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34 Gifts for 13-Year-Old Girls

This is a thirteen-year-old girl wearing a striped shirt with a matching striped woven bonnet.

The first year of a girl’s teen years can be tricky. She is a teenager, but she still enjoys some tween toys and might even still need a nightlight from time to time (shh, it’s a secret). Her skin is changing, she’s starting to worry about trends and what’s popular, and she doesn’t want anything that is “babyish.” So what do you buy as a gift for thirteen-year-old girls?

Thirteen-year-old girls enjoy various gifts, from accessories, devices, games, and challenging toys that involve creativity and get the brain going. This is also a great age to give gifts that encourage her hobbies, be it cake decorating or coding.

We’ve put together a list of 34 gifts for thirteen-year-old girls. There is a variety of price points, from under twenty-five dollars to over a hundred. The ideas span from art supplies, photography, robotics, and even unique ways to add decoration to a bedroom.

10 Gifts Under $25

Cable Chompers

TUPARKA 18 Pcs Cable Protector for iPhone/ipad USB Cable, Plastic Cable Protectors Cute Fish Dinosaur Animals Charging Cable Saver, Phone Accessory Protect USB Charger

Click image for more info

The latest trend sweeping the tweens and teens are cable chompers, accessories that protect USB chargers. They’re cute, cheerful, and inexpensive. These make excellent stocking stuffers or small prizes for young teens.

Fake Vines

JPSOR 24pcs 158 Feet Fake Ivy Leaves Fake Vines Artificial Ivy, Silk Ivy Garland Greenery Artificial Hanging Plants for Wedding Wall Decor, Party Room Decor

Click image for more info

The latest tween and teen bedroom decor trend is artificial vines hanging from the walls, ceilings, or spilling off the curtain rail. Amazon has a wide selection of faux-plant decor. There is fake ivy in silk, there is artificial ivy with LED lights, or you can add 32 feet of sunflowers to bring some color into the mix.

Embroidery Kit

Caydo 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern and Instructions, Cross Stitch Kit for Adults, with 3 Plastic Embroidery Hoops, Embroidery Clothes, Color Threads and Tools

Click image for more info

Embroidery has been making a comeback, even popping up on fashionable clothing. But before your young teen takes a needle to her jeans and sweatshirts, make sure she’s got a handle on technique. Caydo has an eye-catching starter kit. The patterns are vibrant and whimsical rather than old-fashioned.

The kit comes with three embroidery hoops, three stamped clothes (the pattern will wash off once finished), the necessary threads in the correct colors, needles, and instructions in English. Not your girl’s style? We also liked this flowers and skull kit and this excellent twist on animals with a black background.


LtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Car, Office Room, Bedroom,etc. Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet. (Navy)(Black)

Click image for more info

LtYioe Humidifier is a great gift for a girl who is struggling with cracked lips or easily gets a bloody nose in her sleep. It comes in navy, pink, or white. The warm light is soothing, creating a relaxing ambiance. In addition, the device is quiet, ensuring it doesn’t wake your teen as she sleeps.

The humidifier works with one-button control. The device has an automatic shut-off for both its timer settings and if water has run low, making it safe for the teen to use in her bedroom. All it needs is a USB port, making it easy to transport.

Kunodi Wireless Portable Mini Shower Travel Speaker

Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker,Kunodi Wireless Portable Mini Shower Travel Speaker with Subwoofer, Enhanced Bass, Built in Mic for Sports, Pool, Beach, Hiking, Camping (Red)

Click image for more info

Does your girl enjoy singing in the shower? Want music while playing in the pool? Give her the gift of music that won’t ruin her phone with this outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The device can even be taken to the beach, the lake, or camping.

This handy speaker comes in four colors: black, blue, green, and red. It also has a carabiner making it easy to hang off a beach bag or backpack. It is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth, including iPhones and Samsung. 

Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Night Light 3D Print Moon Light with Stand & Remote/Touch Control and USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamps for kids friends Lover Birthday Gifts (Diameter 4.8 INCH)

Click image for more info

LOGROTATE Moon Lamps are 3D printed to replicate the surface of the moon. These will delight any girl, especially those yearning for a future STEM career. In addition, they come with a tasteful wooden stand, making them a fun addition to a bedroom without looking “babyish.”  

