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17 Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys

Happy little boy sitting on the floor.

Does your five-year-old talk your ears off, or do they never stop complaining about being bored? Are you looking for toys that will keep them physically and mentally occupied so that you can catch your breath? We have all the help you need with that.

Boys at the age of five require toys that will keep them engaged and challenge them. Items such as Legos, kinetic sand, board games, puzzles, remote control cars are the way to go. They also enjoy sensory play like clay and hobby-based toys such as golf sets and musical instruments. 

It can be confusing choosing suitable toys for boys this age because by now they going to school, they can have very mature conversations, and they need much more demanding activities to keep them stimulated. They also have the energy of a fully charged battery and need proper mental and physical stimulation to enhance healthy growth.

Importance of five-year-olds playtime?

With no agenda to it, open-ended play can be highly calming for them (especially after school) and in the evenings. Investing in toys that allow them to fully embrace who they are and spend time doing what they enjoy while being a total kid can be extremely healthy for their brain development and emotional well-being.

Because their minds are always working, they absorb everything, are super curious, and require proper stimulation; even during play, it is vital to get them toys that will keep them curious, challenged, and engaged without being overwhelming.

Here are toy options for five-year-old boys to help you decide what to purchase:

Toys under $25

Popits Fidget Toys

6 PacksPopitsfidgets Toy for Kids Teenagers,Poppers It Popits Pops Popet Popitsfidgets Press Pop Bubble Sensory Stress Relief Satisfying Game Toy Package Fidgettoy Set Rainbow Dinosaur Unicorn Mouse
Click image for more info

There are so many uses for these popper poppits. It is the latest craze, but unlike the fidget spinners that came out a few years ago, these are extra fun and way more versatile.

This is a set of 6 with different shapes, including a horse, dinosaur, rainbow, unicorn, and a couple of other fun characters. They are all colorful and different sizes for added experience and entertainment.

At age 5, kids can pick up on sentiments and stressful situations while also having their own. School can be overwhelming, and home situations may be scary, so having a healthy, fun method to fidget can ease their anxiety. This way, they are not biting their nails or hitting their friends.

In addition to using the poppits as a fidget toy, it is exciting to pop the tiny bubbles, make patterns, and race with someone playing together.

That’s not all; you can let your kids get creative in the kitchen with their poppits. They can make molded chocolate, semi-circle jelly balls, and even mini-ice.

We are not done yet. You can take them with you to the beach or put them in your kids’ sandbox or kinetic sand tray, and they can make poppit-shaped sand.

Wooden Solar System Floor Puzzles

iPlay, iLearn Kids Puzzle Ages 4-8, Wooden Solar System Floor Puzzles Ages 3-5, Large Round Space Planets Jigsaw Puzzle Toys, Educational Learning Gifts for 6 7 8 Year Old Toddlers Boys Girls Children
Click image for more info

Puzzles are an excellent way for kids to learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical thinking skills. It also boosts their confidence and self-esteem. It is a way for them to use deep thinking and implant the ability to tackle adult problem-solving skills later in life.

Puzzles are educational in terms of the developmental benefits but also spark creativity and imagination through the pictures. Additionally, they provide extended amounts of genuine, organic, engaging fun without feeling like there is learning involved.

This puzzle is challenging enough to keep a five-year-old interested and simple enough for him to get used to and complete, feeling proud of his accomplishments.

The puzzle is 48-piece astronomy and planetology themed with a guidebook on the topics included. The puzzle, once completed, ends up in a fascinating round shape picturing the space and planets surrounding the earth.

Not only will your child gain the benefits from building and solving puzzles, but it may also spark an interest in astronomy if he doesn’t already love that.

We found an additional simplified puzzle, also space-themed, but a regular rectangle one that is 24 pieces and will be much simpler if your five-year-old is just starting out on big kid puzzles.

Ludo and Snakes & Ladders Wooden Board Games

Ludo + Snakes & Ladders Wooden Board Game 2-Pack - Two Game Set in One Bundle - Children's Family Pachisi Learning Dice Games for Adults & Kids - Classic 12" x 12" Two-Sided Board for 2-4 Players
Click image for more info

At the age of five, your kids can be well into enjoying family board games. Ludo and Snakes & Ladders are classic ones and very simple to explain and understand. You can also bend the rules a little bit for your five-year-old as they learn to follow the rules and get used to the game.

Board games like this boost morale and encourages social skills. It teaches indirect math with counting and calculating and can allow kids to experience healthy disappointment if they lose. It teaches fairness, resilience and improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

We especially love this set because it is double-sided, so you have two games in one. It uses less space and provides more fun. Both games come with all the accessories needed to play and includes instruction manuals.

