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26 Gifts for Twelve Year Old Girls

A twelve-year-old girl carrying her backpack and a stack of notebooks.

Buying gifts for a twelve-year-old girl isn’t easy. When they were small, there were unending options. But the tweens are squeezed between being a little kid and a teen. As a result, she’s becoming choosier in what she enjoys, making buying presents feel like an archery contest. You want to hit that bullseye, so what are good gifts for twelve-year-old girls?

Good gifts for twelve-year-old girls acknowledge their interests, personal growth, and sense of self. They want activities that they can do with friends, from games to coloring their hair. They enjoy presents for their hobbies such as baking, robotics, sports, art, or gardening.

You know the twelve-year-old girl, but we know how to hunt down the latest must-haves and trends. So we’ve gathered together 26 of the latest gifts––from gadgets, to decor, to gaming accessories––at various price points to help you select the perfect present for the tween girl in your life.

7 Gifts Under $25

3D Illusion Lamp

SZLTZK Mermaid 3D Illusion Lamp for Girl Mermaid Lamp Christmas Birthday Gift The Little Mermaid LED Night Light 16 Colors Changing for Kids Boy Child

Click image for more info

The bedroom decor tastes of a twelve-year-old tween have changed since she was five. She may still enjoy whimsey, fantasy, and cartoons, but she’s pulling away from anything that might look “babyish” or “little kid.” That’s what makes 3D illusion lamps so perfect. They are fun and unique, but with crisper lines than most early childhood decor.

Here are four 3D lamps that caught our eyes:

  1. This mermaid lamp is sure to enchant many tweens.
  2. If she’s a Star Wars fan, she’ll love this adorable Baby Yoda.
  3. This beautiful butterfly will appeal to nature lovers. 
  4. Lastly, if she’s a budding paleontologist, this fierce T-Rex is sure to please. 

Basketball LED Rim Light

WAYBELIVE LED Basketball Hoop Lights, Remote Control Basketball Rim LED Light, 16 Color Change by Yourself, Waterproof,Super Bright to Play at Night Outdoors ,Good Gift for Kids

Click image for more info

Do you know a sporty twelve-year-old girl? If she likes basketball, up the fun by making it easy to play at night with this Waybelive LED basketball hoop rim that can be set to sixteen different colors. Bonus feature: it’s waterproof.

A very cool add-on gift would be this AOZBZ holographic basketball that is both reflective and glows in the dark. It does edge slightly over the twenty-five-dollar mark, however.

Bowknot Mini Backpack

Girls Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack Mini Backpack Purse for Women Purple

Click image for more info

Until the universe gives girls and women more pockets, tweens still need a bag for their stuff, even when not at school. These Bowknot Mini Backpacks are such a practical yet fun and cute way to carry the essentials such as her phone.

These quality PU leather backpacks come in fourteen colors, including the trendy lilac. They have a main compartment, one front button pocket, one zipper back pocket, two side pockets, one interior phone pocket, and one interior zipper pocket. If only we could find clothes that were this clever.

Hair Chalk

Alex Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon Girls Fashion Activity

Click image for more info

Permanent hair dye isn’t allowed at a lot of schools. Thus, if your tween wants to experiment with rainbow hair, mermaid’s hair, or just have a fun time with the girls during a sleepover, hair chalk is the way to go. The girls can color their hair on a Friday afternoon and have the color out by Monday morning.

All hair chalk brands have their pros and cons. Top favorites are Alex Spa Deluxe Hair Spa Salon and LDREAMAM Hair Chalk.

Alex Spa is the cheaper of the two, comes in twelve bright colors, including glittery metallics, nor is it messy and is easy to blend. However, it can make hair a bit stiff when washed.

LDREAMAM is only a few bucks more; it also has twelve colors, although different from the Alex Spa. It is vibrant, visible on dark to light hair, can be mixed easily, and isn’t messy. However, while it doesn’t tend to leave hair stiff, it can be difficult to wash out of certain types of blonde hair. Just keep that in mind if the school is strict.


FROG SAC 6 PCS Space Tie Dye Headbands for Teen Girls, Adjustable No Slip Hairband Pack, Comfortable Tie-Dye Head Bands for Kids, Tiedye Hair Accessories Party Favors for Women, VSCO Girl Headband

Click image for more info

Scrunchies are sliding into the backseat, and headbands are moving upfront. The trend lends itself to extremes, from the really wide to the uber “Gossip Girl” thin. Faux-pearls and glitz are popular, but so are more sporty styles like tie-dye, a trend that doesn’t seem to die. (Sorry.)

