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13 Different Types of Pants for Boys (Kids)

Kids in denim pants lying on hayloft.

Deciding on what pants are a good pick for boys can be a tricky business. As a parent, I know that boys each have their preference types, and you may need to try a few options before finding the right pair of pants. So, what types of pants are available for boys?

Types of pants for boys include Chino pants, Jeans (light and dark), Formal trousers, Jogger pants, Drawstring trousers, Cargo pants, Khaki pants, Corduroy pants, Pajama pants, Oversized smart pants, Sweatpants, and Zip-off pants. Their materials and construction correlate with their purpose.

Having a clearer understanding of what each pair of pants can offer will save you a lot of time and improve the overall results. Let’s examine each pants’ features so that you can make the most informed choice.

Types of Pants for Boys (Kids)

There are varying boys’ pants, and with so many to choose from, you must choose something that will suit your boy. You may also seek trousers with an adjustable waist so that they can grow with your child. He could like a waistband that is elasticized and has a drawstring.

Of course, each child is unique, but in general, boys like loose-fitting, stylish pants. Consider the sports and activities your child participates in to determine which styles will get the most use. The school’s dress code is also a factor to consider. Many brands provide slim and husky variants to accommodate all body types when it comes to size.

Chino pants are versatile and an excellent pick for casual, semi-casual, and even formal events like weddings. They are highly fashionable and will inspire endless confidence. Both dark and light, Jeans pants are the best year-all-around pants for any occasion, and their denim material makes them very durable.

Formal Trousers are very comfortable and fashionable for occasions where boys need to make a lasting impression, whereas Joggers go great with an everyday look. Drawstring trousers are a healthy mixture of formal and casual, providing the best of both worlds and allowing enough versatility to have fun with fashion.

Cargo pants are uniquely light and spacious, offering some excellent utility and storage. Khaki pants come in varying colors and styles and boast superior comfort and popularity. Corduroy pants stand out as being high in quality and comfortability and adaptable to varying occasions.

Pajama pants promote relaxation and comfort through their thin materials that are soft on the skin.  Oversized smart pants offer a relaxed fit with a strong punch of style; it is excellent for casual and semi-casual settings.

Sweatpants are the most comfortable pants for boys, and although they aren’t as fashionable as other pants, they can still adapt to an excellent semi-casual look. Zip-off pants are the perfect choice for boys who spend a lot of time outdoors; it’s lightweight, great for summertime, and even dry quickly when wet.

Types of Pants for Boys: Chino Pants

The Children's Place boys Chino Pants, FLAX, 7 husky

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One of the most versatile pants that boys can wear in any situation, to any event or place, is chino pants. During summertime, chino pants provide exceptional breathability that helps with sweating and causing stains. They are better suited for formal events, although they can also be worn for casual occasions or visits.

If your boy is looking for something a little more formal than jeans, then chino pants are the perfect fit. It’s important to remember that they should ideally fit the boy’s body type to have the classiest appeal possible. You can wear chino pants with sneakers, boots, dress shoes; the possibilities are endless!

They come in varying colors, like green, grey, black, white, navy, and even red to easily match other fashions. Chino pants can have creases and usually have cups, as well as zips and belt loops. Of course, these features are unnecessary, but the extra weight allows them to fall better, giving it an overall better aesthetic.

Chino pants are also a good choice for a boy’s everyday go-to trousers if they wear uniforms to school. Cargo pants fall into this group as well. Most styles have a zip and button fastening; however, some include a snap or hook and bar for younger boys.

Chino pants are often confused with khaki pants, so ensure that you know the difference! Chinos are usually composed of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric with a tighter weave, whereas khakis are typically made of a heavyweight 100% cotton twill fabric.

You wouldn’t wear your chinos to perform yard labor, but you would in your khakis. Third, chino trousers are frequently thinner and closer-fitting than khakis, which adds to their formal appeal. Khakis have a broader fit that makes them more comfortable and adaptable.

Types of Pants for Boys: Light And Dark Jeans

KIDSCOOL SPACE Baby Girl Boy Jean,D Ring Elastic Band Inside Ripped Denim Pants,Light Blue,6-12 Months

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Light-wash jeans, particularly light blue, are the perfect choice for the summer! They look and feel light and relaxed, and they can be mixed with a simple short or long-sleeved shirt for maximum fashion. However, the reality is that they’re great for all-year-round and are incredibly durable regardless of what you’re doing with them.

