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8 Toys for Kids Who Like to Color

A kid using crayons to color on pieces of paper.

Colors are an important part of a child’s growth. They represent playtime, joy, and imagination.

Colors, fun, and games are always at the forefront of our minds when we think of toys for kids. We often think of them as just that — toys — but their creativity and imagination are not. As parents, we want our kids to develop positive emotions and thoughts of enjoyment, joy, and wonder. When these three factors are present along with the right toys, a positive outlook can result in better social skills development, better self-esteem, and even a boost in intelligence.

Easuntec Dinosaur Toys 3D Night Light with Remote & Smart Touch 7 Colors

Easuntec Dinosaur Toys 3D Night Light with Remote & Smart Touch 7 Colors + 16 Colors Changing Dimmable TRex Toys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Boy or Girl Gifts (TRex 16WT)

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When the sun goes down, get ready to be amazed by this cool dino! This three-dimensional night light looks like something straight out of a Jurassic movie. But don’t worry; this friendly fella doesn’t bite. He just wants to add a little fun to your child’s room with his bright green eyes and 3D design. There are multiple colors to choose from!

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Dinosaur Toys 3D Night Light: Jungle Night Light with Remote & Touch Control – Coming to life – Your child’s dream is alive! Dinosaur Toys 3D Night Light will create a glowing replica of a TRex Dinosaur on bedroom walls and ceiling. It can be controlled by touch or remote control to adjust the 7 color or 16 color modes as you like. The Dinosaur night light has no heat generation, is environmentally friendly, and the package includes a remote control, adult assembly instructions, and screws for mounting.

The night light is made of soft, uniform light, and it’s safe for kids. It helps them fall asleep.

Light Drawing Board Pad, Writing Tracing Tablet Sketch Screen LCD

Light Drawing Board Pad, Writing Tracing Tablet Sketch Screen LCD - Awesome Gift

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The Light Drawing Board Pad, Writing Tracing Tablet Sketch Screen LCD is a slim and lightweight drawing board that is easy to carry in school packs or even your bag, making it the perfect accessory for any student as well as being fun and accessible for all ages. It measures 32cm x 24cm and has 10 different creative stencils, giving you ample space on which to be creative. This amazing product makes it simple for you to create inspiring pieces of work!

The Light Drawing Board Pad makes it easy for anyone to learn how to draw. Let loose your child’s inner artist exploring colors and their creative side!

With the Light Drawing Board pad, your big kid will be able to trace designs from photos or drawings, then color in those designs with neon markers. You can do a ton of things, like drawing, counting, spelling practice, writing practice, stenciling, and create a sketch! This compact eWriter helps you think, center, and unwind.

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Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toys Mess Free Coloring Painting

Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toys Mess Free Coloring Painting Educational Writing Mats Xmas Gift for Toddlers Boys Girls Age of 3,4,5,6,7 Year Old 34.5" X 22.5" in 6 Colors

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Have fun with your children and turn water into color! I have to be honest, this is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen. Fight messes and add water to never-ending drawings. The toys are also non-toxic, so kids will have fun while you cheer them on.

Let your child paint away their fussing using this water painting mat by Betheaces. This mat enables you to sketch and paint virtually anywhere, even on the beach under the sun or on your table at home. Because it’s mess-free, you never have to worry about replacing dry paintbrushes or wasting time cleaning up after a big operation.

Toy Rocket Launcher for kids – Shoots Up to 100 Feet 

Toy Rocket Launcher for kids – Shoots Up to 100 Feet – 8 Colorful Foam Rockets and Sturdy Launcher Stand With Foot Launch Pad - Fun Outdoor Toy for Kids - Gift Toys for Boys and Girls Age 3+ Years Old

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This toy rocket launcher is sure to provide hilarious scenarios as your kids load the launcher and attempt to get their rockets into the air. This is a great toy for children of all ages!

Rocket Launcher Foam Toy – Run. It bounces. Send out a dispatch! Taking off with this phenomenally fun froth rocket launcher will be a blast for kids. The design is well thought out and realistically built to remain functional regardless of bouncing, stepping, or recess for any length of time! This game is suitable for ages 3 and up. 

It can soar to 100 feet. Very high! With the right step, you can see rockets take off up to 100 feet above the ground. Unlike other toy rockets, MotoWorx toy rockets are patio friendly and parent endorsed and won’t fly so far that children will forget about them. The yard, park, and playground are great places to play! 

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Children will enjoy hours of outdoor adventure with this fantastic kids toy that gives them safe, unique fun while letting them burn off all the excess energy. A yellow stand, as well as eight full-blast rockets in three colors, are included in this set. 

Science Through Play, your children will enjoy long periods of vigorous outdoor fun, and in addition to this, they will engage their psyches and discover how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) works through the activity of changing objects, bouncing powers, and flight courses.

The Toy Rocket Launcher is easy to assemble and easy to store – It has a folding stand that can be folded and stored in a small space. Neither power nor batteries are needed to collect the launcher. The perfect gift for a birthday or special occasion! 