The lamps are available in five sizes: 4.8 inches, 5.98 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, and 9.6 inches. The moon comes with a remote that allows her to change the moon’s light between sixteen different colors. The lamp can flash, strobe, or fade to create a soft and dreamy glow. The moon’s battery can be charged via a USB cable.

Speed Cube

Speed Cube Set, Carbon Fiber Sticker Puzzle Cube Bundle Magic Cube Set of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Speed Cube

Click image for more info

Speed cubes are all the rage, and we love this carbon fiber bundle. The set comes with 1 Pyraminx Speed Cub, 1 3x3x3 Speed Cub, and 1 2x2x2 Speed Cub, along with a solution guide. The elegant set turns smoothly, and the pieces provide the perfect grip.

The puzzles are fantastic for releasing stress, improving memory, and giving a child’s eyes a break from the constant screens. Besides, while she’s playing with one of the cubes, there are two more to allow other family members to have a go.

STAEDTLER Calligraphy Pen Set

STAEDTLER calligraphy pen set, Complete 33 piece tin, ideal for all skill levels, 899 SM5,Assorted

Click image for more info

Girls that love art will adore the STAEDTLER calligraphy pen set. This is a beautiful starter kit for those only beginning to explore calligraphy. But it is also handy for experienced artists that want a set that is easier to transport than dip pens and jarred ink.

The kit comes in a handy tin to keep the thirty-three pieces from getting lost. There are five different sized and interchangeable nibs, four pens, and a variety of ink colors.

Tie-Dye Socks

6 Pairs Low Cut Tie-Dye Socks Novelty No Show Crew Tie-dye Socks for Women Lady

Click image for more info

The trend of mismatching socks remains strong. This tie-dyed low-cut set allows the young teen to express herself while maintaining consistency in texture, thickness, and length. It’s a practical gift that comes in fun colors.

However, if you are looking for a more winter-friendly sock option, we love these Gellwhu Girls Knee High Socks. The fun cat-themed socks can easily be mismatched while still working with the same shoes or boots. Too small? This two-pack women’s version is a fun alternative.

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit One-Step 8 Color Kit Tie Dye, Celestial

Click image for more info

Yes, there is a tie-dye craze. If the above tie-dye socks are not enough to sate your teen’s love of this trend, have her try making her own with this out-of-this-world celestial kit. All dyes are non-toxic and do not require additional soda ash. Project ideas include creating personalized canvas shoes, bedding, face masks, and yes, even socks.

The kit includes three pairs of gloves, thirty rubber bands, eight bottles of one-step dyes. Do note that these dyes work best on natural fibers such as 100% cotton and silk.

8 Gifts Under $50

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Alex and Ani Elephant II Rafaelian Silver Bangle Bracelet

Click image for more info

As a girl moves into her teens, she begins looking at brands that no longer look as cheap and childish. Alex and Ani is a beloved brand by teenagers and adults that provides durable jewelry at affordable prices. We were rather fond of this elephant bangle bracelet, but there are plenty of other choices to appeal to the thirteen-year-old in your life.

Cake Decorating Kit

Cake Decorating Supplies Cake Decorating Kits 466 PCS Baking Set with Springform Cake Pans Set,Cake Rotating Turntable,Cake Decorating Tools, Cake Baking Supplies for Beginners and Cake Lovers

Click image for more info

By thirteen, a young baker is over the stage of dumping as many sprinkles and edible glitter as they can and calling it “beautiful.” The teens are when baking enthusiasts will start specialized Pinterest boards and start trying much more sophisticated baking technics. This 466-piece set is a wonderful way to show your support for her hobby.

Corgi Pillow

Shiba Inu Plush Pillow,Soft Corgi Stuffed Animals Toy Cute Sleeping Puppy Doll Gifts for Kids (Smiling Eyes, 29.5 inch)

Click image for more info

Neck and giant body pillows that double as stuffed animals are rising in popularity as much as corgis. ERDAO has combined the two trends with their Shiba Inu.  The corgi has “smiling eyes” and provides wonderful support for teens while reading a book and surfing on the phone.

