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12 Toys For Kids Who Like to Fix Things

A close look at a kid fixing a mobile phone with a screw driver.
  • Kids love to build, take things apart and learn.
  • There are many toys that are miniature and safe versions of the real thing, like a workbench. From books about projects to safety glasses and measuring tape, there is something for every interest.
  • These toys can help mold your young child and allow them to enjoy what they love while learning some things as they play. 

Most kids like to put things together and take them apart. They get hours of enjoyment from this. However, there are some kids that enjoy it a little more than others. They want to figure out how things work. Some kids take toys and other items apart just to see if they can put them back together again. There are so many toys for kids who like to fix things available. These toys extend beyond just your typical legos. Continue reading to find out more about these toy options. 

Kids Deluxe Workbench

KidKraft Deluxe Wooden Workbench Toy with Four Play Tools, Rotating Pretend Buzz Saw and Storage Bins, Gift for Ages 3+

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This plastic and wood workbench mimics the real deal. This deluxe workbench is a safe way to give your child a place to work that is just like yours. The workbench has its own tools, including a saw, hammer, and screwdriver. It even comes with nuts and bolts. This workbench includes storage bins and is large enough for more than one child to play at a time. 

ELSKY Circuits for Kids 335 Electronics Discovery Kit

ELSKY Circuits for Kids 335 Electronics Discovery Kit, Circuits Experiments Kit, Smart Electronics Block Kit,Educational Science Kits Toy,Great DIY Building Blocks Electric Circuits Kits for Child

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This stem toy is excellent for kids that want to fix items that are powered by electric. This kit helps your child build over 300 projects using multiple different strategies. They can build while learning what works and why. This kit includes a fan, lamp, morse code, FM radio, and much more. It has more than 30 snap parts and a manual that is illustrated and easy to follow. 

Black & Decker Junior Toy Tool Belt 14 Piece Set

Black & Decker Junior 14 Piece Toy Tool Belt Set

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This realistic tool belt has a Black and Decker label on it, just like a real tool belt. It has 14 realistic tools that include wrenches, screwdrivers, safety goggles, nails, and screws. This tool belt is a great toy for beginning builders. Your child can feel like they are helping you fix whatever problem occurs in your house or go off on their own and fix things. 

Natural Wood Tool Box Kids Carpenter Set

Tool Box Kids Children Carpenter Set Natural Wood Box

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This tool kit is meant for children that are a little older. It comes with a box that latches closed and contains everything your child needs to build. It includes a pad of paper and pencil to write notes or take measurements. This lightweight box includes everything your little carpenter needs to work around the house fixing things. 

Lego Junior Construction Toy Set

LEGO 10667 Juniors Consrtuction

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This Lego construction set is the ideal building toy for your little one. It has easy to build parts that your child will build and rebuild for hours. These Lego parts help build gross motor skills and fine motor skills while having fun.

This set includes cones, a wheelbarrow, a crane with a wrecking ball, and tons of accessories for building. It can all be stored in a sturdy plastic Lego container. It includes building instructions for specific items, or your child can be really creative and build something of their own. 

Big Mo’s Toy 46 Piece Set Tool Box

Big Mo's Toys Tool Box - Pretend Play Three Tier Educational Tool Kit for Kids Gift of All Ages - 46 Piece Set

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Big Mo’s Tool Box is perfect for toddlers that want to build and fix things. This toolbox is portable, and your little one can carry it anywhere the job takes them. This set is made of durable plastic that can withstand any beating your child gives it.

The toolbox has three tiers to hold everything your child wants to put in it. Big Mo’s Tool Box is great for teaching your child how to sort. The 46 pieces are easy for little hands to hold. The drill is air-powered, so it never needs a battery. It is complete with every tool your child may need to finish the job, including unique mechanic toys.

Battat Take Apart Airplane

Battat – Take-Apart Airplane – Colorful Take-Apart Toy Airplane for Kids Aged 3 and Up (25pc) , Blue & Red

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The Battat Take Apart Airplane is perfect for helping your child learn how to build and fix a vehicle. This learning toy allows your child to build and take apart cars, planes, and other vehicles. It includes 25 pieces, including a drill, nuts, bolts, and drill bits.

This toy helps your child problem solve and figure out how to put things together. The chunky pieces are easy for little hands to grab and hold. This toy helps improve your child’s motor skills. Your child will learn to concentrate and sort shapes and colors. You can even display the finished model. 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set (130+ pcs)

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This wooden train set is made of high-quality materials that are safe and durable for your child. They have many different sets of building blocks for your child to enjoy. Your child can use the clear instructions to build the set or come up with their own designs for wooden blocks.

This set has over 130 pieces for your child to enjoy. This set includes a freight train with cargo, a passenger train, and a flatbed truck. It is compatible with most other sets, so your child can use this with a set you already have for hours of building fun. This is a great toy for imaginative play.

ToyChoi’s Outside Construction Work Shop

ToyChoi’s Pretend Play Series Leaf Blower Toy Tool Play Set, Outside Construction Work Shop Toy Tool Kit Outdoor Preschool Gardening Lawn Toy Gift for Kids Toddler Baby Children Boys and Girls

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This outside construction set is perfect for your child that wants to build and fix items outside. This set comes with gardening tools which include a leaf blower, tape measure, safety mask, and saw. This set is made of durable plastic that can hold up to the outside elements and any rough play from your child. The leaf blower actually blows air and makes realistic sounds. 

Erector Super Construction Set

Erector by Meccano Super Construction 25-In-1 Motorized Building Set, Steam Education Toy, 638 Parts, For Ages 10+

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This Erector set allows your child to build as many as 25 different models. This Erector set is great for older kids. They can build anything from a buggy crane to a helicopter that really works. Erector has been creating stem toys for generations to help kids learn and build while they play.

This set has over 600 pieces and sure to provide everything your child needs. Your child learns mechanics along the way while having a lot of fun. For those that look forward to an extra challenge, your older child can add the complexity of using programming language through open-source tools. 

Tinker Toy 

TINKERTOY 30 Model 200 Piece Super Building Set - Preschool Learning Educational Toy for Girls and Boys 3+ (Amazon Exclusive)

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This is the best construction set for your kiddo. Tinker toys have been around for a long time and this is an upgrade on the original. Tinker toys are a great option for you to play with your kids. This set comes with all the parts your children need to build houses, bridges, and vehicles.

The tinker toys are bendable, snap together, and are easy to handle. Little ones will love playing with these for the house. The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Or your child can use their imagination to build their own creation. This set comes with washers, wheels, rods, and spools. 

Wooden Blocks with Storage Tray

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray (60 pcs)

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Wooden blocks are among some of the best open-ended toys you can buy for your baby. These blocks will grow with your child as they become a toddler and are off to elementary school. This set of natural finished and smoothly sanded blocks will encourage your kid to play for hours.

They will enjoy time away from a screen as they build and learn. These blocks teach them fundamental concepts early in life. These concepts include math, sorting, hand-eye coordination, and patience. These building blocks come in a solid wood crate for easy storing and moving. Not only are the blocks functional, but also look nice in your home. 

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