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34 Different Types of Chairs for Kids

Girl with tablet sitting on an orange bean bag chair against a blue background.

Picking a chair that is suitable and versatile can be challenging, especially with the available large variety.  When choosing chairs for children, it is essential to consider the style, what it will be used for, and whether it is for inside or outside use.  

In this article, we will be looking at different chairs, their function and purpose, their suitability, and which space will be best suitable for any specific chair.  We will be focusing on five categories, namely:

  • Chairs for girls
  • Chairs for boys
  • Chairs for toddlers
  • Chairs for babies
  • Chairs for studying 

Chairs For Girls

A beautiful chair is a lovely addition to any girls’ room.  While there are my chairs to choose from, we have selected a few that will give you usability and durability and help you select that best suits your needs and lifestyle. 

KidsRock Pink Double Couch

KidsRock Pink Double Couch


This beautiful double couch is the perfect addition to your daughter’s bedroom or the living room.  It is big enough for a lazy laydown movie watching session or when she has a sleep-over with a friend. 

It also adds a touch of class to the room it is in with the classy design and comfortability. This couch will give your little girl a particular spot in the house that she can call her own.   

Fine Living Everett Chair

Fine Living Everett Chair - Mint


This modern design plastic chair with rubber on the chair legs will give any girl a special place to be in the sun.  This chair is a perfect addition to any patio and will provide excellent back support to allow for hours of lazy fun.  The web design on this chair gives it an authentic old fashioned but homey look that will compliment any patio. 

If you enjoy outdoor reading or chats, then this is the chair for your little girl. 

Intex Mode Chairs

Intex Inflatable Armchair 88x99x76, Unisex Children, Random Colors, 50 x 75 cm

Click image for more info

This chair is excellent for gaming or television watching.  It comes in a range of different colors, and it is designed in all sizes.  This chair is inflatable and can store easily when it is not in use. 

Hammock Swing Chair

Y- STOP Hammock Chair Macrame Swing, Max 330 Lbs, Hanging Cotton Rope Hammock Swing Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Use (Beige)

Click image for more info

A Hammock swing chair offers any little girl a relaxing spot to read, watch movies or spend some time in the sun while chatting to a friend.  Make sure to pick a chair that has sturdy support and ropes. 

Empire Chair

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair, 44" X 43" X 27", Green

Click image for more info

The empire chair is inflatable with built-in pockets that could be filled with water for a more stable feel. 

The chair is modern and will give any teenager’s room a cozy feel.  There are many variants to the color of this chair, and it will be perfect for gaming or television watching, thanks to its size and comfortable setting.  It can also be used as an outdoor chair because of the material that it is made from. 

Hanging Chair

Christopher Knight Home 312592 Isaiah Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair (Stand Not Included), Multi-Brown and Tan

Click image for more info

A hanging chair is much like a swing chair but differs in size.  This chair is more like the modern version of a hammock and would make a great addition to the pool or hanging in the garden in the shade. 

Wingback Chair

Artechworks Velvet Tufted Push Back Arm Accent Chair Recliner Single Reclining for Adjustable Club Chair Home Padded Seating Living Room Lounge Modern Sofa,Pink

Click image for more info

Wingback chairs come in various sorts, and they will add a touch of class to any girl’s room.  This design is more traditional and will let a little girl feel like a princess waiting to be crowned.  If a sophisticated princess theme is what your girl has in mind, this kind of chair is definitely for her. 

Versailles Design

ACME Versailles Brown Velvet Chair with 1 Pillow

Click image for more info

The Versailles chair ears its design from 18th century France, designed for grand chateaux.  This chair is the place where the porter will sit when he is not welcoming glamourous guests.  If a touch of old-fashioned France and charm is what you are after, this kind of chair is perfect for you. 

Lotus Velvet 1 – Seater Chair

Comfy Upholstered Lotus Vanity Chair, Velvet Accent Armchair Single Sofa Gold Plating for Living Room/Bedroom(DustyRose Pink)

Click image for more info

The Lotus Velvet 1 –Seater chair also comes in a double-seater chair.  This chair is a perfectly balanced mixture between vintage and modern design.  The upholstery is smooth velvet, and it has a foam-filled seat and comfortable backrest that will make any sitting experience comfortable and relaxed. 

This chair does add not only glamour but also a little bit of old-time mystique to the room it is placed in. 