Specifically for boys, skinny light blue jeans don’t look great because they make their legs look too thin. Instead, boys should consider slim-fit light-blue jeans because they look much more natural and they will be more comfortable, too.

Generally, the lighter your denim, the more casual it is, and it needs to pair with more delicate, softer colors.

The Children's Place Baby Boys and Toddler Boys Basic Skinny Jeans, Dark Blue Wash, 3T

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Dark-wash jeans are a must-have for school or any casual setting like going to the mall because you can mix and match them with almost anything! They look fantastic, and they’re one of the most comfortable pants you’ll come across. They fit well with hoodies, jackets, boots, sneakers, and pretty much any other type of clothing style.

For boys, it is usually recommended to go for slim or skinny jeans for the best look possible. Slim or skinny jeans usually make boys look fit and taller, which generally means more handsome, too! Dark blue jeans typically look better when they fit a little looser, but black jeans shine when they fit more snuggly.

A dark-wash-jean should pair with darker colors, and so it will generally lean more toward formal or semi-formal wear.

Types of Pants for Boys: Formal Trousers

Gioberti Boys Flat Front Dress Pants, Navy B, 3T

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Inevitably, boys will be required to attend formal events, like weddings, and formal trousers are the golden pick here. They carry the most significant fashion statement and bring out the man in the young boy! Even though they will only wear them on certain occasions, they are still needed for boys’ clothing collections.

As for colors, consider going for neutral colors such as black, gray, and navy.  Ensure that they fit comfortably around a boy’s waist, without the need for a belt to hold the formal pants up. Otherwise, there will be an excess of fabric around the waist that causes folds and wrinkles and detracts from its overall fashion and comfort.

Types of Pants for Boys: Joggers Pants

BINPAW Kids Cotton Pull On Active Sports Basic Jogger Sweat Pants for Little Boys & Big Boys, Grey, Age 8T-9T (8-9 Years) = Tag 140

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Joggers are very comfortable pants for boys, and they look cool, too!  These pants are unique because they are super-trendy, and it is acceptable to wear them in casual settings and semi-formal settings if you dress them up correctly.  They go with almost any other style of clothes and are a great mix of style and comfort.

The best joggers are those that hug boys’ legs properly, especially around the ankle area. Furthermore, the fabric shouldn’t be too thick. Otherwise, it’s going to cause sweating because it will be too warm. In addition, make sure that they aren’t too long or there will be too much excess fabric around your feet.

Joggers are created with performance in mind, and so they are made with synthetic materials, like one hundred percent polyester. The polyester makes them more breathable and lightweight.

For styling, boys may want to consider wearing joggers with a short-sleeved shirt, particularly a polo shirt. In addition, a hoodie and a denim jacket are also excellent choices; as long as the jackets they choose are casual, they’re good to go!

As for shoes, consider a shoe that looks athletic, something like Adidas, Sneakers, or Nike, and even some boots can work.  The material is relatively thin, so it may not see as much wear-time during the colder seasons.

Types of Pants for Boys: Drawstring Trousers

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' Toddler 2-Pack Pull on Pant, Green, Gray, 2T

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Drawstring trousers are an excellent semi-formal alternative for boys, and it’s possible to wear them casually, too.  They usually have an elastic stretch around the waist area, accompanied by a drawstring for an extra snug fit. Some drawstring trousers only have an elastic waist, and the choice will depend on wearers’ preference.

However, the drawstring does add to its character, providing a softer and more casual element to the trousers. The bottom hems cannot stretch, so they are standard as with any dress pants. The elasticity coupled with the drawstring also means it can be adjusted to fit different body sizes.

Drawstring trousers look great with some casual mixes like hoodies or long-sleeved shirts. It looks pretty sophisticated and fashionable, and therefore they’re a solid choice for everyday, semi-formal, or even formal events.

For formal events like weddings, you may pair the drawstring pants with a fancy pair of shoes, a short or long-sleeved shirt, and a suit.

