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25 Indoor Activities for Kids

A mother doing the laundry together with her kids.

People who work from home can attest that having kids around can be challenging and uncomfortable for them because they need attention, and you need to deliver and work around your timelines. Children need to be engaged with small activities that can keep them busy and make them learn.

When people think about activities to keep their children involved, whatever comes to their minds are outdoor activities involving a lot of time and resources? Did you know there are over 200 indoor activities for kids that you can offer a lot of fun to kids by engaging them in indoor activities? Check out below.

Bake and decorate

Mother and daughter baking together in the kitchen.

Have you ever heard of bakers who have learned the skill since they were young? You may teach your kid baking skills that may make them consider it as a hobby or career after they complete school. Regardless of that, baking involves many processes and skills, and you can consider starting with beginner classes to which they can adapt fast. Most children think food coloring fun, with the help of different food colors; you can also take them through making ice-creams.

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Have a dance party

A family dancing together in the living room.

Indoor fun can be achieved through music and dancing. It would be best to understand your kid’s favorite songs and have a collection of them on your phone or disc. Dancing has a vast load of benefits to your kids; it helps them stay fit and healthy and introduces them to dancing skills they probably never knew.

You can incorporate masks and other types of clothing that would make their dance moves attractive and exciting to watch. You can consider teaching the children a move or two that they do not know.

Do a science experiment

A mother and daughter doing a science experiment together.

There are different types of science projects that children are taught at school. Bringing the learning experience to your home would be enjoyable for your kids. If you are not detailed enough on the things you need for the experiment and procedures you should take them through, ensure that you confirm this online or through their tutors.

Making the kids fully involved in the science experiment is very important; you can also tell them to take notes on the procedures. This is to make sure that they have something to refer to if they need to do the experiments again.

Go on a hunt

A father and son exploring by the lake in a park.

A summer hunt would be the best idea for kids, and this is because there are small animals and insects that they can catch and run through water puddles. Many health conditions may be associated with the summer season, and you must have the proper clothing and footwear for them.

There is hinting equipment for children that you can purchase online or from a local dealer. Teaching the kids on safety measures they should take when they are out hunting is very important too.

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Play board games

A family on the floor playing a board game together.

Playing board games is a preschooler indoor activity; it helps them identify colors and master different patterns and concentration. It would be best to go for board games that allow competition between two parties, and it helps them become more focused and learn the art of watching what others do; this is to perfect their skills.

There are different types of board games, and it is relevant that you understand what would fit best for them and understand fast. Board games are fun to learn and play, and it is always important to take the kids through steps that they will learn quickly.

Sewing cards

Sewing cards can be regarded as the most involving activity that you can engage your kids in. You can consider a free printable resource to rely upon during this project. It would be best that you try out different threading styles and use other materials; this is the only way the kids will have a better learning experience and have an enjoyable encounter.

It would be best to consider buying something to attach the cards to make their sewing activity more memorable. When sewed using the best material, you can enjoy card games together.

Watching movies

A family of four watching a movie together.

Many movies would be educational to your kids as much as kill boredom. This is not interesting to kids but also a means of family fun. This is the best time to get clothing to cover you up, with a bucketful of popcorn and enjoy the movies.

It is always essential that you understand what the children like watching; getting them to watch something they do not understand or feel interesting can be tedious. Interesting documentaries about small animals can be on your bucket list as well.

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Put on a fashion show

Children, especially girls, love trying out different types of clothes. It would be best to help them assemble all the clothes, shoes, and accessories they may need during the fashion show. Taking pictures and videos of them would be a fun way to have the fashion show.

It would be best to watch fashion show movie tutorials before the fashion show; this is to help them feel comfortable and pick what works for them. Having healthy snacks for the children after the fashion show would be a great way to reward them.


A family doing yoga together in front of the TV.

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves some parts of the body as well as your mind. There are different postures that you can teach your kids and make the activity more interesting; this includes;

  • Bridge pose
  • Mountain pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Chair pose
  • Tree pose

 Many benefits of yoga should make you find the activity best for the kids, and it is also considered to make it a habit for them to practice it as early as possible; 

  • Helps to manage stress
  • It helps to relieve back pain.
  • It helps make you relax and make you sleep better.
  • It helps improve strength and balance.

Tea party

A father and a daughter having a play tea party.

A tea party would be a great idea to have kids together; this is primarily on a rainy day, because it would keep them warm. It would be best to get the best spices to make the tea, get them well dressed up and decorate the place, set for them to have fun. You can consider having different types of snacks that they can have with the tea. Incorporating other games during the tea party would be a good idea for them to socialize and get along.

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Playing hide and seek

A family of four playing hide and seek together in the living room.

Hide and seek would be played in the garden or even in the backyard if your space is best accommodating. Typically, kids are required to close their eyes and count up to a certain number. The other kids should hide in safe places and somewhere that they can see the one in charge of the game. Encourage children to play hide and seek in 

Sites that can be easily traced; having them placed in dark spots would expose them to falling into potholes and put them at the risk of dangerous animals and small insects.

Learn a new language

Learning new languages does not have to wait until the kid grows old; you can start as early as enough. It is always essential for one to pick a language that they feel comfortable with. Letting them learn through repetition sounds easier; this helps them learn the pronunciation by mastering your lips. You can also make use of gestures and demonstrate a particular word to make them comprehend more.

