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9 Toys Similar to Power Rangers

This is a close look at a set of Power Rangers toys on display.

Power Rangers have created moments and stories for kids across generations, from the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Ultimately, children and collectors have different interests in Power Rangers characters, such as Red Rangers, Beast Morphin Ranger. But not everyone is a fan of Power Rangers, or maybe you just want to try a different but similar brand to Power Rangers.

Our collection of action figures shows some of the toys that are similar to Power Rangers.

Jurassic World Massive Biters Albertosaurus

This is a Jurassic World Massive Biters™ Albertosaurus from Mattel.

Source: Mattel

You can be part of the Jurassic World adventure and experience battle actions with power. Your kid can activate excellent movements in the Jurassic World Massive Biters dinosaur action figure. The movements will increase imagination in your attacking capacity aimed at the villains. The Jurassic World Massive Biters dinosaur includes moving the tail side to side to initiate the head movements, moving the tail up and around to twist the toy’s body.


  • Jurassic World Massive Biters dinosaur is huge and creates excellent movements to enhance the kids’ imagination in the battle with the enemies.
  • Jurassic World Massive Biters is suitable for kids of 4 years and above.
  • The toy has a sculpt inspired by the movie. Additionally, the color of the toy is unique and offers a nice texture.
  • Move the tail side to side for head movement, back and forth for body twisting motion, and back and forth for an incredible chomp. You can activate all moves at the same time for better-animated control.
  • For the jaws to chomp, you will need to press the button on the tail area.
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Dulcii RC Battle Boxing Robot/Toys

dulcii RC Battle Boxing Robot/Toys, Remote Control 2.4G Humanoid Fighting Robot, Two Control Joysticks Real Boxing Fight Experience (Black & White)

Click image for more info


  • The boxing fight robot is a 2.4 G; it has two control joysticks which facilitate better control of the game for your kid and enhance the use of the Dulcii series toys.
  • The boxing fight toy offers better control of the game by the use of remote technology. The remote control moves the signals through the joints and ensures no delay in any movement.
  • The boxing fight using these toys looks almost like an actual fight using a weapon. The toys can turn while punching, blocking, dodging, and attacking, unlike many boxing toys. Many boxing fight toys cannot move while making an attack, but this toy has all these abilities.
  • The boxing fight toy comes in two colors: a black fighter and a white fighter; therefore, the fans choose the best color for them.
  • A boxing fight toy has a dimension of 2.76*2.56*3.74 inches.
  • The game seems so natural with even a winner. The game offers five rounds to determine a champion whereby five times the head results in a loss; then the losing robot will go off.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Batman v Superman Edition

The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Batman v Superman Edition from Mattel.

Source: Mattel


  • The toy in this scenario comes up with two heroes; Batman and Superman. The kids will play each legend against the other legend to emerge as a winner in the game. The game employs creative skills to outdo the other in this action figure.
  • The game provides some nice sounds and jaw-jolting actions to make the game more natural to the kids. Your child will get the opportunity to imagine a real battle due to the sounds produced in the game.
  • The toy is designed for two players in the game. Each player uses their thumb to employ skillful movements to control one of the heroes in the game.
  • To deliver a right hook, you push the right button, while for you to give a punch, you use the left arm.
  • Your hero’s position can be changed in the ring by moving your control to the left or right.
  • Your child can use thumb speed and fighting skills to control the intensity of the battle.
  • The toy comes in a 3.5*16*10.5-inch dimension.
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Ganker Ex- Remote Control Robot

The Ganker Ex- Remote Control Robot in black from Yoybuy.

