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6 Different Types of Boots for Kids

A group of kids wearing rubber boots for gardening.

There are several types of boots designed for kids, and like the adult versions of these boots, are intended to keep your kids’ feet safe, warm, and protected.  Popular boots for kids include snow boots, hiking boots, rubber boots, and working boots.  
Just like adults who need boots to keep their feet warm and dry, kids will also need boots for their feet, albeit somewhat smaller in size. Kid’s boots are not only adorable, but they are practical and smart too. Choosing kid’s boots really depends on your needs and what you are searching for. Below, let’s take a look at the many available types of boots for kids so that you can make an intelligent and purposeful purchase for your child.

Types of Boots for Kids

Choosing a pair of boots for your kids can be difficult, especially with so many designs and styles available. It is important to remember that just one pair of boots may not be enough, especially if you live in areas with changing weather. Owning multiple kids’ boots is a perfect way to have useful options and versatile footwear to keep little feet happy, healthy, and warm. 

Snow Boot

Kid in a snow boot playing with a red shovel.

If you live in parts of the country that experience snow, a snow boot is absolutely essential for your child, especially if you plan to play outside. A snow boot provides warmth and insulation to keep your child safe while out in the snow. There are plenty of snow boot options for a little girl or boy, and they often have fun and bright patterns.

Some snow boots are made of synthetic materials, while others will be made of leather to keep feet warm and dry. Look for cold-weather materials, like faux fur and insulation materials that can help to keep little feet warm. A winter snow boot should also have plenty of traction, making it easier to walk through snow and ice. 

Rain Boot

Young girl in yellow rain boots jumping over a puddle.

A rain boot is a great way to keep your kid’s feet warm and dry for those rainy days. Rain boots are often made of rubber materials and are simple boot designs. These boots are not insulated, so they don’t do much to keep your feet warm, but they are waterproof, which is exactly what you need on a rainy day.

A rain boot is also easy to pull on and take off. These boots come in fun and bright colors and sometimes have crazy patterns that can be fun for kids to wear. Because these boots don’t provide much in the way of warmth, they should not be used as a winter boot, but rather only in the spring and summer during heavy rains.

Hiking Boot

Boy in hiking boots standing over a boulder.

For grand adventures, consider hiking boots for your child. A hiking boot is just a smaller version of an adult hiking boot, providing all the same support and traction. A hiking boot for a child is essential, especially if you are regularly walking and hiking outdoors. This boot can come in several styles and can be a simple hiking shoe or a boot that goes further up the ankle. 

Just like hiking boots for adults, hiking boots for children will have several of the same features and benefits. Look for hiking boots that are designed for cold weather or have waterproof materials. Hiking boots for kids can make walking through the woods easier because kids will have the proper footwear to keep their feet warm and their steps secure as they are hiking through the forest with you.

Rubber Boot

Girl wearing colorful rubber boots standing over a puddle.

One of the biggest and apparent benefits of a rubber boot is that you can buy a waterproof boot. This boot type is ideal for keeping your child’s foot dry, especially with the rubber outsole. A rubber boot has several different applications, ranging from an excellent rainy day boot to a work boot for helping around the house or working outside. 

Rubber boots are fun and creative and can make adorable children’s shoes. These boots come in various styles and designs and will often feature bright colors and fun patterns specially designed for little feet. Compared to other boot types, rubber boots for kids generally are a more affordable option.

However, while these boots are great for kids, be aware that many rubber boots do not provide warmth. Rubber boots can be quite chilly and cold, especially in colder weather. 

Work Boot

Young boy in work boots standing over a muddy puddle.

Little kids like to help, and sometimes a pair of work boots are necessary for helping around the home. Just like the adult version of work boots, kid’s work boots offer support and traction. Many of the kid’s work boots styles will be miniature versions of the adult boot and offer high ankle support and speed laces.

Work boots are a great way to allow your child to feel involved and helpful when working through projects around the home. Work boots are also a great way to keep little feet safe from heavy objects or accidental drops and falls. Many work boots are made of leather and come in basic styles.

Cowboy Boots

Kid wearing cowboy boots standing on the gravel.

Every kid loves cowboys, and nothing could be better than having their own set of cowboy boots. While cowboy boots may be fun for some children, they can also be quite practical for kids who help to work around the farm. Cowboy boots are durable and long-lasting footwear that are made of thick and durable leather.

Cowboy boots are easy to pull on and take off and can provide ongoing support and protection throughout the day. Like adult versions, cowboy boots for kids come in several patterns and styles, allowing kids to choose their own personal taste in boots. 


Girl wearing yellow raincoat and boots playing with paper boat on a puddle.

Choosing footwear for kids is hard. You want your kids to be comfortable and safe, but also want your kids the ability to select a design and style that they like. Below, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions surrounding boots for kids so that you can make a well-educated purchase that will make both you and your kids happy. 

What should you look for in winter boots for little kids?

Choosing winter boots for kids is hard but doable, with the right information. First and foremost, you want to find a pair of waterproof boots. Find boots that are made of synthetic materials that will help to wick water away from the feet. When your kid’s feet are dry and warm, kids are happy.

Secondly, you want to look for warm boots. Find boots that have a great deal of insulation to keep your child’s feet warm. Winters can be quite cold and brutal, so the more material around your kids’ feet, the better. Lastly, consider a pair of winter boots that are easy to put on and take off.

If possible, find boots that are easy to slide on and off, without a ton of laces, latches, or buckles to secure the boots to the foot. Having boots that are easy to put on and off means that your kids will be more likely to wear them. 

Why should you invest in quality winter boots for kids?

Winter can last for months in some parts of the country, providing an endless stream of cold and wet weather. Just like adults, kids have to walk through snow and ice daily. Investing in a quality pair of winter boots for your kids is a great way to help keep kids happy and warm through all weather conditions.

Investing in quality winter boots not only ensures that their feet stay warm and dry but also ensures that your child will have the right traction when walking over snow and ice. You want your child to stay safe, protected, and warm throughout the winter. 

Does your toddler need snow boots?

A toddler may greatly benefit from a pair of snow boots, but that largely depends on how mobile your toddler is and how often the toddler will be exposed to snow. For small children that are regularly outdoors in the snow and ice, snow boots are essential. Not only will snow boots help to keep feet warm, but they will provide enough traction to keep your child safe.

An unfortunate slide or slip on snow and ice can lead to injury, so having boots with the right amount of traction to walk through the winter conditions is essential. 

How do I choose the right boots?

Choosing the proper boots is often up to individual preference and need. Think about how you and your child will be using and wearing the boots. If you live in a country with comfortable and warm temperatures, snow boots probably are not necessary. However, if you live in a part of the county that sees plenty of snow and ice, then winter snow boots are essential.

Think about your day-to-day activities, and consider if boots would enhance these activities. If you are avid hikers and adventurers, then a pair of hiking shoes might be needed. Always choose a boot that fits well but still has plenty of wiggle room for children to grow into. 

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