Wooden Geometric Tangram Set

GEMEM 155 Pcs Wooden Pattern Blocks Set Geometric Shape Puzzle Kindergarten Classic Educational Montessori Tangram Toys for Kids Ages 4-8 with 24 Pcs Design Cards
Click image for more info

You would be surprised at how creative kids can be at the young age of five. Their imaginations are so innocent yet so vast. Tangram is another incredible way to let them dig into those imaginations and expand their creativity.

The set contains 155 well-designed variety-shaped wooden pieces to create different formations and models. There are 24 designed cards they can use to imitate patterns with different levels of difficulty. They can also use their own discretion to create linear pieces of their own. 

It is an educational concept without direct education techniques. It teaches and reinforces basic patterns, math concepts, and visual learning. Additionally, it improves hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning.

The pieces come in a convenient drawstring bag for storage and easy removal and packing for kid’s independent playing.

Marble Paint Craft Kit

MFJL Marbling Paint Crafts Kit for Kids - Arts and Crafts for Girls & Boys - Ideas Art Kits for Kids Age 3-5 4-8 8-12 (Paint on Water)
Click image for more info

Painting is always a good idea for kids. It is creative, imaginative, tactile, and sensory. Kids typically love to paint, and at the age of five, they are able to paint more progressively and create beautiful images and portraits that will blow your mind. 

Painting allows kids to experiment with colors, textures and broaden their self-esteem. It is also a terrific method of releasing hidden fears, anxiety and helps with emotional and mental well-being.

Painting can become a fun activity, a lifetime hobby, and possibly a career if your child continues to pursue it.

This paint kit steps away from the mainstream paint sets and offers your child the opportunity to experience painting with marbling paint. They can layer, smear, drag, and transfer it onto paper.

The package comes with a tray, several papers, 6 bottles of dye, 3 baggies of carrageenan, 3 designing needles, 1 measuring spoon, 1 tweezer, 2 pipettes, and 1 comb. There are also instructions details on the package for how to use the paint correctly.

The painting starts in the tray. From there, your kids can make patterns as they like with the tools provided, and then all they have to do is transfer the paintings onto paper. They can enjoy unlimited engaging fun independently or with others.

Toys under $50

LEGO Classic Brick Box

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696 Building Toys for Creative Play; Kids Creative Kit (484 Pieces)
Click image for more info

Legos are super fun and engaging for five-year-old boys. They will probably love it even more if they are into Minecraft or if they enjoy following instructions and seeing the fruits of their labor when the structure is done. 

There are so many options of different structures for boys to choose from, but we have picked out this classic box option specifically if your child is new to Legos. This box will give them a feel of what Legos are about and, at the same time, have a variety of structure options they can build.

Another reason we love the classic box is that there is a large variety of Lego pieces. Your kids can use their imagination and creativity to build their own random structures if they don’t want to follow a system or get bored of it.

Legos keep your child engaged for hours and provide an array of benefits such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, critical thinking, social skills, independence, confidence, resilience, imagination, creativity, and so much more. 

The box contains a collection of 484 Lego pieces in 35 different colors. The pieces are compatible and can be added to any other Lego set. It is the perfect set to begin a Lego journey or add to your kids’ existing collection.

Remote Control Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine

iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine, Remote Control Bat, Automatic Pitcher, Active Training Toys Set, Outdoor Sport Games, Gifts for 5, 6, 7 Year Olds Kids, Boys, Girls
Click image for more info

This is an excellent sporty and fun toy activity for outdoor fun. The fascinating part is that it is remote-controlled by the baseball bat. You switch it on for pitching, and the balls will pitch every 5-7 seconds if you turn it to auto.

You can use it to play baseball from the ground or tennis if you put it on a table or some surface above the ground.

The package contains the ball dispenser, a tennis racket, a baseball bat, and 6 balls. Once all the balls have been pitched out, your child can add them to the dispenser again. It is great for independent play, practicing sports, getting outdoors, and burning energy.

This has several benefits for brain and muscle development, such as hand-eye coordination, balance and body coordination, and overall health and wellness.

It can keep kids engaged for hours, and if playing with others, they can learn social interaction and fair play.

Remote Control Monster Truck

BEZGAR 17S Toy Grade 1:20 Scale Remote Control Car, 2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Rechargeable Battery for Boys Kids and Adults
Click image for more info

At the age of five, your son will easily be able to learn how to control the remote of RC cars. They love being able to be in control and feel like they are driving. However, they can still be quite wild (as kids should be), and while they are still learning, it is recommended, they have one that can take a few hits without getting damaged quickly. That is why we suggest this monster truck instead of a fancy Lamborghini. 

