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20 Toys for One-Year-Old Girls

This is a one-year-old girl wearing bunny ears while playing with Easter eggs.

Is your new to toddlerhood little girl breaking into the kitchen cupboards and knocking your perfectly color-coordinated books off your shelf? It sure gets frustrating picking up after them all day, and it isn’t always possible to keep them away either. That’s where the perfect, age-appropriate toys come in full force!

For one-year-old little girls, toys such as play utensils, cleaning supplies, building blocks, sound toys, plush toys, baby dolls, play dough, sorting toys, bubbles, water toys, and other various play items can be used to interact, entertain, educate and distract their busy little minds and bodies.

At the early age of one, most kids are still evolving from baby antics to the curious phase of growing into their own person while absorbing every bit of information put in front of them. This means they are doing a lot of copying, learning to walk, trying to talk, and building creativity. During this time, there are several play items that you can use to nurture their growth.

Toys under $25

1. Fisher-Price Plush Smart Stages Sis

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis

Click image for more info

Here is a lovely friend for your sweet girl. This cuddly plush puppy can teach your child how to roar or count to ten. She can be your little girl’s best friend or be used as practice for a new sibling on the way. She can light up, chat, and introduce more than a hundred first words, including parts of the body, colors, numbers, and more.

There are three levels of learning content with Sis.

Level 1 is about pressing her hands, feet, heart, nose, or ears to hear first words, alphabets, body parts, and more. This is wonderful for one-year-olds learning to speak.

Level 2 is more interactive and encourages your child to count along, find colors, and identify body parts. 

Level 3 encourages pretend play with fun sing-along songs and phrases that engage toddlers in exciting and imaginative play, simultaneously expanding their vocabulary.

2. Kitchen accessories set

iPlay, iLearn Play Kitchen Accessories Set, Kids Cooking Toys, Toddlers Pots Pans Playset, Pretend Chef Cookware Appliance W/ Utensils, Fake Food, Birthday Gift for 3 4 5 Years Old Girls Boys Children

Click image for more info

The kitchen can get dangerous sometimes, and playing with kitchen items can be a little worrying for parents of toddlers. However, around the age of one, all kids want to do is copy parents. That means, if parents are cooking, the little girl wants to stir too. If dad is chopping, little one wants to get hold of that knife at all costs.

This kitchen accessories set is the ideal answer to get the kids feeling like they are playing with adult items. The accessories seem real but are safe and light. There are colorful play fruits and vegetables that can be cut and peeled, providing a realistic experience for your kids and helping them gain life skills later on.

It comes with a frying pan, a couple of pots, and a kettle amongst the other accessories, so you can even give them some real food like pasta or some real veggies to “cook.” That might even get them to eat foods they may be fussy about!

3. 3D Magnet Building Blocks

MAGBLOCK Magnetic 3D Magnet Toys 52 Pieces Set for Toddlers Boys Girls Gift Magnetic Building Blocks with Candy Color Toys

Click image for more info

Every toddler loves building blocks. They love the colors, the stacking, the knocking down, and the curiosity of figuring out how things go together. Here is a lovely pastel-colored magnetic 3D set of 52 pieces for your little girl.

Unlike the regular blocks we know, they are tiles that come in various shapes and can be built magnetically into several different structures. It is a set that your toddler can play with for years to come.

The products have passed CPSIA and ASTM certificates, met by American toy safety standards. The magnet is wrapped in the stainless steel case, locked inside o the plastic cover for double protection to ensure safety for your kids and ease of mind for parents.

Building blocks allow for creativity, improved thinking skills, and hand-eye coordination.

4. Bubble Machine

Kidzlane Bubble Machine – Bubble Blower Makes Big Bubbles 500-1000 Bubbles Per Minute - Automatic Bubble Machine for Kids and Toddlers Outdoor Age 3+

Click image for more info

There is undoubtedly no kid who would not enjoy 500-1000 bubbles per minute blowing out of a machine while they run around it trying to catch and burst them. This specific bubble blower is extra special because it is in the shape of a dolphin. Kids love dolphins!

It will keep your kids entertained indoors or outdoors for hours on end. It can be a great addition to bath time play. 

It is stable with a no-tip base to avoid leaks and spills. It is easy to operate, lasts longer than most other bubble machines, and is battery operated, so you are not restricted to keeping it plugged in. It comes with an 8 oz bubble solution which can be replaced as you finish it.

Let your little girls burn out some energy by jumping, dancing, clapping, and running around the bubbles, teaching them new techniques and allowing improvement of motion, balance, eye development, and thinking skills.

