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Toys Similar to Bionicle

Character universe of Lego Bionicle

Bionicle toys were initiated into the market by the LEGO Group. Toys were so popular in the 2000s. The LEGO group toys integrated a concept similar to earlier themes into two product lines: Roboriders, and slizers. Bionicle toys were later replaced by LEGO Hero factory classical toys in 2011.

Did you know Bionicle toys were launched on December 30, 2000, in Europe? The toys were later introduced in Canada and the United States in June/July 2001. The 2000 toys were marketed to 5 to 16-year-old kids. Keep intact to learn more about the Bionicle!

Bionicle toys concepts had characters based on classical elements. Earlier Bionicle packages had displayed the Technic logo. The 2001- 2008 Bionicle storyline arc was set in a science fantasy world. With the introduction of new releases, a new saga line of story toys ventured.

Below we round up some of the toys similar to Bionicle and can ultimately provide equivalent creative expression.

Ben 10 Toys

Ben 10 alien superhero character

The toys are a lot like Bionicle toys. The toys are simple and have fewer parts, just like small-sized bonicles. Ben 10 pots can be interchanged with the Bionicle parts. The toy features Ben Tennyson, who finds an alien watching Omnitrix.

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Ben is on a road trip with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max. The Omnitrix allows Ben to transform into ten different aliens. On transformation, Ben takes on the alien’s appearance and powers. The kid becomes an ultimate superhero when he uses the ability to help others and stop the bad guys.

LEGO Disney Raya & the Last Dragon sets 

LEGO Disney Princess Raya and The Last Dragon 30558

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The latest Disney animation was released in March. The story plays out in the fantasy world of Kumandra, where, long ago, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. Dragons sacrifice themselves when Druun (sinister monsters) threaten the land.

LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle

LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella’s Dream Castle 41154 Popular Construction Toy for Kids (585 Pieces)

Click image for more info

The 41154 dream castle is a popular construction toy for kids. The set features 585 pieces and measures 13.94 inches in height, 9 inches wide, 4 inches deep in dimension. The toy is 100% plastic. Build this toy castle playset to feature a 3-story castle with secret hiding places.

Additionally, the toy castle has a dining area, kitchen, lounge, bedroom, outside space, and balcony with a revolving dance floor. To play out the scenes from the Cinderella movie, the Disney castle includes five LEGO figures, including a Cinderella mini-doll figure, a Prince charming mini-doll figure, a foal, and two mice.

The Disney building toys are compatible with creatively building LEGO construction sets. The Disney toy construction set is ideal for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12.

LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 

Lego Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283

Click image for more info

LEGO NASA Mars Science Laboratory was a short-lived set released in 2014. Later, a fantastic building experience from NASA Apollo Saturn was released in 2017.

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Explore the various exciting toys and instil features of creativity.

Cannonbolt Basic Figure

Ben 10 Cannonbolt Basic Action Figure

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The toy can curl himself up into an unstoppable invulnerable sphere. Cannonbolt can ricochet off surfaces and knock down its enemies at super speeds. He moves steadily with no troubles.

LEGO Disney Castle 71040

LEGO Disney Castle 71040

Click image for more info

The toy was modeled in 2016 with 4080 pieces. It includes five mini-figures: Mickey Mouse with Tuxedo, Minnie Mouse with a red dress, tinkered bell with elements, skirt, wings, Donald Duck with a classic outfit, and Daisy Duck with the pink skirt a lavender colored shoes, and a bow.

Lego Disney Castle features a detailed façade with a stone bridge, a wide arched entrance, spired towers, a clock, ornate balconies. Additionally, the toy has a four-story main building and a five-story, golden-spired central tower. Both towers contain rooms with various Disney-inspired elements and features.

The Disney Castle measures over 74 cm high, 48 cm wide, and 31 cm deep. The castle’s main building, the first floor, features the main hall with a large arched doorway, ornate chandelier, suits of armor, a magic carpet, a golden lamp, mosaic floor tiling, shield-decorated walls, a grandfather clock, and a floor-standing vase with buildable flower elements. Lastly, the castle includes two frogs and a golden crown element.

Life-Size Lamborghini Sian fkp 37

BEZGAR X RASTAR Licensed RC Series, 1:24 Scale Remote Control Car Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Electric Sport Racing Hobby Toy Car Model Vehicle for Boys and Girls Teens and Adults Gift (Red)

Click image for more info

The garage edition was unveiled to feature Lego Technic elements. You can build whatever you can imagine. The Lego model gives you the option to swap into parts from another model. The fantastic set features more speeder jets.

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Lego Spider-Man daily bugle

Lego Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man Daily Bugle 76178

Click image for more info

The set encompassed some of the tallest building towers.


