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21 Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys

This is a 1-year-old boy on a wooden bench wearing a brown cap.

If your baby boy is approaching his first birthday or is already one and you’re wondering what toys to get him, you’re not alone. Most kids around that age prefer to play with the packaging rather than the toy that came in it. 

The first year of boy toddlerhood is tricky. They can take an interest in cars, musical instruments, and even colorful blocks. However, they also love emptying kitchen units and tossing throw pillows off the couch. They need toys to keep them entertained while supporting their development.

If you want to get some toys for the one-year-old toddler boy in your life, check out this list we put together. These options will save your wooden spoons from getting thrown out the front door and your car keys from being flushed down the toilet. Additionally, it will also help you reduce your children’s screen time!

Toys under $25

1. Fisher-Price Plush Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn So Big Puppy, Large Musical Plush Toy with Learning Content for Toddlers and Preschool Kids

Click image for more info

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Fisher-price laugh and learn toys are the highlight of many kid’s childhoods. This big fluffy plush puppy toy will light up your little boy’s life and keep him entertained for hours. It will even be his little friend. 

It is battery-operated, and you can press the belly for 90+ songs, sounds, and phrases. Your kids can learn their alphabets, numbers, colors, and more. 

Most one-year-olds love anything that looks somewhat like them in shape and size. They also love to hold and hug and will carry their plush puppy wherever they go. 

It can encourage singing, talking, dancing through mimicking and provide all-rounder fun for your little man.

2. Wood City, Sorting and Stacking Toys

Wooden Sorting & Stacking Toys for Toddlers, WOOD CITY Educational Shape Color Recognition Puzzle Stacker, Early Childhood Development Puzzle Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys Girls (4 Shapes)

Click image for more info

A great multi-functional developmental toy set to get those busy hands occupied. 

It is a natural wooden plank with pegs strategically placed for the shapes to be placed on.

The shapes come in squares, triangles, circles, and squares with holes in the middle to fit through the pegs.

It helps with sorting, stacking and if used without the wooden plank, the kids can make fun creative pictures with the shapes.

There are several educational benefits such as color recognition, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, shape recognition, and sorting, and builds creativity.

This is the ideal geometry-type Montessori toy for your little toddlers. Boys are typically more active and have busy bodies. A toy like this could help them learn to focus and concentration while staying in one place for an extended time.

It is made of natural wood and is safe for little ones because of its smooth edges. 

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Caregivers can use it to teach interaction, and it keeps the kids engaged in play. 

3. Teytoy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

teytoy Tummy Time Floor Mirror, Double High Contrast Activity Developmental Black and White Baby Toys for Infants Boys and Girls

Click image for more info

Here is a double high contrast activity developmental black and white baby and toddler toy for a range of fun.

Early toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor, and they absolutely love looking at themselves in the mirror.

This floor mirror can be used while sitting or crawling around, and even once they start walking, they will still love it.

It’s a great item to have in the car since it can open up long and flat and be hung on the back of the seat. Your little one can look at themselves while you’re driving. There are also other fun shapes and colors to look at, keeping them engaged and enjoying playtime.

It folds up flat and compact making it easy to slip into your bag for use anywhere, anytime. If they are teething, which happens for a long time in a toddler’s life, they can use the little hanging toys from the mirror to chew on. Of course, you should make sure to sanitize it well. An overall fun unisex toy for those curious one-year-olds!

4. Hedgbobo Bubble Lawn Mower

HEDGBOBO Bubble Lawn Mower for Kids, Electronic Bubble Blowing Machine with Music, Toddler Outdoor Toys for Baby, Push Toys for Kids, Best Birthday Gifts for Preschool Baby

Click image for more info

An electric bubble-blowing lawn machine is perfect for your one-year-old little boy who wants to imitate what daddy is doing in the yard. 

It contains music that is extremely fun for kids who typically find noisy toys exciting. 

Around the age of 1-2, kids are mostly interested in household items that their caregivers are using. Trying to help mow the lawn with an actual lawn mower can be dangerous, trigger allergies, and make the job extra daunting for the caregiver trying to get it done. However, this electric toy lawnmower mimics the adult version and gives kids the idea that they are getting to do the same activity.

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The bubbles add all the more fun and keep them occupied for an extended time while they try to chase it around. 

This is also the age where they learn to walk and are trying to find their balance. Pushing around a lawnmower can immensely help their balance as well.

