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8 Toys for Kids Who Like to Sing

A boy singing in the living room with a microphone in hand.

Did you know that every baby starts out as a music lover? Actually, it’s true. Babies are often aroused by the rhythms of lullabies, and in fact, music is often the first thing that babies utter. Studies have shown that children who sing, play musical instruments, or dance tend to develop faster than their peers. Consider these toys if you’re looking for something to get your child into music!

Singing with your children is an incredible method to bond and appreciate musical fun.  Incorporating a nursery rhyme for younger toddlers can be a great idea as well! These toys are probably the most adaptable in regard to permitting you and your child to sing in harmony while having some good times. 

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy 

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, Ages 3 months +

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Enjoy musical tunes toys from Baby Einstein are ideal for babies and little toddlers.

Change your child’s diaper and the music at the same time. Be a cool parent with the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy, the only mp3 player for toddlers.

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Perfectly sized for little one’s ages 3 to 36 months, Volume control is music to the ears of mom and dad.

Baby Einstein has rolled out a new innovative music toy that is destined to be the most famous kids gadget in town. It comes with cool features and a huge handle. Your little one will have access to ten songs! What I like about this toy is its volume control and also the lights that flash as the musical toy starts playing. The colors on the toy can wear off over time, but you won’t mind. The sound never diminishes.

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio 

VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange

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It takes a lot to impress the little ones these days. A simple nursery rhyme doesn’t seem to cut it these days.

They want their own toys that are not only fun but also savvy. But toys that make noise and flash aren’t enough anymore. Here’s something that will get your kid excited both for its music-making abilities and for its high-tech sound studio capabilities.

Create your child’s favorite karaoke band! The kid’s keyboard lights up to teach children to follow along to Jazz, Techno, and Rock and Roll music. 40+ songs and sound effects. Just slide the switch to turn on the progressive mode or change the volume of each instrument.

Start your younger toddlers with a toy studio that grows along with your child. The KidiStudio also encourages learning valuable lessons such as independence and self-expression.

The KidiStudio provides your child with a complete recording studio packed with their favorite instruments and effects. Play pianos, drums, and guitars, and then add vocal effects to make it uniquely yours!

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Think Gizmos Musical Guitar 

The colorful Think Gizmos musical guitar with buttons.

Source: Think Gizmos

Designed to captivate the attention of little ones, this toy guitar is the perfect way to get your child involved in music. Not only is it lightweight and portable, but it also comes with several different realistic sounds that will keep them occupied for hours on end.

Don’t bother with a noisy toy keyboard when you can get your baby gushing over the ThinkGizmos Musical Guitar. This toy is lightweight yet sturdy, ideal for the music-adoring baby. The three unique modes offer all sorts of musical fun for junior. Your little one will love listening to the various sounds, including piano notes, animal sounds, and more. Your little one will have hours of fun learning the guitar on this activity toy.

WolVol Educational Musical Cube 

WolVolk Educational Kids Toddler Baby Toy Musical Activity Cube Play Center with Lights, Lots of Functions and Skills for Learning and Development

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With 15 different activities to choose from, you can turn your little one into an expert driver, talker, dancer, singer, and maker of noises. With rotating gears, a built-in microphone that turns noises into music and song, and flashing lights and beeps that help teach baby cause and effect, there’s no end to the fun your child will discover in this activity cube.

Developing spatial and motor skills is something your kiddo can easily experience. With the WolVol Musical Cube, your child can also have a quick music lesson and boosting coordination and motor skills.

Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71″ – 24 Keys Piano Play Mat 

Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71" - 24 Keys Piano Play Mat - Piano Mat has Record, Playback, Demo, Play, Adjustable Vol. - Best Keyboard Piano Gift for Boys & Girls - Original

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With Play22 Playmat, little ones can practice and play while sitting on the floor! It comes with 24 piano keys, which is perfect for kids ages 3-5 or older. Made of non-toxic materials to ensure your child’s safety. Plus, it features a wireless transmitter and 10 songs built-in so you can have a jam session any time!

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The Piano Mat is a fun and interactive toy mat that provides for hours of musical play. The mat can be rolled out onto any firm flat surface, instantly creating an extra-large play area for playtime. It features 8 instruments which include a piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, xylophone, and guitar.

Each instrument has its own unique song that is activated by placing the corresponding instrument on top of it. This feature makes it easy and convenient to entertain children even with just a little adult help.

