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11 Different Types of Shirts for Boys (Kids)

Kid in red polo shirt standing against the lake.

Whether you’re choosing something comfortable or fashionable, it can sometimes be tricky choosing shirts for boys! As a parent, I know that the color, style, and feel are essential to boys these days, so knowing a little can go a long way! So, what types of shirts are there for boys?

Types of shirts for boys include long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, turtleneck shirts, tank tops, designer shirts, sports shirts, Henley shirts, v-neck shirts, striped shirts, pocket shirts, graphic shirts, and others. Shirts should be fitted to boys’ body size for the ideal fit.

Whether your priority for boys’ shirts is comfort or fashion, specific nuances within those categories are tailored to each boy, which can significantly help you make the right shirt choices!

Types of Shirts for Boys (Kids)

Two little boys in pocketed shirts and hats sitting in front of an old car.

When choosing shirts for boys, is it better to go for comfort over style? Or perhaps it’s essential to keep up with current events and adjust to them? Whatever shirt you choose, ensure that the t-shirt you choose directly represents your boy, and he doesn’t feel out of place wearing it.

The most common error made when selecting shirts for boys is failing to choose shirts that match their body types. Fashion, both literally and symbolically, is never one-size-fits-all. Consider the following features of a shirt:

  • Tightness
  • shoulder seams
  • sleeves
  • length
  • shape
  • material

A t-shirt should not be oversized or too tight; it will droop and sag like a pillowcase and lose all its fashion effectiveness. It’s best to lean toward tighter shirts if boys are slimmer or have a skinner physique. Otherwise, choose a more flexible fit, not too loose, since too much additional fabric can make them appear larger.

The seams should ideally coincide with where the shoulder finishes instead of being lower on the arm and closer to the neck. The sleeves of a shirt should reach halfway up the upper arm. If they’re exceptionally tall, sleeves that stretch a bit further down might seem proportionate.

The tee’s bottom hem should be no higher than your boys’ hips, cover their waistline, and ideally extend a few inches below it. Material can add significantly to a shirt and set the mood for when it can be worn.

Great shirts for boys include Long-sleeved shirts, which are the best all-around shirts regardless of the season. Polo shirts are more classy and do a great job of bringing out fashion sense while delivering durability. Turtleneck shirts offer exceptional warmth and comfort, although they are primarily worn in winter or areas with colder climates.

Tank tops are great for warmer climates and provide unprecedented freedom and flexibility. For top-level fashion, designer shirts are the way to go! They have unique patterns and are traditionally more durable. Sports shirts often provide excellent breathability for boys who run and sweat and keep them cool during the hot sun.

Henley shirts are unique in that they look formal, but they’re casual. They are usually adorned with buttons and can be mixed with a lot of other clothes. As for v-neck shirts for boys are most suited to being worn underneath or over another shirt. Striped shirts are casually acceptable and go well with shorts, trousers, and underneath shirts.

Pocket shirts have a pocket, usually on the front-left, that can be used for storage. Lastly, graphic shirts are trendy among boys because they typically display pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or shows.

Shirt Types for Boys: Long Sleeves Shirts

Gildan unisex child Ultra Cotton Youth Long Sleeve T-shirt, 2-pack T Shirt, Black, Medium US

Click image for more info

Long-sleeved shirts are a great all-around choice for boys. It offers protection from the sun, and it can keep them warm and comfortable during colder climates. Furthermore, they are very fashionable and come in various colors, patterns, and materials, including cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both!

Depending on their age, boys who have started to pay extra attention to their appearance will appreciate long-sleeved shirts. They add an extra layer to the forearms, making them look bigger and helping the boy look his best!

With long-sleeved shirts, in particular, it’s essential to make sure that the shoulders fit you comfortably, even if the arms are a little baggy. In general, anything with long sleeves adds a level of sophistication, formality, and classiness that sleeveless shirts don’t offer, and this is yet another point on the side of sleeved shirts for fashion!

Long-sleeved shirts, however, can become a little too warm, especially if you live in an area where the summers are scorching. Of course, you can roll up your sleeves, but this may not be every boy’s preference. Since boys like to run and play often, this may be something to consider.

Furthermore, long sleeves in a warm climate are still achievable if the boy will spend most of their time indoors or where there is some air-conditioning or cooling, such as in shopping malls.

