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20 Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys

Boy sitting on a yacht while sailing on a summer cruise.

At the age of eight, boys are ready for higher-level games and toys that encourage plenty of exercises and stimulate their minds to further their educational development. The days of pretend play is almost over, and they are looking for new challenges. Now is a great time to introduce them to STEM learning toys and games to foster new interests and passions.

Eight-year-old boys love activities, games, and toys such as building structures or obstacle courses, riding bicycles, skateboards and scooters, making slime, tossing balls, coding activities, shooting toy guns, functioning robots, dinosaurs, dinosaur surprise eggs, and many more.

So, if your little boy is growing up and you need ideas on what toys to buy for him, you are in the right place! This article will discuss eight-year-old boys and their toys with a great list of fun-filled games, toys, and activities.

Toys For 8-Year-Old Boys Under $25

Hey Clay – Dinos

Hey Clay - Colorful Kids Modeling Air-Dry Clay, 18 Cans with Fun Interactive App (Dinos)
Click image for more info

The Hey Clay Dinos set is a beautiful activity that helps bring out the artist in your eight-year-old and allows him to express his creativity.

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The activity uses an app with easy step-by-step instructions to create six awesome dinosaur figurines.

The kit includes eighteen cans of different colored clay to select any colors he wants to mold his dinosaurs with. The activity is great for developing his imagination and also practice his fine motor skills.

Ultimate DIY Slime Kit

Discovering DIY Slime Kit - Complete DIY Set with All Craft Supplies & Materials Included - Boys and Girls Toys and Gifts
Click image for more info

Eight-year-old boys love to experiment and make a mess! That is why we recommend the Ultimate DIY Slime Making kit.

The kit includes all the fun stuff you need to make magnificent slime such as beads, food coloring, glow-in-the-dark powder, mixing sticks and spoons, color-changing powders, laundry detergent, mixing bowls, glitter, glue, measuring cups, clay, plastic fruit, eight different slimes, two container and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

The fun instructions include fluffy slime, unicorn slime, mermaid slime, custom slime, galaxy slime, cloud slime, and butter slime. This kit is full of fun and learning, and it’s a great way to show them how fun science can be.


Educational Insights BrainBolt Brain Teaser Memory Game, for Kids, Teens & Adults, Puzzle Game For Ages 7 to 107
Click image for more info

BrainBolt by Educational Insights puts a modern spin on the old classic game “Simon Says.” Children can play the game solo or with another person.

They have to try and memorize the light sequence and repeat it without changing the pattern. It is the perfect game for long car trips or to take anywhere he goes.

The game keeps children entertained, focused, and engaged for hours. The game requires 3 x AAA batteries (included).

Toys For 8-Year-Old Boys Under $50

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 10 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed Learning Guide & 2 Display Stands - Great STEM Science Gift for Mineralogy & Geology Enthusiasts of Any Age
Click image for more info

Let your eight-year-old boy discover the fantastic world of crystals! This magnificent National Geographics set of Geodes will spark a new interest in crystals and geology.

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The set includes 10 x hand-selected geodes that he has to break open to reveal the beautiful crystals hidden inside. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning activity is excellent for introducing science in a fun way.

He will learn how different kinds of geodes form different kinds of crystals. The beautiful 16-page guide will provide him with tons of interesting facts about the crystals.

The geodes in the set range from a ping-pong ball to a tennis ball size, and he will enjoy cracking them open to see what’s inside!

Little Growers Dinosaur Terrarium Kit for Kids with Neon Paint and LED Lights

Little Growers Dinosaur Terrarium Kit for Kids with Neon Paint and LED Lights - Plant and Grow Mini Light Up Garden - Science and Craft Kits for Boys and Girls - STEM Age Gardening Gifts and Toys
Click image for more info

The Little Growers Dinosaur Terrarium Kit is excellent! Your little man can paint his own dinosaurs and arrange the environment any way he wants. He can create a dinosaur oasis in the 9″ x 6″ terrarium dome by designing a mini-ecosystem and rearrange it any time he wants.

He will learn how to plant seeds and nurture a plant which encourages responsibility and broadens his scientific knowledge. This great STEM toy kit includes;

  • 1 x Terrarium Dome (bowl and lid)
  • 3 x Dinosaur figurines (Styracosaurus, TRex, and Pterodactyl)
  • 1 x Volcano
  • 1 x Soil Disk
  • 1 x Pack of Wheatgrass Seeds
  • White and Orange Decorative Crushed Rock
  • 1 x Acrylic Bright Neon Paint Set with 6 Different Colors
  • 1 x Fine Tip Paint Brush –
  • 1 x Medium Tip Paint Brush –
  • 1 x Set of Special LED String Lights –
  • 3 x Transparent Crystals

The cool purple LED string lights make the neon colors glow, and the terrarium doubles as a night light. The terrarium is made from non-toxic materials and conforms to ASTM F96317 and CPSIA safety standards.

