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Parenting Acronyms

This is a close look at wooden cubes with letters on it that form the word Parent.

When I had kids, I had to read books to find out how to take care of my new baby. I could search for information on the internet, but it was not like it is today. If I wanted complete information, I had to go to the book store.

Today, all new parents have to do is open up a search window. While information is much easier to access, it is becoming harder to read. The information is full of internet acronyms.

This article is going to demystify all that internet slang for you. The good news is the social media acronyms you see on the internet can also translate into texting acronyms to make that easier for you, too.


AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians

AAP = American Academy of Pediatrics

ABB = Apple Bottom Baby (Apple Bottom is a brand of clothes)

ABM = Artificial Breast Milk (this is also known as formula)

ACOG = American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

AF = Aunt Flo (can mean menstrual cycle or period)

AI = Artificial Insemination

AI2 = All in Two (this means a cloth diaper)

AIM = Artificial Infant Milk (this is also known as formula)

AIO = All in One (this means a cloth diaper)

A close look at a baby sleeping in a wrap being carried by the mother.

AP = Attachment Parenting

ARM = Artificial Rupture of Membranes

AROM = Artificial Rupture of Membranes


BB = Best Bottom

BBL = Be Back Later

BBT = Body Basal Temperature

BC = Before Children (may also mean Birth Control)

BC = Baby Carrier (as in what you carry a baby)

BCP = Birth Control Pills

BD = Baby Dancing (this mean having unprotected sex)

This is a close look at a mother breastfeeding her baby.

BF = Breastfeeding (may also be Breast Fed)

BF = Boyfriend

BFN = Big Fat Negative (on a pregnancy test)

BFP = Big Fat Positive (on a pregnancy test)

BIL – Brother in Law

BLW = Baby Led Weaning (this means skipping baby food and feeding your baby whole foods)

BM = Breast Milk

BM = Bowel Movement 

BPA = Bisphenol A (a harmful chemical used in some plastic)

BS = Bed Share (may also be bed sharing)

BTDT = Been There, Done That

BTW = By the Way

BW = Baby Wearing (wearing a baby strapped to your person)


CC = Controlled Crying

CD = Cloth Diaper (may also be Cloth diapering)

This is a close look at various colorful cloth diapers.

CD = Cycle Day (as in your period)

CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CF = Cervical Fluid

C/S = Cesarean Section (also can be C Section)

CIO = Cry it Out (when a baby is allowed to cry with the hope they will soothe themselves into sleep)

CIR = Circumcision

CM = Cervical Mucus

CP = Cervical Position

CS = Co Sleep (may also be Co Sleeping)

CWIM = See What I Mean


DA = Dairy Allergy

DC = Day Care

DCP = Day Care Provider

DD = Dear Daughter (this may also be Darling Daughter)

DDB = Due Date Buddy

DE = Donor Eggs

DH = Dear Husband (this may also be Darling Husband)

This is a close look at a man with his ear pressed against the pregnant belly of his wife.

DIL = Daughter in Law

DPO = Days Post Ovulation (this may also be Days Past Ovulation)

DS = Dear Son (this may also be Darling Son)

DSD = Dear Stepdaughter (this may also be Darling Stepdaughter)

DSS = Dear Stepson (this may also be Darling Stepson)

DTaP = Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (this is a vaccine babies and children get)

DW = Dear Wife (this may also be Darling Wife)


EBF = Extended Breastfeeding (can also be Exclusively Breastfeeding or Exclusively Breastfed)

EBM = Expressed Breast Milk

This is a close look at a set of breastpumps with milk inside.

EC = Eliminate Communication 

EDD = Estimated Due Date (can also be Expected Date of Delivery)

EN = Extended Nursing

EP = Exclusively Pumping

ERIC = End Routine Infant Circumcision

EWCM = Egg White Cervical Mucus


FAM = Fertility Awareness Month

FDA = Food and Drug Administration

FF = Formula Feeding (this may also be Formula Fed)

This is a close look at a woman preparing a bottle of milk with powdered formula.

FFO = Front Facing Out (this is with your baby facing the world)

FGM = Female Genital Mutilation (also known as Female circumcision)

FIL = Father in Law

FM = Fluff Mail (this may also be Fluffy Mail)

FMLA = Family and Medical Leave Act

FTM = First Time Mom

FTT = Failure to Thrive

FTW = For the Win (this is when something is really great)

FWIW = For What It’s Worth


GF = Girlfriend 

This is a woman having a check-up visitation with her gynecologist.