Types of Pants for Boys: Cargo Pants

The Children's Place Baby Boys and Toddler Boys Pull On Cargo Pants, Night Camo/Olive Camo, 6-9 MONTHS

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The key to acquiring the appropriate cargo boy’s trousers is to strike a balance between thin and spacious. Most cargo pants are uniquely big, which allows boys to pull them over their shoes quite easily. In addition, the bottom of the legs have toggles to tight then, so boys can wear them more loosely or tighten them.

Of course, one of the most significant benefits to cargo pants is their numerous pockets! They can store wallets, smartphones, and other essential valuables without needing to worry about losing them. If you want to go overboard with pockets, some cargo pants brands offer up to sixteen pockets on these pants!

Some cargo pants also have tapered hems, so it’s possible to wear them as a regular fit or a little differently is possible. Cargo pants have rigid construction and because of their durable cloth. They’re increasingly made of quick-drying synthetics or cotton-synthetic mixes.

Furthermore, felled seams are used for strength and longevity and thus enable bending at the knee and hip. Cargo shorts are cargo pants that have been cut short at the knee. Some cargo trousers include detachable bottom legs that are excellent for turning into shorts when the weather becomes too hot.

Types of Pants for Boys: Khaki Pants

The Children's Place boys Pull On Chino Pants, Flax, 5

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Kakhi pants are standard yet excellent pants for boys! They are, as the same suggests, khaki-colored and are usually made from cotton.  They come in two distinct styles, namely the flat-front style and the pleated style. The right option will depend on a boy’s legs, whether it be skinner or bulkier.

The flat-front style may look more appealing for thinner legs, whereas the pleated style is more comfortable because there is more room and fashionable on bulkier legs. Since khaki pants are made from a cotton twill material, it’s pretty tightly woven, which means it’s not as breathable as other types of pants.

Companies who produce khaki pants usually mix polyester and other synthetic fibers to the cotton to get the perfect mixture for khaki pants. It’s possible to wear them as casual or dress pants, although in that case, you should choose khaki pants that are one hundred percent cotton for the most refined and classiest aesthetics.

In addition, one hundred percent cotton will be more comfortable on the skin, and boys will sweat less. They are a great alternative to wool pants and can easily be worn during the summertime, and because they are a heavier material, they don’t wrinkle as much as pure cotton.

They are also equipped with belt loops rather than suspender buttons, so belts are a welcome accessory. To clean them is as easy as laundering them in your washing machine; no need to take them to the dry cleaners!

They fit very well with polo shirts, short or long-sleeved, and boys can even wear them with dress shirts, button-down colored shirts, as well as a tie and a coat. Flat front pants like khaki pants are a more contemporary pants style that flatters thinner figures.

Types of Pants for Boys: Corduroy Pants

Hope & Henry Boys Kahki Cord Pant

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Corduroy pants are where comfort meets quality, with just the right dash of fashion to sweeten the deal! It’s a lovely addition for any boy, and its versatility allows them to wear it in varying circumstances.

The name “corduroy” really refers to a weaving design with many parallel lines of elevated cloth. Cotton is the most common material for corduroy pants, but wool and polyester are other options. Whatever the case may be, all corduroy trousers have the same distinctive weaving pattern.

They are pretty relaxing. The smooth texture and high-end quality provide a better degree of comfort. Boys can be confident that their corduroy pants will keep them comfortable whether they wear them for a few hours or all day. Many guys choose corduroy trousers over other trouser types for this reason alone.

Corduroy pants are elegant in addition to being quite comfy. Corduroy pants come in various colors, including classics like tan and black and more contemporary hues like orange, blue, green, and even red. Consequently, choosing a pair of corduroy trousers that complement boys’ style shouldn’t be difficult.

Corduroy pants come in different styles, including pincord, pinwale, needlecord, dyed, and standard wale. First and foremost, pick a hue that complements your “go-to” clothing. If you select a pair of corduroy trousers in a bright shade, you may find it challenging to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Corduroy pants should be well-fitting. They will feel tight and unpleasant if they are too tiny. They’ll seem saggy and ungainly if they’re too big. You may prevent these issues by purchasing a pair of tailored corduroy pants in the correct size.

