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20 Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys

A smiling brown-haired 11-year-old boy wearing a gray shirt.

At the age of eleven, boys find themselves in what can only be described as an awkward phase. They can’t exactly be called kids anymore, and they aren’t teenagers yet, but they are right in the middle of the two. You could call them “tweenagers.” Choosing a gift for them is also a bit of a head-scratcher because they still like some of the things from their younger years, but they are developing new interests by the day.

A gift for an eleven-year-old boy should support the development of their body and mind and allow them to express their individuality. Toys like bikes, scooters, skateboards, STEM toys, sports activities, books, robots, tech toys, and gifts that encourage social interaction are what you should aim for.

If you are having difficulty finding that special gift for the young man, look no further! This article will provide you with a wonderful and exciting list of carefully selected toys, games, and activities that are absolutely perfect for an eleven-year-old boy! Let the search begin!

How To Choose Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys

If you thought it was tough to choose gifts for girls, then you are in for a wild ride! Buying a gift for an eleven-year-old boy could be an overwhelming task because they are in a very unpredictable stage in their lives.

You need to select age-appropriate toys, games, and activities that have just the right amount of cool and shield them from things they are not yet ready for.

The best would be to research the types of things they like, or you could even ask them to update you on what they are up to these days.

Knowing what they like will help to guide you in the right direction of buying the best gift that will make them happy!

Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys Under $25

Break-In – Area 51 — To Escape, You Must First… Break-In!

Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape, You Must First... Break in! -- Unfold The Layers of The Box and The Story as You Race to Escape

Click image for more info

Give your kid the gift of a mysterious adventure! You are an alien, and you are required to break into Area 51 to rescue your ship!

During this collaborative experience, you need to work as a team to solve puzzles and follow a series of clues to unfold the multiple layers of the game so that you can get through the eerie facility and locate your ship!

The game includes;

  • An expanding 3D game board
  • 39 Cards
  • 8 x Solution sticks
  • A 3-piece cow puzzle
  • A Quiss Ar-May knife
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

He can immerse himself in the story and some friends he would like to take along on the rescue mission.

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Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, Sensory Tool EDC Fidgeting Game for Kids and Adults, Cool Mini Gadget Best for Stress and Anxiety Relief and Kill Time, Unique Idea that is Light on the Fingers and Hands

Click image for more info

Fidget toys are trendy nowadays, and the Infinity Cube is one of our favorite. It is fun to play with and a great stress reliever. The cube measures 3” x 1.5” and is playable by one hand.

The cube is pocket-size so that he can take it with him anywhere he goes. The cube consists of eight durable ABS plastic blocks that are linked together by strong steel metal rivets. It can withstand endless folding and flipping, and the curved edges and smooth surface make it light on the wrists and easy on the hands.

This cube is an especially great gift for children who suffer from social or generalized anxiety disorders, and it keeps their minds occupied.

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100 Kid’s Activities Scratch Off Bucket List

Gift Republic 100 Kids Activities Bucket List Poster, A2, Multi

Click image for more info

Every kid, boy or girl, should have this fantastic Scratch Off bucket list! The list contains 100 great activities that your eleven-year-old will really enjoy doing! It may long to complete all of them, but it is not a race, and kids can take their time working through all of them. The Bucket List activities include;

  • Visit a museum
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Ride a horse
  • Have a sleepover
  • Enter a competition
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Visit a library
  • Go bowling
  • Complete a difficult puzzle
  • Visit a cave
  • Go snorkeling
  • See a shooting star
  • Learn a magic trick

There are many more fun activities on the poster like the ones listed above, and we guarantee you he won’t suffer from boredom ever again!

The poster measures 18” long and 3.5” wide, perfect for putting up on his bedroom wall. Help your child to do things that he has never done before with this brilliant bucket list for kids!

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5 Second Rule

The Five Second Rule Game from Fat Brain Toys.


This fast-thinking game will have everyone on the edge of their seats. The game requires you to name three examples relating to the selected category, for example; Name three types of trees! Name three names starting with the letter M! Name three breeds of dogs!

Though it might sound simple, finding answers in under five seconds can be very tricky. The suspense makes your tongue twist and makes your mind go blank! To add to the tension and pressure, everybody looks at you as you try to think of the possible answers.

