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11 Different Types of Fidget Toys

This is a close look at various fidget toys.

It can be difficult for people, adults, and children to sit still. We are found ourselves in a new world of being home just about all the time. We are constantly sitting at a desk or in front of a computer to work, participate in meetings, and even doctor’s appointments.

While this has allowed us to remain safe, it has caused a new level of anxiety and boredom in many. Sometimes, having something to do with our hands is just enough to calm tensions and relieve boredom. Check out all of the different types of fidget toys that may be able to help you remain focused throughout the day. 

Why Do We Fidget?

Fidgeting can be the result of having energy that cannot go anywhere because we are all stuck in our homes. It can be because of anxiety or boredom from sitting for too long in the same place. They may all result in other habits like picking your skin, biting your nails, shaking your leg, and checking your phone too often. Fortunately, fidget toys have been shown to help ease anxieties and reduce fidgeting. 

Who Can Use Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are an ideal concept for children and adults that have anxiety. They are helpful to assist children (and adults) pay attention or sit more calmly. While it may seem counterintuitive that moving a toy around in your hand helps you pay attention, it is true.

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Many children love to be in constant motion making it difficult for them to sit still in the classroom while listening to a story or even sitting at a table during mealtime. The use of a fidget toy can help the child sit still without needing to constantly get up. 

Using a fidget toy can help children focus. If they have something that helps them stay in motion to some extent can help prevent them from daydreaming and focused on what their teacher is saying. Fidget toys can help kids and adults relax, perhaps before bedtime. It can help provide visual stimulation in addition to the actual act of moving.

A fidget item is helpful to reduce some ADHD symptoms, especially in a fidgety child.

Some fidget toys may have lights or other things to watch. Kids enjoy touching everything they see. They cannot always touch things, depending on where they are. A fidget toy can help them touch something if they can touch something in the space where they are. 

Different Types of Fidget Toys

Fidget Spinner

This is a close look at a couple of friends playing fidget spinners.

The fidget spinner quickly became the most popular type of fidget toy during the spinner craze a few years back. It is fun to manipulate, and visually appealing, which is helpful with it comes to a fidget toy. These toys can be a distraction to others, so they may not be allowed in school.

A fidget spinner is a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

They may be a little bigger than the palm of a child but still small. Fidget spinners have a ball bearing that allows you to rotate it around a finger or fingers. The toy gathers momentum, which can be pleasing to the senses.

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You hold the toy by the middle section and spin it between your fingers. It does make some noise as it turns. Your child’s teacher may not be a fan of this type of fidget toy.

Stress Ball

A close look at a man's hand squeezing a stress ball.

A stress ball is a small egg or round shaped object that is filled with something that is malleable. A stress ball fits in the palm of your hand perfectly. When you squeeze the ball, it helps relieve anxiety while providing stress relief. They can also increase blood circulation, which is good for your body in so many ways.

It can increase oxygen to the heart and to the brain. You can easily make your own stress ball which allows you to change the material inside. You can even write a special message on the outside of your stress ball.

A special message on the stress ball can be helpful encouragement for you or your child. Changing the texture inside the sensory balls can elicit a different reaction from you or your child. These balls can fit into your pocket and do not make any noise when you squeeze them.

Some can be stretched completely flat and stand up to the abuse your child can give it. This is ideal for a DIY fidget toy. You can easily create this sensory toy for your child. 


A woman playing with a green putty slime.

Putty is often used to strengthen fine motor skills; it is a great fidget toy. It may also be referred to as squishing putty. They only downside to it is that it must be used on a table. It should not make a mess or stain because it is not greasy.

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It is more useful when you have a hard surface. It is helpful in relieving stress, as well as keeping adults and children entertained. Putty is malleable and soft, which can make it feel soothing in comparison to harder finishes on other fidget toys. There are many different types of putty, which include some that can glow in the dark. 


TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

Click image for more info

The tangle is a great fidget tool because it does not have small pieces. There is no complicated construction involved with it. This fidget toy is great for those aged three and older.