5. Toy Egg Sorter

Color & Shapes Matching Egg Toy - Shape Sorting & Color Recognition Learning Toy for Toddlers - Preschool Game - Montessori Education - Easter Eggs

Click image for more info

Boost your child’s development with a wonderful array of crucial skills such as puzzle skills, learning, recognizing, and sorting colors and shapes. Improve their cognitive skills and fine motor skills as well.

This set comes with twelve eggs, each in a different color and shape, opening your child’s mind to a range of possibilities.

It keeps children entertained for hours trying to figure out which egg half goes with which and then packing them away into the plastic egg carton, which looks like a realistic one. It is one of the simplest toys yet one of the most fascinating and fun learning and playing experiences for little one-year-olds.

6. Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book (Amazon Exclusive), Purple

Click image for more info

The most fun ‘book’ your kid will ever have! Scout and Violet help with your kids’ vocabulary. They can touch the words and pictures on each page to explore words, fun facts, music, and sounds. If you flip the language switch, the language will change to Spanish.

Vocabulary skills allow children to express themselves clearly and comprehend what they hear and read. This Scout and Violet 100 words book teaches words in familiar categories to highlight word relationships and includes fun facts.

For a one-year-old little girl who is learning to speak, this bright pink book will be her favorite carry-along companion, and it will widen her vocab and speaking skills.

7. Stacking Cups

mushie Stacking Cups Toy | Made in Denmark (Original)

Click image for more info

One of the simplest, mainstream, yet fun and usable toys for new toddlers. This set has 8 cups in the most beautiful modern boho colors, made 100% free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

These are extra special with their fun holes at the bottom of each cup for bath and water play, so it serves to be versatile. They all fit into each other compactly, which means it is easy to pack and carry with you on an outing or vacation.

It helps the body and brain develop while learning basic skills such as motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, it provides interaction between child and caregiver and can keep kids entertained for a long time.

Toys under $50

1. Realistic Baby Doll

Reborn Baby Dolls, Realistic Newborn Baby Dolls, 18 inch Silicone Real Toddler Girl Lifelike

Click image for more info

Dolls are one of the most favorite toys for centuries. We chose this one because it is a realistic 18 inch, 2.5 pounds newborn baby doll. It is a high-quality material silicone doll and gives your little girl the feeling of having a friend. 

It comes with a pacifier, clothing, a bottle, a toy, and shoes. It is also the perfect toy to teach your toddler how to help take care of a new baby on the way. 

2. Kids Cleaning Set

KLT Kids Cleaning Set, Pretend Play Detachable Housekeeping Cart Trolley, Kids Broom Set, Cleaning Supplies Toy for Kids Toddler Boy and Girl with Kids Broom and Dustpan Set Cleaning Tools (Pink)

Click image for more info

If your little girl is obsessed with the broom, mop, or wiping everything after watching you do it, here is the perfect set to get them helping around the house through play. The adult cleaning items can be big and heavy, and you obviously don’t want them using the detergents, but this cute, pastel toy cleaning set will give them the realistic feel of doing adult things while being safe.

The set comes with 16 different pieces, including a rag, a basin, a dustpan, broom, mop, and so much more. It all fits into a moveable cleaning cart with wheels so your kid can push it around the house for extra fun.

It builds momentum for life skills, enhances problem-solving skills, and improves confidence in being independent. Additionally, they might actually be helping you get some areas cleaned. It’s a win-win for parents and kids!

3. Teepee Playhouse Tent

Kids Teepee Tent for Girls or Boys with Carry Case, Foldable Play Tent for Kids or Toddler Suit for Indoor and Outdoor Play, Protable Kids Playhouse Children Tent

Click image for more info

Here is a foldable play tent to set up for your daughter, who might enjoy setting up all her plush toys and maybe some books to play with. It has a pretty large space inside so mum and dad can join in the fun. 

It can be used as a reading corner or even for quiet time. It can encourage independent play and bring a whole new meaning to playing camping.

The teepee can be used indoors or outdoors, and because it easily folds up and fits into its own case, you can take it on vacations or to grandma’s house for playdates.

The teepee is made of 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton canvas. The tent poles are made of sturdy pine wood and are free of chemical odors and harmful substances. 

4. Portable Ball Pit

OMNISAFE Upgraded Kids Ball Pit, Folding Portable Balls Pool, Baby Playpen, Play Game Fence for Indoor Outdoor, 51Inch, Oversized (Pink)

Click image for more info

If you are looking for something to keep your little girl contained in one area and want it to be spacious enough, you will love this 51-inch pink playpen. The best part about this is that even though it has more play space compared to other ball pits, it is foldable into a small compact folder and can be packed away without any hassle.

