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18 Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys

This is a three-year-old boy wearing a green sweater and a green pair of glasses.

If you have a toddler-aged three, you’re surely looking for every possible way to keep them busy and burn out all their energy until nap time, and then again till bedtime. You are not alone.

Three-year-olds need toys that can help them develop and absorb all the educational information because they are like sponges but also require a good amount of physical activity. Toys such as puzzles, building blocks, pretend play, and obstacles courses can truly improve their interests and skills.

It’s tough choosing the correct toys for this age. Three-year-olds start to realize that they can make their own choices, this can make them sassy, and they are simultaneously absorbing everything they see and hear. You never know if they are going to like their toys or not, so we have developed the perfect list to help you choose the best options.

What a three-year-old toddler needs

A three-year-old boy would need endless fun, educational items, energy-burning activities, and enough stimulation in the toys and play items they use to ensure an array of developmental benefits in mind and body. In addition, the items they play with should offer them the opportunity for engaging, interactive play but also encourage independent play and confidence-building tasks.

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Check out this list of toys for three-year-old boys:

Toys under $25

Hot Wheels 10-Pack

Hot Wheels 10-Pack (Styles May Vary) [Amazon Exclusive]

Click image for more info

We cannot start a list of toys for little boys without mentioning hot wheels at the very top. It is one of the simplest toys there is out there. It is only cars, but there is something about kids knowing they have hot wheel cars that completely turn their heads.

This is a pack of 10 cars with various hot wheels in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Your child can play with it in various ways other than just driving it along the toy room floor or on a track rug.

He can create a collection, make fun tracks with other toy items, create an obstacle course, use them to race, take them on an outing, and so much more.

There are many add-ons that the hot wheels brand has, such as parking garages, tracks, ramps, storage trucks, etc., that can be bought over time to create a large collection.

Montessori Car Ramp

aotipol Montessori Toys for 2 3 Year Old Boys Toddlers, Car Ramp Toys with 6 Cars & Race Tracks, Garages and Parking Lots, Ramp Racer Toy Gift for Boys Girls Age 18 Months and Up

Click image for more info

Here is one for the little boy who loves his wheels. By age three, kids are better able to drive toy cars, push them around and find their way with a car around a ramp or track. 

This car ramp race track comes with 6 cars and a two-way double-sided parking lot and starting point for cars to take off and race. It has a barrier design to prevent cars from rolling down the ramps.

This toy helps visual focusing and tracking skills, along with motor skills and unlimited fun. Kids can learn to recognize colors and numbers while choosing which cars will race against each other.

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The widened base makes the track sturdier so that cars can run more stably. There is a parking garage and maintenance workshop so your little mechanic can get the whole experience in one toy.

Remote Control Stunt Car

RC Stunt Car [Upgraded 2021], SHARKOOL 360°Flips Double Sided Rotating 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Car with Sharp Dual-Color Headlights -Best Gift for Over 6 Years Old Kids(All Batteries Included)

Click image for more info

There is probably not a boy you can find who doesn’t love remote control cars. However, we chose this crazy stunt car over a regular one because a three-year-old toddler doesn’t have the full ability to properly control it yet. 

They know how to press the controls and understand that’s what makes the car move but cannot properly comprehend when to slow down, turn, and how to make U-turns until a later stage.

This stunt car rotates 360 degrees with 4 wheels that are made with vacuum inner TRP tires. That makes it super shatterproof, protecting the body of the car from impact.

Your son can drive it into the wall, down the table, and lose complete control, but the car will continue to move and drive and do cool stunts.

The whole concept is super fun not only to play with but to see unfold. It also comes with 2 car batteries and 2 remote batteries, which other RC stunt cars on the market do not have.

The car does flips, spins, runs double-sided, forward, backward, turns left and right. It is shock-absorbent and provides high-speed performance for most entertainment.

Your toddler will love to drive this remote-control stunt car and get super excited watching you drive it too.

Writing Tablet Doodle Board

TEKFUN LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board, 10inch Colorful Drawing Tablet Writing Pad, Girls Gifts Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Girls Boys (Pink)

Click image for more info

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By age three, most kids enjoy trying to draw, write, color and scribble. This board can be used to help them release their artsy side, or you can get them to practice writing their numbers and alphabets. 

We love this drawing board because it is reusable, meaning we get to use less paper, avoid the mess of painting and keep fewer pens and markers handy. 

Your child will never be bored anymore because you can slip it so easily into your bag on the way out. It has a slim design and is light and easy to carry anywhere.

It has an eye-protection screen; the writing tablet adopts pressure technology and non-radiation. There is a one-click clear and one-click to lock. You can choose from a few different colors.