One of the most significant advantages of long-sleeved shirts is their ability for layering. Wearing a stylish long-sleeve shirt underneath a short-sleeved shirt can raise your fashion sense to the next level by making it unique and different. The two layers of clothing can also keep you warm enough that you don’t need to wear a jacket.

Shirt Types for Boys: Polo Shirts

The Children's Place boys Short Sleeve Pique Polo, Nautico/White, X-Small

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Polo shirts are some of the most stylish shirts for boys! To get the look right, though, you must make sure to have the right fit for their body types. It’s crucial on a polo shirt because when this type of shirt hangs loosely and baggy, it ultimately detracts from its original purpose, which is to highlight the body.

When wearing the polo shirt, ensure that the boy doesn’t look like a sausage! It should fit tight enough for just enough room so that it doesn’t look baggy. The total length of the polo shirt needs to hang just below the waist. Furthermore, the end of the sleeves should rest on the triceps for it to look most fashionable!

The collar of their polo shirt should be small, rigid, and standing up, instead of having it unevenly standing up and looking messy. The material of a polo shirt is also important because it drastically affects comfortability and fashion. If you’re able to, consider spending a little more on material that you know will last you a long time.

The usual material that looks like it has “small holes” in them quickly becomes stretched out and weakened to leave tearing. Consider getting polo shirts that feel softer and silkier because they contain polyester or a similar synthetic fiber; they usually don’t stretch out as much and hold their color very well!

A white polo shirt looks great with a pair of light-blue jeans (or any denim, really, like denim jackets!) and white shoes. You can also wear them in summer with shorts and a pair of sneakers. A black polo shirt with a brown-beige pair of trousers and black shoes looks super-classy and are perfect for any formal events or occasions.

Shirt Types for Boys: Turtleneck Shirts

Mud Kingdom Boys Tops Fleece Turtleneck Base Shirts Plain 2T Greenish Blue

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Turtleneck shirts are highly fashionable and an absolute winner for boys to keep snug during colder seasons like winter. When worn with a coat or denim jacket, they make a great fashion layering piece. In addition, when you combine it with a coat or scarf, it makes the body look sleeker and makes the boy look more handsome!

Interestingly, turtlenecks also give boys better posture because it goes right up to the chin. For a little more fashion, it is also possible to wear a dress short over a turtleneck to give it some color or extra layering to make it pop.

When deciding on the correct turtleneck, ensure that you get one for your boy that fits their body size. Getting a turtleneck that is too big for a skinny body type will make their head look small and disproportionate, and it will look quite strange. Similarly, a small turtleneck on a bulky body type will make the boy look more rounded.

Generally, cable-knit turtlenecks are thicker and better suited for skinnier boys, whereas bulkier boys should aim for thinner turtleneck materials.

If you’re looking for the look of a turtleneck but without the “neck” part, you may want to consider a mock turtleneck shirt. It usually fits a little looser than a traditional turtleneck, and it sits right below the neck. It does not have a flip or rollover at the top.

Lastly, another turtleneck alternative is the monogram turtleneck. This type of turtleneck is meant to be worn by itself, meaning that you should not layer it, if at all possible. However, slipping a thin coat over it is still acceptable.

Shirt Types for Boys: Tank Top Shirts

Simple Joys by Carter's Boys' Toddler 3-Pack Tank Tops, Blue Stripe/orange Gators/Gray Stripe, 3T

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Tank tops are the way to go for boys’ summer shirts; they keep you cool, refreshed and they’re relatively inexpensive. Generally, tank top shirts should not be too loose or tight; they should fit comfortably and snugly across the chest and be open enough to create a wind flow to the body.

Because they’re sleeveless, tank tops are perfect for keeping boys cool. Tank tops, unlike sleeved undershirts, cover the essentials while yet allowing their arms to breathe. Tank tops will also enable you to move your arms more freely, making them feel more at ease.

If the tank top shirt is too loose, it will look like the boy is swimming in it, and the chest area will look shrunk! On the other hand, if the shirt is too tight, it might give the impression that they’re showing off, and they don’t want to look like a sausage. As for the length, ensure that it’s hanging just below the waist, like a polo shirt.

