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16 Great Toys for Kids Who Like Playing Music

A close look at various music instruments.

Are you in search of a simple, new musical toy for your kid? Keep intact as we outline some of the best available musical toys to get your little one singing, dancing, and dancing. It’s never too early to begin engaging in musical instruments as a toddler.

Most people realize they have passion and talents for musical instruments at an old age. Only if they had engaged in musical toy early, enough expertise is on a higher level. As much as purchasing new musical toys is an investment on its own, musical toy is beneficial in a child’s life because:

  • Musical toys bring endless hours of enjoyment and beautiful songs.
  • Integrating musical toys into toddlers’ daily lives helps foster development and learning skills.
  • Musical toys enhance both learning and development skills for the little hands.
  • Kids learn to express their feelings through songs.
  • Music enhances language development
  • Toys improve social-emotional skills.
  • Helps kids develop leg and arm muscles when they hold instruments or dance around.

When choosing a new musical toy for your kid, it is imperative to go for good sound, durable, good quality, and educational. Musical toys range from headphones, book songs, toy guitars, record players, toy pianos, and toy drum sets.

Different musical toys best fit little ones depending on gender and age. Music toy allows your kid to listen to their favorite tunes. Well, with all that being said, now let’s get into some ideal musical toys for kids who like playing music.

Baby Einstein Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table, Ages 6 months +

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This is a piano toy for toddlers, integrating lots of great features. The music activity board is full of fun and educational activities. It is crafted to feature different sounds, such as French horns and drums.

Its piano features encourage your children to compose their own music. The piano keys encompass both numbers and letters. With the baby Einstein board, you can opt for either an English, French, or Spanish for a piano lesson.

It’s a lightweight toy that you can remove your legs and place on your toddler’s lap. More so, you can use it while placing it on a table. It’s fun and straightforward to use by any toddler.

Blipblox Toy Synthesizer

Playtime Engineering Blipblox Toy Synthesizer

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The device is popular because it allows kids to create their own beats with the pull of a lever or push of a button. A fully functional synthesizer features over 300 melodies, a low pass filter, an in-built drum machine, and 12 oscillator modulation schemes. The kids fall in love with the LED lights that are synchronized to show them when playing musical instruments.

Additionally, you can hook up the toy to a digital audio workstation for recording your kids’ tunes. The toy is easy to use and is available in most musical markets.

Otamatone Unicorn Toy from Cube

Otamatone Unicorn"Regular" [English Edition] Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument by Cube/Maywa Denki, Sky Blue Face with Pink Body and Purple Tail

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They are the best musical toys for girls. It is a Japanese version instrument different from the rest. The Otamatone instrument creates fun and catchy tunes in a silly way. By sliding your fingers along the stem of the device, your little one can play the songs.

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It is a unique toy that creates room for creativity and fun for toddlers. The higher you slide your fingers along the stem, the higher the tone. Ideally, it is suitable for children above two years.

Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar

Loog Pro VI Acoustic - Green

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The baby-size guitar is built to produce the same vibrant sound as the full-sized instrument. The guitar is crafted to incorporate three, four, or six strings. The wide range of options is ideal for kids aged between 2 to 12 years old.

Loog guitar encompasses chord flashcards, a tuner, an augmented reality feature, and a songbook with tunes from artists. Different options for the guitar integrate multiple colors and accessories. Additionally, they may incorporate a built-in amp and speaker.

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine (Pink/Purple)

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The VTech device is an excellent option for children aged three to six. With a small microphone and a voice changer, the kiddle can play back their tunes. It is crafted with volume control to easily turn up when it gets a bit loud.

This device is crafted to integrate options like sync with a smartphone or plugging in an MP3 player, then removing the main vocals using the magic mode. Kids can record themselves for up to five minutes. The Flamingo-like singing station toy consists of six in-built games and 180-degree disco lights.

Did you know there are musical toys for babies as young as one-month-old? Keep reading within the article and learn more about magic toys.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

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The toy is best for small babies with durability and fun features. It is crafted with four large buttons that will teach your little one how sounds combine. It encompasses sounds from instruments like flute, piano, harp, and a French horn.

It comes with a volume switch to turn up the sound when it gets too loud. The musical cube comes with eight different tunes. They are great for babies as young as one month old. The toy flashes lights while playing at a steady tempo.

Little Tikes PopTunes Guitar

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar (Blue)

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They are popular toy guitars perfect for toddlers. If you want to keep your little one entertained and rock away for hours, the PopTunes guitar is an ideal option. The guitar is crafted to feature plenty of flashy LED lights.

Modern versions encompass a grey translucent color. The guitar has two modes of play, including freestyle and preset tune styles.

Boxiki Kids Musical Instruments

Boxiki kids Musical Instrument Set 16 PCS Rhythm & Music Education Toys for Kids. Includes Clave Sticks, Shakers, Tambourine, Wrist Bells & Maracas for Kids. Natural Toys with Carrying Case.