Do brain teasers

Brain teasers are meant to keep the kid engaged as well as develop an art of creative thinking. Depending on your child’s knowledge, you can consider creating the questions yourself or check them out from online sources. Brain teasers help the individual adopt fast learn skills and the ability to answer questions very fast.

If the question involves something that makes them jog their mind back, it helps improve their memory and create a better vision about things. Ensure that you make a list of questions that they can relate to; asking too difficult questions can piss them off and find the activity challenging.

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Learn how to knit

A mother and daughter knitting together in the living room.

There are different types of materials that one comes across from knitted work. It would be best to purchase suitable knitting materials to ensure that you may find it easy to learn. If there are a lot of kids, you should take them through the activity individually; teaching them as a whole bunch may be too difficult for them to comprehend. It would be best to consider different thread colors to help make their knit work colorful and exciting.

Learn about a country

It is essential if you take through the children’s information regarding other countries. This is not in pursuit of what they will learn in the future, but makes them understand that they exist in the world and engage in different activities compared to them. You can take them through these important details with the help of books, podcasts, and videos.

This is a good activity for older kids since they can narrate or explain much about what they may have learned in school. It would be best to concentrate on the positive things regarding the country you want them to know about.

Set up a play store

The best way to make children understand how to count and recognize numbers is by putting up a play store. You can have different commodities for sale and assign an older child as the seller. Having money on board would be helpful too; coins and notes depending on your locality.

Marking the prices of the commodities and making the seller take note of things bought is essential. A play store helps the kids understand different values of money as well as learn negotiating skills.

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Write a story

It would be best to assign the kids to write stories; they can be individually picked or even decide to choose the stories for them. Writing stories helps children to involve their minds and become more creative. There are different topics that you can ask them to write about, and this involves past occurrences and things that they love to do most.

It would be more helpful to the kids if you asked them to stand and read their own stories. It makes them confident as well as appreciate what others have written as well.

Play pillow fight

A family playing pillow fight together in the bedroom.

With the help of a mat or a wide bed that would accommodate the children, it would be enjoyable to make them play pillow fight. Making use of throw pillows of different colors can help them master colors and learn the art of eye coordination. Supervising the kids when playing pillow fight would be helpful, for it may graduate to something else if one or two of the kids gets irritated.

Draw a self-portrait

Drawing portraits can be challenging, especially for little kids, and it would be best for you to encourage them to draw pictures of animals and small objects. This is to help them master the art of removing their own faces as well as their teammates.

To have this done to the best, you must provide all the drawing materials to the kids. In addition, it is essential to teach them how to draft the portrait first before representing it on an actual drawing, which will help them save time and make good use of the drawing material.

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Make friendship bracelets

Best Friend Bracelets for 2 Matching Yin Yang Adjustable Cord Bracelet for Bff Friendship Relationship Boyfriend Girlfriend Valentines Gift

Click image for more info

There are different things that you can make a bracelet from, and this includes beads and thread and wires. Most of the beads used to make this jeweler type have letters that can be used to craft out name pieces of jeweler. This includes; necklaces, bangles, and anklets would be best if you asked the kids to make bracelets bearing their friends names; it would make it more interactive and engaging for them to handle.

Jeweler making includes the use of sharp objects; always make sure that you teach them safety measures and have a first aid kit in case one is hurt.

Transforming broken crayons into a form of art

There are many pieces of crayons that you can collect in your home. It is always advised to use the safe material to hit them and end up with one piece from which they can mound. You can ask them to make different shapes of objects from it or design one thing. The fact that the crayons are made of different colors would make the molded object look exciting and a memorable piece of art for them to have.

Paint rocks

If you have small rocks in your garden, the best way to make them noticeable and attractive is to paint. You can consider buying different types of paint as well as painting equipment, which includes brushes and aprons. You can help the kids prepare the color to save them the hassle of doing it wrongly and messing up their clothes.

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Since paint tends to have a strong smell, you can purchase masks that they feel comfortable on; accommodating gloves would be the best to protect them from messing their hands with paint.

Make dolls

Little kids are great lovers of dolls; making them is not challenging either. Buying different types of fabric as well as materials such as cotton would be helpful. It would be best to assign them to make simple dolls that will not take too much of their time and use a lot of resources.

You must show them how to sew the fabric. First, this helps them fix the other parts of the doll very first. You can also encourage them to make clothing to cover the dishes.

This would be the most helpful way to make use of the remaining fabric. You must buy fabrics of the suitable material; you can consider cotton and silk if you need dolls of the finest material.

Rearrange the bedroom

Most kids tend to have their rooms upside down, and it would be best that you should call them on how to make their beds and arrange other things in the house. You could even consider helping them change the position of the bed, dressing table as well as a closet.

The kids should understand how to remove unnecessary things from the bedroom and make it look more organized. You can purchase more hangers for the closet revamp and stickers to hang things on the wall.


This is a close look at a family of three playing in the pool.

Should you have a swimming pool at your home, you should take the kids through different times of swimming styles. If you have young kids in your team, ensure that the lessons are done with the highest type of guaranteed safety. This is to prevent them from getting involved in dangers such as drowning. A heated pool with moderate temperatures would be the best to avoid health conditions caused by cold.

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