Furthermore, don’t tuck in a tank top; tucking it in gives an untidy impression because it doesn’t have sleeves. There are varying colors associated with tank tops, so go ahead and have fun with them by experimenting with colors! You can never go wrong with colors like black, white, grey, and blue.

For boys specifically, avoid “stringy” tank top shirts because they detract from the male body! Tank top shirts are an excellent choice for the beach, the pool, and especially if it’s scorching outside (remember to wear sunscreen).

Tank top shirts are also a good option for wearing them underneath another shirt. One of the most important reasons is that they trap sweat and keep stains away from school clothes. They also aid in keeping boys cool by wicking effort away from your body.

Shirt Types for Boys: Designer Shirts

Calvin Klein Boys' Ringer Tee Shirt, FA21Ringer Black, L14/16

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Designer shirts for boys are unique in that they’re meant as a status symbol and generally ooze of class, sophistication, and identity. When a person wears branded clothing, others immediately begin to see them differently. Wearing fashionable clothing demonstrates a person’s high social status.

However, this is, of course, not always the case as some boys enjoy dressing fashionably and looking great!

It’s because these garments are tailored to the needs of each individual. As a result, the cloth’s distinctive pattern, fabric type, and color selection all contribute to the cloth’s appearance of being beautiful and elegant. In addition, unlike regular clothing, designer items are never mass-produced.

Because these designer outfits require a lot of time, effort, and money to produce, they are not made in large quantities. As a result, when individuals choose designer clothing, they will obtain a one-of-a-kind design.

Furthermore, designer shirts also have superior durability compared to regular shirts. After numerous washes, most non-branded clothing is prone to wear and tear. Because they’re continually creating these goods in quantity, the manufacturers don’t pay enough attention to the fabric type or the stitching of the outfits.

However, when designing branded clothing, every producer must pay close attention to everything, from the fabric type to the stitching. As a result, it is incredibly long-lasting.

Shirt Types for Boys: Sports Shirts

Black Bear Boys’ Athletic T-Shirt – 4 Pack Active Performance Dry-Fit Sports Tee (4-18), Size Small (4/6), Black/Green/Grey/Orange

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Sports shirts are a solid pick for boys who run often or who play any sports.

Unlike other shirts, sports shirts are less formal and have a “sporty” aesthetic to them. More designs, more extensive and bolder patterns, pockets, epaulets, ornate stitching and buttons, button-down collars, and so on are allowed on sports shirts. Less stiff collars can be used on sports shirts.

They are exceptionally comfortable to wear and feel light against the body because of these properties. As for their material properties, polyester is a prominent material used in sportswear. It is essentially a lightweight, wrinkle-free, durable, and breathable fabric comprised of plastic fibers.

It’s non-absorbent, which means your sweat won’t be absorbed by it and will instead dry on its own. Polyester is highly insulating, making it an excellent choice for both hot and cold conditions.

Nylon is a highly soft textile that has a silk-like touch and dries fast. It absorbs sweat and allows for quick evaporation, and it’s also mildew resistant, extending the life of the cloth, and has excellent stretch and recovery properties.

Gore-Tex is a hybrid material used to produce running shoes and athletic gear such as jackets. It’s a fabric film that’s usually applied to sportswear to make it airtight and waterproof. Regardless of this flaw, it’s still a breathable fabric that’s ideal for high-intensity activities.

It essentially keeps wind and water out while allowing perspiration to drain. As a result, this material is ideal for windcheaters.

Wool sports shirts are also an exciting alternative. In colder climates, wool is an excellent athletics fabric. The strands of woolen fabric assist in trapping heat and keep you warm. Woolen material is odorless and breathable, making it an ideal choice for sportswear.

Shirt Types for Boys: Henley Shirts

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' Toddler 3-Pack Short Sleeve Henley, Orange, Blue, Red, 2T

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Henley shirts are casual, long, or short-sleeved shirts usually adorned with three buttons near the neck area. It is best suited for the Fall and Winter months due to its versatile material and casual-cool styling.

The long-sleeved Henley is charming to wear as an underneath shirt, like with a dress shirt. It’s stylish, cool, and not too heavy, so it stays comfortable enough to wear when going out to the mall or visiting friends! You may also wear them with cardigans, jackets and sports coats.