Click image for more info

The 16-piece set comes with a large jingle bell, a wooden sounder, claves, wrist bells, shaker eggs, maracas, finger castanets, a tambourine, and a triangle. With all these pieces of different instruments, your kids can engage more in music diversification.

The instruments are ideal for kids between three to six years old. The musical instruments are durable and manufactured with high-quality materials. They are readily available in markets such as Amazon and Walmart stores.

VTech Kidi Beats Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging) , Orange

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They are excellent toy drums suitable for fostering children’s sensory development. The drum set is equipped with three drum pads and a cymbal, all with varying sounds. With the VTech drum set, your kiddle can learn numbers, letters or play freestyle.

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The drum set is equipped with nine modern melodies from different music genres, such as dance, rock, and pop. Additionally, the drum pads have in-built LED lights that flash when playing.

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shaker Trio Rattle

Skip Hop Egg Shaker Trio Baby Toy, Explore & More, 3pc Set

Click image for more info

Introduce music to your children using this toy. They are adorable animal shakers perfect for growing babies. Their bright color combination captures the baby’s attention. The animal shakers produce varying fun noises just as animals make their own unique sounds.

They are crafted with grippy rubber patches that allow the baby’s hands to hold them. Additionally, they can stand up on their own. They are ideal for toddlers aged three months and above.

FAO Schwarz Toy Piano Dance Mat

FAO Schwarz Piano Dance Mat

Click image for more info

The toy is ideal for crawlers and toddlers. It is crafted to measure 101 inches long by 29 inches wide. Kids can pound the ivories with their feet at ease.

Anthropologie Wooden Toy Guitar

The wooden toy guitar from Anthropologie.

Source: Anthropologie

These are wooden kid guitars made from high-quality beech wood and steel. They are ideal for toddlers four years and above. Primarily, they measure 8.5 inches in length and 5 inches in the width dimension.

The guitar is colorfully made to fuse four strings with tuners. The little ones can strengthen their fine motor skills using this wooden toy guitar.

Click N’ Play Gigantic Keyboard

Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat, 24 Keys Piano Mat, 8 Selectable Musical Instruments + Play -Record -Playback -Demo-mode

Click image for more info

This is a fantastic and fun-to-look piano mat that is built to provide excellent tunes. The mat is wide and long, thus giving plenty of room to get wild. It is crafted to feature 24 black and white heavy-duty keyboard keys. The keys are suitable for playing various instrumental sounds.

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Commonly encompassed instrumental sounds include saxophone, violin, banjo, and guitar. The piano mat integrates an adjustable volume key that parents can use to turn up/down loud music.

Think Gizmos Musical Guitar

The musical guitar toy from Think Gizmos.

Source: Think Gizmos

It is a stimulating guitar best for music-loving babies and toddlers. The Think Gizmos guitar is crafted with lightweight and durable features perfect for toddlers enthusiastic about music. It is manufactured to incorporate piano sound mode, animal sound mode, and play mode.

Apart from playing the guitar, the toddler can opt to listen to different guitar sounds. It has a built-in motion active section feature on the base of the compartment. The guitar has only one volume setting.

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids with Movable Working Microphone to Sing and a Chair - Tons of Various Functions and Activity, Bass Drum and Pedal with Drum Sticks (Adjustable Volume)

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This device is perfect for growing toddlers. The drum set is built with fun elements encompassing a microphone, bass drum, hi-hats, pedal, and sticks. It comes with different melodies, drum beats, songs, and fun, flashy lights.

They are durably made, incorporating a small stool of about 8 inches for your baby. The drum set sits about 24 inches in height.

ZoZoplay 72-Piece Tubular Pipes

ZoZoplay STEM Toys Tube Locks 72 Piece Tubular Pipes & Spouts & Joints & Whistles Learning Educational Building Block Set with Wheels Gift for Boys Girls

Click image for more info

They are ideal pieces of musical toys that foster creativity in a toddler. The tubular set comes with 72 pieces that can be combined differently to produce different horn instruments. They are fun musical toys that a toddler can build and connect to configure various sound tunes.

They are ideal for  younger kids between 3 and 10 years. Toddlers can amalgamate endless and unique designs for the desired sound.

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Which of the above musical toys has enticed you, and would you be willing to purchase any for your toddler?

There are different types of toys  that we cannot exhaust today, like educational toys, baby toys, maraca, little hands, sensory toys, and wooden xylophone,

Musical toys FAQs

Why do toddlers love listening to music, and are music toys beneficial?

Music is imperative when soothing a crying baby or lifting the mood of a cranky toddler. Hearing is one of the first senses to develop in babies; thus, they can sense rhythms and beats. Language, creativity, and emotional intelligence development can be fostered by listening to music.

What kind of musical toys are available?

In the modern music world, toddlers are not left behind. Musical shops avail musical toys ranging from toy pianos, recorders, toy guitars, and musical headphones for kids. Depending on your child’s age, you can access the desired type of musical toy from local and online markets.

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