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5 Toys Similar to Razor Ripstik

A close look at a row of skateboarders getting ready.

Many skateboarders want to take skateboarding to the next story, and that is where the Razor Ripstick comes into play. However, there are more next-level, similar-looking skateboards that are similar to the Razor Ripstick, which is also similar-looking to a hoverboard.

Having said this, the following include these toys: 

1. Cat Wave Board

Cat Wave Board Black & White Zebra Design Similar to Razor RipStik + Bonus: Active Energy Power Balance Necklace

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What Is It?

The Cat Wave Board is similarly made to the Razor Ripstick, and it has a black and white zebra pattern. It also has a bonus. 

Key Features

The various features include an active energy power balance necklace. Its material consists of industrialized fiber reinforcement. This board also has a pivoting deck and inclined 360-degree caster trucks. 

2. NEXTREME Wave Board

NEXTREME Wave Board, Urban Wave, USA Flag, Two-Wheel Board

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What Is It & Features?

‎This skateboard is similarly shaped like a Ripster, but it has safety lights on its wheels. It also has a USA flag design with an urban wave and two wheels.

Key Features

The skateboard features include the following: High-density, thermoplastic molding in the injection, a pirouette wheel of 360 degrees, and a steel torsion bar. It also has a concave platform. 

3. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37" Electric Skateboard, 22 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Miles Range, 14.5 Lbs, 10 Layers Maple Longboard with Wireless Remote Control

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What Is It?

This is the thinnest E-skateboard, which is in maple and black colors. It’s three inches off the ground, yet it enables stability and control. 

Key Features

Its key features include a wireless remote control with the ability to change directions, reverse, and change speeds on its LCD screen. Also, it is made out of 1-ply fiberglass and 10 ply Canadian Maple, and 1 ply fiberglass. You’ll also have a medium flex for a smooth ride. 

Other Important Information

This next-level skateboard’s specifications show its high-performance level. This toy has 380W x 2 motors that will allow you to ride around nine to 11 miles to the maximum speed of 22 MPH. And with its measurements, including 8.7 inches wide, 37 inches long, and weighing 14.5 pounds, it can hold up to 200 pounds. 

4. Swagtron Swagskate

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard for Kids, Teens | Kick-Assist A.I. Smart Sensors | Mini E-Cruiser Skateboard w/Move-More/Endless Mode | 9” Deck 72mm Wheels (NG-3)

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What Is It?

This is an NG-3 electric skateboard designed especially for kids and teens. With this one, the young people can kick less and move more. They also will be able to carve, coast, and cut like a real skateboard legend.

Key Features

This toy can kick and cruise due to its ability to lock in the current speed and up to 9.3 mph. This feature also enables people to skateboard like a legend. Other key features are as follows: 

  • Powerfully Responsive Sensors

Its sensors detect motion and weight, and it will automatically stop in seconds when this skateboard is dismounted.

  • Real Feel Skateboarding

The polypropylene deck 72mm and (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels allow riders to have the flexibility to proficiently handle pavement thus absorbing the shocks from bumpier pavement.

  • Made for Epic Rides

Riders can ride for a very long time with pristine performance. This toy’s 8.9-inch wide deck is designed with super-dense Polypropylene that won’t crack, fade, or wear.  

Other Important Information

You’ll have world-class support. Swagtron’s team of support is available by email, phone, or live chat. Also, Swagtron’s team is fully staffed throughout the US. Other important information about this skateboard is listed in the following table: 

MaterialAluminum, Plastic
Wheel MaterialPolyurethane
Item Weight7.7 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Youth

5. 22″ Wiggle Board

22" Wiggle Board | 3 Wheel Skate Board | Wiggle Board Skateboard | Flashing LED Wheels | Wiggle Board Kids | Suitable for Children Over 6 Years Old Skateboard Beginners

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What Is It?

Suitable for skateboard beginners and children over 6 years old, it is easier to ride and is safe for children. It’s a fun-to-ride, unique skateboard that helps by strengthening the core muscles and spine. It also can also assist younger children to develop the strength, balance, coordination, and required confidence to ride other skateboards.

Key Features

 Its key features include a double-deck that is made of high-strength aluminum. The maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds. The wiggle board’s size is 22×15.7×5.9 inches. Also, the surface is non-slip and stable. This board’s material is also a thick environmentally friendly ABS material.

When it comes to its tail handle design, you will have a 0.3″ raised step that is used to block the step with your feet to prevent it from bumping others and from moving forward. Other things about this skateboard include flashing LED wheels, and it’s a 3-wheel skateboard. 

Other Important Information

  • Precautions

When using, the recommendation is to wear protective equipment. Also, adult supervision should be used for young children. 

  • Uriel

Hoovy sells outdoor inflatables and toys for all aged children. Our purpose is to provide high-quality interactive toys while using high-quality materials and attractive designs. Our commitment is to inspire smiles in children playing with our toys and inflatables, and to give back, by donating 10% of profits to charity!

FAQ Section  

What Is It?

These are like skateboards that are shaped differently than regular skateboards. In fact, these toys are mainly referred to as castor boards or wave boards. Other names include vigor board, Ripstick, or J-board. 

The unique shapes and other features allow skateboarders to skate like a professional. They can also be long or short, and these toys are made with a more oval design than the rectangular-shaped skateboard.

A castor board usually has two narrow decks joined by a torsion bar. This torsion bar includes a rubber-coated metal beam that houses a strong spring. 

These toys mentioned above are great alternatives to the Razor Ripstick with similar prices to them. However, their characteristics are different than a Ripstick in dimensions, decks, weight, wheels, etc.

Also, these products are to be used accordingly to one’s weight and age.  The Wiggle Board, for instance, is suitable for skateboard beginners and children over 6 years old, it is easier to ride and is safe for children. It’s a fun-to-ride, unique skateboard that helps by strengthening the core muscles and spine.

It can also assist younger children to develop their strength, balance, coordination, and the required confidence to ride other skateboards. Otherwise, many of these skateboards have weight limits of around 200 to 220 pounds. 

When it comes to color choices, they are practically limitless, even with the colorful designs and patterns. And when it comes to the decks, you may have traction pads to ensure solid footing, and the ability to perform more tricks. You’ll also have more control over bumpier areas.  

Brief History

Skateboarding has been around since the 1950s. However, a surge in skateboarding started in the 1990s, and eventually, skateboarders wanted to take it to the next level. Various manufacturers started to answer this demand. And as a result, companies started producing skateboards, like the Bladeboard, the Wave, or the Ripster, which became popular.

And in the mid to late 2000s, these companies made hundreds of millions of dollars in sales of these toys. In fact, the sales in Ripstick from 2007 to 2008 were approximately $175,000, and then more companies started taking on this industry by 2009 and so on. 

Where to Buy It

You can buy these skateboards at Amazon or from their sites. 

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