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11 Toys Similar to Cozmo 

A display of the interactive toy Cozmo in a convention.

Cozmo toy is a small intelligent robot toy by Anki with an excellent working mentality. Cozmo robot toys have big brains designed to entertain users. These AI robot toys are designed like actual robots. Therefore, cozmo expresses emotions that are responding to your actions. You will see it evolving. 

Cozmo toys utilize a programming technique to operate. A kid can program the toy to add favorite games. Program cozmo to add performance-related events like dancing, mimicking, and sneezing. It is simple to add some of the new games that use drag and drop features to develop a unique combination. Some of the games found in Cozmo include keep-away and memory matches.

The more time you spend playing with the robot, the more you increase your personality in cozmo robots. Therefore, this is a programmable robot easily modified to fit the client’s needs. 

Characteristics and Details of Cozmo Toys 

• Cozmo is a real-life robot such as the ones found in the movies and video games, integrated to be your sidekick. 

• Cozmo has a user-friendly interface suitable for kids and adults in education; therefore, it is easy to learn to code. 

• Since Anki’s cozmo company has stopped developing cozmo toys, it has also pledged full support to continue operations of the cozmo apps. The toy robot is easy to use, and it’s produced for durability. The requirements to use cozmo toys are; a compatible android driven device and a cozmo app. 

Toys Similar to Cozmo 

1. Bittle toy 

Petoi Bittle Bionic Open Source Robot Dog which has Customized Arduino board, Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino IDE and graphical programming, Easy to operate and Rich curriculum resources

Click image for more info

Bittle is a tiny but strenuous robot that can play tricks like real animals used by kids age 8-11 years. Bittle robot kit is well customized and compatible with artificial intelligence, for them to be easily operated. Thus, little toys are easy to use in learning and teaching activities, hence the name educational robot. Bittle toy has a well have the customized coordinated capability to monitor any movements. 

Key characteristics 

3D innovative interlocking parts 

Bittle robot skeleton contains 3D overlapping parts that reduce the use of opening tools, which makes it admirable. Each part has gone through a series of processes of a 3D painting. In addition, there is the use of high-profile materials to mold the parts that protect against damage. 

Compatible with other programming tools like Arduino IDE 

Bittle robots can be programmed at different levels in the code lab to be integrated with Arduino IDE and Codecraft. 

Tech guys and experts can make minor changes to Bittle C code, which is open-source. 

Compressive Arduino board 

Since NyBoard V1 runs Petoi Bittle Robot, it fully utilizes the Arduino technology to coordinate the fragile parts in the robot. This is an intelligent robot designed to ensure excellent performance for both young and older kids. 

Extra extensions 

Petoi Bittle Robots has prolonged installed parts to enable the robot kit to be solid and protective interfaces. These parts are connected with the sensors connecting the exterior parts. 

2. Kamibot 

Kamibot STEAM Learning Robot Coding Set for Kids

Click image for more info

This is a small coding robot that will assist children in writing code on their own quickly. This is possible because the toy robot provides the children with a craft and creative paper skins to write their code. After coding, children should go on with extra fun hours of games, brainteasers such as riddles, and STEM toy activities.

This will enable children to master coding in computer-based programming activities that can be used in real life. 

This toy is built along with an open-source tool called Arduino so that younger kids can quickly find out how to code. Through a programming language called scratch and drag-and-drop. 

Kamibot robot has several sensors on its course, such as ultrasonic and IR sensors. Ultrasonic sensors help the kamibot kit avoid any physical substances, while the latter allows the kamibot to follow the dark lines keenly. Kamibot is also similar to Ozobot Evo. 

Key features and details 

There are two ways to code 

While operating the kamibot toy, provide instructions by either using drag-and-drop or choosing compatible photo cards. 

Research for possibilities 

One should control the performance of kamibot sensors and be able to acquire critical coding skills. 

It is easy to read user guidelines because they are extensively outlined in 40+ pages in the booklet. 