Types of Pants for Boys: Pajama Pants

3 Pack: Big Boys Pajama Pants Fleece Plush Pjs Kids Pajamas Christmas Clothes Lounge Flannel Bottoms Youth Teen Sleep wear,Set 2-Size 5/6

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Pajamas pants are soft, cozy, and traditionally loose-fitting clothing that is ideal for resting! Even though they are for sleeping, working from home, and relaxing, they can be a touchy subject for older guys, so make sure you ask them before purchasing.

The best boy’s pajama pants will be breathable and lightweight in the summer to keep them cool or thick and toasty in the winter to keep them warm. It’s possible to discover a pair that’s great enjoy sleeping in because they come in various designs and sizes.

Many pajama pants are 100% cotton, lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for summer or hot sleepers (but it’s also suitable for year-round use). Flannel or flannel pajama pants, which are warm, thick, and pleasant to the touch, are a good choice for staying warm on cold evenings.

And, because sleeping is all about comfort, seek pajama pants made of polyester, spandex, or elastane if you want a little extra flexibility. Another advantage of polyester is that it is pretty good at wicking sweat away from your body, keeping you dry.

There is a wide range of styles, including relaxed-fit pajama pants in several colors and patterns, as well as a pair of reviewer-favorite shorts. These are the best men’s pajama pants to go to bed or when lazing about the home, including everything from traditional plaid flannel to basic cotton and more.

Types of Pants for Boys: Oversized Smart Pants

Oversized smart pants are relatively new to the fashion scene! They are an excellent pick for boys because they sit loosely and have a relaxed fit that makes them easy to wear all day. They are regular on the waist area, yet they don’t sit like baggy pants; instead, they follow the contours of the legs so they won’t slip down as boys walk.

Furthermore, the brand of oversized smart pants can introduce particular quirks to them, such as being looser around the waist but a little tighter around the ankles. Other tapered styles offer a fantastic, cool modern look for casual and semi-casual settings.

Types of Pants for Boys: Sweatpants

Champion Boys Sweatpant Heritage Collection Slim Fit Brushed Fleece Big and Little Boys Kids (Small, Navy)

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Sweatpants are another excellent comfort alternative for boys that is nice for any casual occasion. It’s essential to distinguish between sweatpants and jogger pants; sweatpants often have thicker material than joggers.

Sweatpants intend to make boys sweat, whereas joggers aim to keep their legs cool while they’re jogging. When comparing joggers with sweatpants, this is crucial to remember.

Cashmere sweatpants, in particular, is probably the most comfortable pair of pants that anyone can own! Admittedly, cashmere is more of a “stay at home” kind of material, but the softness and comfort are undoubtedly hard to beat.

As for the practicality of sweatpants, they should keep boys warm when the weather isn’t cooperating. However, the warmth isn’t only for their skin. Sweatpants assist with warming up boys’ muscles faster by trapping heat close to their bodies. Warm muscles are better for running around or playing sports than cold muscles.

When boys play outside, they probably don’t care much for the sun on their faces and chests. However, their legs are just as susceptible to sunburn as the rest of their body, and wearing sweatpants can help fight sunburn.

Types of Pants for Boys: Zip-Off Pants

CQR Kids Youth Hiking Cargo Pants, UPF 50+ Quick Dry Convertible Zip Off Pants, Outdoor Camping Pants, Boy Convertible Brown, 8

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Zip-off pants (also “convertible pants”) are a unique combination of long and short pants in that you can remove the legs via a neatly-placed zipper. They are usually available in a poly-cotton (polyester and cotton) blend that makes them rip-proof. Furthermore, they are exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, and dry very quickly!

Its features make it an excellent pick for the outdoors, such as going camping or fishing, especially considering they have a good amount of pockets on them. If your boy needs to carry around a smartphone, wallet, or other essential items outdoors or while hiking, this will be the number one choice.

Zip-off pants with well-designed zippers keep the zippers from rubbing against boys’ skin. However, the shorts’ hem still has a zipper, and that extra weight might be bothersome if it hits them in the incorrect place, such as their knee. If they strike them in the wrong part of the thigh, it may also be challenging to sit, so be mindful!


Choosing the correct pants for boys comes down to their body types and how the material and constructions fit them. However, remember to check in with the wearer; otherwise, you may find yourself having to look for other alternatives.



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