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18 Toys that Dance

Plastic toys with disco balls having a party.

Are you looking to wow your child with toys that dance? Look no further because here are the top 18 toys that dance available on the shelves – online and otherwise – today. Only the best for your dancing darling, right?

1. Baby Shark Dancing Doll

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a child – or a parent – on this planet who doesn’t know what Baby Shark is. If your child is a big Baby Shark fan, they’ll be delighted with the WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll.

Pat the top of its head, and Baby Shark will start singing the ‘Baby Shark’ song and dance in circles and zigzag across the dance floor! In addition, a squeeze of each of the plushie’s fins will play a bonus song.

The Baby Shark Dancing Doll requires three AA batteries to get to work, work, work, work, work, work, work. This toy is perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 15 years old.

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2. Poopsie Dancing Unicorn Rainbow

Poopsie Dancing Unicorn Rainbow Brightstar – Dancing and Singing Unicorn Doll (Battery-Powered Robotic Toy)

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What’s better than a rainbow unicorn with brush-able hair and a stylish outfit? A rainbow unicorn with brush-able hair and a stylish outfit that sings and dances, of course!

Your child may recognize the Poopsie Dancing Unicorn Rainbow from the viral spoof of ‘My Poops’ – a spoof of Fergie’s ‘My Lumps’ that has over 40 million views on YouTube. Push her belly button and get ready to dance along!

This battery-operated Poopsie sings ‘My Poops’ and repeats some of the dance moves from the music video. She moves her arms, stomps from side to side, shakes her head, and wiggles her bum and belly.

Poopsie needs three AA batteries to bust her moves and is suitable for children between 4 and 15 years old. 

3. Wriggle Dancing Cactus

Wriggle Dancing Cactus Repeat What You say and Sing Electronic Plush Toy Decoration for Kids Funny Early Childhood Education Toys Very Funny Sing+Repeat+Dance+Recording+LED

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The Wriggle Dancing Cactus is one of the first and most original dancing toys on the market. This adorable soft toy is entertaining, interactive, and sure knows how to get its groove on!

With 120 pre-programmed songs, this prickly fella never stops dancing. Just squeeze the rim of the pot plant, and Wriggle will get to work on wriggling. He wiggles his body round and round while his saguaros flail up and down.

On top of all this dancing that gets done during the day, in night mode, Wriggle snores, plays soothing music, and gently sways from side to side. Wriggle also has LED lights and the ability to record voices and play them back to you.  

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In order for Wriggle to, well, get his wriggle on, he’ll need three AA batteries. This toy is ideal for kids over the age of three years – and it’s worth noting that many adults are also fond of Wriggle.    

4. BFUNTOYS Remote Control Dinosaur

BFUNTOYS Remote Control Dinosaur, Walking Dinosaur and 9 Dinosaur Figures Toys for Kids 3 4 5 6 7 8+Years Old Boys with Dance&Fight Mode, Roar&Light,Big Robot T-Rex Toy Electronic Dinosaur for Toddler

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What could be more roar-some than a dancing dinosaur? As the BFUNTOYS Remote Control Dinosaur proves, not much! This T-rex doesn’t just have eyes, a mouth, and osteoderms that light up, but it also has modes for roaring, fighting, and dancing.

To make this dino dance, press the ‘Dance’ button on the rock-themed remote control. So, what moves is this dinosaur going to dish out? It shakes its head, opens and closes its mouth, and moves its hands up and down.

This dancing dinosaur’s remote needs three AA batteries and is suitable for children aged three years and older.

5. Uglydolls Dance Moves Moxy

Hasbro Uglydolls Dance Moves Moxy, Toy That Talks, Sings, & Dances, 14" Tall

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If your little one is a big fan of the Hasbro animated film Uglydolls, they’ll go cray-cray for Moxy. This 14-inch Moxy doll looks just like the character, and she has three modes to entertain and encourage your child in truly Moxy fashion.

Activate Moxy’s ‘Party Mode’ setting by pressing the heart in her pocket, and she will begin singing ‘Couldn’t Be Better’ and wow your little one with her dance moves. She moves her body from side to side to the rhythm of the song.

Moxy is also programmed with 50 sounds and phrases from Uglydolls. She has ‘Interviewer Mode’ and ‘Heart Mode’ and needs four AA batteries to work. This toy is appropriate for children over the age of four years.   

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6. Little Live Pets: My Dancing Interactive Unicorn

Little Live Pets - Sparkles My Dancing Interactive Unicorn | Dances & Lights to Music - Engaging Fun - Batteries Included | For Ages 5+

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Next up, we have the My Dancing Interactive Unicorn from Little Live Pets. This unique unicorn has a brush-able mane and tail, a light-up horn, and beautiful markings all over her body. She also happens to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Push the heart button on her side to make the unicorn come to life and pet her to make her dance. She nods her head up and down as well as stomps her hooves to the beat of the gentle twinkling music she emits. The more you stroke her, the more she dances!