Here’s a selection of headbands that caught our eye:

  1. FROG SAC has a six-pack of “space tie-dye” that is more of a variegated look. In addition, these sporty bands are adjustable, which is a fantastic touch for the hard-to-fit tween years. Plus, they’re fun.
  • This ten-piece set embraces the uber-thin trend with all the faux pearls, crystal, and glitz.  The perfect set for a tween that embraces a dainty and glamourous fashion look.
  • FROG SAC has another six-pack for sporty girls that wanna sparkle. Loving some glitter-glam doesn’t mean you are a couch potato, after all.

Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Set

Renegade Made | Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Set | Non Toxic, Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint for Kids to Decorate The Town. DIY Arts and Crafts for Spreading Kindness! Stencils Included.

Click image for more info

Yes, once upon a time, you could hand little kids a box of chalk, and they’d spend hours outside. But twelve is when a girl might consider that “for little kids.” Thankfully, Renegade has given chalk a rebrand with their Sidewalk Chalk Tagging set. The set won the Parent’s Choice Silver Award and encourages kindness, altruism, and to “wreak happiness.”

Inside the box are six packs of washable chalk paint, three paint cups, seven reusable stencils, a paintbrush, stirring sticks, and a mask to “conceal your true identity” when taking part in a covert kindness operation.

Sushi Go Party

Sushi Go Party! - The Deluxe Pick & Pass Card Game by Gamewright, Multicolored

Click image for more info

Sushi Go Party! takes an old favorite game and expands it, allowing up to eight players, making it perfect for sleepover parties. Now she can play it regardless if she has one friend over or seven. The game is easy, interactive, and most of all, fun, no matter if you are a tween or an adult.

7 Gifts Under $50

Dry Erase LED Board

Woodsam Dry Erase Led Board - 16" x 12" Erasable Neon Message Drawing Learning Sign Board with 2 Vivid Liquid Chalk Markers for Kids

Click image for more info

This Woodsam Dry Erase LED Board is a fantastic decorative addition to an artistic twelve-year-old girl’s room. She can custom make her own art, changing the style and message to suit her mood as often as she likes. The boards come complete with two vivid liquid chalk markers. However, you can buy more, such as Crafty Croc that comes in 3mm and 6mm.

The LED board comes in three sizes: 16″ X 12″, 24″ X 16″, and 30 X 40 cm. It has sixteen neon colors, four flashing modes, and five levels of brightness. The nice thing about the Woodsam is it has a glass face rather than plexiglass or acrylic that many other brands favor. This makes the surface easier to clean. 

Gaming Keyboard

Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, Gaming Mouse Pad, Gaming Headset Combo All in 1 PC Gamer Bundle for Windows PC – (Black)

Click image for more info

Does the twelve-year-old girl adore computer games? If so, it’s probably time to hook her up with a decent gaming keyboard. It’s generally best to steer clear of wireless, though, as they tend to frustrate gamers, regardless of age. This Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard comes with a gaming mouse, mouse bad, and headset.

This ergonomic keyboard with high-precision sensors is built to last. Much to our delight, its water resistance can handle an average spill. Despite being in the more affordable price bracket, it has pretty quiet keys and adjustable backlight brightness. The mouse also has a smooth performance, thanks to its TEFLON-feet.

Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone,3-in-1 Portable Handheld Karaoke Mic Speaker Machine Birthday Home Party for PC or All Smartphone Q37 (Light Purple)

Click image for more info

BONAOK has a 3-in-1 Bluetooth wireless karaoke microphone that will make a tween girl a star, even if it is only in her own household. With eleven color choices, you are sure to find the perfect one for the pop star in your life. The lack of wires and the inbuilt speaker make it easy to store. It just hooks up to a singing app on the phone, and she’s on her way to the stars.

The Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters. Also, the battery is rechargeable. The microphone also has special features such as an echo function. Voice lessons, however, are not included.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Townhouse Toy Store

LEGO Creator 3in1 Townhouse Toy Store 31105, Cool Buildable Toy for Kids Building Kit (554 Pieces)

Click image for more info

Combine entrepreneurship play, building skills, and creative thinking with this adorable and fun LEGO 3in1 Townhouse Toy Store. The set creates a two-story building and two single-story options. However, between the extra pieces provided and your tween’s creativity, nothing is stopping her from making her own designs.

What truly makes this set stand out is LEGO’s attention to detail. Care was clearly invested in picking out the color scheme, the flowers, and the building’s accents. This set also nicely straddles the awkward tween years, with a more mature styling while lending itself to imaginary play without being obvious.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom: Extra-Large Frame (22.75 x 16.5 inches)

Click image for more info

Does your tween girl enjoy crafts? A loom makes an excellent gift, allowing her to design tote bags, scarves, tapestries, table runners, mats, or segments to a blanket that can be stitched together. It is a relaxing hands-on activity that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and planning. Bonus: it gives the girl a break from the screen.