The material is smooth and eco-friendly, and the edges will not scratch your child so that you can be worry-free.

It encourages independent play, and you can add any toys inside or even make a napping area for them with it. Because it is spacious, more than one kid can be in it at one time which is lovely if there is a sibling or if you are having a playdate.

5. Balls for ball pit

Click N' Play Pack of 200 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls - 6 Bright Colors in Reusable and Durable Storage Mesh Bag with Zipper

Click image for more info

The balls are not included in the playpen above, but you can buy them separately and toss them in. The balls are generally colorful and help with color recognition and entertainment.

The balls we have chosen are a set of 200 crush-proof and BPA-free plastic balls. They come in 6 bright colors and are contained in a reusable and durable storage mesh bag with a zipper. This makes it easy to pack away and store if need be.

6. Party Pack Play Dough

Pack of Birthday Party Favors Dough (80 Pack Dough)

Click image for more info

We love this party pack set of 80 play doughs because they are small containers with a single serving session of dough to play with. 

One-year-olds tend to love squishing the play dough, but they also have short attention spans and can leave it lying around or throw it into a dirty spot. This causes it to dry up or get spiled. It’s easier and more budget-friendly if you give them small amounts at a time.

The best part about having a pack of 80 is that when one piece gets spoiled, you have 79 more. You can also toss a couple into your handbag or diaper bag when going out or traveling, which means you have easy access to something which will occupy them if need be. You don’t have to be concerned if you need to throw it away immediately after.

An added benefit to buying a huge pack for a one-year-old is that there will always be enough for all the kids if siblings, cousins, and friends are involved since little kids always want what the other kid has. No more fighting, and everyone gets to have fun.

Toys under $100

1. Wooden Handmade Busy Board Bear

Toddler Busy Board Bear for 1 2 3 Year Old - Wooden Handmade Baby Sensory Activity Boards with Keys, Lock, Latches, Time Telling Clock, Buckle - Travel Car Plane Montessori Toys (Multicolored)

Click image for more info

This would be the perfect toy for any curious little one-year-old. It has all the interesting sensory adulty activities on it, built with safety and entertainment for kids. 

It is shaped like a bear and has peach and pink tones to it, which will fully catch your little girls’ attention. Kids can spend hours with this trying to figure things out and feel like they get to touch and explore everything they have usually pulled away from.

It has secure fastening, smooth edges, is eco-friendly, and has child-safe paint.

This activity board will improve memory, logical thinking, imagination, tactile sensations, perseverance, and fine and gross motor skills. It can encourage independent play or interactive, engaging activity with a caregiver while helping brain development.

2. Stroll-Along Walker

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker, Standard Packaging

Click image for more info

It is a brilliant product by Fisher-Price for your little girl who is either trying to walk, learned to walk, requires balance, or wants to push around their baby doll in a stroller.

This stable stroller functions as a baby push walker with a wide base and easy-grasp handle. Your child can press the wiggly bear’s tummy on the handle for musical rewards or enjoy some fun with the spinners, roller bar, and flipbook. 

We love that it can encourage early role play and nurturing while assisting your little girl’s muscle development, gross motor skills and provide them with entertainment and interaction. It is loaded with fun sit-and-play activities yet allows them to be active and practice their walking.

Pair it up with the realistic baby doll we have on the list, and you have got your daughter the perfect pair to play with!

3. Waterfall Discovery Wall

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall | Double-Sided Outdoor Water Play Set with 13-Pc Water Accessory Set, Multicolor, Basic

Click image for more info

Here we have a double-sided outdoor water playset with 13 pieces of water accessories. It is colorful, easy to assemble, adjustable, and entertaining for your one-year-old who can play with it for years to come.

It has a waterfall tray with a bucket to pour over and start the waterfall. The two interchangeable water wheels allow kids to change the direction of the waterfalls. The water wall features three interchangeable water buckets for collecting and pouring water. 

The whole experience encourages sensory exploration with textures, temperatures, sights, and sounds. STEM learning with early physics concepts like motion and flowing teaches kids about cause and effect.

It helps with language and social skills, especially if they are playing with others, taking turns, and experimenting with role play. It also improves their vocabulary. Additionally, it will improve their physical and motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toys

MerryHeart Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy, 12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker, Extra Large Rainbow Stacking Toy, Nesting Puzzle Building Blocks Educational Toys for Kids Toddlers

Click image for more info

If you like to invest in Montessori toys for your little one, here is a great set that you and your toddler will absolutely love. It is a 12 piece double natural pine wood rainbow stacker that provides an array of fun and education.