It is eco-friendly, and the battery can be replaced after your child has exhausted it. The stylus pen comes with the writing tablet alongside a pen clip and strings to complete the package.

Sprinkler Pad and Splash Play Mat

KKONES Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play Mat 68" Toddler Water Toys Fun for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Boy Girl,Kids Outdoor Toy

Click image for more info

There has to be some sort of water play item on a list of toys for three-year-old toddler boys. They require the utmost mental and physical stimulation, and this splash pad can offer both. Mainly, it will allow them to burn out as much energy, and while every kid loves to play in the water, the benefit to caregivers is that it completely tires the kids out.

It is the perfect product for summer outdoor fun. It is made of durable, soft, and heavy-duty PVC material, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.

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The hose needs to be connected to a tap and then to the waterproof connecting plug on the mat. The water will fill up, and the sprinkler will release. The kids can sit on it and relax or play with toys, or they can run around and enjoy the sprinklers.

It is easy to clean and store. The water must be removed before lifting the mat to avoid tearing. The hose can easily be disconnected, and then you can fold the mat and pack it away until next time.

It is large enough to have family and friends playing together on it, so bring it out for that birthday party or summer playdate, and the kids will be entertained for hours.

Toys under $50

Wooden Puzzles Set

Wooden Toddler Puzzles and Rack Set - (6 Pack) Bundle with Storage Holder Rack and Learning Clock - Kids Educational Preschool Peg Puzzles for Children Babies Boys Girls - Alphabet Numbers Zoo Cars

Click image for more info

When it comes to toddlers and puzzles, wooden pieces are the way to go. This way, you know they won’t lose it as easily as regular pieces, and they can’t exactly bend or break it. 

Wooden puzzles are also easier for them to handle, build, and figure out while still getting used to the concept of building puzzles.

This set contains a 6 pack of wooden Montessori puzzles, each of them themed, e.g., one is animal’s, one is alphabets, one is shapes, etc.

The set additionally includes a premium storage rack to keep the puzzles from falling over and coming loose. It also has a foam learning clock for extra fun.

With this set, they can learn about various subjects such as numbers, colors, shapes, etc., and they can learn the concept of time. It encourages abstract thinking and promotes hand-eye coordination. In addition, it improves creativity and developmental skills.

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Wooden Stacking Boxes

TOWO Wooden Stacking Boxes-Nesting and Sorting Cups Blocks for Toddlers-Stacking Cubes Educational Learning Toys for 2 Years Old Montessori Materials

Click image for more info

Here we have a set of nesting and sorting cups with colorful numbers, alphabets, and animals printed on the boxes for more entertainment and learning purposes. It is a brilliant Montessori toy for your three-year-old who loves to build tall structures. 

Toddlers want to create, experiment, and feel with imagination by pushing their limits to see how far they can go. This set helps them to live that experience. Colors and shapes are key elements for children to understand and see the world around them.

These wooden rainbow stacking boxes are ideal for unique, playful, and educational playing and learning. Kids can recognize shapes, numbers, colors, and animals. They can build a tower that is around their own height and enjoy knocking it over afterward.

Stacking and nesting are great fun for playing and improve small motor skills, thinking skills, and creativity.

It comes with 10 beautifully designed colored boxes which can help your child get familiar with weight, height, and balance through choosing and stacking. 

Magnetic Building Tiles

PicassoTiles 60 Piece Set 60pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks Construction Playboards - Creativity beyond Imagination, Inspirational, Recreational, Educational, Conventional

Click image for more info

These 60-piece clear magnetic 3D building tiles will provide creativity beyond imagination for your three-year-old toddler. Boys love construction, and they love to know they can break things apart and put them together again. They absolutely love to create structures that they can show off.

These magnetic tiles are like the upgrade from regular building blocks. They allow for more imagination and creativity and can be put together into so many more structures. The magnets are strong, and even large tall structures stay well put together.

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Many three-year-olds will be extra fascinated with the tiles sticking on the fridge, so that gives them an additional way to play with it, keeping them busy for longer.

It improves motor skills, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and muscle and brain development. This is that product you can invest in for your child’s toy collection, and he will play with it for the next few years as well.

Kinetic Sand Dinasaur Set

LITTLE CHUBBY ONE Kids Play Sand Dinosaur Set - 3 Lbs Sand - Toy Magic Sand Set - Mess Free Play for Girls and Boys - Ideas for Children Activities Age 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Click image for more info

Dinosaurs are a favorite with little boys, and so it sand and sensory play where they can be messy and creative without cause.