No matter if she is a beginner weaver or has been doing this for a while, we’ve found three looms that will suit her level:

  1. If she doesn’t have much experience, then the Melissa & Dough Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom is a wonderful frame loom that even adults enjoy using. It is sturdy, easy to transport, and its illustrated booklet is easy to follow. It’s priced at under forty dollars, but it is often on special for less than twenty-five.
  • If the tween already owns a frame loom or prefers something that looks more like a classic loom, the Laviervert Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom is a good tabletop loom under forty dollars. In addition, this model folds, making it easy to store when not in use.
  • If you already have a textile artist on your hands, then it is time to get a machine that can allow her to expand her craft and skill. Ashford is an exceptional brand. We like the Sample It Loom, as it is a compact size but has a built-in double heddle. You can use it on a table or buy the stand. It is pricier than the other two options, however.

PURA Vida Bracelet Club

This is the Pura Vida Bracelet Club from Pura Vida Bracelets.


If the twelve-year-old in your life enjoys bracelets, consider a 3-month subscription to the . Kids, even bigger ones, enjoy mail. The styles are cute and easy to wear, and the range will allow the tween to explore different looks. Each month there is a theme, and the various accessories will look great together when stacked.

The three-month trial is only thirty-three dollars. A single month slips just under fifteen dollars. A year’s commitment works out to be eleven dollars a month. But just signing her up for the three-month deal is still a great gift, providing her with three distinct and fun looks.

Sphero Specdrums

Sphero Specdrums (2 Rings) App-Enabled Musical Rings with Play Pad Included - White (SD01WRW2), Package may vary

Click image for more info

Sphero Specdrums Musical Rings combine the love of technology and music. The silicon rings work together with an app and are suitable for novice music makers to musicians. The sound packs will allow the tween to mix and produce her own songs at the tap of her fingers.

The rings’ technology includes an accelerometer, light sensors, LEDs, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.  From drums to keyboards, the ring can mimic a wide range of instrumentals and sounds. This is a fun, easy-to-use STEM toy where the only limitation is the twelve-year-old’s imagination.

6 Gifts Under $100

Aquaponic Ecosystem

Back to the Roots Water Garden, Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food, Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem (Great Gardening Gift & Family Project), 3 Gallons

Click image for more info

Back to the Roots Water Garden is an award-winning self-cleaning fish tank that grows food from the top. It is relaxing and soothing to watch the fish swim in its tank, and there is a sense of satisfaction as the garden grows. The kit includes organic microgreen seeds, D-Klor and Zym-Back, growstones, and fish food. (You will need to supply the actual fish.)

If you love the concept but have a smaller budget, consider the Dr. Moss Aquaponic Fish Tank. It is cute and cheerful for only a hair over twenty bucks.

On the other hand, if the tween is excited about hydroponic gardening but doesn’t care about the fish, she might prefer the VIVOSUN indoor herb growing system. This one is just under the hundred-dollar mark. 

Baking Pans Gift Set

NutriChef Flexible & Nonstick Carbon Steel Bakeware Professional Home Kitchen Bake Pan Set with Black Silicone Handles, 8 Piece, Copper

Click image for more info

If the twelve-year-old girl loves the culinary arts, she might enjoy some of her own equipment. We love the quality of the NutriChef Flexible & Nonstick Carbon Steel Bakeware. The best part of this eight-piece copper set is the silicon handles, making it safer for a tween to use without sacrificing quality.

A pricier but excellent add-on would be baking lessons. King Arthur Baking provides online classes. You can check out their classes and online calendar here.

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Child

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child 75318 Building Kit; Collectible Buildable Toy Model for Ages 10+, New 2020 (1,073 Pieces)

Click image for more info

Baby Yoda and LEGO are an irresistible combination for most, but especially if the Star Wars fan is a twelve-year-old girl. He’s cute, and when this model is complete, he’ll melt hearts with his moveable ears and positional head. He comes with a gearshift knob, “the Child’s” favorite toy, and a displayable information sign complete with a minifigure of himself.

Unlike some Star Wars LEGO models, this Baby Yoda does not require a lot of display space. He is 7.5″ high, 8.5″ inches wide, and only 5″ deep. Thus, he will make an adorable addition to her bedroom once she’s finished building. A STEM skill activity with cuteness-overload.


Leder Games | Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

Click image for more info

Does your twelve-year-old enjoy asymmetric design games with depth, factions and alliances, complex strategy, and creative thinking? If so, check out Root, a game of adventure and war that encourages interaction and creativity, as no game is the same. This is a gamers board game, with a backstory, where the experience becomes richer the more it is played.

Root opens with the “nefarious Marquise de Cat” having taken control of the woodland. The forest creatures have formed bands in response, although there are some vagabonds (raccoons) whose loyalties remain to be won. This is the base game, which requires 2-4 players. There are expansion sets, including Clockwork, Riverfolk, and Underworld.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit w/ 50+ pieces, Robotic STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Educational Gift and IQ Builder for Boys and Girls

Click image for more info

This robotics kit from Tinkering Labs is an excellent addition to a STEM wired tween. The kit provides ten challenges supported by an illustrated tips booklet, but the user can expand beyond. This problem-solving toy encourages the building of doodling robots, electric-powered cars, and even a machine that scrambles eggs.