Coloring Books 

I’m Confident, Brave and Beautiful Coloring Book – Hopscotch Girls 

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

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Coloring? It’s hip. It’s hot. It’s happening. Now, thousands of young girls are joining in with this engagingly amazing activity

With I’m Confident, Brave, and Beautiful Coloring Book – Hopscotch Girls you can bring the confidence, bravery, and beauty of all young girls out there. This coloring book is the empowering gift every girl needs. The art is brought to life in vivid, deeply imaginative line drawings. There’s space to write your thoughts about how you feel about yourself, and a lovely affirmation to finish things off.

Young girls can benefit from coloring books by developing their creativity, confidence, and soul. The 21+ coloring pages in this collection are intended to elicit discussions with adults about what certainty, boldness, and excellence mean, as well as get kids thinking about what goes beyond the surface of emotions. 

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 A remarkable book choice for maturing artists. This coloring book is substantial in weight, and the paper is thicker than most coloring books, and your young lady can use pastel pencils, colored pencils, gel pens, and even most markers, to provide a pleasant experience in coloring.. 

Crayola 288pg Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book 

Crayola Epic Book of Awesome, All-in-One Coloring Book Set, 288 Pages, Kids Indoor Activities, Gift

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Don’t let the cover fool you! The pages will grab you and never let go. Kids get tunnel vision when they see it, forgetting about anything else. Then they run their hands over the cover, mumbling “yay!” Not only is this a great gift idea, but it also covers the entire spectrum of cosmic sea creatures.

The Epic Book of Awesome is the ultimate coloring book, packed with more than 200 pages. With foil-enhanced elements, creative activities, and stickers. Power up your children’s experience with their favorite Crayola rock options!. Look through the intricate maze of this coloring and see that it takes a while to find your way out (meaning hours of play for your youngster). This is a great option for kids 3 and up!

There are entertaining exercises that will teach your kids the alphabet!

Color Recognition Toys

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set - Toddler Toys - Educational Color & Number Recognition Skills Learning Toy

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Tired of the same old, same old? Kidzlane’s egg set is here to make things fun again. 

The colorful eggs in the Color Matching Egg Set require your kid to use their powers of observation and relevancy.

The best part of the Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set is the ability to develop your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. These ‘eggs’ are kind of like an activity cube, only without the large surface area to grab onto. Kids will have to match certain pegs with holes of a different color, and the pegs can be arranged in a variety of different patterns.

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The more you, as the parent, decide to mix it up, the better!

Begin Again Toys Color ‘N Eggs

BeginAgain Color 'N Eggs Matching Puzzle - Bilingual Wooden Colors - 2 and Up

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Hola, amigos! This handcrafted wooden egg matching game in Spanish is a family board game that fosters language development. It is also the perfect way to have fun learning with your tot and introduce them to their first Spanish words.

This little wooden game is sure to be a hit in your home! 6 wooden eggs are nestled within the colorful box and both contain long wooden matchsticks that have colorful wooden balls attached to one end. Toddlers can choose an egg and place its matching ball on top causing the eggs to match. BeginAgain believes in serving children in a fun, sustainable manner and this product does so while encouraging toddlers to identify colors!


What Are Some Learning Colors Ideas For Toddlers?

Having fun while coloring is a great way for little children to learn at the same time. Demonstrating holding a pastel contributes to the enhancement of fine motor skills, whereas demonstrating making assists with the development of cognitive abilities. Make sure you find pictures with large print, crayons and markers that are large enough for little hands to hold and handle, and primary colors that are brilliant and eye-catching.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about ‘mount grasp,’ which is an ideal way to hold a composing instrument for composing, and is essential for the development of their writing skills. 

What Type Coloring Activities Are Good For 5-7-Year-Olds?

Children have moved past jotting and scribbling at this age and are starting to draw items and things they find in their universes. They are additionally ready to deal with more modern crayons and paintbrushes, however, there’s still a ton of improvement going on.

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Fortify their developing abilities by giving them drawing devices made to fit in their grasp, a more extensive cluster of tones, and coloring toys that urge your youngster to utilize their creative mind. (models: crayons, shading pencils, markers, stamps, watercolor paint, coloring books, scratch art, launderable walkway chalk paint, plastic puppet spaces) 

What Type Coloring Activities Are Good For 8-11-Year-Olds?

Giving your kid the instruments to offer life to their thoughts and plans is advantageous for their passionate and scholarly development. Children at this age can start to try different things with other media like shaded pencils, gel pens, markers, chalk pastels, art supply units, banners, colorable apparel and extras, sketch pads, following paper, and surprisingly the new 3D doodlers.

What Type Coloring Activities Are Good For12 Year Olds & Up?

At this age, kids are truly investigating their inventiveness. Children who are not kidding about taking part in art and can graduate to grown-up paints, brushes, and devices suitable for compelling artwork. 

All things considered, there are a lot of children who will need to play and connect all the more freely with arts and specialties. Regardless of whether it’s from work or school, stress is something that can influence everybody. Offering your child’s mind reprieve and dealing with something creative like coloring, is an incredible method to battle pressure.

Even so, few studies suggest it improves concentration and organizational skills.

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