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10 Toys that Float

Baby girl taking a bath in a bathtub while playing rubber toys.

With recent heatwaves sweeping the country, many individuals search for ways to stay cool this summer, like visiting the beach or purchasing outdoor play sprinklers. If you have access to a pool, you’ll probably want some fun toys, floats, and other accessories to make your swim more enjoyable.

Kids’ pool and bath toys were limited to inflatable beach balls, rafts, tubes, rubber ducks, and not much else (maybe pool-friendly Disney characters because 90s cartoons were everything back then). So, what are the toys that float in this day and age?

Here are ten popular choices:

  1. Floating GoSports splash pass pool football and basketball games – For Kids and Adults
  2. Green Toys: Floating Cars and Boat Bath Toys – For Toddlers
  3. Green Toys: Seacopter – For Toddlers
  4. Swimming pool basketball hoop set by Hoop Shark – For Kids and Adults
  5. BOOMART inflatable pool cornhole – For Kids and Adults
  6. Dwi Dowellin bathtub fishing games set – For Toddlers
  7. Swimline log fume, joust pool float set – For Kids and Adults
  8. 3 Bees & Me Basketball Bath Toy – For Toddlers
  9. Inflatable ring toss pool game – For Kids and Adults
  10. Playahoy Floating bath ring stack – For Toddlers

An inflated rubber ducky is unlikely to entertain the little ones these days now that social media demands the next popular thing. If you want your kids watering adventures to be entertaining and creative, there is an ocean of toys to fit their play style

Floating basketball hoops, diving sticks, and wearing mermaid tails are just a few of the entertaining pool gadgets available these days for kids (and adults, let’s be honest). Since the days of Marco Polo, I believe that we’ve gone a long way.

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Toys for Toddlers that Float

Pool and bath toys are available for children of all ages to keep them engaged and active and enhance their water abilities. Toddler-friendly spray toys and floating boats that can move from the bathtub to the pool and back can help little swimmers become comfortable.

Treasure chests loaded with gems, scooping nets, and other dive-and-catch toys inspire budding swimmers while floating bean bag toss or an inflatable water slide keep youngsters entertained for hours. If keeping them engaged is the goal, here are some exciting suggestions!

1. Green Toys: Floating Cars and Boat Bath Toys

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy, Blue/White, Standard

The Green Toys Ferry Boat is a delightful two-color design with two brightly colored vehicles to thrill young children. There’s also ample cargo space and a slide-out ramp. Children may also put action figures or other toys inside due to the open design. Much like a genuine ferry, the toys are all designed to float.

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  • For ages three years and up
  • Whether you’re playing indoors or outside, you’ll be ready to have a good time
  • Included are two mini cars.
  • The sturdy design floats well and has a variety of functions.
  • Promotes the growth of gross and fine motor abilities
  • Made entirely of recycled milk jugs in the United States.
  • It’s also easy to clean—it can even go in the dishwasher.

2. Green Toys: Seacopter

Green Toys Seacopter, Blue/Orange

The go-ahead for water landing has been approved, and the Green Toys Seacopter is ready to go on any environmentally friendly rescue operation! The experiences that await you when flying and floating on this ship are endless.

To keep it floating, the Green Toys Seacopter is equipped with stabilizing, large fill-and-spill pontoons. This amphibious flyer is ideal for water play, whether at the beach or in the bathtub. The Seacopter contains a pilot bear figure for the open-design cockpit, an overhead top rotor, and an extra tail rotor.


  • Suitable for children aged two and up
  • Whether you’re playing indoors or outside, you’ll be ready to have a good time
  • Made in the USA from 100% recycled milk jugs, this float is ideal for water play.
  • Free of phthalates and BPAs, and may even be washed in the dishwasher
  • Promotes the growth of gross and fine motor abilities

3. Dwi Dowellin Bathtub Fishing Games Set – For Toddlers

Dwi Dowellin Bath Toys Mold Free Fishing Games Swimming Whales BPA Free Water Table Pool Bath Time Bathtub Tub Toy for Toddlers Baby Kids Infant Girls Boys Bathroom Fish Set Age 18months and up

Getting these floatable toys will help toddlers to strive to catch fish, first capturing one, then two, and finally three, which would boost their confidence and patience while also improving their hand-eye coordination and body balance.