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Fat Brain Toys GibGab – The Back-and-Forth Battle of Babble

Fat Brain Toys GibGab - The Back-and-Forth Battle of Babble [Family Party Game for Kids & Adults]
Click image for more info

This game is entertaining and suspenseful! A fast-paced trivia challenge will have him thinking on his toes and hanging on to the edge of his seat! The rules of the game are simple.

Simply say a word from selecting categories, push the button and try to avoid your opponent’s light from getting to your end. Not only is the game super fun, but it also improves his memory, quick-thinking, and concentration skills.

Allow your little man to challenge himself with the GibGab game, and he will never be bored again. He can store the cards under the gameboard (with a magnetic lid). The game requires 3 x AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Fort Building Kit by Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts, Purple, 69 Pieces
Click image for more info

Kids have been building forts for centuries! Nothing comes close to the excitement of designing and constructing your own cool hiding place for you and your friends. It is a way for children to hide from the real world and step into an imaginary world full of magic and possibilities!

This incredible 69-piece (25 balls and 44 sticks) fort-building set takes the fun to the next level. Working together, they can build all sorts of fort shapes and change them up if they get bored. Constructing the fort requires problem-solving and teamwork.

They can create configurations such as an igloo, a castle, and even a pirate ship. When they are done building, they can cover the fort with blankets or sheets, and they are ready to start playing pretend!

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Master Detective Toolkit by Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit | Forensic Science Experiment Kit | Fingerprints, Footprints, Tire Tracks | 32-Page, Full-Color Experiment Story Book | Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner
Click image for more info

If your son enjoys detective work and inspecting things, the Parents’ Choice Gold Award-Winning (Parents Choice Foundation) Master Detective Toolkit by Thames & Kosmos will resonate with him.

The kit will teach him how to solve crimes and gather evidence by conducting the 26 included experiments. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) kit includes crime scene tape, plaster powder for casting footprints, a magnifying glass, fingerprint powder, and an invisible ink pen to write top-secret messages.

He will learn about forensic science and documenting evidence to solve the crimes. As he becomes better, he can use his newfound skills to solve the MOCK crime featured in the manual.

The 32-page colorful illustration experiment book is easy-to-follow with step-by-step instructions. Bring out the detective in your kid, and who knows, he might be the next Sherlock Holmes.

Marble Circuit Logic Board Game

MindWare Marble Circuit – Logic Game for 1 Player – Great Gift for Kids who Like Puzzles & Brain teasers – 64 Card Challenges & 24pcs – Fun for Kids & Adults – Ages 8+
Click image for more info

If your little boy enjoys games that involve problem-solving and strategic planning, then this is the perfect game for him. Train his brain and improve his cognitive skills and special recognition with the MindWare’s Marble Circuit.

It is an easy one-player game where he has to select a card to see the puzzle he must build and place the multi-directional tiles where he thinks they should go on the gameboard. Next, he must release the marbles to see if he can land the target.

If the marble does not reach the target, he can rearrange the pieces until he gets it right. The game includes 50 puzzling challenges, sixty-four puzzle cards, eight steel marbles, one gameboard, fifteen multi-directional tiles, and easy-to-follow instructions.

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Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle Challenge

Is your boy brave enough to take on the challenge of the Perplex Epic? With 125 obstacles to complete, the fun never stops! This intricate, twisting, turning, mind-straining ball will have his heart racing with excitement.

The game requires him to guide the metal ball through all sorts of tracks like the uphill climb, fling and sway, the cable car, the dead man’s cave, and many more until he makes it to the finish line.

This game is excellent for practicing his hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and strategic planning skills. The puzzle features various layers of detailed maze structures to test his mental persistence.

The spherical 3D puzzle game also develops his dexterity and motor skills. The tracks have arrows to help him guide the metal ball in the right direction. He can enjoy this activity with the whole family, and it’s great for traveling.

Toys For 8-Year-Old Boys Under $100

Hexbug Robotic Battle Spider 2-pk

HEXBUG Battle Spider 2.0 Dual Pack Blue and Orange, One Size
Click image for more info

Time for an epic robot battle. The Hexbug Robotic Battle Spiders are ready to fight. Your little boy can challenge his brother or sister, his friends, and mom and dad to see who will be victorious!