The product is easy to put together and comes with five medium-sized bubble wands, one bubble tray, four mini bubble wands, and four bottles of solution. It is also compatible with other bubble liquids on the market, so you never have to worry about running out of solutions.

The bubble mower is made of lightweight, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and flexible plastic. It is light enough for children to play with and push around but can withstand the heavy stress children apply to toys.

5. Educational Egg and Shape Sorter

ThinkMax Matching Eggs Set for Toddler Learning,12 Pack Easter Filled Eggs Baby Color Shape Recognition Sorting & Stacking Toys, Montessori Toys for Preschool Pre-Kindergarten Boys Girls

Click image for more info

Something about eggs is always fascinating to kids. The odd shape is likely interesting to them; however, real eggs should be kept out of their reach unless you want a slimy mess everywhere.

This egg sorting toy can be tossed and banged, and it will withstand the force of a curious one-year-old!

It contains six eggs that open up in half showing colorful shapes that fit into each other.

Your little ones can open them up, identify the shapes and colors and then sort them into their pairs. It uses fine motor skills to fit each half into its matching pair correctly and then be put back into the yellow egg container it comes in.

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The lid is easy to open and close, making it perfect for your little one to pack and unpack. The product is made of the highest quality plastic and was tested to be 100% safe for kids.

There are no small parts. Therefore no choking hazard and the smooth sides all-round make it easy for your kids to play.

The age of 1 is time for recognizing and creative thinking along with hand dexterity. This toy offers it all.

Toys Under $50

1. Household Cleaning Set

Small Fish Kids Cleaning Set for Toddlers, Pretend Play Housekeeping Supplies Kit for Boys and Girls Complete with Broom, Mop, Dust Pan, Spray Bottle and More, Little Helper Tools and Montessori Toys

Click image for more info

This is the perfect little set for those little boys trying to play with the broom at home. Not only does this have a broom, but a variety of toy cleaning items that replicate the real adult versions.

Your little helper can push around the assembly cart, which holds the entire cleaning kit. Most toddler boys love anything on wheels, and why not have one that can teach them a few life skills as well.

It has an easy-to-reach handle and spinning wheels, and all the items have a designated space on the cart to keep them contained while moving around the house.

It contains a mini dustpan with a mini brush, sprayer bottle, a mini basin, towel, sponge, and fake soap. It also contains a broom, a mop, a duster. Each item is very realistic and comes with stickers and an assembly manual. The product has an adjustable handle to suit your child’s height and comfort. 

It is the ideal toy for teaching tiny men to help around their homes, so they gain life skills while playing, thinking they are actually helping out!

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2. Musical Instruments Toy Drum Kit

B. toys – Drumroll Please – 7 Musical Instruments Toy Drum Kit for Kids 18 months + (7-Pcs)

Click image for more info

Kids love any toy that makes sounds. More than that, they love to make sounds. This is a fun Drum set for your little musicians. 

It is a seven-piece versatile set containing one toy drum, two drumsticks, castanets, one whistle, one tambourine, and 1 Shaka egg. 

It’s never too early to spark an interest in a certain skill in kids. Musical instruments are the perfect items to get that going. It can also be used to simply keep your kids occupied by banging on the drums and trying to use their hand coordination. It can additionally help to bring out their voices by using the whistle, imitating the sounds, trying to sing, and maybe even watching you do a little dance to their music creations.

Music helps with your child’s development in many ways. It encourages your child to think creatively, develops social skills, strengthens hand-eye coordination, and helps with developing their imaginations. Music is a wonderful learning tool and is always fun!

The entire set can be stored together without falling apart since all the items fit within the drum. That avoids missing pieces, and they can take it along to visit their grandparents too.

It brings out sensory play with the different shapes, textures, and color attraction, and they can carry the kit themselves with the fun handle on the side of the drum.

3. Ball Pit Playhouse Tent

TOMYOU Playhouse, Ball Pit, Play Tent and Tunnels for Kids, Toddler Boys & Girls, Birthday Gift for 3 4 5 6 Year Old, Baby Play Toy, Indoor & Outdoor Use as Portable Play Center Storage Bag

Click image for more info

Click N' Play Pack of 100 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls - 6 Bright Colors in Reusable and Durable Storage Mesh Bag with Zipper

Click image for more info

Here is that play item that you can use both indoors and outdoors. One of the most fun, cool and interesting products you will possibly invest in for your little ones.

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There isn’t a kid who doesn’t love a ball pit. All the activities in the middle of a pool of balls can free up some time for the adults while kids go wild crawling through the tunnel. 