The pieces are shaped in an open C, making them look like a rainbow when stacked with all the bright colors.

Your child can make different structures and shapes with it, use it to identify colors, and even make an obstacle course with it.

It builds imagination, creativity and improves fine motor skills. You can build parent-child communication and interaction but also encourage independent play due to the vast number of ways it can be used to play with.

5. Toy Drum Set with Piano Keyboard

Reditmo Toddlers Toy Drum Set for Kids, with Mini Piano Keyboard, Microphone, Drum Sticks, Solid Stool, Cultivating Musical Talent, for 3-6 Years Old Baby, Children, Pink

Click image for more info

It’s never too early to start building momentum for creative artistry skills in kids. Very often, parents pick up interest from the young age of one and can further invest in those skills from there onwards.

This musical instrument has three drum pads that are great for the little toddler who loves to bang on anything and everything. There are two drum sticks to help them do that. There is even one bass drum and a pedal. 

The keyboard has eight mini piano keys, which kids can press with their little fingers and record their sounds. There is a microphone with a volume adjuster to record and listen to your kid’s interesting singing. This is a great way to help them discover their voices.

This musical instrument set improves intelligence, is an exercise for the brain, and cultivates musical talent. There is a stool for them to sit and this can entertain them for hours.

Toys over $100

1. Play Kitchen with Accessories

Play Kitchen for Toddlers – Kitchen Toys Playset for Kids – Pretend Play Cooking Set with Accessories – Ultra-Realistic Vintage Design – Includes Sink, Oven, Stove, Fridge, Ice Maker, And Microwave.

Click image for more info

This play kitchen is an ideal realistic type kitchen for you, toddlers, to learn real-life skills. At the age of one, kids love copying anything the caregivers are doing. While having them n the kitchen with you helping out can be fun, it also gets messy really fast and can often be dangerous. 

Having a similar area that is safe for play allows your child to imitate everything you do, such as cooking, washing dishes, packing cupboards, and making snacks.

We love that it is a complete kitchen set that comes with various accessories for hours of countless fun. It contains three wooden cooking utensils, a vintage telephone, a glass, a pot, and a pan. 

There is a pretend oven with clicking sounds on the knobs and baking rack. The fridge has an ice dispenser, and there is even a paper towel rack and a sink. Everything looks incredibly realistic, and any additional accessories can be packed into the cabinets.

This kitchen set is wonderful for a one-year-old who can grow into it and play with it for years to come.

2. Geomag Magnetic Building Blocks

Geomag Magnetic Toys | 64 Pieces Toddler Magnets | STEM-endorsed Educational Building Cube Set for Creativity & Early Learning Fun | Swiss-Made | Ages 1-5

Click image for more info

Here we have a 64-piece colorful magnetic block set for your creative little builder. This set has no connecting points where you have to fit the pieces into each other somehow. It is simple and smooth squares that can be built from any direction into any shape or structure your child is aiming for. 

The magnetic force holds the structure well together and gives your child a way to create fun pieces with their vast imagination and limitless construction skills.

It promotes fine motor skills, innovation, color recognition, and creativity. Your little one will have even more fun realizing her blocks can stick on the fridge or any other magnetic surface, and she can get building over there too.

The blocks can also be used in sorting and recognizing activities such as learning colors and stacking them together. Additionally, it can be used to help with counting and many more educational activities as your child gets older.

3. Fun Climber with Slide and Ball Pit

Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers

Click image for more info

A super fun activity gym structure for indoor or outdoor play for your active toddler. It has a spacious design and can play with it in many ways, such as the slide, or play with sand, water, or balls in the ball pit. They can climb over and under the center and play with other kids on it too.

The ball pit has a no-leak drain plug so that you can fill it with sand or water for enhanced sensory play. It allows for easy cleanup, and kids can help with that too.

Your one-year-old will need help with climbing and initial sliding, but once they get used to that, you only have to monitor them instead of assisting them the entire time.

The climber challenges both fine and gross motor skills with the climber play and ball drop wall. There are many ways to play and endless hours of fun. This center includes STEM learning and improves visual skills and memory while building language and social skills.

It is essential to always remember that if any toys have very tiny pieces and your child puts everything in their mouth, you need to remove the small items and monitor them the entire time to prevent choking hazards.

There is no longer any need to be concerned about keeping your kids busy enough or worrying about their development and learning abilities. This list of toys will give your toddlers an array of entertainment and education. Some of them encourage independent play giving caregivers some moments to breathe, and there are many options for engaging play to help and guide those little ones along the walk of life through play.

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