Source: Yoybuy


  • The robot is designed to function almost like a human being. The robot has humanoid joints and motion capture technology, enabling the robot to move almost like a human being.
  • The robot comes with a joystick controller, which enables the kid to control the robot’s actions. Due to technological design, the upper body of the robot can now be easily controlled.
  • The robot has been enabled to have high-speed movements due to the remote control of the robot having four motors on Omni-directional wheels. The Ganker -Ex can automatically simulate human motions due to the improvement of traditional robots using nine servo motors.
  • The Ganker-Ex has seven electronic scoring points on its body, which improves the robot’s shooting ability and enhances its power force. The robot has an alarm system to alert when the robot gets hit and can indicate when damaged, such as physical vibrations and lighting effects.
  • The Ganker -Ex robot has been designed to quickly assemble and remove any part without using the screw and tools. The customization is essential because you can purchase the parts and fix your Ganker-Ex robot without challenge. You will also be able to create armor and build your special weapons.
  • The Ganker Ex app can be used with Android and IOS; it can also connect to Bluetooth without challenge. The Ganker Ex app usually shows the battery level, damage information, and real-time health of the robot. Using the app, you will be able to understand your robot quite well. In the app, one is provided with an opportunity to select from training mode, one punch mode, and duel punch.
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Ruko Smart Robots for Kids

Ruko Smart Robots for Kids, Large Programmable Interactive RC Robot with Voice Control, APP Control, Present for 4 5 6 7 8 9 Years Old Kids Boys and Girls

Click image for more info


  • The Ruko smart robot can be controlled using phone apps, voice commands, remote control, and gravity sensor. Kids of different age groups can enjoy playing around with these toys.
  • The app that controls Ruko smart robots offers different actions for the action figure. These include 58 different actions, 102 times in one program. The activities help your child improve concentration, patience, and creativity.
  • The robot can perform other functions, such as playing songs when connecting the phone to Bluetooth. Also, the toy can dance, perform gymnastics, slide, record, walk and communicate. These performances have significantly increased the innovations.
  • Carle has some simulated human performance to express different feelings. The Ruko smart robot has several actions to respond to touching of the head. The human simulation facilitates proper interaction between the robot and the child.
  • The Ruko Smart has dimensions of 15.8*11*4.7 inches.

Disney Pixar Hello Wall-E

Mattel Disney Pixar Wall-E Hello Wall-E Remote Control Robot Toy 9.5-in Tall, Kids Gift for Ages 4 Years Old & Up

Click image for more info


  • The Disney and Pixar Wall-E is a remote-controlled robot toy that has light effects and sound. Sounds have been effective in any action figure because it gives a clear picture of what happens in the real world.
  • The character design is 9.5 inches.
  • The robot toy is suitable for kids of 4 years and above.
  • For even more movie-like animation, his head and arms move in sync with him. Push the button on his front for lights and noises without movement; he has over 20 random possibilities to choose from.
  • The possibilities for entertainment with this fan-favorite figure, which makes it the ideal best buddy, will delight children. Colors and decorations are subject to change.
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Think Gizmos Roboshooter Robot Toy for Kids

Think Gizmos RoboShooter Remote Control Toy Robot for Kids - Fun RC Toy Robot with Voice Recording, Fires Disks, Plays Music & Dances. Awesome RC Robot Toy for Boys and Girls

Click image for more info


  • The robot toy has a voice recording feature. The features help your child to record any message that wants this new model to speak, and on pressing the button on the robot, it will speak the message.
  • The Think Gizmos robot has a foam disc that shoots at very super speed from the toy’s chest. Your kid must be entertained by the unique features of the new model of the Think Gizmos robot. The firing out is very easy to apply and use.
  • The 2.4gHz remote control can control only one robot toy at a time. The remote can control the robot to walk, slide, dance, talk, fire out, and shoot disks.
  • The robot toy can speak in 5 different languages, which is unique because many robots can only talk in one language. The languages include; French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English. The manual of usage has been translated into all these languages.

Cradream Toy for Kids


  • The Cradream toy can be controlled using both remote or gestures. The gestures will involve forward, backward, suitable, and left gestures.
  • The toy is suitable for kids from 3 years old to 12 years. The child will be able to program a maximum of 50 control actions that can be played.
  • You can listen to music, dance, and talk in the robot toy using the remote control.
  • The remote control robot is chargeable using a cable and not a battery.
  • The robot toy has an obstacle collision sensor that helps the robot avoid collisions even when patrolling your house.
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Toys Like Power Rangers at a Glance

Power Rangers fall in the bracket of the most adored toys, with kids and toy collectors worldwide preferring these toys to other brands. However, it comes a time when Power Rangers fans may want to try different brands that manufacture similar toys to the Power Rangers line.

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