Vintage Kids rocking chair

Gift Mark Child’s Colonial Rocking Chair, Natural

Click image for more info

The vintage rocking chair is an excellent addition to a playroom, and it comes in a variety of different designs and colors.  This chair has an armrest and a sturdy back.  The hardwood design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Whether your chair needs is inside or outside, glamourous or comfortable.  These designs have been tried and tested and will satisfy any chair-related need for the girl in question. 

Chairs For Boys

While every boy is different and their needs are different, we have selected a few chairs that will help you choose the perfect one for your child. 

Jane Velvet chair

Jane Velvet Chair


The Jade Velvet chair is a beautiful selection for a boy with a flair for the glamourous.  The velvet finish of the chair and the royal blue color it comes in will make the boy feel like a king.  It is not just beautiful, but comfortable, stylish, and suitable for any room. 

Euro Aarnio Style kids’ ball chair

Modway Eero Aarnio Style KIDS Ball Chair in Pink

Click image for more info

The Euro Aarnio chair is an excellent addition to a boy’s room.  The chair has a poly-cotton seat and a fiberglass shell.  The chair also offers a swivel base that allows the child to turn as he wishes. 

As we know, boy rooms are a little more prone to dents and scratches, making this chair excellent as it is resistant to scratches and dents. 

Dahlia occasional chair velvet

Dahlia Occasional Velvet Chair


The Dahlia occasional chair has a slim design, making it suitable for small spaces.  The chair is both modern and vintage and will add some glamour to the room it is in. 

Kelly leather touch Tub armchair

Kelly Leather Touch Tub Chair


The Kelly leather touch Tub armchair looks like the kind of chair a big-time writer will sit in and think up stories.  The chair is covered in leather and gives the feel of a critical vintage piece.  This chair is suitable for the dreamer and will provide the user with plenty of relaxing hours. 

Respawn racing style gaming chair

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, Blue

Click image for more info

The Respawn racing-style gaming chair was voted in the top 15 gaming chairs for children.  If gaming is something your child enjoys, this chair will give them hours of comfort and support with the added padding. 

The chair comes with an extendable footrest and adjustable headrest, making it suitable for any size. 

It also has a lever to adjust the chair’s height, it can swivel in all directions, and it is declinable.  The chair is easy to assemble and can store well too. 

Kid’s recliner with cup holder

Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown LeatherSoft Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

Click image for more info

The kid’s recliner with a cup holder is very fluffy and comfortable, with the added surprise of a cup holder.  It makes for a great addition to a gaming room or lounge.  The recliner chair offers excellent back support for the little boy and will allow the boy to have a lazy couple of hours while sipping away on a juice. 

Kids lounge chair

The colorful design of orange and white will add a spark of modern flair to the room this chair is placed in.  The chair is dilatable, making it perfect for storage when it is out of use.  This chair can be used for gaming, television, and even next to the pool, making it very versatile. 

The added footrest is incredible for lazy days and will give the user added comfortability. 

KidsCraft outdoor wooden chaise chair

KidKraft Outdoor Wooden Chaise Lounge, Children's Backyard Furniture Chair with Umbrella and Cushion, Navy and White Striped Fabric, Gift for Ages 3-8 36 x 19.2 x 20.4

Click image for more info

The KidsCraft outdoor wooden chaise chair is comfortable and will provide protection from the sun.  This beautiful wooden frame lay-back chair comes with soft padding secured to the chair for less slippage.  The chair also offers an umbrella that can be removed when not in usage and folds up for easy storage. 

It is suggested that the chair is stored in the shade or undercover when it is not used and that the wood is treated now and then to keep it in its natural state.  

Whether your boy enjoys lounging in front of the television, gaming, or lying about next to the pool, we have taken a look at some of the best chairs for any of these activities, making your choices in choosing a chair a bit easier. 

Chairs For Toddlers 

Toddlers learn through imitating their parents, even when it comes to resting and relaxing.  Keep this in mind when buying a chair for your toddler.  Also, keep in mind that your little one is small and will start to want to be more independent, so the correct size chair that is easy to move around is also an essential factor. 

Toddlers are messy because they are still learning, so buy a chair that it was easy to clean and durable. 

Kids faux fur armchair

The faux fur armchair is covered in 100% polyester, giving the chair a soft feel.  This chair is perfect for toddlers with touch sensitivity and will make the child feel like he is floating on a cloud.  The chair has an old-farm style and is suitable for boys between the age of 2 and 5. 

