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32 Different Types of Shirts for Girls (Kids)

Girl wearing a striped shirt against the bokeh background.

A shirt is a must-have item when it comes to wardrobe essentials for a girl (kid). Girls’ shirts are meant to be fun, colorful, and decorative. When shopping for a shirt for your girl, you will want to pay attention to the cut, style, patterns, and colors.

Match the shirt you choose to the personality and style of the wearer so she will feel comfortable and confident in her new clothes.

Types of shirts for girls(kids) include button-up shirts, cropped mini shirts, scoop neck shirts, layered shirts, high neck shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, peplum shirts, poncho shirts, ruffled shirts, sleeveless shirts, sweatshirts, tie front knotted shirts, and Tee-Shirts.

A wide variety of shirts is available for kiddy girls. But there can be frustrating when trying to determine the perfect fit for your kid girl. Many people have asked questions about what to choose.

Below, we try to answer some of these questions. Let’s explore all about them today.

How to Choose the Perfect Shirt for Girls (Kids)?

Panoramic photo of a girl wearing different types of shirt.

Based on the preference, occasions, and body type, there are some tips and tricks to choose the right and apt one for your kid. Let us give you some secrets.

  • Check your kid girl’s body type and structure at first. If she has an hourglass figure, she is lucky to fit in with most variants. Those with a plus-size or obese body type should choose round neck variations that are large or have a comfortable fit.
  • A broad neck area and neck style are also recommended for a pear-shaped figure. Parents should prefer cropped variants, slim fit, or similar ones for thin and lean girls.
  • Also, work on deciding the occasion to wear and usage of the shirt. Depending on the day, you may prefer casual wear or a party wear shirt.

What are the Types of Shirts, and What’s the Best Fit?

Girl’s fashion isn’t as simple as a label. Each garment is distinct and expressive. We’ve compiled a list of 24 types of kid girl shirts. Knowing the differences between each kind of shirt is helpful when determining how to create the perfect outfit.

Button-Up Shirts

French Toast Girls' Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse (Standard & Plus), Navy & White, 3T

Click image for more info

Button-up shirts can be made in dozens of materials, with sleeves of all lengths and hundreds of colors and designs. They usually have collars and are, therefore, a bit dressier than other shirts, and you can choose everything from a sleeveless cotton shirt to a long-sleeved silk shirt, depending on the look you want for your kiddy girl.

Button-up shirts are appropriate for almost any occasion, and kids mostly wear them. They come in a variety of styles and solid colors and prints and are suitable for various situations.

Batwing Shirts

Levi's Girls' Big High Rise Batwing T-Shirt, Caviar, L

Click image for more info

These shirts are named so because of the design of the sleeves, which resemble the wings of a bat. The section is somewhat looser than the bottom, which is tighter and frequently encountered in wrinkled designs.

They fit tightly around the waist and hips and look fantastic with shorts, jeans, or capris on your little girl. Because of the pattern, the sleeves are usually lengthy or three-quarter length.

Cropped Mini Shirts

GAMISOTE Kids Girls Crop Tops Hoodie Button Up Casual Loose Active Short Pullover Sweatshirt Blue

Click image for more info

Cropped mini shirts are almost always worn exclusively by kiddy girls because they show much of the midriff area. Some of these shirts are also off-the-shoulder, making them look cool.

Perfect to wear with shorts and miniskirts; they can be worn to the beach, get together with friends, and any event that requires your kid to be out in the sun for a bit. Cropped mini shirts also come in various prints, sleeve lengths, and colors, so if you are looking for something particular, you are likely to find it.

Curvy Jeans Shirts

They are named so because they are commonly worn with jeans. They give a layered look throughout the entire top, and they are often found in soft materials that “gather” easily, such as a silk-polyester blend.

The shirts have a somewhat dressy look, and therefore, they can also be worn with skirts. They’re always made of stretchable fabric, which allows for a layered look and top-notch comfort and fit. They’re slightly tighter around the waist, which gives them a very fashionable style, and they’re also an excellent complement for a pair of shorts.

Designer Scoop Neck Shirts

adidas girls Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee T-shirt T Shirt, Light Pink, 8-15 Years US

Click image for more info

Scoop neck shirts are particularly popular with teenagers and young people. They are often made with materials like polyester or polyester blends. The scoop neck makes the shirt very comfortable as the shirt doesn’t fit tightly in the neck area.

Since both comfort and style are important for the kids, in particular, these shirts tend to be in every kiddy girl’s closet. They are available in dozens of designs and colors, and they are mostly worn with jeans or shorts for a more casual look.

