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20 Cool Toys like LEGO

This is a close look at someone building with pieces of colorful Lego blocks.

If your child, or an adult in your life, loves to build with Legos and you want to find alternatives that are similar, you have come to the right place for information.

Both of my young grandsons absolutely love Legos but they have a ton of them. I have also been searching for toys like Lego that are similar yet a little different to provide them with some amount of variety in their quest to build things while utilizing their amazing imaginations.

Here is a detailed list of the many Lego alternatives I have found that has been very helpful.

Lego Clones

This is a close look at a collection of Lego Storm Trooper Clones from Star Wars.

This option says it all in the name, Lego Clones. The pieces actually fit into the original Legos so that means the kids can use them with the Legos they already have at home. The fun fact is that they are cheaper than purchasing the original version of Legos which means a collection can be built more affordably.


COBI - Small Army WS USS Enterprise (2510 PCS)

Click image for more info

This set is for older kids who like to work with more small, advanced pieces. They can even create a replica of a ship that looks like the Titanic or fighter jets. This set will not only expand your child’s imagination and creativity but also their fine motor skills. They can even create something that can be used as decor in their bedrooms. Each piece can also fit with a Lego brick which means your children can still use the Legos they already have at home.

Mega Bloks First Builders

Mega Bloks First Builders Build 'n Learn Table [Amazon Exclusive]

Click image for more info

I purchased the Mega Bloks First Builder sets for my grandsons when they were younger and they still play with them and use them with the Legos they have. If you have a younger kids who love to build, a Mega blok set is a very viable option for you. The bonus is that your toddler will not be able to swallow any of the pieces if they attempt to put them into their mouths as toddlers sometimes do.

These types of building blocks are also a less expensive option than purchasing a Lego set would be and can be found at a variety of places, including discount toy stores, online sites, and department stores.

Mega Construx

Mega Construx Masters of The Universe Battle Ram and Sky Sled Attack Vehicle Construction Set, Building Toys for Kids

Click image for more info

This type of Mega building blocks is not only very affordable but the company has a license with several other popular toys, including Halo, Call of Duty, and even Pokemon. A great construction toy and fun for any kid of any age.


KRE-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Construction Set (A3137)

Click image for more info

From Star Wars-themed building sets to the Transformers franchise, this set is extremely similar to Lego bricks and kids can build a variety of things with them. This building set is really almost identical to a Lego set but cheaper to purchase and is touted as a great Lego alternative. Each piece is almost exactly like a Lego brick and will keep your kids entertained just as well when they are building Cityville just like when they build a Lego city.


Erector Sets for Boys with Electric Power Motor , STEM Building Toys 10IN1 , Engineering Toys for Kids Age 7 8 9 10 11 12 ,Motorized Building Toys, Build and Play

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If your kids enjoy Legos but also love racing, this Erector Model Building Kit by Meccano will keep them busy for hours since they use actual wheels, bolts, another high quality parts to assemble vehicles.


Sluban Aviation Blocks Plane Bricks Toy-Airbus (M38-B0366)

Click image for more info

From aviation-themed building blocks to Army-based ones, Sluban is just like picking up a Lego kit but with a better price tag attached. with a more affordable price tag. It is made to match most Lego pieces. Most of the pieces of this building kit will fit with Lego bricks which means your child can still use the Legos he or she may already have at home which makes this clone brand a great option.

Bristle Blocks by Battat

Bristle Blocks by Battat - STEM Building Blocks for Kids - Soft Developmental Toys - 36pc Playset – Basic Builder Box – for Toddlers and Children Aged 2 Years +, Multicolor, 3099Z

Click image for more info

Kids can really use their imagination while they use these building blocks to build an array of different things. While Legos can be harder for younger children to use, these are super easy and your kids will be delighted. You can purchase them online or at a variety of department and toy stores.

Nanoblock Building Kits

nanoblock Deluxe Peacock Building Kit, Purple

Click image for more info

This building set is very similar to Lego sets but is a great choice for not only pre-teens and teenagers but also adult fans. The pieces are tiny, though, so it is probably not a great alternative for younger children. The sets even come with different themes, including specific well-known landmarks and even Pokemon.


ZOOB 250-Piece Set

Click image for more info

This connect-the-pieces style building set is great for younger kids but there are also plenty of more advanced sets available for your older child or even adult fans of Legos. You simply connect very poles that are hollow with rods that have a socket and so they can make simple little creatures or very advanced 3D ones.

KNex Imagine Sets

K'nex K`Nex - Imagine 25th Anniversary Ultimatebuilder's Case Building Kit, Varies by Model

Click image for more info

The KNex Imagine series offers a bit of a different way to create 3-D figures but Lego fans will love it all the same. These sets each include more than 500 pieces each and even boast battery-powered motors you can attach so your 3-D action figures you create will come alive.

Mission Rocket By Playmobil

Playmobil - Mars Mission: Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack

Click image for more info

When it comes to things all about outer space, kids from around age 7 on up will love this rockets set. It even comes with its own lights and sounds that will keep your kids focused and entranced for hours. They will not only learn how to build things like rocket ships but how to maintain them after they are built.

