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12 Toys Similar to Dunny

The Keith Haring Dunny Series toys from Mindzai.

Source: mindzai

Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton created the dunny designs, and Kidrobot began producing them in 2004.

The toy is supposed to have rabbit-like characteristics. Typically, dunny toys are marketed in four sizes: 3, 5, 8, and 20 inches, while some artisans are now creating ones with a foot’s height. Marker pens, Geisha fans, gas masks, crowns, cream cones, and hooded sweatshirts are among the accessories available for dunny toys.

Many artists have made their versions of dunny toys and other toys similar to the dunny. This collection of works has become increasingly popular around the world over the years. The designer art item is targeted at kids who enjoy being entertained throughout their youth.

Polly Pocket Flip and Find Bunny Compact

Polly Pocket Flip & Find Sloth Compact

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The Polly Pocket and Find Bunny Compact is an exciting toy for your children to enjoy playing with. The toy can open 270 degrees traditionally to show the cozy bunny house, which has a beautiful front door that can open. All kids will love the Polly Pocket Flip and Bunny Compact that has been introduced into the contemporary art market.


  • The compact has five movable joints; hence it can pose, and your kid plays around with it. The Polly Pocket Flip and Bunny compact have one bunny figure.
  • The Polly Pocket Flip and Bunny Compact are suitable for kids of 4 years and above and more so for kids with a strong love for pets and animals.
  • The toy is very flexible; hence it can rotate in any way round.
  • The Polly Pocket Flip and Bunny come in different colors and are decorated beautifully to enhance their appearance.
  • The toy has some other fun features, including moving the garden watering can to create carrots, opening the bunny door, and riding in the bunny swing.

MunnyWorld 4″ Munny Blank Art Toy By Kidrobot

Kidrobot Mini Munny Diy Vinyl Art Figure

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There is a new redesign of the canvas by Kidrobot’s premier. The latest version is MunnyWorld 4 inch, which seems to be the best size to start making; the toy comes with an excellent display that can show off the design.

The toy was released to the contemporary art market in 2012. The blank vinyl figure mainly pulls up the creativity and opens everyone to paint, sculpt, scribble, sculpt, sticker, pierce, splatter, and primarily create.


  • There are several types of MunnyWorld in terms of size; 4″,7″, and 18″. The toy is currently recognized as among the best art and toy design products internationally.
  • The MunnyWorld toy is suitable for both beginners and skilled people. It will offer you a blank 3D canvas for painting, dressing up, scribbling, and achieving your desired imagination.
  • The toy can be customized to your favorite color, size, and style with fun accessories, including markers and heroic stickers. All these features offer your kids and any other professional artist an artistic canvas.
  • The MunnyWorld is designed and created by Kidrobot and can give you a chance to make your suitable designs.

Toynk Stan Lee SodaZ Vinyl Can

Toynk Stan Lee SodaZ Vinyl Can | Self-Balancing Desk Figure Collectible with Base | for Decoration & Stress-Relief | 5" Figure

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The SodaZ can is a fun tribute to the funny book legend Stan Lee.


  • The SodaZ can be taken out of the mount and be kept on a flat surface because it has a round base that is weighted. Therefore, you can push and roll Stan just on the desk, and you enjoy the toy standing right for quite some moments.
  • The toy is made up of long-lasting vinyl.
  • SodaZ toy is a 5 inch tall figure that kids can play without losing its superhero qualities. You have the opportunity to improve your toy collection by getting the SodaZ figure in your home.
  • Sodaz gives the best work environment. You can place the SodaZ on your working desk, and the toy will keep you company all day long. The can on the base can be removed and give you a chance to break from work to relieve yourself with a short game.
  • The Stan Lee SodaZ is an excellent addition to the superhero collection anywhere and can make the superhero display beautiful.

AmiGami Rabbit

AmiGami Bird Figure

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The AmiGami is a plastic rabbit figure made for your children to have fun with during their childhood. While creating the AmiGami toy, choose from a variety of AmiGami paper pieces, such as wings, tails, hair, and ears, all of which may be customized on both sides. Simply cut out a piece of paper and use jewel pins to attach it to the plastic figurine.

You may also use the ears as wings or the tails as ears to customize the AmiGami toy to your liking. Consider using reusable stickers like varied eyes, hearts, spectacles, and jewelry to enhance the beauty of the item you’re creating. With approximately 500 possible variations, the art can be wild, simple, stacked, or curled.

Pikachu Cosplay Gloomy Bear Action Figures GK Anime Toy Collection

Pikachu Cosplay Gloomy Bear Action Figures GK Anime Toy Collection Birthday Gifts PVC 4 Inch(Black Pikachu)

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Pikachu Cosplay Gloomy Bear Action Figure is a product designed by BOB STUDIO where the company was involved in all stages from making, checking, and sales support.

Durable plastic PVC creates the toy, which helps protect your kids’ environment from any danger.

