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12 Toys For Kids That Like to Garden

Little boy planting seeds of tomatoes in vegetable garden.

There are many benefits to gardening for kids. It can encourage healthy eating habits, improve self-confidence, and it’s a great form of exercise. If you want to inspire a love of gardening in your child, the right toys can help. Gardening tools designed for kids, gardening kits, and themed garden kits are all toys for kids who like to garden.

You’ll find toys for young children, including a pretend play gardening set. Toys for older kids include an ant farm and real garden tools. 

My child loves to garden. I discovered this when I found her digging in the dirt with a spoon as a little one. I realized it was time to pick up some gardening toys. So, I started researching toys for kids who like to garden. Years have gone by, and she’s still my little gardener. I continue to support her love for gardening with the right toys and tools.

Gardening Tools 

Colorful gardening tools in a bucket.

If your little one has a green thumb, they likely want to help out with the garden. You can let them join in with real gardening tools designed for little hands.

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Just For Kids Garden Tool Set

G & F JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set Toy, Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake, reduced size , made of sturdy steel heads and real wood handle, 4-Piece, Multicolored, 5yr+

Click image for more info

This real gardening set has a hoe, leaf rake, shovel, and spade. Each of the four pieces is a metal tool with a wooden handle. They are appropriate for kids age 5 and up.

Cute Stone Plastic Gardening Tools

CUTE STONE Kids Gardening Tool Set, Garden Toys with Wheelbarrow, Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Hand Rake, Shovel, Trowel, Double Hoe, Apron with Pockets, Outdoor Indoor Toys Gift for Boys Girls

Click image for more info

Little ones will love playing with plastic tools. This adorable set includes a wheelbarrow which doubles as storage for the toolset. It includes a watering can, double shovel, gardening apron, cultivator, and hedge clippers.

In addition to being great for outdoor play, you can bring them inside for more pretend gardening fun.

Kids Gardening Tools

Kids Gardening Tools - Includes Sturdy Tote Bag, Watering Can, Gloves, Shovels, Rake, Stakes, and a Delightful Children's Book How to Garden Tale - Kids Garden Tool Set for Toddler Age on up.

Click image for more info

This gardening tool set features a tote bag to store the tools, The tools are kid-sized. They make great outdoor toys for gardening and playing in the sand.

The set includes gardening gloves, a watering can, shovel, trowel, and wooden stakes. Young children should be supervised with the toy, because the tools have metal heads. It also includes an adorable book, titled How to Grow a Garden.

New Sprouts Grow It! Toddler Set

Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow It! Toddler Gardening Set, Outdoor Toys, Pretend Play, Easter Toys, 9 Pieces, Easter Gifts for Kids, Ages 2+

Click image for more info

This pretend playset is a great way to get your toddler interested in gardening. It’s a nine-piece set with two flowers, three flower pots, a carrot, and a radish. Kids can pretend to plant the flowers and veggies.

Garden Kits 

Fairy garden kit

Garden kits are an adorable way to inspire your little gardener. They come with a theme, and everything you need to get growing. 

Fairy Garden Kit

Little Growers Fairy Garden Craft Kit with Enchanted Unicorn and Light-Up Fairy Lights - Paint, Plant and Grow Your Very Own Fairy Garden Arts and Crafts Kit - for Kids All Ages Both Girls and Boys

Click image for more info

If you have a little girl, consider a Fairy Garden Kit. The Little Grower kit stands out among the rest. It has figures to paint, a flower pot, garden stones, a soil disc, and wheatgrass seeds. It also has a night light, so your child can enjoy their garden day and night.

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Dinosaur Terrarium Kit

Onnetila Dinosaur Fairy Garden in a Jar Light up Terrarium Kit for Kids Plant Growing Kit Grow and Glow Terrarium STEM Educational Projects Boys and Girls Crafts for Kids Age 6, 7, 8, 9 Year Old

Click image for more info

For little boys, check out the Dinosaur Terrarium Kit. It has dinosaur figures, soil, and grass seed so you have everything you need to encourage your child’s green thumb.

Sprout Growing Kit

Educational Insights Sprout & Grow Window Plant Growing Kit for Classrooms, Ages 5+

Click image for more info

If you want a STEM gardening activity, check out the Sprout Growing Kit. The planter is transparent, so your child can watch the plants above and beneath the ground as they grow. It includes seeds, soil, and suggested gardening activities.

Growing Kits 

If your kid has a green thumb, these gardening kits are a great choice. They include plants that can be visually enjoyed or eaten, so your child will get a sense of accomplishment from growing them.