Acquire essential skills 

Through occasional and numerous computational thinking, perform several coding skills and solve problems through codes using kamibot. 

3. Lego Mindstorm robot 

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control for Kids, Educational STEM Toy for Programming and Learning How to Code (601 Pieces)

Click image for more info

A fun robot that will impress and entertain your friends is what you deserve. This cool robot features some attractive colors, such as gray and black, a rotating body, a robotic arm, and azure. One can reassemble this 3 in 1 Lego into a dog-like robot or a robotic bird with shining eyes. 

Critical characteristics of Lego robot 

• A 3 in 1 Lego robot can be built up again into a robotic dog with a shiny jetpack or a robotic bird with a glossy eye. 

• The Lego robot explorer is about 11cm tall. 

• The Lego robotic dog is about 7 cm tall. 

• Robo explorer has a working robotic arm installed with claws, a rotating body, and green eyes. 

4. SmartGurlz Coding Robot 

SmartGurlz Coding Robot for Girls, Jen on Robotic Scooter, STEM Education, Manage Screen time and Kids Learn to Code While at Home, Rechargeable Battery is Required (Battery not Included)

Click image for more info

SmartGurlz is a coding doll that uses the knowledge of STEM to educate young girls and inspire them to work hard to become leaders in the future. 

SmartGurlz has an integrated Sugar Coded app that enables learning and teaching of coding. Therefore, to use this app, one must connect the Sugar Coded app to the robot to complete any mission. Learn and understand some basic coding knowledge with the integrated app; Sugar Coded app, while using your doll as a personal robot. 

Characteristics of SmartGurlz Robot 

• Simple and easy to use: It is easily integrated into your doll. You can download the Sugar Coded app from your iPad or any device. It is compatible with IOS and Android. 

• Advanced technology: SmartGurlz utilizes advanced technology that integrates the strength of play with technological power. 

• Coding at home: SmartGurlz helps girls to learn coding skills at home. This will eventually reduce the amount of time spent on screens as it provides books and missions for kids to adventure; therefore, the name intelligent toys. 

5. Sphero Bolt 

Sphero BOLT: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Matrix, Infrared & Compass - STEM Educational Toy for Kids - Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift

Click image for more info

This is the traditional robot but with the most advanced service provision. The Sphero Bolt comes loaded with a Sphero app with some games. We mainly focus on the Edu app, an educational app designed for schools and learners, and it will guide users through the coding process. 

Sphero robotics kit comes with graphical programmed animations with a wide range of games. Therefore, they provide graphs that show what has been coded or learned in visual nature. 

6. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot 

Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+ – Voice Activated – Navigates Objects – 5 Free Programming STEM Apps – Creating Confident Digital Citizens

Click image for more info

This robotic toy is under the manufacture of Wonder Workshop. Compared to other types of robots, Cue is a doll that replaces the older types. 

Dash combines education and games, enabling kids to enjoy themselves after a period of learning to code; it has a series of instructions and demonstrations. Dash robot is arguably designed basically for younger kids, and this is because it contains a lot of jokes and is highly unpleasant. Therefore, older kids find it boring. 

7. Vector robots 

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With Amazon Alexa Built-In

Click image for more info

An Anki vector is a more advanced doll compared to Anki cozmo robot. You can add voice commands to your Vector robot. This type of command is known as Alexa. Alexa will have access to all of the commands that you integrate into your vector robot. With the help of Alexa voice commands such as setting alarms, controlling security lights, door alarms, and supervising sound devices such as speakers 

Key features 

• Vector can hear: Vector is integrated with microphones that are always alert and ready to help. 

• Vector can think: Vector has a powerful thinking capability, like that of smartphones. 

Vector can feel: Vector toys can feel any touch such movements and are ready to cooperate. 

• Vector can see: Vector toys are integrated with HD cameras. Therefore, they can see and identify people and other things without colliding with objects. 

Vector can communicate: Vector toy has a combination of sounds; thus, it can communicate with the user through text and speech. 