The kit comes with fifty parts, ten challenge cards, wood, motors, and hardware. While a tween can do the kit independently, this is also a great collaborative activity to do with a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle.

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac, PC, Chromebook & Android (small) with Software Included - Black (CTL4100)

Click image for more info

Digital arts skills are a must-have for graphic artists. If the tween is a talented and enthusiastic artist, this is a great time to hook her up with a quality drawing tablet. The  Wacom CTL4100 is well priced and one of the best amateur options out there. It is the little sister to the professional model.

This tablet has levels of pressure sensitivity, providing superb control and precision while creating, be it drawing, painting, or editing photographs. In addition, it’s a compact size, making it easy to carry and works with both Macs and PCs. Just keep in mind, this is a drawing tablet, so it doesn’t have a screen, but it is meant to be hooked up to a computer.

6 Gifts Over $100

Doodle Crate

This is a screenshot of the Kiwi Co Doodle Crate website homepage.

A twelve-month subscription to Doodle Crate would be the perfect gift to a craft-loving twelve-year-old girl. Each month a box arrives by mail with all the materials to make a new craft, including an inspirational booklet and access to the video tutorials.

The hands-on crafts are diverse, allowing the tween to develop a range of skills. Past boxes have included making handmade soap, a faux leather portfolio, and a felt succulent garden. These are fun, creative, and confidence-building challenges. Doddle Crate truly is a gift that keeps on giving.  

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Volume Limited On-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Lightweight Headphones for Kids with Built-in Microphone – Safer Sound Studio-Grade Quality (Red)

Click image for more info

Noise-canceling headphones are becoming the must-have item. They’re not just trendy but a valuable tool to help manage anxiety and reduce stress. One of the best rated brands for quality and safety when it comes to younger ears is PuroQuiets. The range has six-color options, so you can find the set that suits your tween’s aesthetic.

PuroQuiets have a volume limit, preventing young people from damaging their hearing. These Bluetooth headphones have a 30-foot range, are lightweight, have a built-microphone, and have between 23-35 hours of playtime depending if you have the ANC on. They also come with a one-year warranty.

Obstacle Course

Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Outside-2×56ft Slackline Kit, Hanging Activities Accessories - Monkey Bar, Rope Ladder, Monkey Fist, Rings for Backyard Tree Training Equipment Outdoor Play

Click image for more info

Jungle gyms are starting to become something for “little kids,” and admiration for Parkour and mountain climbing is starting to bloom. If you have a sporty and fierce tween girl, encourager her adventurous spirit in the safety of your backyard with the Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course. 

This set can handle up to 440 pounds, so it is sure to support your tween ninja and her friends.  This kit includes a slackline, two ratchet lines, auxiliary line, gymnastic rings, rope ladder, monkey bars, monkey fist, tree protectors, square buckles set, and locking delta clips. If that’s not enough, there is another with even more, including two types of swings.

Sphero RVR: All-Terrain Programmable Coding Robot

Sphero RVR: All-Terrain Programmable Coding Robot with Customizable Hardware Platform - STEM Educational Robot for Beginners, Builders & Hackers - Micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Compatible

Click image for more info

Is she into robotics? Then she’ll love the Sphero RVR: All-Terrain Programmable robot. Sphero claims it is there most versatile of their coding robots, and you can even use third-party hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, as well as Sphero’s littleBits.

Users are impressed with how responsive and controllable it is right through the app. The range of coding options ensures the toy can grow with the tween’s skills. A fun STEM toy that gets girls excited about coding.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR

Click image for more info

The big deal about turning twelve is you are finally, technically, old enough to play the Sony PlayStation VR. It’s easy to use; pretty much take it out of the box then plug and play. Not only does it provide a 3D visual experience, but the sound is too, allowing users to easily detect if the sound is coming above, below, are all around.

The nice thing about this headset is it works well and remains comfortable even if users wear glasses. It also tracks position easily and comes with demons, games, and videos ready to go out of the box. She will be the envy of her friends.

The Book Drop

This is a screenshot of The Book Drop website homepage.

Got a bookworm in your life? Considered a year’s subscription to a book club. We like The Book Drop, run by Bethany Beach Books, as twelve-year-olds’ reading level and maturity vary widely. Most kid book clubs stop at around twelve. But if the tween is an advanced reader, you can bump up from the Middle Grade club to the Young Adult club.

The MG club costs between 8-9 dollars a month, and the YA is 10-11 dollars a month, each with an extra four dollars in shipping. So you’ll be spending around 144-180 dollars in a year.

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