We found this 3 lbs magic sand set that is dinosaur-themed. It is a huge box with 10 molds, 5 molding tools, 4 dinosaurs, 2 trees, and a high-quality tray.

It provides tactile and sensory stimulation and develops fine motor skills. It is no-mess sand that sticks and molds only to itself.

The sand is furnished in white, blue, dark green, and light green colors to stick with the theme and create realistic-looking dinosaurs. To the touch, the sand may feel wet but is actually dry, and each color comes in a resealable bag making clean up easy and storage simple.

Workbench and Tools

Toy Choi’s Pretend Play Series Standard Workbench Toy Tool Play Set, 82 Pieces Construction Work Shop Toy Tool Kit Bench Outdoor Travel Preschool Toy Gift for Kids Toddler Baby Children Boys and Girls

Click image for more info

If your little boy loves to take apart and fix things, then here is the perfect toy for him. It is a whole tool table with 82 pieces of items that your son can drill, turn, twist, screw, unscrew, and more.

It has realistic drill toys, and three drill bits are available, interchangeable, and run at a moderate speed to prevent accidents.

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All the tools in the workbench are fully functional. The goggles frame is made of non-toxic and odorless high-quality materials to ensure sturdiness and safety.

Use this toy tool table to equip your young handyman with all the basic tools and skills they will need to build and repair through these realistic accessories.

They can play with it independently or alongside a caregiver fixing something in the house. They can also use the tools away from the table to pretend play repairing and building their other toys.

Flexible Race Tracks

226pcs Construction Themed Race Tracks Set, Flexible Trains Tracks With 2 Race Trucks, Toy Cars Set for 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old Child Kids Boys and Girls, Road Race Playset for Christmas Birthday Gift

Click image for more info

You can never go wrong with some cars and tracks when it comes to little boys. They will love and play with anything on wheels. We love these tracks because they are flexible and can be twisted easily to change direction and shape.

It allows the enhancement of your kid’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking. They can turn the track into a 360-degree loop or make a new layout with different combinations. This toy offers endless possibilities to ensure your kids have unlimited fun.

The package includes 192 track pieces, 2 race cars, 3 small cars, 18 signs, 1 door, 1 slope, 1 crossroad, 1 ball, 4 tires, 1 turntable, 1 tunnel, and 1 crane.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble, encouraging independent play while also offering an opportunity for interactive play with caregivers or other kids.

Toys under $100

Toy Piano by Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano With 25 Keys and Color-Coded Songbook, H: 18.5 x W: 13 x D: 11.5

Click image for more info

Generally, by age three, if there is a significant interest in certain skills and hobbies, it will be evident if your child has the opportunity to experience them.

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If your child is interested in music or you would like your child to play the piano, later on, getting them a toy keyboard around this age can really spark that interest further.

This piano is a lovely combination between toys and realistic. It looks like a colorful toy which means your child will be pretty attracted to it, but they can play its keys like the real instrument to get the feel of it.

Your child will love to explore how many sounds the piano can make, and it is excellent for their imagination, creativity, self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, resilience, and more.

It is very easy for tiny fingers to play and comes with an illustrated songbook for kids to learn to play nine different tunes. The piano features 25 keys and two full octaves.

Balance Stepping Stone

IMAGYM Stackable Stepping Stones for Kids, Balance Stepping Stones - Coordination and Stability, Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids, Toys Toddler Obstacle Course Ages 3 and up

Click image for more info

Here is the perfect product to get your energetic three-year-old burning loads of energy. They are stackable stepping stones for outdoor and indoor play. 

Your kids can use it to run and jump, hop, balance-walk, or make a whole obstacle course out of it. The steps can be stacked for a bigger challenge, but make sure to monitor your child, who may fall over if it is too high.

It comes in 3 small, 3 medium, and 3 large steps that have a no-slip grip and can be placed on any surface. Each step is a fun color and has shapes and patterns to help with recognizing and learning.

These stepping stones will increase their confidence and improve their imagination. Additionally, it will encourage independence and assist with motor skills, balance, problem-solving, and muscle development.

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Allowing those tiny bodies to jump around and figure their way around the stepping stones will surely help burn out energy which is absolutely needed for their development, but also gets them right to sleep at bedtime!

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy

MerryHeart Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy, 12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker, Extra Large Rainbow Stacking Toy, Nesting Puzzle Building Blocks Educational Toys for Kids Toddlers

Click image for more info

The wooden rainbow stacker is such a versatile Montessori toy for the adventures of a three-year-old. The wooden ‘C’ shaped colorful pieces are both fun and educational.

Your child can use them to create a bunch of different structures or use them to create an obstacle course for themselves or their toys.