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It also assists toddlers in recognizing the blue, green, and orange “fish” and catching each one when instructed. Once you twist the little whale clockwise and release it in the water, this charming whale may swim and wander around the tub. It makes bath time more pleasant, and it swims farther than conventional swimming toys.

This baby bath toy is suitable for use both in and out of the water. It may be played in a bathtub, a pool, on the beach, or on the floor. If floating fish is a bit of a problem for your young one, try a fishing activity on the floor first, and then go fishing in the water.

This bath toy set includes one fishing rod, one fishing net, four fish (no holes), and two swimming whales. However, toddlers must be at least 18 months old to use this product.

4. 3 Bees & Me Basketball Bath Toy

3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set for Boys and Girls - Kid & Toddler Bath Toys Gift

This entertaining bathtub basketball toy is a hit with kids and toddlers, and they’ll thank you for it! It’s packaged nicely and is a gift you’ll be happy to give.

This bath toy is attached to the bathtub nozzle with the proprietary patent-pending SecureStay design, so your basketball goal stays up even when your future sports star dunks! In addition, the balls are all new and enhanced. The balls are from BPA-free plastic with no pores, so they’re mold-free!

Looking for a unique birthday, Christmas, or “just because” gift for a boy or girl in your life? Want to gift them a toy they’ll like playing with over and over? You’ll love this amusing bath toy set!

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5. Playahoy Floating Bath Ring Stack

Playahoy Floating Bath Toys for Boys and Girls Float and Play Stacking Toy Rings for Baby Toddlers and Kids

Bath ring toys are an excellent way for toddlers to have fun while bathing. The color and print combination is vibrant and appealing. Three rings plus the duck ring may be stacked onto the base, which is a tube. Each ring size is unique and must be arranged in the correct sequence.

All of the parts float and are enjoyable to use, and this toy will quickly become a bathtime favorite for your kids! It’s a beautiful method to improve color coordination and fine motor abilities, as well as handeye coordination. This bath toy is designed to float and is constructed of soft material, making it suitable for children of all ages.

The stacking toy is lead-free and non-toxic. It complies with ASTM and CPSC guidelines. They are well-sealed, ensuring that no water enters the rings and that they remain mold-free.

This toy is fun for youngsters to play with at home, in the bath, or the pool, and it keeps them occupied for hours. A terrific toy in attractive packaging makes for a fantastic present.

Toys that Float for Kids and Adults

Summer is here, which means your family is having a blast in the pool. While a swimming pool is a refreshing way to cool down in the summer heat, it’s even more enjoyable is when there’s a mixture of familyfriendly rivalry with some floating sports and toys!

I have compiled a list of some of the most fantastic pool toys to make the dog days of summer that much more enjoyable.

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1. Floating GoSports Splash Pass Pool Football and Basketball Games

GoSports Splash Pass Pool Football Game - Includes Floating Pool Football Net, 4 Water Footballs and Pump

If your children enjoy watching football on TV or playing it at school, why not make them the star of your pool football league? Four water footballs, a goal, and a pump are included in this pool football game set. The goal-box is shaped like a buoy to prevent it from tipping over or sinking during games.


  • Here comes the splash: This summer, beat the heat and put your football tossing abilities to the test with the GoSports Football Splash Pass, which includes a splash goal, two water footballs, and a ball pump for the perfect pool party game!
  • Enjoy football in the pool: Go far and improve your throwing accuracy with GoSports Splash Pass, a new way to play pool football.
  • Built to play in the pool: Splash Pass is designed to endure all of the splashing and passing that goes along with pool enjoyment — The robust structure guarantees long-term use.
  • Easily assembled: The net is put together in seconds without using any equipment, allowing you to enjoy pool time at any time.

2. Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark - Orange/Blue - Inflatable Hoop with Ball - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy

Allow family and friends to live out their hoop fantasies with an inflatable pool-ready alternative. Durable materials and reinforced seams make this pick an excellent choice for rambunctious players. Thanks to larger valves, it can be easily inflated, and it comes with the ball. The hoop can fit a standard basketball as well, just in case.


  • You’ll love the Basketball Pool Hoop Set for its superior quality and outstanding value.
  • You’ll be playing pool games in no time, thanks to the included basketball.
  • It is durable and one of the best pool hoops available, thanks to better material and improved geometric design.
  • Large bore valves allow for faster inflation and deflation; ideal for traveling.
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3. BOOMART Inflatable Pool Cornhole

BOOMART Floating Cornhole Bean Bag Toss and Cornhole with with 8 Beanbags Outdoor Game Pool Accessories for Summer (2 Pack)

You can play this flexible inflatable lawn game on the ground as well as in the pool. Included in the cornhole kit are two gaming boards and eight waterproof cornhole bags. There are also grommets on all four corners of the game board, allowing you to tie it to the ground or in the water to hold it in place.


  • Simply easy to set up inflatable toss Game
  • Heavy-duty material construction for a fun, competitive game
  • 8 Cornhole bags (Waterproof)
  • 2 Cornhole game boards (inflatable)

4. Swimline Log Fume, Joust Pool Float Set

Swimline Log Flume Joust Set, 8"

You and a friend can enjoy hours of summer fun with the Swimline Log Flume Joust Pool Float Set. This jousting set comes with two inflatable logs and two inflatable boppers, so you can get right to having fun. This floatable toy invites tons of fun with family and friends and invites friendly competitive fun in the pool.


  • Swimline’s inflatable log flume joust set makes pool enjoyment a daily occurrence.
  • For more excitement and enjoyment, the jousting set includes two inflatable logs and two inflatable boppers.
  • The vinyl structure is tough and durable.
  • Valves that are simple to inflate and deflate
  • Recommended age is seven years old and over.
  • Two inflatable log boppers, two inflatable logs
  • Add children and water, and let the games begin!
  • Someone is about to get dunked!

5. Inflatable Ring Toss Pool Game

Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Pool Game Toys Floating Swimming Pool Ring with 4 Pcs Rings for Multiplayer Water Pool Game Kid Family Pool Toys & Water Fun Beach Floats Outdoor Play Party Favors for Adults

Inflatable ring throw brings more joy and laughter to your family and friends, bringing you closer together and allowing you to enjoy the tremendous delight of being together! It’s a great present for anybody who wants picnics or barbecues or who has a pool in their backyard!

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For youngsters, this is a fun and thrilling game! It improves fine motor and sensorymotor abilities in young children. It’s a fantastic learning and development tool that almost every mother would recommend. It’s ideal for game rooms and goes well with your child’s current bedroom decor.


  • Play in the yard or the pool: The colorful ring throw will create a big statement and provide hours of entertainment.
  • Interactive ring throw in the water: Adults and children playing pool ring throw toys together in the summer pool.
  • The ideal summer gift for children: Ring toss activities are a must-have addition to your summer bucket list.
  • Size of the cross: 32 x 16 inches The rings are 10 inches in diameter: Two red rings and two blue rings make up a cross-ring toss set.

At What Age Can Kids Play with Floating Toys?

Baby in bathtub playing with floating toys.

The age at which a child can begin playing with a particular pool toy is determined by the item’s size and its intended usage, just as it is with other toys.

For example, some floating toys are created for babies as young as six months old, and dive and catch games include smaller parts suited for youngsters who know not to put strange items in their mouth, and that can swim.

Before letting your kid play with a toy, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and use your best judgment. If you don’t think your three-year-old is ready to play with a toy advised for their age group, wait a year before giving it to them.


As a parent, I understand how tough it can be to keep the little ones and elders occupied over the summer (or year-round, for that matter). While you may never be able to sunbathe in peace again, you can catch your breath due to the floatable toy industry’s geniuses.

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Thanks to brands like SwimLine and Hoop Shark, you can ensure that your children improve their motor skills, receive social interaction and competitive play. They need those engaging moments as they grow into the beautiful young people we all secretly aspire to be.


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