Comfortable kids’ reading chair

KidKraft Mid-Century Kid Upholstered Reading Chair & Ottoman with Storage, Furniture for Kids, Gift for Ages 3-6 , Grey

Click image for more info

The kids’ reading chair is specially designed for hours of book-nook fun.  Whether the child can read or look at the pictures, the comfortable design of this chair, along with the flattering design, will encourage reading time. 

Tufted kids club chair

Single PVC Kids Sofa Chair, Toddler Sofa Couch with Wooden Legs, Ideal Children Armchair for Children Gift (Gray)

Click image for more info

The tufted kids club chair is a mature-looking chair that will make your little child feel like he has a particular spot among the grown-ups in his life.  This design is classy and very adult; it is also highly comfortable and beautiful to any room. 

Sunny table and chair sets

Humble Crew, Aqua Table & Green/Yellow Kids Lightweight Plastic Table and 2 Chairs Set, Square, Toddler

Click image for more info

The table and chair set is made from sturdy plastic and can be used inside or outside.  This set is sold individually as a table and chair, meaning that you get to choose the number of chairs you want.  The set comes in different colors and is versatile in its uses. 

The set can either be used for eating, arts and crafts, or various other activities.  It is also a perfect addition in the garden or next to the pool. 

The plastic material makes it easy to clean up, and it is light in weight, making it easy to move around.  This set is also low in price and does not need assembling. 

Little D swing chair

Monkey & Mouse Baby Swing Seat - Hanging Indoor Swing for Kids & Temporary Baby Swing Outdoor - Used for Indoor Playground, Sports & Outdoor Play Toys, Swing Sets for Backyard

Click image for more info

When buying a swing chair for your toddler, it is best to purchase one that has a high back for more support.  The Little D swing chair is easy to assemble and will give your toddler some fantastic times with their siblings or parents.  The swing chair is vital for development as it helps the child with sensory input. 

The chair can be used from as young as six months, and when the child reaches the age of three, the chair can be converted by removing the center leg separation.  The chair is easy to assemble and will last a long time. 

The chair is double stitched and made from water-resistant material to assure durability. 

Baby Delight camping chair

Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Chair|Indoor/Outdoor Portable Chair with Sun Canopy|Gray|3 Child Growth Stages: Sitting, Standing and Big Kid|3 Months to 75 lbs|Weather Resistant

Click image for more info

This camping chair has extended use because it can be used for three months.  It is safe and has a 5-point removable harness that will keep the baby secure and can be removed when they are a little bigger.   The chair is easy to clean and has a removable snack tray. 

It is excellent for outdoor activities but can also be used indoors.  It features a removable canopy to protect against the sun and folds up easily to make for easy storage. 

Whether your lifestyle entails indoor activities or outdoor activities, this range of chairs will cater to both.  Most chairs on this list are versatile in use, and all chairs have an expanded time use. 

Chairs For Babies

Baby accessories are a must-have, but it can be tricky to choose the right fit for your family with so many on the market. 

We have selected a few chairs that are versatile in their use and will have long durability.  The products are also primarily adjustable to fit the size of your fast-growing baby.  These chairs are also designed to allow the baby to learn while they are sitting or playing. 

Ingenuity baby base chair 2 in one

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Feeding and Floor Seat with Self-Storing Tray - Peacock Blue

Click image for more info

The biggest problem with baby floor seats is the possibility they might topple over.  In the case of the Ingenuity baby base chair, the floor support is big enough to allow for a lot of movement from the seated baby. 

The chair is also versatile in that it is supported with padding and has a removable tray and slides under the chair for easy storage when it is not in use.  The smooth plastic the tray is made from will allow easy cleaning, making it a great addition to a baby learning to sit and eat independently. 

Fisher-price Deluxe sit-me-up floor seat with toy tray

Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Toy Tray, Multicolor, 2 Count

Click image for more info

The chair provides many features and is a beautiful addition for playtime and snack time.  The chair offers soft padding in its center, which is easily removable for washing.  The colorful toys will help the baby with fine motor skills as they play and learn. 

The chair is easily moved from room to room with its easy fold-up system. 

Kids elephant rocking chair

Lucky Tree Baby Rocking Horse Toys Elephant Animal Ride On Boys Girls 2 in 1 Wooded Plush Rocker Chair with Wheels

Click image for more info

The elephant rocking chair is a super safe and soft chair that will ‘rock’ your baby’s world.  The chair is equipped with a safety belt and is classified as eco-friendly.  It needs no assembling, and as a bonus, the chair is musical. 