Fashion Layered Shirts

Under Armour Infinity Layered Short Sleeve, Orange Dream//Metallic Rose Gold, Youth X-Small

Click image for more info

These shirts are distinct as they have numerous layers on the front and sometimes on the back of the shirt too. Often made with spaghetti straps, the layered look draws attention to itself. This shirt is usually made with very casual and comfortable materials such as cotton.

A kid can wear layered shirts with jeans or shorts to make them a little dressier. They are lightweight and fit loosely; they make the perfect shirt for casual outings such as going to the beach or heading out to play. Layered shirts are more popular with girls (kids), but their sleek style is also appropriate for others.

High Neck Shirts

Loxdonz Girls Long Sleeve Turtleneck Tee Shirt Kids Casual High Neck Tops T-Shirts (3 Toddler-13 Years) (3-4T, White)

Click image for more info

A shirt with a high neckline is perfect for winter. Along with covering the neck from the cold, it is also unique and trendy. However, wearing a high neck t-shirt over any short dress or simple pants looks just as classy and stylish.

A high neckline shirt with intricate lace designs or even crochet can look extremely flattering. Try it out on your kiddy girl for formal parties or even casual days to get lots of compliments.

Hoodie Shirts

Greatchy Kids Girls UPF 50+ Shirts Sun Protection Quick Dry Youth Long Sleeve Hoodies Shirt for Workout Thumbholes Rose Red

Click image for more info

If you’re looking for casual or athletic wear for your kid, hoodies are great because they look better than regular sweatshirts and offer your kid’s head something to stay warm. Many kid girls used to wear hoodies and are big hoodie fans.

Lace Shirts

Dokotoo Girls Cute V Neck Ruffle Long Sleeve Princess T Shirts Solid Color Lace Crochet Pom Pom Loose Soft Chiffon Boho Blouses for Teen Girl Tunic Tops Size 8-9 Black

Click image for more info

Lace shirts are made of 100% lace, but since lace comes in dozens of designs, styles, and colors, this doesn’t mean that all lace shirts look-alike—mostly made from materials such as cotton and sheer. Lace shirts are loose-fitting and look great on kids who are a bit heavy in stature because they can make them look a little thinner.

They also have an elegant and classy appearance, making them ideal for dressier occasions such as parties and dances. These shirts typically have two layers, with an inner layer usually a nude or neutral color and an outer layer that is generally white or off-white.

They’re available in various styles and patterns, and they look excellent with everything from skirts to jeans to capris and shorts.

Loose Straight Shirts

French Toast Big Girls' Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt, White, 7/8

Click image for more info

Often resemble tank tops at the top of the garment, loose straight shirts flow out a little at the bottom and are usually a little longer than regular shirts. Kids with more prominent statures often choose loose straight shirts because they make them look a little slimmer.

Though they are fluffy at the bottom, they have a narrower length and are slightly shorter in the center than at the sides and back, giving it its “straight” look. Comfortable yet a tad dressy, loose straight shirts go best with jeans.

Net Fashion Shirts

SOLY HUX Girl's Contrast Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Tee Square Neck T Shirt Top Black Polka Dots 10Y

Click image for more info

Sometimes, when you simply want to buy something a little different and unique for your kid, a beautiful top made of a netted material works fantastic. They are usually long-sleeved and worn over a camisole or short-sleeved shirt, and they are sheer and see-through, making them quite comfortable to wear.

Off-The-Shoulder Shirts

Mericiny 3-10Y Little Girls Kids Baby Off Shoulder Tees Striped Tie Knot Front Camis Tanks (Blue, 140/9-10Y)

Click image for more info

These are very trendy. The off-the-shoulder shirt can include one or both shoulders, and the sleeves are usually always short, though alternative lengths are available. Off-the-shoulder shirts can be barely off the shoulders or slink down, and they can sometimes have one shoulder that gives a little different look than the other one.

One best thing about choosing one of these shirts for your kid is that not only are they highly comfortable – thanks to the fact that they are usually quite loose – but you can also make your kid wear them with almost everything.

Peplum Shirts

City Threads Little Girls' Cotton Long Sleeve Peplum Top Blouse Shirt for School, Parties or Play Perfect for Sensitive Skin and Sensory Friendly SPD, Hot Pink, 2T

Click image for more info

Peplum shirts are those with a strip sewn onto the waist so that the bottom part of the shirt flows outward and has a slight flare to it. The best thing about peplum shirts is that the style is great for casual and formal occasions that make your kid girls look so cool.

Plain Poncho Shirts

Poncho shirts are generally plain in design, and they get their name because they resemble a regular rain poncho. Poncho shirts are designed for the cooler or colder months and usually have long sleeves and are made of polyester.

They usually have a turtleneck collar and come in a variety of designs and colors. With creasy lines and a flowing look, they can be worn by kids of all sizes and body shapes, and best of all, they do a great job of keeping kids comfortable during the fall or winter months.