The robots are designed with battle-worn decals, and they are fully equipped to take on their opponent.

The 2-pack set comes with a four-channel remote control for each of the spider robots, and they have high-tech sensors that measure every hit. The set features two battle spiders, one orange and one blue. Batteries are not included.

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Science Kit – Glow in The Dark Lab

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Science Kit - Glow in The Dark Lab with Crystals, Slime, Putty, and More, Great Kit for Girls and Boys Fascinated by Science
Click image for more info

This fantastic glow-in-the-dark kit from National Geographic is like magic in a box! Kids get to fun activities including;

  • Growing a real crystal
  • Exploring a fluorescent Wernerite rock specimen
  • Making glowing slime
  • Lighting up putty with a UV light
  • Drawing on putty with a UV light
  • Exploring fluorescence

The STEM learning kit teaches kids about the magic behind the glow in the dark, what it is and how it works. The kit includes purple and green glow-in-the-dark slime powder and a colorful and detailed learning guide.

The steps to make slime are clear and easy to follow. The items included in the kit are of exceptionally high quality; however, should you not be 100% satisfied with the kit, you may return it for a full refund.

Spark your boy’s interest in geology and science with all the cool experiments in this beautiful science kit.

Mini Acoustic Kids Guitar by Loog

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar for Children and Beginners, (Yellow) (LGMIY)
Click image for more info

If your boy wants to be a musician, it is essential to support his dream. Learning to play an instrument from a young age opens up many opportunities for him, and it also improves his fine motor skills, talent, and confidence.

This mini guitar by Loog looks like a real musician’s guitar. It has classical nylon strings (perfect for beginners), low string action, and ideal intonation.

He can download the app to learn how to play, and the guitar also comes with flashcards featuring chord diagrams. The app is compatible with Android and iOS. The guitar is made from Basswood with a maple wood neck and comes fully assembled.

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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

POWERUP 4.0 The Next-Generation Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit, RC Controlled. Easy to Fly with Autopilot & Gyro Stabilizer. For Hobbyists, Pilots, Tinkerers. STEM Ready with DIY Modular Kit
Click image for more info

The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane is a unique toy for an eight-year-old boy. It requires him to fold a plane out of a sheet of paper, connect to Bluetooth and use a mobile phone or device to control the plane through the free app.

The plane can do fantastic high-speed tricks such as Barrel rolls, loops, and hammerheads using the Acro mode. He can also control foam and Balsa wood models using the.

The onboard computer can calibrate the plane automatically for bad weather with its built-in wind stabilizer and launch assist features. The plane can fly as far as 230 feet at 20mph for ten whole minutes after charging.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toy teaches your kid about aerodynamics by learning how to thrust, drag and lift the plane. The toy is made from a heavy-duty, almost indestructible carbon fiber body with a reinforced nylon motor mount and nose.

The coolest part is if he exceeds the recommended distance, the plane lands safely by itself and won’t fall to the ground, thanks to the onboard computer.

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur Intelligent Interactive Smart Toy Electronic Remote Controller Robot Walking Dancing Singing with Fight Mode Toys for Kids Boys Girls Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 and Up Year Old
Click image for more info

This may well be one of the coolest toys on the list! The Firestone RC Robot Dinosaur has multiple functions, including;

  • Auto Demo Music And Dance
  • Infrared Remote-Control
  • Intelligent Interaction, Fight Mode
  • 360 Degree Rotation,
  • Walking/Sliding Mode
  • Independent Programming
  • Sucker Bullet
  • Touch-Sensitive

If he touches the respondent area on the dinosaur robot’s head, he will start to wag his tail, make sounds, and shakes his head. The flexible and diverse infrared remote control can make the dinosaur open its mouth, dance to music, walk, slide, and scream.