It helps with color recognition and builds imagination and creativity. There are several ways your child can use it to play, both with and without other toys. Your little boy might really enjoy making a car track with some ramps and driving on that. Additionally, it can be used as a slide for balls or other toys.

It comes in 12 different sizes of 100% natural solid wood aches. The bright colors are dyed with non-toxic water-based pigments, making the rainbow toys easier to stack and retaining the beautiful wood grain, allowing them to use the product for several years or pass it on to future siblings.

All-In-One Activity Playset Table

Upgrade Toddler Activity Table, Kids Table & Chair Set with 230PCS Building Blocks All-in-One Multi Activity Playset and Water Table Sand Table, Versatile Toys for Toddlers 3 4 5 6 Year Old

Click image for more info

This is the perfect table to grow with your child’s curiosity. It is so exciting how this table can be turned into so many different things for so many different purposes. If you buy this thinking you are only getting a table and chair set for children; you will be mesmerized.

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This activity table serves as a table for building blocks (included), drawing, painting board, water table, and sand table, etc. It is a highly capable activity table with an economical price.

It is made from toxin-free plastic and has a rounded-edge design, therefore making it very safe for kids to play. Assembly is only needed for the legs, and it is lightweight, making it easy to carry outside or to the park for some water or sand play.

No matter what your kids want to do, they can enjoy it at this table. You can clear it for water or sand outdoors, and on those gloomy days inside, they can use it to paint, color, craft, build blocks, write, play with clay, and so much more.

It’s all your little boy needs; one versatile table for hours of fun to last them for years to come. 

Fort Building Kit

Fort Building Kit for Kids | Build Indoor Blanket Forts with The Ultimate Fort Builder | Large 386 Pieces Fort Magic Building Set | Coolest Ever Fantasy Fort Construction Toy for Boys and Girls

Click image for more info

This is a great interactive toy set for your mini construction worker. If your little boy loves building and connecting things, he is likely to love this concept.

The fort building kit provides an all-in-one activity that your child will genuinely enjoy while getting stimulation, learning, and creating. It is an activity that lets them use their imagination and enhance their cognitive ability.

The set contains 386 easy-to-assemble parts with 2 colored blankets to create a tent, 1 light set with safety instructions, a big handy storage bag, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide.

All the parts are BPA/PVC-free and safe for your kids to play with. By age 3, kids typically don’t put everything in their mouths anymore; however, it is crucial that you do monitor them around the connecting balls in specific.

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Toys above $100

Standing Whiteboard and Chalkboard Easel

teerwere Kids Easel Whiteboard & Chalkboard Easel for Kids Standing Easel with Art Supplies Accessories for Kids Toddlers Boys and Girls Dry Erase Board & Chalkboard (Color : Blue, Size : 67x30x49cm)

Click image for more info

Kids love to draw and scribble, especially at this age where they discover that crayons and markers can draw anywhere. Here is a product that will keep them from drawing lines all over your beautifully painted, clean walls.

This easel will provide hours of creativity such as coloring, drawing, lettering, and math games, etc., which is both entertaining and educational. You can use it as a way to teach them alphabets, numbers, shapes, and more through play while having a fun interactive play session with your curious toddler.

The package includes 1 double-sided easel. One side has the whiteboard, and the other has the black chalkboard. It doesn’t require any special tools to assemble.

It’s a fun way for children to recognize different textures, colors, and sounds when writing or drawing on different kinds of boards. This product will encourage independent play and allow for engaging play between child and caregiver.

Roller Coaster Car Ride

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Rapid Ride & Hide Edition | Amazon Exclusive

Click image for more info

We have a larger playset with this one, and we love it because if you have enough space for it, your toddler will literally go crazy for it.

Your child gets to sit in the car that comes with it and roll down the track as if they are at a theme park and going on a ride – but at home!

It can be kept indoors if there’s enough space for it; otherwise, it stays really well in the yard. 

The roller coaster comes apart easily for convenient and compact storage, and the design is an ideal addition to any play area.

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It will help your little one practice balance, hand-eye coordination, and sharing. The 2 sets of non-slip steps let your little one climb up to the platform from either side and access the coaster car.

The car features a high back, handrail, and footrests for a safe ride.

These lists of toys were individually picked out to offer a wide range of options that offer entertainment and education to three-year-old little boys who are absorbing everything they see and hear like sponges. 

Toddlers this age need to have toys that will give them the feel of complete fun but an added bonus to have them learn through play is ideal. 

Now you don’t need to spend hours walking through toy stores or searching online. Choose a few toys from this list and watch your toddler spend hours being entertained.

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