Plain Short Shirts

iEFiEL Youth Big Girls Dance Sports Bra Crop Tops Vest Athletic Yoga Gymnastics Ballet Tank Tops Dancewear Workout Purple 5-6

Click image for more info

These shirts can go with everything from capris to skirts; they are usually in a solid color. They’re generally not very long at the bottom, sleeveless or short-sleeved, and made of soft fabrics.

When you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to choose for your kid, short shirts with plain designs are a wonderful option. They’re stylish and comfy enough to wear anywhere and with any other piece of clothing.

Ruffled Shirts

Girls' Ruffled Long Sleeve Tee Kids Lace Peplum Shirt Light Blue 12Y

Click image for more info

Ruffles are lovely fabric designs with multiple folds and frills. Various frills can be found on the sides or sleeves of a ruffled shirt or pants. They are typically made of soft, folding fabrics, giving them a lovely, girlish look.

Wearing an off-shoulder ruffled shirt not only enhances your girl’s neckline but gives a soft, glamorous touch to her look. A ruffled shirt has that girlish child-like vibe to it that is perfect for summer parties or when you’re heading to the beach with your kids.

Sheer Top Shirts

Blibea Girls Clothing Casual 3/4 Flare Sleeve Tunic Tops Blouse Little Girls Loose Fashion Tee Shirts Pullover Size 4-5 Red

Click image for more info

These shirts are not made of a netted material, but the design itself is sheer. Only certain parts of the shirt, such as the top part directly below the neck, the sleeves, and possibly the very bottom of the shirt, is usually sheer. Sheer top shirts are typically made of cotton or polyester and are perfect for jeans and leggings.

Short Frock Shirts

2pcs Toddler Girl Clothes T-Shirt Dress+Jeans Shorts Baby Girls Outfits Set (White, 1-2T)

Click image for more info

Very popular, short frock shirts are often sleeveless and look like mini-dresses. They are usually made in designs such as stripes and polka dots, and if you pair them, for your kid, with a belt, your sense of fashion for your children will shine through.

Best of all, short frock shirts can be worn alone or with capris, and they are great for any occasion, both casual and semi-formal. Frock tops are somewhat traditional and also give a western look that is extremely popular.

They have a set of pleats at the sleeves bottom and the bottom of the shirt itself, and they are often made of a cotton-polyester blend for the ultimate comfort.

Denim Shirts/Short Jacket-Style Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Baby Girls' Classic Denim Shirt, Medium Blue Infant, 18M

Click image for more info

Usually made in denim, these shirts show a little tummy and are mostly sleeveless. Looking somewhat like a jacket, they are perfect to pair with denim jeans, and like those jeans, these shirts can come in various shades of blue, including the very-popular faded look that many denim items have.

Shrug-Like Belt Shirts

These shirts look like a regular blouse, but most are made to wear slightly open at the top and with a belt to look a little dressier. They have buttons down the front with a slightly “gathered” or shrug look, usually long-sleeved. You can use these shirts all year long because of their design and the materials used to make them.

Sleeveless Shirt

Big Girls Sleeveless Woven Plaid Button Down Shirts with Collar Red Black Navy Color (12 Years, Red 7315)

Click image for more info

Slightly casual, these shirts have a collar and buttons down the front, and they can be a bit looser in fit than other types of shirts. They can be made of any type of material imaginable, so whether you want this type of shirt in cotton, silk, or anything in between, you are all but guaranteed to find it for your little girl.

These shirts are perfect to wear with everything from skirts to jeans.


Hanes Girls' Big EcoSmart Graphic Sweatshirt, Amaranth, M

Click image for more info

For super casual, there’s the sweatshirt – Loose, comfortable, casual.  Every kid’s wardrobe needs at least one. I have a handful for my daughter and use them regularly.

Tank Tops

Amazon Essentials Girl's 3-Pack Tank Top, Bright White/Black Beauty/Cherry Blossom, M

Click image for more info

Tank tops are best known for their straight, often tight-fitting design and the fact that they are sleeveless. They can be worn underneath blouses and other types of shirts. Tank tops go for both casual and formal occasions.

Tank tops are generally made of cotton, polyester, various blends, and even silk or satin, and they can be long or short in length. Tank tops also come with extra-thin spaghetti straps and in various colors and patterns, so whether you choose to wear them plain or underneath any other type of top, they will feel and look great every time.


Hanes Little Girls' Jersey Cotton Tee (Pack of 2), Process Blue, X-Small

Click image for more info

Undoubtedly, tee-shirts are the most popular type of shirt for kids today, partly because this is a society becoming more casual with every passing year. Tee-shirts can be found in plain or fancy patterns, and many retail outlets and other businesses offer tee-shirts with their logo or name on them.

