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How to Draw a Giraffe in 9 Easy Steps

Giraffes are the tallest mammal animals that are found in the continent of Africa. Their neck makes them the tallest ones. The tongue of the giraffe is long too, it is long as 20 inches, this is perfect for grabbing food out of tall trees. Giraffes are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants. Baby giraffes are called calves they don’t eat plants they only drink milk. Most of them sleep only 30 minutes a day to survive. Another fact, giraffes sleep seating down but usually, they sleep standing up so they run right away if there is a predator that trying to get them. Giraffes live up to 25 years. 

Let’s draw our own giraffes by following the steps below. Prepare your drawing materials like pencil, paper, and coloring materials.  

Step 1: Draw the Head and the Body

Let’s start your giraffe by drawing the head and the body. To draw the head, draw a vertical oval shape on the upper right side of your paper. For the body, draw a horizontal oval shape on the lower left side of your paper. These two oval shapes look like an egg.

Step 2: Start the Neck

Now that we are done with the head and body, let’s connect the two by drawing the neck of the giraffe. You’ll just simply draw a vertical line from the right lower portion of the head going down to the body of the giraffe. Then, from the left side of the head go to the upper portion of the body. You can put a little curve to the vertical line to really connect the neck to the body.

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Step 3: Add the Legs

For the legs, draw two oval shapes on the lower portion of the body. The distance between the two legs must be 2 inches apart. The oval shape must overlap the body to make sure that the body and the legs are connected. 

Step 4: Draw the Eyes and the Ears

To draw the eyes of the giraffe, draw two small circles in the head. The left eye is just a little bigger than the right eye.  From the upper portion of the head, draw a curved line, then erase the curve line on the top of the head. On both edges of the upper portion of the head, draw a small oval shape. That will serve as the ears of the giraffe.

Step 5: Add the Tails and Remove Lines

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the tail of the giraffe. Draw it on the lower left side of the body. Draw a pair of diagonal lines then connect with a small curve line on the tip of it. Remove extra lines from the legs, and erase the lines that overlap with the body. Enclose the lower portion of the head, and draw a curve line facing downward. 

Step 6: Draw the Mouth and the Nose

We are done enclosing the lower portion of the face of your giraffe. Let’s add the Mouth and Nose in that area. For the nose, simply draw two small circles. Then, draw a letter C facing upward for the mouth of your giraffe. Erase the lines that separate the legs and the body. Add a shaded crescent shape in the circle that you made earlier for the eyes.

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Step 7: Complete the Tail and Horns

On the tip of the tail of your giraffe, draw a small circle. For the horns, draw two pairs of short vertical lines, and on the tip of it, draw a small circle. Inside the ears, add a small vertical oval shape. To emphasize the hoof of our giraffe, enclose the last part of the leg through curve lines.  

Step 8: Add Patterns to the Body

In this step, add some patterns of an irregular shape to the neck and body of the giraffe. Draw an irregular shape or a half-circle on the left side of the neck of your giraffe. Same with the neck, draw an irregular shape to the upper part of the body of the giraffe. 

Step 9: Finish up!

To complete your drawing, add some colors to your giraffe. In this step, you may show your creativity by putting colors on your giraffe. If you are done adding colors to it don’t forget to show it to your family. Congratulations on a job well-done kiddo.