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8 Toys Similar to Etch a Sketch

This is a vintage Etch a Sketch plastic toy.

Etch a Sketch is a notable mechanical drawing toy. It was invented in France by Andre Cassagnes. In 2003, the toy became inducted into the national toy hall of fame. Etch A Sketch is owned by a Toronto-based spin master, but an Ohio art company manufactures the toys.

The Etch A Sketch is an exemplary toy because it doesn’t require wifi, batteries, or even charge to function. The toy has a flat, wide, and gray screen. You’ll find two knobs on the red plastic frame. When you twist the knobs, the stylus moves and displaces aluminum powder to leave a solid line. These knobs create images that are line-graphical.

The aluminum powder is non-toxic, which keeps the beads in a consistent and smooth flow. The beads prevent the aluminum from clumping together. You’ll notice that Etch-A-Sketch has a screen made of glass and when you shake it, the powder appears on the glass. 

 It is easy to fix the Etch A Sketch on your own. First, pull the knobs of the toy gently. Use a screwdriver to leverage the red front panel of the body of the device. Alienate the knobs to the side of the body panel. Cut the glue which surrounds the red plastic and fix whatever is not working right.

Etch Sketch toys are suitable for children who are three years and above. Toys act as a constructive distraction to children and active minds.

Magna Doodle 

Cra-Z-Art Retro Magna Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board for kids 3 and up

Click image for more info

Magna Doodle is a spin magnetic drawing board invented in 1974. It is one of the most successful ventures in the toy industry, with over forty million sold worldwide.

Magna doodle consists of non-toxic, high-quality ABS materials that are friendly to kids. These plastic materials can’t break easily, and they are durable.

The Magna Doodle contains iron oxide magnetic particles, which are white, thick, and opaque. The magnetic particles produce the desired artwork on the screen since gravity can’t pull them to sink in the liquid. These toys are suitable for children who are three years and above. 

Features of Magna doodle 

  • Contain a white screen made of plastic––where a kid writes on.
  • Contain magnetic stylus or a magic pen––the tool for writing.
  • Has long and thin magnet on the back of the screen––used as the eraser of the drawings
  • Plastic case––the material holds every aspect of the toy together.

VTech Stencil and Learn Studio

This is the VTech Stencil and Learn Studio from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

It is an incredible toy similar to Etch a Sketch that brings an educational and fun twist to children. It is an interactive and fantastic tablet that comes with alphabetic stencils. The toy can even recognize when the child writes anything on the surface.

VTech Stencil has more than fifty rhythms and songs to entertain children. The songs are meant to keep the child occupied while writing or drawing anything on the screen. The learning studio contains 28 different learning g stencils. These stencils and drawing tools help a child to make as many designs as possible.

The best thing about this mechanical drawing toy is that it encourages your child to be creative, thus promoting literacy. It is a fun toy story studio that also helps a kid build vocabulary. These delightful illustrations come in various multimedia appeals, such as visual, audio, and kinesthetic learning demo. The most suitable age for this toy is children between the ages of 3 to 6 years.

Tonor Colourful Development Drawing Board

It’s one of the best drawing board toys that cultivate creativity in children. Kids use these drawing illustrations to create a masterpiece of their choice—the toy consists of 8 color zones. Diversity allows children to develop an image of any color. May it be rainbow composition or multiple coloring drawings. The most popular colors used in Tonor are blue, red, yellow, and green.

You can travel on a Tonor colorful board anywhere you want. Just use travel handle equipment and attach the stylus for the drawing. The toys keep the kids engaged for a long time due to their large size, making the picture appear vast and exciting. The Tonor toy is suitable for any child that has reached two years.

Kidsthrill Doodle Board

This is the Kidsthrill® Doodle Magnetic Drawing Board - Colorful Kids Writing Sketching Pad from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

The Kidsthrill board has three magnet stampers which are the star, circle, and car. The toy creates endless possibilities for creativity and artistry. When a child doesn’t know where to start, instruct your kid to add any shape. And the inspiration will just come automatically.

The surface of the board is easy to draw. With the swift stylus or magic pen, a kid can draw anything without complications. The board is easy to erase and doesn’t leave stains. A child can use this toy for entertainment or educational purposes.

Kidsthrill board is the best form of entertainment for long-distance travel. A kid won’t be bored. It suits a kid that is three years old and above.

Note that Kidsthrill comes with a 350 a day guarantee to satisfy your kid without possible manufacturer problems. It is durable and easy to use.

Aqua Drawing Mat

This is the Chuckle & Roar Jumbo 4' x 3' Aqua Draw Doodle Mat from Target.

Source: Target

The Aqua mat is another interesting play toy that utilizes the use of H2O. It is a unique drawing toy that is an alternative to Etch A Sketch. The large size of the drawing makes the writing look colorful and inspirational.

The drawings are simple to follow. Fill the markers with water. Use the markers to draw on the colorful surface. It results in temporary pictures which can be manipulated to any design. The aqua drawing mat encourages cognitive skills development due to the diversity of the bright cover and Chucky magic pens.

The Aqua toy is safe for your kid since the pens use water. However, be careful while opening the marker to avoid water spilling onto you. These toys are suitable for children two years and above.

Vtech Write and Learn Creative Center

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Click image for more info

The toy is a unique masterpiece that helps your child to write well while having that fun moment. The Vtech toy is full of literacy power. The toy is designed with alphabetical projections that are customized with a digital interface. These illustrations help children to develop motor and writing skills.

The Vtech toy has various modes in vocabulary, shapes, letters (upper and lower cases), and music. These features help a child to create and draw anything that comes to mind. It helps a kid to imagine and draw something inspirational.

The screen is an alternative to the iPad, and it is customized to help your kid write and spell the vocabulary correctly. This classic toy is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

Crayola Touch Lights Activity Station

My First Crayola Touch Lights, Musical Doodle Board, Toddler Toy, Gift

Click image for more info

The Crayola is one of the giant craft that changes color with one touch. A child can use a stylus or a finger to access the illuminated drawings. It’s the world’s favorite drawing that activates fond memories since it incorporates a squishy gel surface with a diverse illuminating technology.

Children use these toys to glow in the dark due to their powerful lighting technology. The most exciting part is that each color comes with a different song. So children can have fun as they draw.

The toy is recommendable for children with special needs due to its multi-sensory aspect. So any child can use this toy and enjoy multiple color drawings. The Crayola is suitable for children at the age of 2 years and above. 


Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro and Vintage Toy, Gift for Girls and Boys, Ages 4+

Click image for more info

Lite- Brite is timeless and gained a lot of popularity in the late 1950s.The toy consists of a box with colored pegs that illuminate the image in the panel. It creates pictures through the use of templates. The templates come with various designs to create that exciting magic screen for your kid.

The screen illuminates four different modes after you insert the pegs and light up the toy. The Lite-Brite uses 3D batteries to light up the screen. The preferable age group for this toy is four years and above.

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