When the marbles reach the end of the swirling track, your time is up! If you manage to name three before the time is up, you can keep the card as a point. The player that possesses the most cards at the end, wins! The game includes 288 cards with a total of 576 questions, a five-second twisted marble timer, and detailed game instructions.


Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys Under $50

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set Orange Track High-Speed Multi-Lane Loops Motorized Booster

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set Orange Track High Speed Multi-Lane Loops Motorized Booster Ages 6 and Older [Amazon Exclusive]

Click image for more info

Rev up the fun with the instant, high-speed, crashing, and smashing Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set!

The track features three awesome crash zones, and the set can connect to any other Hot Wheels track set for an even bigger racing adventure! The track has a motorized booster to launch the race cars onto the track at the speed of sound!

If your twelve-year-old boy enjoys fast cars and collectibles, then this is without a doubt the perfect present for him!

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Hot Wheels Basic Car 50-Pack

Hot Wheels Basic Car 50-Pack, Multicolor (V6697)

Click image for more info

What would a high-speed track be without its racers? Hot Wheels is celebrating fifty years of unbelievable success with this pack of 50 Hot Wheels basic cars.

It is the perfect addition to any collector of toy cars, and the cars look like authentic decorations and very realistic details.

The set comes in a box that you can use to store all your cars, and each car is individually packaged for the ultimate unwrapping experience. With the number one selling toy in the world, we guarantee he will love his gift!

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Mini Helicopter Drone

Mini Drones for Kids or Adults, RC Drone Helicopter Toy, Easy Indoor Small Flying Toys for Boys or Girls Blue

Click image for more info

Has your kid asked you over and over if he can have a drone? You want to give him everything he wants, but you don’t want to invest in such an expensive toy that has a good chance of breaking if it falls. Well, not with the Mini Helicopter Drone!

It is a stable little drone that can perform really cool tricks up in the air. The drone is compact enough to fit in your pocket, and you can even fly it indoors! When your drone seems too far away to control, a particular function will orient your drone back to you or to the position where it took off.

You can make the drone take off, land, and turn on its LED light with only one button. The drown can perform an awesome 360-degree stunt flip and can roll until directed otherwise.

The drown features auto hovering, allowing it to suspend and stabilize automatically in mid-air. He will be so impressed with his present that he will never beg again!

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit - Over 15 Science Experiments & STEM Activities for Kids, Crystal Growing, Erupting Volcanos, 2 Dig Kits & 10 Genuine Specimens, an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Science Kit

Click image for more info

Introduce your boy to the brilliance of National Geographic with this great Earth Science Kit! He can learn all about the remarkable wonders of science through fifteen fun experiment activities, including;

  • Building an erupting volcano
  • Dueling water tornadoes
  • 2 x geological digging kits
  • Growing a crystal
  • See-through a rock
  • Unearth treasures

Set also comes with over ten specimens such as;

  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Pumice
  • Agate
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Dessert Rose
  • Blue Collate
  • Geode
  • Green Fluorite

The included detailed, easy-to-follow instructions will guide him along and develop a deep appreciation for Mother Earth and all her wonders!

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ThinkFun Gravity Maze

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner

Click image for more info

If your kid is into logic games and puzzles, this is the perfect present for him! The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning toy has difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. As he works through the challenging activity cards, things become a bit trickier.

As he plays, he is developing vital skills such as planning and spatial reasoning, and it also introduces him to the world of engineering. The Gravity Maze is a fun marble run, logic, and STEM activity all-in-one! The kit includes;

  • 60 x challenges (from beginner to expert)
  • 9 x Towers
  • 3 x Marbles
  • 1 x Target piece
  • A game grid
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instruction manual

He will have so much fun doing all the challenges that you might not see him for hours at a time!

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Glow City Light Up LED Basketball Hoop And LED Basketball Kit

GlowCity LED Basketball Hoop Lights – Glow-in-The-Dark Rim Lights Full Size – Super-Bright to Play Longer Outdoors, Ideal for Kids, Adults, Parties and Training (Red)

Click image for more info

If your 11-year-old is into sports, he will love this set of LED basketball and hoop by Glow City. The basketball lights up as he plays with it, allowing him to practice his game at night. When the ball is not in use, the LED lights will shut off by themselves.