If your thirteen-year-old is turning fourteen soon, these giant dragon pillows are a fantastic choice, especially if the teen is an Anime fan. The orange one immediately caught our eye, but the other two options of green and white with colorful trim look adorable and comfy too. (Psst, you don’t have to be a teen to want one.)

Dixit Board Game

Dixit Board Game | Storytelling Game for Kids and Adults | Fun Family Board Game | Creative Kids Game | Ages 8 and up | 3-6 Players | Average Playtime 30 Minutes | Made by Libellud

Click image for more info

Dixit Board Game has been a hit, temping our thirteen-year-old teen and her friends away from the screens. No longer in the mood to playing make-believe, the game brings a mature spark to imaginations. Girls chat and laugh as the cards spark creativity and the art of storytelling.

The playing cards are gorgeous, and the art only gets better in one of the many expansion packs. The wooden game pieces are also refreshing in a world heavily laden with plastic. 

Lap Desk

HUANUO Lap Desk - Fits up to 17 inches Laptop Desk, Built in Mouse Pad & Wrist Pad for Notebook, MacBook, Tablet, Laptop Stand with Tablet, Pen & Phone Holder (Wood Grain)

Click image for more info

Give your teen flexibility with this HUANUO Lap Desk. The lap desk can fit a laptop up to 17 inches and features a built-in mouse pad, and has places to hold her phone, pen, and tablet. The desk is made from environmentally friendly wood and is padded. The desk is lightweight, making it easier to take on vacation or hang out on the living room sofa.

Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit

Loopdedoo – DIY Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit – Make Bracelets in Minutes – Award-Winning Craft Kit – Fun DIY Jewelry Kit

Click image for more info

The friendship bracelet craze never ends. The Loopdedoo kit, however, allows designs that are at a different level to what she probably created at seven. A colorful, industrious, and fun way to encourage her to discover her own style.  

A nice add-on would be this premium rainbow color embroidery floss set, providing another 105 more skeins.  Buy some silver charms, beads, and spacers would nicely round out the present.

Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini (Green) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball - STEM Educational Toy for Kids Ages 8 & Up - Drive, Game & Code with Sphero Play & Edu App, 1.57", Green

Click image for more info

Sphero Mini is a fun STEM coding gift for under fifty dollars. This little robot is easy to haul around, which makes it a good way to keep a young teen busy on vacation when there is no internet. (You will need the internet to download the apps first, however.) If she has a cat, this will amuse her pet too.

The Sphero Mini is the cousin to the bigger and more expensive Bolt and Sphero 2. It comes in eight colors, including green, orange, pink, and red, in addition to one that looks like a golf ball and another that looks like a soccer ball. There are also activity kits available to inspire coding challenges for the ball. 

UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle

UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle - 18.6 oz Insulated Stainless-Steel Rechargeable Reusable Bottle Push Button Sterilization Travel Friendly BPA Free Leakproof Safety Lock and Touch Sensor

Click image for more info

It seems as if there are more germs around than ever before. So put your mind at ease and give the thirteen-year-old girl this fun self-cleaning water bottle. This purification system claims to be able to ride 99.99% of microbes and breaks down chemical bonds.

UVBrite comes in fashionable cyan and emo black. It is made of a stainless-steel body and a BPA-free cap. A nice feature to this bottle, unlike some others, is that the UV light only works if the safety lock is on.

8 Gifts Under $100

Chess Set

AMEROUS 12.5'' x 12.5'' Magnetic Wooden Chess Set, Chess Board Game with 2 Built-in Storage Drawers - 2 Bonus Extra Queens - Gift Packaging - Chess for Beginner, Kids and Adults

Click image for more info

The Queen’s Gambit made the world acknowledge that girls enjoy chess too. So if the thirteen-year-old girl in your life adores the game, perhaps it is time to upgrade her set to one that can stand the test of time. We like this magnetic wooden set from AMEROUS that comes complete with built-in storage drawers.