Your child can choose which Dancing Interactive Unicorn they’d like to adopt. There’s Sparkles, who is pink with purple accents, then Butterbow, who is white with pink accents. And then there’s Sugardust, who is pink with rainbow accents and ice-cream details.

This dancing unicorn requires a single LR44 battery to dance to her own beat and is perfect for children from the age of five years up.

7. Disney Frozen Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa Dolls

Disney Frozen Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa Dolls, Remote Control Elsa Activates Talking, Dancing, Glowing Olaf, Inspired 2 Movie - Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Click image for more info

Are you looking to get your child a toy that they won’t want to let go? Look no further than Disney Frozen Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa Dolls! Elsa is a fashion doll – decked out in her Frozen II gear – who has full control over Olaf.

Raise Elsa’s arm to make Olaf dance! Olaf will dance around in circles and do a little jiggle. On top of his frosty moves, Olaf will also glow and play 20 sounds and phrases from the movie.  

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You’ll need five AAA batteries to have Frozen fun with Olaf and Elsa. This toy set is great for children aged three years and up.  

8. Pets Alive Frankie the Flamingo

Pets Alive Frankie the Flamingo Pink - 15" Interactive Animal Dancing Plush with 3 Songs, Includes Baby Collectible Flamingo, Party Plush Toy Kids Ages 3+ by ZURU, 9.457.0914.96inch

Click image for more info

Frankie the Flamingo from Pets Alive is another dancing plushy that will entertain your child for hours on end. This funky flamingo is proof that you don’t need to stand up to boogie like the best of them!

To make Frankie the Flamingo dance, you’ll need to push the button on his rainbow-colored wing. He flaps his wings along to the beat of his three pre-programmed songs, and he also twirls his neck in a surprisingly hilarious way.

Frankie needs two AA batteries to feel the beat and is suitable for children aged three to 15 years old. 

9. Contixo R3 Robot Dog  

Contixo R3 Robot Dog, Walking Pet Robot Toy Robots for Kids, Remote Control, Interactive Dance, Voice Commands, RC Toy Dog for Boys and Girls (Pink)

Click image for more info

Does your child want a dog that dances? The Contixo R3 Robot Dog may be a little easier to train than a real dog. This robot canine is remote-controlled, but it also responds to voice commands, just like a proper puppy!

You can decide whether the dog will be a boy or a girl and it is available in pink or blue, so pick whichever you’d prefer. Push the music icon on the remote to activate this prancing pup and its three go-to dances. Spoiler alert: it breakdances on its head

Contixo R3 Robot Dog needs a single 3.7v 500Mah rechargeable battery, and its remote needs two AAA batteries. This dancing droid dog is the perfect pet for children between the ages of three to ten years.

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10. GILOBABY Remote Control Robot

GILOBABY Remote Control Robot, 2.4GHz RC Robot Toy for Kids with Shine Eyes, Dance Moves, Toy for Kids Boys Girls 5-8(Green)

Click image for more info

Can you think of any cooler toy for your child than a remote-control robot? How about one that dances? Your child can dance the day away with the GILOBABY Remote Control Robot. You can choose between a yellow, red, or green robot – they’re all capable of busting the same moves!

Use the remote control to make this robot dance. It will move backward and forwards, left and right, and round in circles to the beat of your little one’s favorite tunes. They decide what moves this robot will bust out!

To make this robot boogie, you’ll need two AA batteries for the remote and three AA batteries for the robot itself. This dancing droid is suitable for children older than eight years of age.   

11. Mickey Mouse E-I-Oh Feature Plush

Disney Junior E-I-Oh! Mickey Mouse, Interactive Plush Toy, Sings "Old MacDonald" and Plays “What Animal Sound is That?” Game, by Just Play

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This Mickey Mouse E-I-Oh Feature Plush looks like a plushy, feels like a plushy, and snuggles like a plushy, but he’s so much more than just a plushy. He talks, sings, and does the chicken dance!

Push Mickey’s foot, and he will dance like a chicken! His arms are already in position, so all that’s left for him to do is raise them up and down like a chicken as he belts out ‘Old McDonald’. Plus, he wiggles his bum cheekily too!

On top of his singing and dancing, he also plays the ‘What Animal Sound is That?’ game so your child can be educated while being entertained.

Mickey will need six AAA batteries to do his thing and is suitable for children aged three and older.

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12. Booty Shakin Llama

Booty Shakin Llama - Battery-Powered Dancing Llama Pet - Twerking Toy - Pink Llama Toys for Toddlers - Funk Dancing Toy Pets

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The Booty Shakin Llama is a dancing toy that all but guarantees lots of laughter. This bright pink llama is soft and snuggly, but boy, can she shake it!

Push the button on her side and step back as this llama shakes her booty! She also jerks her head up and down, spins around in 360-degree circles, wiggles her tail, and quickly wobbles from side to side.  

Booty Shakin Llama needs three AAA batteries to keep shaking things up and is suitable for children aged three and up.