Waffle Blocks by Little Tikes

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set - 18 pieces

Click image for more info

These are super cool for kids of all ages but especially younger ones since you can create 3-D, very large things by stacking the blocks in a variety of directions.

Gears Gears Gears

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Toy Set, Puzzle, 150 Pieces, Ages 4+

Click image for more info

Gears, gears, everywhere there are gears in this amazing set of 66 pieces that includes not only connectors and interlocking bases similar to Legos but also axles and square pillars to allow for plenty of hours of creative fun for children of all ages.

Banbao Construction Sets

BanBao Police Van Building Kit (325 Piece)

Click image for more info

My 7-year-old grandson adores this Lego alternative, especially the police kit set. It is very budget-friendly and will be a great addition to use with Legos if you prefer. There are many different themes which is the reason my three-year-old grandson also loves them also since he can make dinosaurs, helicopters, and bulldozers.

PlayPlatoon 1100 Blocks

Play Platoon 1100 Piece Building Bricks Kit with Wheels, Tires, Axles, Windows and Doors Pieces - Classic Colors - Compatible with All Major Brands

Click image for more info

If you want to add to the Lego collection at your house but you do not want to break the bank, this building block set is super affordable and you get a huge package of building bricks that are very similar to Legos for way less money.


Magformers Inspire Set (30-pieces) Magnetic Building Blocks, Educational Magnetic Tiles Kit , Magnetic Construction STEM Toy Set - 63097

Click image for more info

Magformers are a great option for kids who love Legos. Not only are they colorful and fun to work with, but they include a variety of magnetic tiles that are very different yet exciting for kids to use to build things with. Kids adore this option and it will keep them busy for hours.

Marble Genius Marble Run Starter Set

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set - 150 Complete Pieces + Free Instruction App & Full Color Instruction Manual

Click image for more info

The Marble Genius Marble Run starter set is great for starting your kids out with creations they have built from the ground up before you spend a ton of money on Lego sets. The six solid bases that come with each kit or sturdy and strong so your kids can play with them for a long time to come.

IQ Builder Set

IQ BUILDER | STEM Learning Toys | Creative Construction Engineering | Fun Educational Building Toy Set for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old | Best Toy Gift for Kids | Top Blocks Game Kit

Click image for more info

With just a set of IQ Builder building pieces for younger children or an IQ Perfect set for older kids, you cannot go wrong with this alternative to Legos. Each cat contains over 100 pieces that are connectable so you can fasten them together to create anything from different figurines to a variety of structures and vehicles, your kids will love these building bricks.

Click and Snap Toys

Yeetec 24 Pack 24 Links Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys, Finger Sensory Toys, Snake Puzzles for Stress Relief, Party Bag Fillers, Party Favours, Random Color

Click image for more info

Wow girls and women can build things with any of these building sets on this list, they might enjoy click and snap toys the most since you can create some amazing toys and also jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces. These do not look like Legos but they are still super fun to build with and very affordable.

Other Similar Building Toys

Wondertoys 170 Pieces Wood Logs Set Ages 3+, Classic Building Log Toys for Boy, Creative Construction Engineering Educational Gifts

Click image for more info

From the classic wooden block set to Lincoln Logs and several other similar styles, my kids were entertained for hours with those way back in the 1980s and 1990s. Kids today still love them and they are a great option as an alternative to Lego sets. They are even great for younger kids and these wooden toys will also teach kids fine motor skills as they play with them and foster your child’s imagination.

FAQs About Lego Alternatives

Why would you need Lego alternatives for your children?

Some of the alternatives to Lego building sets work with the Legos so you can expand your set without spending as much money tell me word by sticking with all Lego brands. Also, you can save money by opting for the Lego alternative sets since they tend to cost less than the actual Lego brand building sets. Many of the alternative building sets have features that Legos do not offer so your kids’ minds and imaginations can really be expanded further by using the cheaper alternatives.

Are Lego sets and similar building sets good for your brain?

Research has actually been conducted that shows play construction, including with Lego bricks and other building sets, offers a wide range of benefits to the expanding minds of children and even adults. It helps them master math skills and even beginning engineer skills, along with having social interaction if they are playing with them in a group of children.

How do Lego and alternative building sets help with a child’s development?

Lego building sets, as well as the alternative brands available, can help children go on an adventure without leaving home. They can create entire new worlds or build things they are used to or have seen in real life. It expands the fine motor skills of children, especially younger ones, and with help strengthen their hands and fingers as they work hard to build their own creations.

My grandsons have learned so many new skills by playing with their Lego and alternative building sets over the last few years as well as their sisters who also play with the building sets often to make their own creations. I have even enjoyed creating my own models of cars and houses while babysitting my grandchildren so clearly they are fun and beneficial for adults also and can actually be a great stress-reliever since you are not focused on bills or issues at work when you are building and creating different items or even entirely new worlds.

Do Lego and other building sets fit correctly for my child’s learning level?

As I do with all four of my grandchildren before purchasing them a Lego set or alternative building set, I evaluate what age they are and what skill level then do a little research to see which products are going to be best for them to meet them where they’re at during that moment in time. Simply you need to evaluate what skill level your children or grandchildren are at before you purchased building sets to make sure they are not too immature and boring for the child or to advance for them to be able to use them properly which can be very frustrating for a child.

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