You can play the famous peekaboo, sit in the tent, recognize all the colors of the balls and throw a few around too. What’s cool is that a caregiver can also fit through the tunnel and have fun with the kids simultaneously.

The tent itself can be used as a playhouse, be filled with toys and books, or even a few blankets to play camping. The options are endless.

It can be folded and compressed easily to store behind your couch or in the closet to free space when needed. You can take it in the garden for some outdoor playtime, and you’ve got your toddler feeling like they have a whole new toy!

The balls are not included but can be purchased separately. You can get a bag of them at extremely affordable prices.

4. Wooden Parking Garage

Imagination Generation Downtown Deluxe Wooden Parking Garage Ramp & Service Station Playset with Elevator, Signs & Accessories for Mini Toy Cars (19 pcs)

Click image for more info

Every little boy loves anything to do with cars and garages. If your toddler is still putting things in his mouth, we recommend you store away the smaller items from this set until he is old enough not to have them as a choking hazard.

This wooden service station car garage is the coolest toy your 1-year-old car enthusiast can have. It comes with 19 accessories including cars, attendants, road signs, petrol pumps, and much more. 

The best part about this kit is that your one-year-old will still play with it when he is 5. He can use other cars at home to park in all the spaces and use imaginary play to fill petrol and drive around the different garage levels. There is even a real working elevator to take the cars up and down the different levels.

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It is easy to assemble straight out of the box and cut from natural wood, colored brightly, with safe, water-based paints.

5. Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Monkey & Mouse Wooden Wobble Balance Board, Strong Natural Beech Wood Toy with Bonus Racing Track Sticker! Best used as Toddler Climbing Toys, Indoor Kids Gym, Open Ended Montessori and Waldorf Toys

Click image for more info

A strong natural beech wood balance toy with bonus racing track sticker. It is precisely what your little boy would love. It is best used as a toddler climbing toy for a 1-year-old who is still figuring out the walking game and needs support for balance. It works as and indoor kids gym, to crawl over, climb over, sit on, or use a slide from the couch onto cushions or into the ball pit. Of course a caregiver should be there to monitor at all times.

The board can be used as an open-ended Montessori educational tool, and your one-year-old can grow into it while the bigger kids also get to enjoy it. 

While many balance boards are available on the market, this one in specific is the ideal choice for your little boy because of the track sticker. It makes it extra versatile, and your little one can use his toy cars to drive on the ‘road’ on both sides. It also functions as a really fun obstacle course for the child and his toys and games.

Toys Under $100

1. Giant Foam Building Blocks

Giant Foam Building Blocks, Building Toy for Girls and Boys, Ideal Blocks Construction Toys for Toddlers, 50 Pieces Different Shapes and Sizes, Waterproof, Bright Colors, Safe, Non Toxic

Click image for more info

If we’re talking about boys, we have to talk about construction, breaking, building, and creating. 

Here are 50 pieces, multi-shaped, multi-sized, waterproof foam block set. It is bright-colored, and the material is safe and non-toxic. 

It is engaging for kids and caregivers to play together and serves as an excellent independent-play toy set. 

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It encourages color and shape recognition and also stacking and sorting. It can improve hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. The blocks are easy to hold and handle for tiny hands, they are soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

Your toddler will be entertained for hours with these fun foam blocks building castles, houses, animal shapes, and much more. The process of building will stimulate their creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. 3 in 1 Baby Walker Activity Center

iPlay, iLearn 3 in 1 Baby Walker Sit to Stand Toys, Kids Activity Center, Toddlers Musical Fun Table, Lights and Sounds, Learning, Birthday Gift for 9, 12, 18 Months, 1, 2 Year Old, Infant, Boy, Girl

Click image for more info

If you have a one-year-old close to walking and needs support, just started walking, or have already reached that milestone, you have found the perfect companion for him.

This is a 3 in 1 toy that includes an activity table, a walker, and a white drawing board. The activity table is filled with fun characteristics like a steering wheel, a mode switch, rolling beads, a mobile phone, and more. It is battery operated, so there are sounds and a lady’s voice that speaks in a really fun voice to entertain your child.

The whiteboard is built into the backside of the activity table, and the entire item can be turned around, making it into a table to draw and enjoy.

Additionally, when used upright, there are wheels under for your little boy to push around, making him feel like he is driving around. It is made as a table structure with the legs triangular shaped for better balance and safety. The handle is an ergonomic design, and there is adjustable speed control making sure for all-round safety.

