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8 Toys Similar to Magformers

A kid playing Magformers with colorful parts.

Kids, and even some adults, love magnetic building toys. One of those is the Magformers line of magnetic building toys. This brand is touted as being educational construction toys for both boys and girls. They allow children to create and construct their own magnetic 3-D structures.

These types of magnetic building toys foster the creativity of children and are very educational, with some of them even being labeled STEM toys for kids. Kids can build tons of different things, including houses, vehicles, and animals.

Magformers are expensive and unique due to the fact that neodymium magnets are used in their creations. These magnets are considered to be the strongest magnets in the world which is the reason that Magformers can be more pricey than other magnetic building toy sets.

Check out our list below for some options when it comes to toys similar to Magformers. 

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game and Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game and Puzzle With Wooden Ocean Animal Magnets

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This puzzle is great for a very young kid, such as a toddler, since it is easier to build a puzzle than an entire building. It is a great magnetic toy to get your kids started and then you can graduate them into a set of magnetic building blocks.

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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors Set

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative Open-Ended Play, Educational Toys For Children Ages 3 Years +

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This set includes magnetic tiles that kids three and over can build with even has metal rivets that will help keep the magnets in their proper places. It is a 3D set that is compatible with other sets so that you can expand your child’s collection and an affordable price. This amazing madanat 8 building set provides tons of educational opportunities for your child while boosting their creativity and science and math skills.

The edges are magnetized which makes it easier for your child to build whatever project they want to at the time.

Picasso Tiles Magnet Building Tiles

PicassoTiles 60 Piece Magnetic Building Block Mini Diamond Series Travel Size On-The-Go Magnet Construction Toy Set STEM Learning Kit Educational Playset Child Brain Development Stacking Blocks PTM60

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PicassoTiles is considered to be a STEM toy and is also appropriate for children who are age 3 and older. This set allows your child to create an endless number of different projects and to learn about the different geometrical shapes, including 3d structures and it even provides suggestions for designs that your child can create. It is a fun and educational construction toy for your child and will help increase their brain development for your older kids.

Tegu Wooden Blocks

14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Blues

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The Tegu Wooden Magnetic Blocks set is sort of a throwback to the childhoods of parents who played with wooden blocks when they were little kids. This brand has been around for years and is a reinvention of the wooden blocks by adding magnets to increase your child’s opportunities for the types of projects they want to try out.

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It will offer hours of entertainment for your children so it will keep them busy while you get other tests accomplished yet has plenty of safety precautions to ensure that even your toddler can build with it. These blocks have a geometric shape that is designed to fit with other ones, including a Magna tile, so that your kids can use each magnetic block to create something new all the time.

This is a great building set for younger kids to help each child’s imagination increase while creating with different shapes and magnetic shapes that are similar to a Lego block. They will have fun for hours on end.

Playmags 100 Piece Super Set

Playmags 150 Piece Set 150pcs Magnet Building Tiles - Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks, Creative Imagination, Inspirational, Pretend Play and Educational Conventional

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The Playmags Magnetic building set is touted as being highly recommended by professionals and it is great for preschool games and group activities. It will teach your children teamwork as well as spatial reasoning, geometry, physics, an even architecture. This play set has a lattice style design in the tiles that provides a sturdy and steady build and will result in less frustration by your children since it is easier to build with.

Dowling Penny Magnetic Kit

Dowling Magnets Magnetic Penny Game, Building Kids Toys

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The Dowling magnet pennies building set is best for children who are at least eight years old and older and it will allow your kids to explore magnetic forces well providing plenty of stability and motion. Your kids will learn about geometry as well as scientific concepts in cemetery along with several other things.

Kids can even learn about the history of pennies and the magnetic facts as they engage in the more than 44 suggested activities as well as create their own pyramids, sculptures, and so much more.

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Magz Magnetic Building Set

Magz Super 300 Magnetic Building Set consisting of 176 magnetized rods (2.3" Long) and 124 Nickel Plated Steel Balls (0.5" in Diameter) in a Wooden Box, Offered

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Boasting 40 colorful bottle-shaped blocks, the Magz Magnetic Building set is designed to keep your preschooler busy while educating them on an array of different topics, including spatial reasoning and how magnets work. Since the magnets are secured with welded plastic they are super safe for your child and very strong so that their project will not topple over. This set is best for children who are three years in over and will help them increase their fine motor skills while enhancing their creativity.

True Balance Educational STEM Toy

TrueBalance Coordination Game | Handheld Balance Toy for Adults and Kids | Improves Fine Motor Skills (Original)

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This building set will help a child with his or her fine motor skill set and is touted as a STEM educational toy and help children work on their balance while increasing their concentration in using their critical thinking skills. Kids from 8 years old on up to adulthood love this building set and even occupational therapists and physiotherapists were involved in creating this set.

It is especially good for children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and have trouble focusing. This toy has won awards and your kids will love it.

FAQs About Toys Similar to Magformers

What are the benefits of Building Toys?

There are many benefits when it comes to building toys and sets, including magnetic building sets because they teach children about engineering, construction, architecture, and art. It helps them to increase their motor skills and how to sort and stack while applying STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) principles and techniques. Building sets can also increase the concentration levels of children and help them learn how to solve problems.

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Why is a Magformers set so expensive?

Magformers are unique in the fact that rare neodymium magnets are used in their production. The neodymium Magformers magnets are considered to be the strongest magnets in the world. This is the reason that this toy set costs more money to purchase than regular magnetic building sets.

How do you find an age-appropriate toy for kids?

Finding age-appropriate toys for your children will mean that you have to assess your child’s skills and interests and also consider the age they are at currently. It is easier to tell what older children like since they can talk to you about it versus younger children who are not as verbal. Many children are often influenced by other kids or the commercials they see on TV.

You should keep in mind that you’re one to two year old child is curious about the world and want to touch, feel, and explore everything. And if they are anything like my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter Chesley, and they will want to put everything in their mouth while they’re exploring it. They also love toys that singer talk.

If your child is in the age range of three to five years old, they are considered a preschooler in have plenty of energy, are very imaginative, an like their younger selves, very curious. More simple tile sets in magnetic style drawing boards are great for this age group as they learn about math in art. If your child is in the six to 8 year old age group, they love to experiment and invent new things and do puzzles all by themselves.

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Building tile sets that encourage invention and are very educational are the best toys for them at this age. For your 9 to 12 year old, they want toys that reflect their personalities. Stem toys and magnetic style dartboards are great for this age group.

Can a magnet affect your brain?

A magnet can only affect your brain if you have prolonged exposure to low-level magnetic fields according to researchers at the University of Washington’s Department of BioEngineering.

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