GYN = Gynecologist


H&H9 = Happy and Healthy Nine Months

HB = Homebirth

hCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (this is the hormone that determines if someone is pregnant)

HCP = Health Care Provider

HOM = High Order Multiples

HPT = Home Pregnancy Test

HS = Home Schooling

This is a close look at a mother helping her daughter with her studies.

HTH = Hope This Helps


IBCLC = International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

IEP = Individualized Education Program

IF = Infertility

ILs = In Laws

IMO = In My Opinion

IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

IRL = In Real Life

IUD = Intrauterine Device

ITA = I Totally Agree

IUI = Intrauterine Insemination

IVF = In Vitro Fertilization


JJ = Just Joking

JK = Just Kidding

JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion


KL = Kissaluvs (a type of fitted diapers)

KN = Knicker Nappies (these are a one size fit diaper)


L&D = Labor and Delivery

LC = Lactation Consultant

LH = Luteinizing Hormone

LLL = La Leche League

LMP = Last Menstrual Period

LO = Little One (this could be a baby or a child)

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

LMBO = Laughing My Butt Off

LP = Luteal Phase


MC = Miscarriage

ME = Mother Ease

MF = Microfiber

MIC = More in Comments

MIL = Mother in Law

ML = Maternity Leave

This is a close look at a vial of the MMR Vaccine for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

MMR = Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (a vaccine for babies)

MoM = Mother of Multiples (such as twins, triplets)

MS = Morning Sickness

MW = Midwife

MYOB = Mind Your Own Business


NAK = Nursing at Keyboard

NB = Newborn

NC = Non-Circumcising (this may also mean Non-Circumcized)

NFP = Natural Family Planning

NIH = National Institute of Health

NIP = Nursing in Public

NP = Nurse Practitioner

NV = Non-Vaccinating


O = Ovulation

OALD = Over Active Let Down (this relates to breast feeding)

OB = Obstetrician

An OB-GYN checking the status of a pregnant woman's baby.

OB-GYN = Obstetrician-Gynecologist

OH = Other Half

OHT = One Hand Typing

OMG = Oh My Gosh (can also be Oh My God. This can be a good or a bad thing.)

OP = Original Poster (the one who started the discussion, as in someone posting something online)

OPK = Ovulation Prediction Kit

OS = One Size (or One Sized)

OT = Off Topic

OTSBH = Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder (also known as a bra)

OV = Ovulation


PAK = Pumping at Keyboard

PCP = Primary Care Physician 

PG = Pregnant (this could also be Pregnancy)

PIS = Pump in Style (this is a type of breast pump)

POAS = Pee on a Stick

POS Parent = Parent Over Shoulder (this means mom or dad is watching. This is used mainly by a teenager.)

PP = Postpartum

This is a close look at a woman suffering from postnatal depression.

PPD = Postpartum Depression (this may be a serious condition that should not be ignored)

PPP = Postpartum Psychosis

PSA = Public Service Announcement


RIC = Routine Infant Circumcision

ROTFL = Rolling on the Floor Laughing


SAHD = Stay at Home Dad

SAHM = Stay at Home Mom

A woman trying to work at home while her two kids are playing beside her.

SAHP = Stay at Home Parent

SB = Swaddies Bees

SD = Sperm Donor

SEZ = Snap-EZ

SIL = Sister in Law

SMH = Shaking My Head (this is used with disappointment or disgust)

SNS = Supplemental Nursing System

SO = Significant Other

STBX = Soon to be Ex (as in spouse)

STTN = Sleeping Through the Night


TIA = Thanks in Advance

TIM = Too Much Information (use this when you are typing about something gross)

TTC = Trying to Conceive 


UB = Unassisted Birth

U/S = Ultrasound

UTI = Urinary Tract Infection


VAX = Vaccination

VBAC = Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

VF = Vaccination Free


WAH = Work at Home

WAHD = Work at Home Dad

WAHM = Work at Home Mom

This is a close look at the signage and logo of the World Health Organization.

WHO = World Health Organization

WIC = Women, Infants, and Children

WOH = Work out of Home

WOHD = Work out of Home Dad

WOHM = Work out of Home Mom


XH = Ex Husband

XW = Ex Wife

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