The ball has two LED lights on the inside that allows 30 hours of continuous play. The ball has a sturdy and durable rubber exterior that protects the LED light from impact. The basketball comes with two pre-installed batteries and instructions.

The LED hoop can remain out in the elements as it is weather resistant. The hoop automatically lights up when the game begins and switches off when the motion has stopped.

3 x AAA batteries power the LED hoop’s lighting. Batteries are not included and need to be purchased separately.

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Percy Jackson And The Olympians 5 Book Boxed Set 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set (new covers w/poster) (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

Click image for more info

If your eleven-year-old is struggling to get into reading, then this five-book boxed set of Percy Jackson And The Olympians books will be a game-changer for him. He will be hooked on the series.

Even fifteen years after the book series publication, it continues to fascinate anyone who reads it. Give your boy the gift of reading, and he will carry that passion with him for the rest of his life!

The set comes with a Percy Jackson, And The Olympians poster, and the book titles include;

  1. The Lightning Thief
  2. The Sea of Monsters
  3. The Titan’s Curse
  4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
  5. The Last Olympian

Buy It Here

This Book Is a Planetarium By Chronicle Books

This Book Is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions (Popup Book for Kids and Adults, Interactive Planetarium Book, Cool Books for Adults) from Brave and Kind Books.

Source: Brave and Kind Books

You may be thinking your boy is way too old for a pop-up book. Well, think again! The New York Times calls it “A marvel of paper engineering and imagination.”

These incredibly cool books pages not only fold-out, but they also transform into six amazing, fully-functioning inventions including;

  1. A message decoder
  2. A speaker that amplifies sound
  3. A planetarium that projects constellations onto walls and ceilings
  4. A geometric drawing generator
  5. An infinite calendar
  6. A stringed instrument

This marvelous interactive book will defy everyone’s expectations, including yours!

Buy It Here

Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot: Drawing Robot, Homeschool or Classroom, Ages 7+

Click image for more info

Who would have thought that artificial intelligence could be this adorable? This cute little coding robot is a super fun way for children to learn coding. There are also pre-programmed designs to make it easy for him to start on a beginner’s level right away. 

You can access the new firmware update on Artie 3000’s website for even more code designs and additional information. Artie requires 4 x AA batteries to operate, and he has built-in WiFi, so there is no need for an internet connection.

Batteries have to be purchased separately as they are not included. You need a computer or a tablet to control Artie 3000.

Your kid will also learn functions like point and click, drag and drop, remote control, and he will learn the coding languages of Snap!, Blockly, JavaScript, and Python. The robot comes with;

  • A quick-start guide
  • Activity cards
  • 4 Washable markers

Buy It Here

Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys Under $100

Goosebumps Horrorland Collection (18 Volume Set) by R. L. Stine 

Goosebumps Horrorland Collection (18 Volume Set) by R. L. Stine (2013-05-04)

Click image for more info

A book series like Goosebumps will never go out of style, and if your kid loves scary novels, this set is sure to send exciting shivers down his spine. This Goosebumps Horrorland Collection set features 18 best-selling Goosebumps titles, including;

  • Revenge of the Living Dummy
  • Creep from the Deep
  • Monster Blood for Breakfast
  • The Scream of the Haunted Mask
  • Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz
  • Who’s Your Mummy
  • My Friends Call Me Monster
  • Say Cheese and Die-Screaming
  • Welcome to Camp Slither
  • We Have Strange Powers
  • Escape from HorrorLand
  • The Streets of Panic Park
  • When the Ghost Dog Howls
  • Little Shop of Hamsters
  • Heads, You Lose
  • Weirdo Halloween
  • Wizard of Ooze
  • Slappy New Year
  • The Horror at Chiller House.

If he is a true horror fan, he will be so excited when he unwraps this chilling gift!

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Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest – Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests – Laser Tag Gun 

Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls – Original

Click image for more info

The Play22 Laser Tag is a fun game that your kid can play outside with his friends. It encourages him to get away from the screen and get some fresh air and healthy exercise.

The gun set has fantastic features and sound effects and four different light colors (green, blue, white, and red) and can be played by four players. The set comes with four types of guns;

  • A Pistol with twelve bullets – takes a one-point life value if it hits
  • A Shotgun with six bullets – takes a two-point life value if it hits
  • A Machine gun with six bullets – takes a two-point life value if it hits
  • A Rocket launcher with one missile – takes a three-point life value if it hits

The guns vibrate each time you fire, making it a realistic shooting experience, and the lasers can hit opponents up to 130 feet away.