The remote has 2.4GHz precision control and a 30 meters control distance. It works proportional forward, reverse, and braking. The tires are rubber material and designed with tire thread for better elasticity, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability, and grip. The body is pre-glued and mounted onto wheels which will prevent tire misalignment.

It has a stylish and realistic appearance and automatically turns on when the remote control is switched on. The front and rear bumper prevents damages from the collision and works as a shock absorber. It is lightweight and easy for a five-year-old to handle.

It provides unlimited fun for both indoor and outdoor play while teaching your child control and equipping them with the beginners’ skills before upgrading to an advanced level remote control vehicle driving.

Fort Building Kit

Kids-Fort-Building-Kit-130 Pieces-Creative Fort Toy for 5,6,7 Years Old Boy & Girls- Learning Toys DIY Building Castles Tunnels Play Tent Rocket Tower Indoor & Outdoor
Click image for more info

Is there any kid who doesn’t love building forts and playing camping? Now you can prevent your entire living room furniture from being rearranged to build a tiny fort by investing in one of these sets for your kids.

It comes with 130 pieces of a variety of sticks and connector balls to build various-shaped fort structures and tunnels. Your kids can throw some sheets over their structures and enjoy the feeling of being in a tent. They can use it indoors or outdoors and never run out of fun.

It helps kids with problem-solving, creativity, imagination, logical thinking, motor skills, and muscle development. It provides mental and physical activity and will keep your children engaged and entertained.

Play-Doh with Crafts Table

Play-Doh Play 'N Store Kids Play Table for Arts & Crafts Activities with 8 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
Click image for more info

Sensory play is essential for expanding imagination and improving creativity. It improves motor and tactile skills and builds muscle development in the hands. Your child can create their own models and formations or use the cutters to cut out specific shapes. 

The set comes with a crafting table that has storage in the legs. This allows you to store all the play dough and accessories inside. It’s also convenient that there is a designated surface for the play dough, so you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting damaged. 

There are 8 cans of play dough and more than 25 tools and accessories to use during playtime. There is enough to last your child a long time and can help with social skills when playing with other kids or caregivers. Additionally, it encourages independent play and keeps kids engaged for hours.

Outdoor Soccer Goalposts 

Dimples Excel Soccer Goals Kids Soccer Net for Backyard 4'x3', 2 Set
Click image for more info

Physical activity outside is one of the most essential activities for proper mental and physical development in kids. While there are many options to choose from, it is an ideal way to get your kids interested in sports.

If your child is already invested in a different sport, you may want to get them something to complement that. However, if you want them to give soccer a try or get it to expand their horizons, these goalposts are the perfect option.

You get a pair of posts made of durable Dacron material for the net and fiberglass poles to withstand climate change and movement. The ball is not included, but you can purchase that separately (see next on the list).

Playing soccer with others or independently can help kids to burn energy, boost their morale, improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It will additionally help with muscle development, coordination, and build skills.

It can serve as plain outdoor fun and entertainment or allow them the opportunity to start gaining the love for sports and practicing it because they may play as part of school or careers in the future.

The soccer ball can be bought separately and comes in different colors to choose from.

Toys under $100

Laser Tag Guns Set

HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns Sets of 4 Players Game Laser Tag Sets with Gun and Vest Indoor Outdoor Toy Gun Battle for Boys Toys Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Gifts for 12 Year Old Boy
Click image for more info

Here is a four-player laser tag gun set for kids who enjoy more adventurous, interactive games, challenges, and healthy competition.

The set contains 4 guns and 4 target vests which are both fully functional. It is a brilliant game to play in twos, threes, or fours and can include your five-year-olds and adults. The best part is when kids go to bed at night, the adults can enjoy a kid-free game of laser tag too!

In addition, there is a screwdriver and an instruction manual that will guide you on exactly how to work the guns and vests. It will also teach you how to play with all the rules.

This can be super fun for stimulation, adrenalin, self-control, resilience, and social skills under high-stress situations. Five-year-olds are obsessed with guns and shooting games, and this can give them a full-blown entertaining experience of fun gameplay.

Magnetic Building Tiles

BMAG 120 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks, 3D Magnet Building Tiles, STEM Construction Building Set, Stacking Toys with 2 Car
Click image for more info

Kids this age absolutely love to build structures. It enhances their imagination, and they can get really creative. These 3D magnetic tiles step away from the standard blocks as we know them and step into a whole new world of creativity and building.