BabyWombWorld 2-in-1

BabyWombWorld 2-in-1 Convertible Baby High Feeding Chair with Tray


This baby high chair was designed with the minimalist mom in mind.  The chair has adjustable metal legs that allow the chair to convert to a low chair.  The tray is removable and easy to clean, giving your baby the freedom to learn how to eat by itself. 

The chair has a detachable cushion that allows for easy cleaning, and the 5-point safety harness will assure the baby’s safety.  The chair also comes in non-slip feet that will give the chair added stability.  The chair can be used up to the age of 36 months. 

360 Stages Black and Grey

Cybex Sirona S with Convertible Car Seat, 360° Rotating Seat, Rear-Facing or Forward-Facing Car Seat, Easy Installation, SensorSafe Chest Clip, Instant Safety Alerts, Urban Black

Click image for more info

If you want a one-time buy, this car seat is for you.  It has interchangeable and adjustable parts that allow the baby to use it for up to 12 years.  The chair rotates and allows the child to get out of the car quickly. 

It has a reclining backrest that will recline into four positions.  It also features an energy-absorbing inner made from polystyrene and plastic mold.  The chair features a variety of safety belts that will protect your baby and later your child while driving. 

As the baby grows up, the chair can be converted into a booster seat.  The inner cushion of the chair can be removed for easy cleaning or to provide space for the growing child. 

When buying baby chairs, it is best to buy ones that can be used as the baby grows into a toddler because they grow up and develop so quickly. 

Chairs For Study

Chairs for study are challenging to choose from.  It is crucial to consider that the child will spend a lot of time doing this particular activity. 

Because of the amount of time spent in this chair, it needs to have the proper support for the child’s back and head, and it also needs to be the correct length for the table it will be used for.  The following chairs are our pick: 

The fit chair (ball chair)

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair - Classic Children's Stability Ball Chair, Alternative School Classroom Flexible Desk Seating for Active Students, Orange/Blue

Click image for more info

The fit chair is an alternative to a modern office chair because it has a yoga ball as the seater.  This is an excellent addition if your child is hyperactive and struggles to sit still.  It has excellent back support and will help with stiffness from sitting. 

The ball seat will help your child with circulation as they move around, as opposed to the traditional chair where the child will sit in one position, sometimes for hours. 

In addition to the movability, the chair also helps the child fidget less and can help with lower back pain due to a lack of movement and sitting for long periods. 

The yoga ball can be removed and used for exercise when not used for studying, making this chair very versatile and helpful in many ways. 

Desk and chair set

Diroan Kids Functional Desk and Chair Set, Height Adjustable Children School Study Desk with Tilt Desktop, Bookstand, LED Light, Metal Hook and Storage Drawer for Boys Girls (Gray)

Click image for more info

When shopping for a chair for study purposes, the chair must go well with the desk it will be used for. 

To avoid buying a chair that might be too high or short for the desk, buying it in a set can be wise.  These sets are usually comfortable and suitable for study purposes, meaning they will have excellent back support. It is intended to be used together so the chair will fit the desk perfectly. 

Depending on your design needs, these office seats are also compact with plenty of storage space.  It is also easy to assemble and comes with all the parts needed to build it. 

Ergonomic chairs

Kids Study Chair Auto Brake Casters Adjustable Height & Seat Depth for Growing Child Footrest Lumbar Support Homeschool Blue

Click image for more info

The ergonomic office chairs for kids are specifically designed to give them the best support when studying.  These chairs are adjustable to the child’s height and will therefore stay in use for a more extended period, as the chair will grow with the child. 

Ergonomic office chairs have padding to lend support in the right places, preventing lower back pain and stiffness often associated with hours of sitting.  The chairs are also declinable. 

S-curve chairs

Chairs with an S-curve back support was primarily designed to support the spine.  These chairs often come in a plastic design that is material-specific for easy cleaning.  These chairs can be used in an office or school environment thanks to the easiness with which it cleans and the affordability. 

Green forest kids chair

GreenForest Office Task Desk Chair Adjustable Mid Back Home Children Study Chair, Turquoise

Click image for more info

This chair was specifically designed for children that spend hours in front of a desk. 

It has soft seating, fishbone design for the backrest to allow for breathability.  The backrest also allows for support as it is designed in an s-shape and has an adjustable height setting.  The chair also features a swivel seat and wheels at the bottom. 

With online learning and home-schooling becoming more and more popular with the rise of the covid-19 pandemic, it is wise to choose a chair that will assist your child in the learning process and provide the right back support for a growing child. 


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