Bluetooth Sing-Along Speaker Kids Mood LED Glowing 

Singing Machine Kids Mood LED Glowing Bluetooth Sing-Along Speaker with Wired Youth Microphone Doubles as a Night Light, Pink/Purple, (SMK250PP)

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We would like to thank the Academy for this award! Wait, no we wouldn’t. And that’s because the Singing Machine Kids Bluetooth Speaker wasn’t actually nominated for an award like an Oscar or a Grammy. Wait, it was?  Anyway…

Have you ever wondered why music has been shown to have a positive impact on children’s self-esteem, language skills, and well-being both mentally and physically? You’ll find that here! 

Children can enjoy music and develop skills with the Singing Machine Kids Mood Bluetooth Speaker, which also functions as a night light. Whether you’re at home or on the go, your kids can rock out wherever and whenever! An interchangeable top is included with this Bluetooth speaker, so your kid’s room can have their very own mood lighting for an added element of fun. 

Move2Play Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Perfect Birthday Gifts for Kids

Move2Play Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Perfect Birthday Gifts for Kids, Toy for 4 5 6 7 8 year old Girls and Boys, Graffiti (B07TTKGZC3)

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Get ready to sing your heart out. This easy-to-use Bluetooth karaoke microphone makes any song you love sound awesome. It’s perfect for kids and teens because it’s affordable, and it’s fun for the whole family. 

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The microphone has a microphone to sing along and play your favorite music. It also has a stand to place the device while you sing to it with your iPad or phone. You can connect your device to it with Bluetooth and choose any song in the app, and it will be shown on the screen of the microphone. The machine uses long-lasting batteries for 6+ hours of singing time, on less than 2 hrs of charge time.

Bukm Kids Musical Instruments, Musical Toys for Toddlers, 25 Pcs Wooden Musical Percussion Instruments

Bukm Kids Musical Instruments, Musical Toys for Toddlers, 25 Pcs Wooden Musical Percussion Instruments, Preschool Educational Learning Tambourine Xylophone Toys for Toddlers Kids Children with Storage

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This unique musical instrument set allows kids to explore their inner Mozart and develop their inner percussionist. The xylophone, drums, cymbals, maracas, and other instruments are great for kids to practice rhythm, play with friends in a band or in the orchestra, and learn about music.

A choice selection of a rainbow of musical instruments helps develop the sense of hearing and imagination in children. The high-quality material, cute design, and different sizes will help children develop both their eyesight and practical ability as they play. With easy-to-grasp animals, kids can easily recognize colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, etc. This set contains a total of 25 pieces of musical instruments for infants and toddlers between 1 and 3 years old to explore and play.

This package comes with a cute yellow bag and a kind of colorful balls. It is a perfect toy for kids. After playing with them, they can put them back or enjoy indoors. With this toy, kids can develop their creativity and imagination. It also helps to improve their intelligence. 

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How do you encourage a musical child?

One of the best things you can do to encourage a musical lifestyle is to buy your child multiple instruments. This can happen at any age, but it’s particularly important for younger ones. As kids get into it, they often get caught up in the creativity and end up not practicing as much as they could.

Not only will this delay their musical development, but it can also put a damper on their social skills as they figure out how to play in front of other people. As they grow older, it becomes more important to let them play around with different instruments but without much adult supervision.

How do you make your child love music?

Children are generally more open-minded and curious about the world around them than adults are. This makes them great sources of musical inspiration. If you’re trying to get your child into music, there are three main strategies you can pursue.

The first is simply putting your child in front of music as often as possible. This can be as simple as playing his favorite album on repeat in the living room as you sift through emails on your computer. The second strategy is targeting specific genres of music for your child to listen to.

For example, if you love classical music, you could play your favorite piece constantly as you talk on the phone or while going about your day. The third and most important step is figuring out how you’re going to target your child’s listening preferences.

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How early should I introduce music to your child?

Music is incredibly important for your child’s development.  Indeed, there is a correlation between musical skills and better cognitive skills later in life.  If you’re considering bringing a child into the world with no musical talent whatsoever, I would strongly encourage you to consider music as early as possible.

As parents, we have an obligation to teach our children the basics of music-how to play an instrument, how to sing and how to play various other instruments as well as how to breathe, sleep and eat properly while being encouraged to explore their creativity.

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