A walker like this prevents bow legs which common sit-in type walkers cause, and help them find support and strength in their feet and legs by themselves. This encourages confidence and intelligence for development in the body.

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The child can play while sitting, crawling, or standing, making it a versatile and educational product without leaving out the fun.

3. Assorted Play-Doh Set

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 50- Value Pack Case of Colors , Non-Toxic , Assorted Colors , 1-Ounce Cans

Click image for more info

Playdough is typically known as one of the most common play items for kids. Even before the age of 1, parents introduced homemade play-dough. 

It helps with fine motor skills, muscle development in the hands, and creativity through sensory touch.

If your 1-year-old is still putting everything in their mouth, it’s best to keep your eyes on them so it can be a very engaging and interactive item. You could also put it into a ziplock baggie and they can squish it around without getting any in their mouth.

This specific set is play-doh which comes in a pack of 50 1 ounce tubs in assorted colors. This means that it is a small enough amount for them to hold in their tiny hands, and if they throw it around or forget about it somewhere, you don’t have to be too concerned with a large amount of playdough drying up and wasting. 

They can explore a different color at every playtime and build the momentum of how to actually use play dough before you invest in all the accessories that go with it.

Sensory play improves development, creativity, imagination and is an overall fun activity.

4. Pirate Ship Water Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive

Click image for more info

Your mini pirate is sure going to love this one! Every kid loves playing with water, especially toddlers who generally love sensory play being messy. They love to splash, pour and couldn’t care less about getting wet or wetting anything else around them.

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Your little boy will love this even more if he is into boats and pirates. He could even play with it in his pirate costume which could elevate the entire experience!

The table comes with many accessories that fit around the table, such as pirate characters, a shark, scoops, a bucket, a pirate flag, and the table is even shaped like a ship.

Your children can keep water moving with the pump or by pouring water into the crows nest and watch everything spin. Spinners cause current in the ship, which moves floating objects around. They can aim and squirt water from the water cannon. The steering wheel spins and the anchor raises and lowers by cranking the handle. Assembly of the product is required but pretty easy to do.

It’s a great way to let them enjoy outdoor play, especially on those hot days. However, you can fill it up with some child-friendly safe sand for playing indoors when outside is too cold. They can use their diggers and cars in the sand.

Toys Above $100

1. Wooden Busy Board Montessori Toy

MICKYU 40-in-1 Wooden Busy Board Montessori Toys, Preschool Educational Learning Toy, Basic Life Skills and Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers Kids, Sensory Board Game Travel Toy, 13 x 13 x 20 inches

Click image for more info

Kids are always obsessed with the buttons on clothing, the phone, keys, and locks. They would rather play with the wheels of their stroller than sit inside and let’s not even get to light switches and plugs!

Right around the age of one,, toddlers start to get more curious than ever, they want to see, touch, and explore adult things. They have no concept of safety and everything that’s not a toy, is what they prefer playing with.

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This toy box, by far, is the best answer to all that curiosity and exploring. A wooden box that has everything your child would want to play with.

It comprises of wheels, zips, locks, gears, light switches, a phone, buckles, chains, steering wheel, outlets, bells, a clock, a mini generator, and so much more. It is all the real life items strategically placed on the sides of a box with safety for your child to explore and play without the hazards.

It is the coolest toy you could buy your little boy, and it can be used for a couple of years as they learn and find their skills improving.

The box serves as fun for the child while improving their development through fine motor skills, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills. Additionally it helps built their hand muscles and assists with hand-eye coordination.

There is no way you can go wrong with a toy of such sort.

2. Geomag Magnetic Blocks

Geomag Magnetic Toys | 64 Pieces Toddler Magnets | STEM-endorsed Educational Building Cube Set for Creativity & Early Learning Fun | Swiss-Made | Ages 1-5

Click image for more info

This is a 64 piece colorful magnetic block set for your creative builder. This set has no connecting point where pieces have to fit onto and into each other. It is simple smooth squares that can be built in any direction and any shape. The magnetic force holds the structure well together and gives your child a way to create pieces with a vast imagination and limitless construction.

It promotes fine motor skills, innovation, color recognition, and creativity. Your little one will have even more fun realizing his blocks stick on the fridge, and he can build some structures over there.

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As a parent, if you find yourself out of ideas to keep your kids busy and they end up in front of the screen all day, try out some of the toys above for your one-year-old and watch how they entertain themselves for hours. These are toys that can give you some free time while they play but also offer an option for interactive play and learning experiences.

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