As they are designed mostly for casual occasions, they are usually made with cotton or cotton blends. However, you can still make them dressier by using a fashionable blazer or sweater for your kid over the shirt itself.

Tube Top Shirts

8inches Lined Crochet Tutu Tube Tops Chest Wrap for Girls DIY Tutu Dress Pettiskirt Tube Tops (Black)

Click image for more info

Tube top shirts are usually made of tight-fitting, elastic material and have no sleeves or straps. Tube top shirts also show the midriff area, so they are quite scarce. In addition, because they cling to the body, they are usually worn only by kid girls with very slim figures.

Tube top shirts can be worn alone or underneath a sheer blouse, and they come in a wide variety of colors and prints. You can use them with shorts, capris, or blue jeans, and if you want your kid to dress up the look, simply add a pair of flats or dressy sandals.

Tunic Top Shirts

GOSOPIN Girls Casual Long Sleeve Knot Front T-Shirts Loose Tunic Tops 4-13Y Medium Green

Click image for more info

Tunic top shirts are a little larger than regular tops, resembling the dresses. Some of them are shorter in the front than on the back or sides, while others are the same length all the way around. Tunic top shirts are most often worn as a single dress or leggings, and they can be pretty fashionable.

They can be long or short-sleeved and available in hundreds of designs, fits, and colors, so everyone can find something they’ll love while shopping for tunics.

Cape Top Shirt

A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer’s back, arms, and chest, and fastens at the neck. It can be used for fashion or costume purposes. A fairly straightforward item of clothing, it has been used throughout the centuries to add warmth, increase stature, or improve kids’ appearance.

Short capes are usually made of, or trimmed in, fur. In today’s times, fur is less accepted as a fashion accessory. More luxurious items like velvet, silk, and satin have been substituted for fur. These shiny materials serve as a wonderful opulent lining and trim.

Cardigans & Sweater Shirts

The Children's Place Girls' Uniform Cardigan Aurora Pink L (10/12)

Click image for more info

The cardigan shirt is fantastic. Is this a new thing? No, of course not. It is simply the act of wearing a button-front cardigan as a shirt — but it takes a specific kind of button-front cardigan.

These tops are made specifically for the cold winter months, usually made out of thermal, wool-and-cotton blends or even polyester. They are thick and usually have long sleeves, and they are soft against the skin, making them comfortable for kids.

High Low Shirt

Caitefaso Girls Cute Shirts Summer Fall Ruffle Tunic Tops 3/4 Sleeve High Low Slim Blouses Tee 3-9 T (Pink, 8-9T/ H: 53")

Click image for more info

The high low fashion trend is everywhere on runways as well as in retail stores. The high hem in the front and low hem in the back are popular in shirts, skirts, dresses, and coats. You can easily make a high-low shirt from a thrift store purchase; just measure and modify it to fit your kid’s body.

These shirts with a back bodice cut slightly lower than the front bodice result in an asymmetrical look.

Tie Front Knotted Tops

Romwe Girl's Casual Butterfly Print Short Sleeve Tie Knot Front T Shirt Tee Tops White 11-12Y

Click image for more info

The tie-front top is a transforming fashion piece that evolved from wrap dresses and scarf shirts as a casual style. While certain shirts are manufactured especially for the look, a button-up or knotted tee suffices most of the time. In any case, the tie-front shirt is a fashionable, skin-baring classic for the kids to wear during the summer months.

Halter Top

Infant Baby Girl Summer Outfits Ruffle Hem Halter Tops+Floral Shorts Pants 2Pcs Toddler Girls Clothes Summer (12-18 Months, Green)

Click image for more info

A halter top, thanks to the tie-up neckline and backless-ness, can make you look your sensual best. A very youthful pick, this style is quite popular among millennials due to its versatility. Paired equally well with distressed jeans and a wrap-around skirt, this top is sure to make heads turn in the direction of your kid.

Wrap Shirt

Lisianthus Girls' Classic Thick Ballet Long Sleeve Wrap Top Pink 4-5T

Click image for more info

Just like a wrap dress only shorter, a wrap shirt is a type of tie-up top. Its elegance lies in how it wraps across your kid’s body to create a silhouette that shows off the shape in the best way possible. Just use it over a pair of pants of your choice. Buy this type of shirt for your kid girls for casual outings.


T-shirts are unquestionably easy to put on at any time of day, whether for a casual outing or a relaxing day at home. Knowing the types of t-shirts to select for your child’s outdoor clothing is important. By reading the above content, it would have been an immense support in choosing the best type for any particular occasion.

Now that you know just about every type of shirt for kids (girls), it’s time to revamp your little girl’s wardrobe and add in the trendiest shirts of the season.


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