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He also has an excellent combat mode that makes the robot dinosaur scream, lock onto the target, and launch the sucker bullets. He will have so much fun with this robot you might not see him for hours!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall
Source: Walmart

If your young man is a fan of Harry Potter, he will love the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall building set. The Award-winning set comes with 850 LEGO pieces, ten mini-figures, including;

  • Harry Potter
  • Ron Weasley
  • Hermione Granger
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Susan Bones
  • Professor McGonagall
  • Professor Quirrell/Lord Voldemort
  • Hagrid
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • Basilisk creatures
  • Fawkes creatures
  • Hedwig
  • Scabbers

The 4-level structure includes cool features and accessories such as;

  • Image changing pieces
  • A moving staircase
  • A fireplace
  • Tables
  • Reversible banners
  • A Grand Staircase tower
  • A potions room
  • Benches
  • A sorting hat
  • The mirror of Erised
  • A treasure room
  • Plenty of magical artifact accessories (two wizard brooms, chest, a spider, potions, cauldrons, an umbrella, three tumblers, and seven wands)
  • Floating candles
  • A trophy cup
  • A head table with seats
  • Miniature food (ice cream, a small cake, and a turkey leg)
  • A boat with a hanging lantern

Toys For 8-Year-Old Boys 100+

RipStik Razor Caster Board, Blue

Razor RipStik Caster Board - Blue
Click image for more info

If your eight-year-old wants to learn how to skate, the RipStik is the perfect toy to start learning with. The snowboard and skateboard hybrid allows him to carve and ride, and as his coordination and balance improve, he can try to do cool tricks.

The RipStik board is made from aluminum with76mm, polyurethane wheels precision ABEC-5 bearing casters. The board also features 360-degree caster trucks, a pivoting deck, kick tail and nose, spiked traction pads, and a concave deck design.

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The board can handle up to 220lbs (do not exceed the limit). This fun toy encourages kids to put down their screens and play outside. It is also a great exercise and allows for social interaction.

Magna Tiles Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative Open-Ended Play, Educational Toys For Children Ages 3 Years +
Click image for more info

Magna-Tiles have become a big hit amongst children and adults of all ages. With the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles incorporated into the activity, kids are having tons of fun and learning at the same time! The 100-piece set is made of colorful translucent high-quality ABS plastic and include;

  • 50 x Small squares
  • 4 x Large squares
  • 11 x Right triangles
  • 15 x Isosceles triangles
  • 20 x Equilateral triangles

3D Magna-Tiles, are not only super fun, but they improve current skills and help develop new skills such as;

  • Shape recognition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Visualization skills
  • Color recognition
  • Teamwork skills
  • Cooperation skills
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Spatial skills
  • Tactile skills

The base of each shape measures 3″ (7.62cm). There are so many different structures to build, and it will engage your kid for hours!

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle With Kickstand Gifts for Children Bikes 20 Inch White
Click image for more info

Every little boy should have a big-boy bike so that he can explore the outdoors and ride along with his friends. The RoyalBaby Kids Freestyle Bicycle features a front caliper brake, a rear coaster brake, safe handbrake, and hand grips.

The bicycle’s frame is made from high-quality, sturdy steel and has a non-slip resin pedal chainguard. The bike comes 95% assembled ant the rest of the bike is easy to add on with clear step-by-step instructions.

The bike includes a DIY decal and a bell to make the ride even more exciting. The seat comes with a handle for easy grip, and it is soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods.

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The sizes range from 12″ to 20,” and the size chart will help you to find the right size for your boy. The bike encourages him to be active and outdoors, improve his balance, and develop excellent gross motor skills.

Vector Robot By Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, With Amazon Alexa Built-In
Click image for more info

Vector Robot by Anki is the cutest and best robot friend your eight-year-old boy could ever have. Vector can play games with him, and when he loses, he throws throw tantrums!

The Vector starter app, which is available for iOS or Android, allows him to code Vector, and when he gets a little more comfortable, he can move on to a more advanced level. With his spunky personality and adorable looks, your son is sure to have a best friend forever.

Vector will hang out with him and help out where he can. He takes photos, can navigate independently, self-charge, set reminders, tell the temperature, answer questions, dance, play music, show you the weather, and even control smart home devices like thermostats, speakers, and lights.

He is so intelligent that he can avoid obstacles and recognize people. Thanks to the Cloud updating platform (connected via WiFi), the app can update him with new skills and information. He is the perfect little robot friend for a boy, and he will never be lonely. Vector comes with a charger and a cube. The USB charger cable is not included.

In Conclusion

Whether your boy is creative, active, curious, or energetic, the toy market is jam-packed with toys that will suit every child’s needs and interests. Anything you can think of, from intricate construction activities to trick bikes to controlling coding robots, they are all out there!

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Make sure you shop for age-appropriate toys that teach them new things and keep them engaged. Yes, your little boy is growing up but rest assured, that doesn’t mean he will ever stop playing.

The trick is to expose him to toys that can stimulate his mind, improve his current skills and toys and activities that help him develop new ones. We hope you find everything you have been looking for on our fun and exciting list of toys, carefully selected for eight-year-old boys.


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