13. GESKS Singing and Dancing Sunflower

GESKS Singing Dancing Sunflower Soft Plush Flower Toy Musical Funny Creative Saxophone Baby Toys Volume Controlled Preschool Gift for Kids(Pink)

Click image for more info

There’s nothing quite as cheerful as seeing a sunflower. Make that sunflower sing and dance, and you’ve got guaranteed smiles! That’s what the GESKS Singing and Dancing Sunflower promises.

This potted plant sure knows how to pirouette! She sings, dances, and plays the saxophone. With 28 pre-programmed songs to play, this sunflower can dance all night long! Push the button on the rim of the flowerpot and watch as she dances.   

She twists and turns her stem along to the rhythm of the music. While she’s dancing, her cheeks glow, and she lifts her saxophone up and down as the music builds.

This dancing sunflower needs three AA batteries to bloom and boogie and is suitable for children aged three and up.

14. Sesame Street Let’s Dance Elmo

Sesame Street Let's Dance Elmo: 12-inch Elmo Toy that Sings and Dances, With 3 Musical Modes, Sesame Street Toy for Kids Ages 18 Months and Up

Click image for more info

Is your little one a big fan of Sesame Street? Then they’ll adore the Sesame Street Let’s Dance Elmo and all that he can offer them. Elmo has a serious case of dance fever, and – fair warning – it’s contagious!

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Elmo has three musical modes to choose from. Does your little one prefer songs about colors, animals, or songs about, well, songs? Push the button on his headphones, and he will start dancing. He swings his arms, shakes his hips, and tilts his head from side to side.  

In addition to his awesome singing and dancing, Elmo also encourages your child to keep on grooving by complimenting their dance moves and getting them ready for the next jam.

Elmo needs four AA batteries and is suitable for children between the ages of 18 months and four years old.

15. Houwsbaby Singing Police Teddy Bear

Houwsbaby Singing Police Teddy Bear Dancing Plush Bear Toy Musical Stuffed Animal in Justicial Uniform Electric Interactive Animated Gifts for Kids Boy Girls Holiday Birthday, Black, 14''

Click image for more info

This is a classic old-school toy that dances. The Houwsbaby Singing Police Teddy Bear stands 14 inches tall and does a little jig while making sure justice is maintained. This bear sure knows how to bop!

To make this judicial bear do his jig and jive, give his hand a squeeze. As he starts singing ‘Bad Boys,’ he swings his hips, shakes his head, moves his arms, and bends his legs up and down.

The Houwsbaby Singing Police Teddy Bear needs three AA batteries to get jiggy and is suitable for children aged three years and up.    

16. Tovol Zerky Musical Toy Dinosaur

Tovol Zerky Musical Toy Dinosaur with Light and Music Dancing Walking T-Rex Crawling Toy for Kids Age 1-3 Green

Click image for more info

Just in case the BFUNTOYS Remote Control Dinosaur is too fierce and ferocious for your child, you may want to consider the toddler-friendly Tovol Zerky Musical Toy Dinosaur. He’s available in orange or blue, so simply pick your kid’s favorite color.  

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To make Zerky dance, lift him upside down and flip the switch on the bottom of his foot. Zerky shakes his tail from side to side, lifts his arms up and down, opens and closes his mouth, and spins around in circles.

Zerky plays music from his mouth, and the light balls in his mouth and on his side flash. When he bumps into something, he will immediately and automatically change direction. 

This adorable dancing dinosaur requires three AA batteries and is suitable for children between the ages of 6 months and three years old.

17. The Rise of Gru Boogie Dancing Bob

Illumination's Minions: The Rise of Gru Boogie Dancing Bob, by Just Play

Fans of Illumination’s ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minions’ franchises will FREAK for this The Rise of Gru Boogie Dancing Bob. The iconic character from the film stands 11 inches tall and looks just like the Bob we all know and love – two-tone eyes included!

Push the button on Bob’s hand to start the party as he starts playing his funky tune. Bob has moves like no other Minion! He spins around, moves his head from side to side, flaps his arms, and wiggles his bum.

This hilarious Minion needs three AA batteries to boogie and is suitable for children between the ages of three to eight years.

18. Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth

Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth Purple - 11" Interactive Animal Dancing Robotic Plush Toy with 3 Songs, Floss Dance, Adorable Gift, Party Plush Toy Kids Ages 3+

Click image for more info

Last but certainly not least, we have Fifi the Flossing Sloth from Pets Alive. This adorable bright purple robotic sloth boasts blinking eyes, a soft fluffy coat, and three songs for it to perform the iconic backpack kid Floss Dance routine.

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To make Fifi dance, press the ‘ON’ button at the back of its head. Once activated, Fifi will launch into her rendition of the classic Floss Dance – with extra booty wiggles thrown in for good measure!

This fuzzy little flosser is suitable for children aged three years and older and will need four AA batteries to keep the floss like a boss dance alive.    

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