A good add-on would be an online chess subscription. Chessable has a variety of courses that focus on specific parts of the game, such as openings. Chess4Life also provides courses and online chess clubs she could join. Either sites’ subscription offers would also make a wonderful gift on their own.

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack

Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday, Plum

Click image for more info

Tweens and teens are falling over themselves for the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. This practical gift comes in a vast array of colors. The iconic design continues, with the two side pockets, the front zippered pocket, and the main compartment. There is also handy top tote handles in addition to the rear backpack straps. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Lilac Purple

Click image for more info

Fujifilm Instax Mini is captivating teens and young adults. In a world of selfies, girls are enjoying being able to take photographs that they can give to a friend, use in a collage, or use to decorate personal spaces such as bedrooms and lockers.

There are many accessories for the camera, such as various sticker frames and desk frames,  a galaxy bag, and this handy backpack and decoration set. This LED Photo String is great for a girl who enjoys a bit of sparkle. But if your daughter enjoys sleeker designs, the HOSOM String might be a better fit.

Premium Pottery Wheel Studio

Premium Pottery Wheel Studio for Beginners - DIY Crafts Kits, Hobby Kit for Kids Teens & Adults. All-in-One Powerful Motor, Durable Machine, Pressure-Sensitive Foot Pedal. Craft Gift for Girls & Women

Click image for more info

The Premium Pottery Wheel hits that perfect mark for young teen artists. The wheel is aimed at any beginner potter, including adults, unlike some more childish models. However, it is also under a hundred bucks, unlike the wheels for a more dedicated pottery hobbyist.

This machine does not work off batteries, like the child sets. This gives the wheel greater power that can be controlled through the foot peddle, providing a wider variety of creative options. The wheel also allows you to set it for left-handers, which is a valuable inclusive touch.


Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

Click image for more info

13-year-old girls were skateboarding to the podium at the Tokyo Olympics. The young winners included Momiji Nishiya of Japan took gold in the women’s street competition, Sky Brown in the women’s park skateboarding event, and twelve-year-old Kokona Hiraki took silver in the women’s park event.

If this inspired your thirteen-year-old, Punisher is a great brand. The designs vary, including this cherry blossom one. Remember helmet and safety pads, too.

Sofa Sack Plush Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack Plush, Ultra Soft Memory Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover Stuffed Foam Filled Furniture and Accessories for Dorm Room, 5-Feet, Charcoal

Click image for more info

Teens like to be comfy. Give a thirteen-year-old girl a place to curl up when not in her bed with The Sofa Sack. This brand uses furniture-grade memory foam, providing better comfort and longevity than a standard bean bag. In addition, it comes in numerous colors, making it easy to match her bedroom and taste.

Succulent Studios Subscription

This is a screenshot of the Succulent Studio website homepage.

If you have a teen girl with a green thumb, encourage her gardening with a six-month subscription to Succulent Studios. Each month she’ll receive two organically-grown baby succulents to nature, complete with instructions. The packaging is eco-friendly, right down to the biodegradable pots.

Succulents are incredibly sturdy plants and drought-resistant, perfect for a teen who could get distracted during exams. The plants are hard workers, producing oxygen throughout the night, making them ideal for her bedroom and around the house.

Yogibo Weight Mate Weighted Shoulder Wrap

Yogibo Weight Mate Weighted Shoulder Wrap, Natural Calming Aromatherapy Therapeutic for Stress, Anxiety, Comfort with Lavender and Peppermint Scent, Unicorn

Click image for more info

Yogibo has come out with this adorable weighted unicorn wrap that helps ease stress and anxiety. In addition, the rice fill has been enriched with calming lavender and peppermint to soothe nerves and help an anxious teen relax.

There are many weighted animal options, but the attractive feature of this wrap is its portability. This can be worn during a road trip or a plane flight. The plush covering can even be unzipped and washed when necessary.

8 Gifts Over $100

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Click image for more info

Apple has upped the game, and their latest wireless AirPods are noise-canceling to give an immersive experience. They also provide quick access to Siri and are sweat and water-resistant. In addition, the tips come in three sizes to allow for the perfect fit.

