, but the items themselves are listed with any keywords the seller chooses to.”

You will also want to check how much the shipping will be and from where because this will affect the final cost of the used LEGO set.

2. BrickLink

BrickLink is an online marketplace where people worldwide buy and sell used, new, and vintage LEGO sets, LEGO Minifigures, and other LEGO kits.

There are millions of items for sale on BrickLink from certified sellers, and this is why I feel BrickLink is one of the best online sites for cheap LEGO sets.

You can find anything you need for your used LEGO set on this site, including missing pieces or instructions (at a price).

BrickLink is an excellent resource because you can buy from certified LEGO sellers.

You can also check a seller’s feedback before you make a purchase.

3. The Plastic Brick Site

Lego construction workers.

An alternative to BrickLink is The Plastic Brick site.

The Plastic Brick web store specializes in buying and selling used LEGO products worldwide.

This used LEGO site makes it easy to search for exact LEGO kits and compare sellers’ sets.

One of the great things about this site is its brick matching service.

If you have a LEGO set missing a piece, they will try to find the piece for you.

4. Facebook Groups

Lego mini figures with Facebook bricks.

Another great place to find used LEGO sets is in Facebook groups.

There are many groups dedicated to selling and buying used LEGO.

Since these are Facebook groups, you can check a person’s profile before purchasing.

One thing to keep in mind with the option of buying used LEGO blocks is that they aren’t as reliable as the other sites on this list.

Anyone can join a Facebook group, so you will want to be careful who you buy from on Facebook. Always ask around in the group and check out their profile.

5. Amazon Marketplace

Amazon box mascot in a shopping cart.

You can also find used LEGO sets on Amazon.

It’s a reputable marketplace to buy used LEGO sets because you have hundreds of sets to choose from and can read past customers’ experiences.

So, if the seller has a high percentage of positive feedback, you’ll have better peace of mind when buying used LEGO sets.

Does Lego Buy Back LEGO?

Lego store in Shanghai, China.

The LEGO company does not, but the online sites I mentioned will buy your used LEGO sets.

But if you find that used LEGO sets are outside your price range, consider using a donation program.

LEGO paired with Give Back box and has US customers give away their used LEGO sets. Give Back Box will distribute them to Teach America and the Boys and Girls Club in Boston.

 Tim Brooks, vice president of corporate responsibility at LEGO Group told FastCompany, “We want to make sure that all kids are getting a great experience. It shouldn’t be that you get a really inferior experience just because the bricks are donated.”

Offline Places to Buy Used LEGO Sets

Lego toy store interior

Although online places are the most popular sources for finding used LEGO sets, you can also go to offline places.

1. Bricks and Minifigs

Bricks and Minifigs is a franchise that specializes in buying and selling used LEGO products.

This LEGO shop has locations all over the United States, so you might have one near you, making it easier to grab a used set for your child.

One unique feature about Bricks and Minifigs is that they have a brick matching service.

If you have a LEGO set with a missing piece, they will try to find the piece for you.

2. Thrift Stores or Consignment Shops

These places are great because you can often find LEGO sets for a fraction of the price.

Don’t forget to inspect the LEGO set before you buy it to see if all the pieces are there.

You also won’t be able to return the LEGO set if a piece is missing.

3. Garage Sales

Garage sales are another option to look for used LEGO sets.

The prices at these sales will vary, so you will want to negotiate with the seller.

How Much to Pay for Used LEGO Sets

Lego mini figure with cash.

How much should you pay for a used LEGO?

The price of used LEGO will vary depending on where you buy it and the condition of the LEGO set and pieces.

If you’re buying from a site like BrickLink, expect to pay 50-60% of the retail price for the LEGO set.

If you’re buying from a garage sale, you’ll want to negotiate with the seller.

You should also factor in the shipping cost if you are buying online.

The price of used LEGO can vary greatly, so it’s essential to do your research before purchasing.

Tell me in the comments which place you’ll visit to buy some used LEGOs!

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