Vector toys can recharge: Vector toys know when they are low in power; therefore, they can easily navigate to recharge. 

8. Novie Robot

Novie, Interactive Smart Robot with Over 75 Actions and Learns 12 Tricks (Blue), for Kids Aged 4 and Up

Click image for more info

Novie is a small and powerful toy. Immediately after you unbox Novie, he is ready to entertain. Novie follows the user’s instructions to perform different tasks.

Novie users can control the robot with little effort with many gestures, i.e., hand gestures. You can train Novie to perform tricks like a wheelie, fun walking, and spinouts. Novie will get better if he keeps on practicing and learning from you.

This powerful, small but intelligent robotic toy perform many different actions. Novie is a smart robot that will make sure you are entertained or have enough fun. Novie is integrated with three motor speeds, around 60 animations, and LED colored eyes and can follow 14 distinct hand gestures.

Bring together many Novie toys to spend time together and have some fun together. With Novie, consider yourself sorted with a lot of fun tricks and dancing skills.

Features of Novie

  • Arm gesture control: You can integrate your Novie robot with hand gestures using hand-tracking technology. Novie can work with specific hand gestures such as waving right to left.
  • The more Novie learns, the more he gets intelligent. By regularly using this smart robot toy, Novie gets to know a lot. Therefore, he is not prone to forgetting, since he has three different learning modes. 
  • Novie is interactive: Novie makes children’s parties unique to younger kids. Novie also requires a battery of size 4 AG3. Give your kids a small interactive toy and get your kids to enjoy it.

9. Stem toy

VATOS STEM Building Toys - 630 PCS Alphabets Beast Creative Building Bricks | 27-in-1 Learning Educational Construction Toys for Boys Girls Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old -Gift

Click image for more info

STEM is a learning technique that utilizes technology, engineering, mathematics, and science, hence the name stem. Stem toys focus on the above components to add practical knowledge or skills to learners. A child with a stem toy is likely to be intelligent as they will acquire basic skills like coding skills.

For the robot, lovers should acquire this kind of tech toy and ensure that their children understand and learn numerous coding skills. 

Advantages of STEM toys

You can solve science-based problems through these robots. Since they deal with science and technology, therefore, they work appropriately with users.

STEM toys are mainly creative, and they can efficiently work on different types of work and create answers through coding blocks.

Users can easily acquire construction skills since they spend a lot of time practicing.

STEM users become literate by learning essential coding skills which apply in the modern-day.

10. LittleBits Star Wars Droid

The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit from Walmart.


By using littleBits electronic blocks, kids can modify and create their working droid. Therefore, people using the Droid Inventor app can easily control their toy robot by giving it new instructions through block-based coding and taking them to 22+ different missions.

It is easy to bring together the different parts with different modes, like Self-Nav, Force Mode, and Drive Mode. Children will love these droids because of their assembly.

11. WolVolv Remote Control Robot

WolVolk 10 Channel Remote Control Robot Police Toy with Flashing Lights and Sounds, Great Action Toy for Boys

Click image for more info

WolVolv robot is a powerful, intelligent, innovative toy that can increase fun for children of all ages. The smart toys are inbuilt with a 10-channel remote control that enables you to make them work in different ways. They include fire missiles, performing dancing moves, and walking in all directions— the addition of features such as flashlights over the body and inbuilt speakers that make sounds during movements. 

Key features of WolVolv Robot

They are easy to operate: Since WolVolv is controlled by a remote, it enhances ten functions that are different. Therefore, the children playing using this robot always feel engaged. 

They contain unique and beautiful display lights: The robot is constructed and equipped with attractive lights all over the body. Children will get entertainment with amazing displays of lights across the body.

They have inbuilt speakers: Since many children love music and other sound effects, they will enjoy the company of WolVolv robots.

They have high-quality materials: The materials used to build WolVolv are robust; therefore, they withstand long working or playing hours. 

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