Does your thirteen-year-old need these? No. But will she want them? Yes.

Ashford Rigid Loom

This is the Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms from Paradise Fibers.

Source: Paradise Fibers

Ashford Rigid Looms are an excellent gift for a textile art lover with limited to no weaving experience. Thus, if your teen has only woven on toys, this is a great next step. Of course, adult weavers enjoy it too, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space and produces a beautiful finished product.

The looms can be operated in the lap, resting against a table. However, stands are available, both for the floor or the table, giving the user increased flexibility and freedom. We own an Ashford, complete with the floor stand, and love it.   

Bombs and Bubble Subscription Box

This is the Bomb and Bubbles box subscription from Cratejoy.


A lot of thirteen-year-old girls are not into makeup yet. Which doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy pampering themselves. A year’s subscription to makes bathtub a soothing experience with an extra dose of charm. Each month she’ll receive between 3-6 full-sized vegan and cruelty-free items to enjoy. 

ClicBot Coding Robot

ClicBot Coding Robot for Kids and Adult, STEM Educational Robot Gift to Teach Programming with APP Control, Buildable Robotics Kit with Touch Screen for 8 Years+

Click image for more info

The ClicBot Coding Robot is so much fun for any coder, regardless of whether they’re just starting out or already familiar with programming. It is cute and versatile. The robot allows creativity in its style, including becoming a little dog and an all-terrain vehicle.  With over 200 reactions, the robot can be made to dance, race, walk, climb, and roll around.

The wonderful thing about this robot set is that the range of possibilities makes it difficult to become boring. It is a flexible toy with tons of potential that will continue to amuse and challenge as the teen grows older.

LEGO Ideas Tree House

LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 Build and Display (3036 Pieces)

Click image for more info

It can be harder to get girls to put down their phones and talk to an adult. It is even harder to find ways to do it that are not awkward. Rather than put the girl on the spot, finding a group project can make it easier to provide space to open up. If you have a daughter that adores LEGO, this Tree House will make a wonderful collaborative gift.

Yes, this is set is aimed at a higher age group than a 13-year-old girl. But the idea is to get the young teen to do something with an adult, such as a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle. This is a fun challenge that can create lasting memories.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

Click image for more info

Oculus Quest is a leader in VR gaming. The experience is immersive and gets teen-couch-potatoes up and moving. Playing Beat Saber rocks, fun way to release stress while exercising (we’re speaking from experience). If the girl has a more artistic side, you can’t go wrong with . The 3D art experience is both relaxing while allowing creativity to bloom.

This model does not require wires or a PC to function, allowing greater freedom. The “Guardian system” keeps players safe, letting them set up the boundaries of their playing space, so they don’t hit a wall or the coffee table. The set-up is easy and straightforward. Many people can play within 10 minutes of opening the box.  


Celestron - PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope - Manual German Equatorial Telescope for Beginners - Compact and Portable - Bonus Astronomy Software Package - 127mm Aperture

Click image for more info

If you have a budding astronomer, it might be worth investing in a decent telescope. The market is wide and comes at a range of price points from cheap and cheerful to well over a thousand dollars. We’ve selected three all under $250.

 If she’s still into anything she can get her eyes on, Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is considered an excellent all-around telescope for beginners.

The Orion Observer II, 70 mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope Kit, is known for providing great views of planets.

Users who bought a telescope due to an enthusiastic teen were impressed with the ease of use and quality of this SOLOMARK  with a 70mm Aperture and 700 focal length.

Vertical Garden

4-Ft Raised Garden Bed - Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planters 4 Container Boxes - Good for Patio Balcony Indoor Outdoor (1-Pack/Fernie)

Click image for more info

If you have a teen eager to make things grow but are lacking space, consider this 4-foot raised garden bed. The free-standing unit holds four boxes and can work on a patio, balcony, or even a sunny indoor location. In addition, the plant bins are food-grade and BPA-free.

You could round out the kit by buying seeds for your season and climate, provide an essential tool kit, and top it off with the cookbook Eat Fresh Food: Awesome Recipes for Teen Chefs. (Be even more awesome if she grew some of the ingredients herself.)

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