The round-edge design makes it safe for your kids. It has ultrasonic welding making it solid and durable. It is high-quality BPA-free and ABS plastic that is non-toxic and safe. The bigger-sized magnets make it stronger to keep structures maintained.

It encourages independent play and also helps build social skills with other kids and caregivers. It teaches sharing, taking turns, resilience, and confidence.

The package contains 130 pieces with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to create a range of fun and unique structures.

This product will keep your kids busy for hours and stimulate their minds through organic play.

Hot Wheels Multi-Level and Multi-Play Car Garage

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage Multi-level multi-play mode Stores 100 plus 1:64 scale cars gift idea for kids 3 and older
Click image for more info

If your son is a Hot Wheels fan, he will have an absolute party with this garage set. It is the tallest ultimate car garage with a menacing Robo T-rex. It will boost your child’s excitement with the various features it has to offer.

It will inspire hours of imaginative play and can store more than 100 cars. It’s a great way to start a Hot Wheels car collection, or if your son already has a growing collection, he will have an official place to store them.

During the drive down the ramps, the hungry T-rex chomps up all the cars and can be released by ‘pooping’ them out – much to a five-year-olds fascinated humor. Your kids can also make the cars race by taking them through the elevator system to avoid the T-rex.

This set offers fun, excitement, imagination, surprises and allows for engaging play, which a five-year-old requires. They may quickly get bored playing with cars alone because of the lack of stimulation but having this garage offers a whole new experience, especially for your car-obsessed child.

Toys above $100

Balancing Beam Connector Blocks

edxeducation-63702 Balancing Path - in Home Learning Supplies for Kids Physical Play - 28 Pieces - Indoor and Outdoor - Exercise and Gross Motor Skills - Build Coordination and Balance
Click image for more info

This is a great option to get your kids using some of their physical energy, especially towards the end of the day, so they are all burned out for bedtime.

The set comes with 12 straight pieces, 12 curved pieces, and 4 connectors. The pathway can be built in a straight line, in desired shapes, or manipulated as you see fit. Your kids can choose how they would like to build it before walking on it.

It helps teach children balance and confidence and enforces creative thinking. It also improves coordination skills and logical thinking. 

You can make it into an obstacle course, indoors or outdoors, and make up creative games while using it.

Balance Stepping Stones

Sunny & Fun 15pc Balance Stepping Stones Obstacle Course for Kids | Rubber Grip Bottom River Stones in 4 Varying Sizes & Steepness | Indoor & Outdoor Toy Improves Coordination & Strength | Max 220 Lbs
Click image for more info

The floor is lava! Kids are obsessed with this imaginary game, and now they can play it more efficiently. Here is another physical playtime product for the overactive five-year-old child. Stepping stones create an obstacle course anywhere. 

It works well and is safe both indoors and outdoors. Your kids can play with it by stacking it up or using it to jump, hop, walk, and skip around a self-made pathway.

The package contains 3 extra-large stones, 3 large stones, 5 medium stones, and 4 small stones. They are lightweight, durable, stackable, and come with rubber grips so they will not slide or slip upon contact.

It helps to develop balance and coordination skills, imaginative play, and creativity. Additionally, it is beneficial for muscle development and good health.

Musical Drum Set

BEAURE Jazz Drum Set for Kids with Light Sound Microphone Compatible with Mobile Phone/Computer/MP3 Musical Playset Educational Instrument Kit for Kids Gift Toy for Kids Toddler Boys Girls
Click image for more info

There is no need to look any further if you search for a fun and stimulating musical instrument to spark your five-year-old interest in music and arts.

Music is always fun and can be both entertaining and calming. Making music can be even more fun, especially for children. Kids require experiences that will boost their confidence, their morale and help them feel accomplished and motivated for more.

Additionally, they love being able to make noise and get everyone’s attention. But at age five, they are mature enough to try and create fun tunes, songs, and music patterns all on their own. 

This drum set can be used as a practice tool at home if they are attending music classes, and they also use it for some plain old fun and entertainment during playtime. 

It also encourages independent play, helps vocal and auditory development and skills. All you have to do is cheer them on or do a little dance to their music every so often.

The drum set includes a number of compartments, connection ports, and accessories to get a mini musician’s whole experience.

There are options to help your child’s social, mental, emotional, and physical development. These toys will bring your child a wide range of fun and entertainment while feeding curious minds with educational experiences through organic play. The best part is these toys will keep your child away from the screen for as long as possible!

Next time you are looking for toys for your five-year-old not-so-little boy, be sure to pick a few from the list above.

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