Pizza Garden

Creativity for Kids Plant a Pizza Garden - Vegetable and Herb Starter Kit for Kids

Click image for more info

This creative kit lets your child grow veggies and herbs for pizza. It includes tomatoes, peppers, basil, and oregano. You’ll start the plants in the pizza-themed planter. Your child can decorate the planter with stickers before planting. As the plants grow, they will need to be transferred to larger containers.

Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit, Harvest Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms In 10 days, Top Gardening Gift, Holiday Gift, & Unique Gift

Click image for more info

Have an impatient child? Growing things takes time, and kids love instant gratification. This mushroom growing kit provides harvest-ready mushrooms in only 10 days, so your kid won’t have to wait long for the action.

Oyster mushrooms are incredibly easy to grow. This kit features organic mushroom spawn and soil. All you have to do is water with the provided mister twice a day.

Flowering Gardening Kit

38PCS Kids Flower Planting Growing Garden Kit - Richoose Kids Gardening Plant and Paint Arts Crafts Set for Kids All Ages Both Girls and Boys Science STEM

Click image for more info

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This kit has everything your child needs to plant and grow flowers. It includes 3 metal planters. Kids can decorate them with paint. The kit includes a paint palette, 12 pigments, and 5 paintbrushes.

It also includes four gardening tools that are sized perfectly for working with flower pots. A water bottle makes watering the plants easy, and the bottom trays keep water from leaking when you water the plants.

It doesn’t include seeds and soil. This can be a downside, but it allows you to choose the type of flowers you plant.

Garden Related Toys 

These toys are perfect for kids who like to garden, because they encourage kids to explore the outdoors and the world around them.

Adventure Kit

Joyjoz Adventure Kit, Kids Outdoor Kit with Compass, Binoculars, Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, Backpack, Butterfly Net Toys Gift for Boys & Girls Age 3-12 Year Old Camping Hiking

Click image for more info

Encourage your child to get close up with the world around them. It comes with a bug net and a net bug keeper so your child can catch insects and keep them as pets.

Young children will love the safari hat and vest. Older kids will enjoy the binoculars. The kit comes with toy bug models, a compass, and a flashlight. Use the magnifying glass to get up close and personal with garden flowers or bugs.

Ant Farm Castle

NAVADEAL Ant Farm Castle, Ant Habitat Science Learning Kit, Best STEM 2021 Educational Kids Toy, Study Insect Behavior at Home & School, with Plant Based Blue Gel 3D Maze Ecosystem, Kids Gift Idea

Click image for more info

The Ant farm castle is great for kids who want to learn more about bug life. The plastic castle contains a special blue gel that functions similar to sand. Ants create tunnels through the gel. Kids can observe how the ants interact and build their homes.

Toys For Kids Who Like to Garden FAQs

Why is gardening fun for kids?

Gardening is fun for kids for some of the same reasons adults enjoy it. They get to dig in the dirt, which is fun no matter how old you are. They are outdoors. They are doing something that feels adult, which makes it more appealing to kids. More importantly, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Gardening is a challenging activity, which creates a strong sense of satisfaction when efforts are successful. 

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How do these gardening activities and toys benefit your kids?

Gardening teaches children responsibility and persistence. You have to plant the seeds and then tend them as they grow. Eventually, you are rewarded with beautiful flowers or edible vegetables. It increases your child’s confidence because it allows them to take pride in what they are doing. 

Physically, it improves fine motor skills. It allows kids to get fresh air and sunshine. Gardening is also good exercise, so kids and adults get the benefits of physical activity. 

How do you keep kids entertained in the garden?

You can keep your kids entertained in the garden with their own garden toolset. If they are big enough for real tools, a kid-sized metal garden toolset will allow them to help you in the garden. If you have a toddler, get a plastic set and let them “help”. 

A sandbox is another way to keep them entertained, and the garden tools will double as sand tools. Bubbles can help entertain young kids, but you’ll need to get a bubble blower if you want to free up time. Outdoors is a great place to do messy art projects like painting. Get a large piece of poster board or butcher block paper and let your kids go wild. 

How do you make gardening fun for kids?

You can make gardening fun for kids by creating a theme. You can grow a salsa garden, a pizza garden, or a rainbow garden with produce in different colors of the rainbow. If your child loves flowers, plant a flower garden with their favorite colors. If they love birds or insects, choose plants that attract them. 

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You can also create a kid’s garden. Give them their own small gardening area. Help them turn the soil. Let them choose the plants. Let them do the planting, weeding, and harvesting. Remember, if they get it wrong, that’s ok too. They may pull a plant instead of a weed, or pick a cucumber before it’s ripe. But they are learning from these mistakes. 

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