You make your kids very happy during their birthday by offering them a Pikachu toy for playing games in their childhood.

Your toy cabinet at home for sure needs the toy to make an excellent contribution to your toy series.

Demon Slayer Action Figure GK Pikachu, Agatsuma Zebitsu Cosplay

Demon Slayer Actions Figures Pikachu Cosplay Agatsuma Zenitsu Figure Statues Kimetsu no Yaiba Collection Birthday Gifts PVC 3.5"…

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Create a collection of magnificent character sculptures by combining Pikachu and the demon killer figures and exhibit them at desks, study rooms, birthday parties, and collection series.

There is high quality that is sustained in the production of toys. The materials used include PVC, ABC plastic, coloring, and color matching to ensure the toy does not lose color with time.

The toy is designed for kids. It will give them extra happiness.

Dimoo Zodiac Series Collection Art Toy Popular Collectible Cute Kawaii Toys

POP MART Dimoo Zodiac Series-3PC Blind Box Toy Box Bulk Popular Collectible Random Art Toy Hot Toys Cute Figure Creative Gift, for Christmas Birthday Party Holiday

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  • The Dimoo Zodiac series has 1 edition and 12 figurines.
  • The Dimoo collectible art toy has a height of 2.76 and 3.54 inches.
  • The toy is made up of paper/ABS and PVC materials which are harmless and do not cause an irritating smell to your child while playing with the toy.
  • The colors which have painted the art cannot fade, making the beautiful appearance of the toy last longer.
  • The Dimoo toy comes with a smooth surface that will be impressive for kids as they go through their childhood.

Things have never gotten better than this; you have to get your kid a toy to enjoy while at home as you also grow your toy collection.

Spark Create Imagine Metallic Plush Unicorn

This is the Spark Create Imagine Metallic Plush Unicorn from Walmart.



  • Spark Create Imagine Metallic Plush toy is becoming kids’ favorite toy to play with as they develop. The toy’s hair is pink and white and is made entirely of polyester.
  • Because it has a lovely little face that pays a lot of attention to the kids, the toy brings a lot of fun for them to play with and go on adventures with.
  • The toy’s height is 12 inches, making it comfortable for kids to play with.
  • Your kids must be exposed to the toy’s level of imagination, and you must ensure that the child is able to fully explore the world. The interactive portion allows the child to improve his or her skills.
  • The production’s design, style, materials, and characters leave a positive effect on your kids.
  • The fabrics and other materials utilized in the toy’s construction are of high quality, assuring its lifetime.
  • The toy is intended for children aged 3 and up.

Prototype KAWS Model Art Toys Action Figure Collectible Model

The Windayt 8 20Cm Prototype Kaws Original Dissected Companion Model Art Toys Action Figure from Walmart.



  • The prototype, the KAWS Model toy, comes in good quality of 8 inches in height.
  • The toy posters are an impressive and beautiful painting that captures a realistic character in the kids’ minds.
  • The prototype KAWS model toy is a handmade toy that offers a friendly environment to your kids and safeguards them from any harm.
  • The toy model is composed of high-quality materials, has vibrant colors, and is both attractive and functional. It is a must-have for any anime character model fans, with dynamic inspiration and engaging imagination.

Pipken 7-Inch Happy Labbit Vinyl Figure

Kidrobot: Pipken 7 - Inch Happy Labbit Vinyl Figure by Scott Tolleson X Kozik

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  • The Pipken Happy Labbit is 7 inches made by collaborative efforts by Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson.
  • The toy is suitable for people aged 15 years and above.
  • This is one of the toys that will make kids happy when they play with it.

Alien Action Figure Pikachu Figure Statues Model Doll Collection

Alien Action Figure Pikachu Figure Statues Model Doll Collection Birthday Gifts PVC 4 inch

Click image for more info


  • The Alien series impresses the contemporary art market by making a pretty exciting production that is super amazing for kids.
  • If you need to make your kids happy, then you can buy the toy as a gift for them anytime.
  • All the images of the Alien toy reveal the correct product that you will get once you make your order.
  • This product is conceived and developed by KELAKE animation studio, from production and inspections to sales and post-sales service.

VTech Mylas Sparkling Friends Mia the Unicorn Kids Toy

VTech Myla's Sparkling Friends, Mia The Unicorn

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  • The kids adore playing with Mylas Sparkling Unicorn toy because it sings and talks to them.
  • Select a color with Mia’s mystical necklet, then tap it on her eyes, horn, and wings to apply it.
  • Mia has nearly a hundred humorous and lovely responses. Interact with her to discover about her fortunate colors, as well as her personality, feelings, and other details.
  • When you squeeze Mia’s legs to make her wings flap, she’ll respond with lights and catchy phrases.
  • 2 AAA batteries are required; batteries are provided for demonstration purposes only; for daily use, replacement batteries are recommended.
  • You can make your kids happy during holidays or birthdays by getting them this toy to play around with. It will improve the kids’ skills and creativity.
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