It’s a typical model, which represents a skeletal warrior with massive weapons for fighting well. The battle lines are made up of menacing men, biomechanical figures with oversized rocket launchers and blades.

Deluxe LED Lighting kit

Deluxe LED Lighting Kit Fits Your Lego Disney Castle 71040 - (Lego Set is NOT Included!!!!!! Read: no Lego Brick Set Included)

Click image for more info

The kit fits your Disney castle 71040. It is compatible with LEGO, Mega Blocks, and other influential brands’ bricks and baseplates.

 Specialized Bionicle elements join more traditional LEGO projects. Bionicle kits are what you entail in any building set.

Brick Breakdown

The concept integrated an exciting collection set. An example is Monster Jam, which provides endless, epic stunts. They are easy to set up and feature exclusive trucks. The trucks for both girls and boys make a perfect holiday gift for kids three years and above.

Offers a realistic ramp setup using a powerful truck launcher and stabilizer. The launcher measures 1 x 6 inches.

Hero Factory Toys

LEGO Hero Factory RAW-JAW 2232

Click image for more info

As a successor to the Lego Group, the Hero factory, launched in mid-2010. The company continued to utilize the building system introduced in Bionicle. Later, the group evolved into the Character and Creature Building System.

The new theme was improved ball joints and a simplified selection of pieces. The updated system improved the playability and pose-ability. With these toys, no more dealing with cranky joints and breaking components. Hero factory toy reduced the number of pieces; thus, the characters looked more uniform, more superficial and in chunkier forms.

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Lego Bionicle’s Re-launch

The set was reintroduced in 2015. Interesting changes were incorporated in the 2016 set. The Lego Bionicle was brought back to integrate a new and improved constrained figure system. More complex designs, more detailed armor pieces, and improved skeleton system were combined to feature in elements such as TOA.

LEGO Botanical collection

LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Kit, a Building Project to Focus The Mind with a Beautiful Display Piece to Enjoy, New 2021 (878 Pieces)

Click image for more info

Lego creator bird of paradise is the third and largest popular set. The Bionicle parts are 100% compatible LEGO technic parts.

Did you know Lego group generated a whooping 100 million Euros in its first year in North America?

The Evolution of LEGO BIONICLE

For over a decade, LEGO Grounds marketed the Technic series as one of Lego’s biggest selling toys. The concept of Bionicle originated from an idea by co-creator Christian Faber. The Cybots concept featured a line of humanoid action figures with attachable limbs and ball-and-socket joints. LEGO BIONICLE characters looked very mechanical and robot-like.

The human body is built from small parts into a functional body model. The idea was pitched to implement the Slizer/Throwbots theme in 1999 and the RoboRiders theme in 2000. The Legos’ theme projects advanced creative designs to create an elaborate story featuring red herrings, arcs, and extensive lore centering on half-organic and half-robotic characters.

The LEGO group featured classical elements, a vast spectrum of games as well as the LEGO Technic set. New sets were released every six months. Every new wave would gradually increase in size, flexibility, and collectables such as Kanohi masks. Between 2003 to 2006, the Lego theme gained a high amount of sales and popularity.

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It was not until November 24, 2009, the Lego group announced that the final wave of Bionicle sets would be released in 2010. After discontinuation of the production, Successor theme Hero Factory launched its release in mid-2010.

Generation 1 (2000-2010)

The set of diverse cyborgs featured the main story of the exploits of the Toa. The heroic beings with elemental powers are to protect the Matoran (the prime populace of their world) and reawaken the Great spirit Mata Nui ( agod-like guardian who was forced into a coma by the actions of the evil Makuta).

The first story arc takes place on the tropical island of Mata Nui and deals with the arrival of the six Toa Mata. Mighty Toa Nuva adventures in protecting the Matoran villages from Makuta minions. Toa wore Kanohi masks to supplement elemental powers like super-strength and super-speed.

The second story arc is set on the island city of Metru Nui. The story explains the Matorans’ origins and how they came to settle on Mata Nui Island.

The third story arc came between 2006-2008. The new Toa team set out on a quest to find the Mask of Life, an artifact that can save the dying Nui’s life. The fourth story arc introduces the desert world of Bara Magna and its inhabitants.

Generation 2 (2015-2016)

The reboot of the original story. The revival chronicles the adventures of six elemental Toa heroes who protect the bio-mechanical inhabitants of Okoto island. The characters are divided into six tribes; fire, water, jungle, Earth, stone and ice.

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Toys similar to Bionicles FAQ

Are there any toys similar to Bionicle’s?

Bionicle toys are articulated together with the joints and the levels of play, unlike many other toys. Kids can get equivalent creative expressions from slisers, roboriders, Chima constraction figures, Knight’s kingdom, Hero factory, and Ben 10 figure toys.

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