Furthermore, you can even wear the Henley as a top layer. By wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, coupled with a tie (optional), slide the Henley right over it for a spectacularly cool, semi-formal look that will turn heads for sure!

For something a little more formal, consider a black Henley shirt with a pair of darkened slacks – it works every time – and is the perfect choice for a wedding. Have fun with its style and mix and match to dress up the little guy!

Shirt Types for Boys: V-Neck Shirts

Burt's Bees Baby Baby Boys' T-Shirt, Short Sleeve V-Neck and Crewneck Tees, 100% Organic Cotton, Cloud, 24 Months

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The V-neck shirt is a bit of a niche pickup for boys, but working with fashion should be enjoyable, so experiment!

A v-neck is less formal than a crew collar, and it adds a bit more visual appeal and elegance to a typical shirt. It’s ideal for shorter boys since it helps them look less boxy and gives them a little height.

It also looks well on boys with rounder and larger features. However, I would not advocate a v-neck for those bigger in stature, as the v-shape draws the eye down to the stomach.

Generally, v-neck shirts may look a little strange wearing them by themselves because it reveals a large part of the neck area, so it may be better to wear them underneath another shirt. It works well to absorb any sweat and prevents wet patches from coming through to the top.

Furthermore, the v-neck shirt looks fantastic when worn over another shirt, especially when accompanied by a tie.

Shirt Types for Boys: Striped Shirts

HowJoJo Baby Boys Girls Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts Kids Rainbow Striped Shirts 2T

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Striped shirts are excellent pickups for any boy because of their renowned pattern that oozes versatility and uniqueness. The secret to their fashion success is to add them in moderation; no boy wants to look like a sailor. As such, avoid white pants or trousers and white shoes when wearing a white-striped shirt.

It’s also important to note that mixing striped shirts with other patterns is bordering on danger, and it may result in a strange and wacky outfit! When applying striped shirts, please keep them to a minimum, and any boy will look very fashionable.

However, if you want to mix stripes with other stripes, ensure that one group of lines is traveling horizontally while the other group is traveling vertically. Secondly, the colors, distancing between the stripes and the size should be noticeably different; for example, thick and thin stripes.

Shirt Types for Boys: Graphic Shirts

Disney Mickey Mouse Big Boy's Classic Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, Black, X-Large

Click image for more info

Graphic shirts or printed shirts are probably some of the most common shirts for boys! Boys usually want their favorite cartoon character, hobby, or movie displayed on their shirts because it’s cool, and they want to show their friends. These shirts are strictly informal and are best-worn shopping, going to the beach, or family gatherings.

Rayon has the same feel as silk but is far less expensive. It is a synthetic material manufactured from a combination of plants and cotton. Because it is very absorbent, it is frequently used for dying.

Because rayon is a fragile fabric that might stretch out after repeated washings, you should dry clean your rayon items. This cloth is also prone to creases and does not last as long as other fabrics.

Cotton and polyester are the most prevalent blends. The cotton-based T-shirt will be breathable and lightweight, while the polyester-based T-shirt will be sturdy and wrinkle-free. Because it is both robust and soft, a poly-cotton mix may be the most acceptable option for designing a custom printed T-shirt.

Cotton, polyester, and rayon are commonly used in tri-blend fabrics. For a wonderfully soft and comfortable feel, tri-blends combine the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester and the breathability of rayon.

Shirt Types for Boys: Pocket Shirts

Under Armour Boys' Blocked Pocket T-Shirt, Khaki Base (289)/Khaki Base, Youth X-Small

Click image for more info

The pocket shirt is somewhat of a “utility shirt” in that it comes equipped with either a square or round pocket on the front-left.

Shirts with pockets are now commonly regarded as more casual. If the occasion is more relaxed, go for a pocketed shirt; a formal event will almost always necessitate a shirt without one. The corners can be rounded or pointed, and a pocket flap may be included.

There are different types of pockets, including rounded pockets, utility pockets, and pointed pockets. The primary differences lie in their shapes and sizes. However, the utility pocket is a little different because it has a flap at the top to secure what it holds inside.


Boys’ shirts vary significantly, so carefully consider the size, material, purpose, and occasion so that you can make the perfect purchase.


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