The tangle can be pulled and pushed. It is always moving and seems to be moving in a new direction each time. Despite the constant motion, it does not cause a large amount of distraction.

The tangle comes in many different textures to appeal to everyone. It can be a hard plastic or have a more gel-like surface. This fidget toy is ideal to keep those who are restless occupied. It can help to soothe tired joints and fingers from too much. Soothing your joints is helpful for those who spend a significant amount of time writing or operating a phone. These toys are easy to clean. 

Koosh Ball

A close look at a koosh ball with colorful features.

The koosh ball has been around since the late 1980s. The koosh ball is an ideal fidget toy for those who enjoy tactile stimulation. It has a lot to feel. It does not make noise and can be easily stored in a pocket.

A koosh ball is made of many filaments made of rubber that wrap around a core of steel. The filaments are a natural latex rubber, and the colors are non-toxic. These fidget tools are easy to grab and hold onto. They came in many different colors and sizes. 

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Fidget Cube

This is a close look at a man's hand playing with a fidget cube.

There are several different types of fidget cubes that you can find on the market. They have different sizes and shapes. There is sure to be one that is perfect for you or your child.

Some of the fidget cubes have buttons you can push, click, or spin. This type of cube has different parts that move when you press them. The buttons come in different shapes and sizes.

These cubes tend to make clicking noises, which can be annoying or distracting to others. They may not be ideal for the classroom. There is another version of the fidget cube that does not make noise. It is more discreet and can find in your hand. It constantly moves and takes a different shape. There are no buttons to push, but the cube itself can flip and fold into a different shape. 

Squeeze Keychain

Chris.W 4Pcs Tortoise Keychain Head Popping Squishy Squeeze Toy for Stress Reduction for Men, Women, Boys, Girls

Click image for more info

The squeeze keychain is similar to a keychain that can be hooked to a backpack or belt loop. This fidget toy has something inside it that will pop out with a quick squeeze. Squeezing a keychain such as this is a great way to feel overall calm. 

Stretch Fidgets

Stretchy Calming Noodle Autism Toys - Glow in The Dark for Sensory Fun

Click image for more info

There are many different types of stretch fidgets available. They are usually a piece of elastic material that is like a tube. They can be stretched many feet long. They are about 11 inches to start. They can be twisted, pulled, and wrapped around fingers. They are easy to obscure and can be easily put away in a pocket or bad. They are not messy and do not make noise. These stretch fidgets do not distract others. 

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Hedgehog Rings

Sensory Ring and Fidget Toy 3 Pack | Soft, Flexible Ring and Rubber Spikes | Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety| Promotes Focus and Clarity | Children, Youth, Adults Sensory Toys

Click image for more info

Hedgehog rings are rings with spikes on them. They can be worn on your wrist. They are squishable. While these rings are plastic, they are BPA free and easy to clean by throwing them in the dishwasher. 

Fidget Pen

Remall Stress-Relief Fidget Pen with 10 Refills, Ballpoint Pens and Fidgeting Toy for Kids Adults and ADHD People, Anxiety Relief Pens for Home, Office, School 2-Pack(Pink)

Click image for more info

There are many different types of fidget pens. They are a great sensory fidget toy because they serve more than one function. It is a pen as well as a sensory tool. You can use this tool to channel your stress and anxiety. They have many options, like a rolling ball, a dip, and a clicker, to help ease sensory needs. This is ideal sensory stimulation for older kids.

Chewy Fidget

Tilcare Chew Chew Sensory Necklace – Best for Kids or Adults That Like Biting or Have Autism – Perfectly Textured Silicone Chewy Toys - Chewing Pendant for Boys & Girls - Chew Necklaces (3-Pack)

Click image for more info

There are many different chewy fidget toy options available. They are intended to help children maintain focus and awareness while providing oral sensory input. It can help improve oral defensiveness for children that have oral hypersensitivity. There are autism chews, chewy tubes, and oral motor tools, just to name a few. 

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