In total, the guns require 28 x AA batteries to function. Batteries are not included and need to be purchased separately. You can add more players if you purchase more sets to play the same game.

Buy It Here

LEGO Ideas 21320 Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit

LEGO Ideas 21320 Dinosaur Fossils Building Kit (910 Pieces)

Click image for more info

No kid will ever be too old to build LEGO! There are so many different LEGO models to choose from on the market, and we have selected an all-time kid favorite; dinosaurs!

Use the 910-piece set to build the skeleton models of a tyrannosaurus rex, a pterodactyl, and a triceratops. The set even comes with two paleontologist figurines and a display stand per dinosaur.

The T-Rex is the biggest out of all the models measuring 7″ tall and 15″ long. Once he has finished building the models, he can display them as an extraordinary showpiece in his room.

Buy It Here

Duo-Scope Microscope by My First Lab

My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope - Young Scientist Microscope Set, for Students

Click image for more info

This award-winning Duo-Scope Microscope by My First Lab is a wonderful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and educational toy. It functions as a stereomicroscope and a compound microscope in one unit.

Children can view 3D objects or prepared microscope slides like insect wings, coins, leaves, and rocks, and the two-light sources make for a clear viewing experience. The microscope magnifies the object 400x. The kit includes 50 different accessories such as;

  • A user manual
  • An experiment guide
  • 5 x Blank slides
  • 1 x Concavity (well) slide
  • 4 x Prepared slides
  • 2 x Bottles of stain
  • Slide labels
  • Cover glass
  • 50 sheets of lens paper
  • 1 x Plastic transfer pipette
  • 1 x Plain wooden applicator
  • 1 x cotton-tipped applicator
  • Plastic forceps
  • 1 x Plastic test tube
  • 1 x Plastic petri dish

Buy It Here 

LEGO Technic – Dom’s Dodge Charger

LEGO Technic - Dom's Dodge Charger from Fat Brain Toys.


If your twelve-year-old is a fan of the Fast And The Furious, then this cool 1077-piece LEGO replica of Dom’s 1970s Dodge Charger R/T will blow his mind!

The hood can open to view a powerful V8 engine with pistons that move when the car rolls. The car also has a blower that spins, a functioning steering wheel, and a wishbone suspension!

The car also has nitrous bottles in the trunk for an exhilarating high-speed experience. Apart from being tons of fun to construct, the set helps develop his spatial reasoning, problem-solving, logic, and fine motor skills. The completed model measures 15″ x 6″ x 4″.


Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys $100+

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original Magnetic Building Tiles For Creative Open-Ended Play, Educational Toys For Children Ages 3 Years +

Click image for more info

If the boy you are buying a gift for is a fan of construction toys, he will really enjoy this 100-piece set of Magna Tiles. The set inspires young minds by fusing science, math, and creativity! The colorful, translucent magnetic tiles include shapes including;

  • 4 x Large squares
  • 50 x Small squares
  • 20 x Equilateral Triangles
  • 11 x Right triangles
  • 15 x isosceles triangles

Children of all ages explore, develop and learn the following;

  • Shapes and colors
  • Pattern recognition
  • Imaginative free play
  • Symmetry
  • Fine motor skills
  • STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Magnetic principles
  • Design and architecture
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Special reasoning
  • Tactile skills

Buy It Here

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise - Switch

Click image for more info

You would be his favorite person on the planet if you were to present him with this incredible gift from Nintendo! The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lightweight, compact addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

It has integrated controls and is perfect for solo gamers or to enjoy wireless multiplayer games with their friends with the same devices.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with any Nintendo Switch game. Joy-con controllers are not included, and you will need to purchase them separately.

Buy It Here

In Conclusion

Now you know that there are great gifts available for eleven-year-old boys. The trick is to gather information about his interests and match them to the gifts you buy. Another piece of advice is to keep to the trends of his friends and peers as much as possible.

Kids want to fit in with their friends and peers and sharing in the same activities, sports, toy collections, and games makes that possible. Apart from supporting his passions and dreams, introducing him to new ones is always a good idea.

We hope you enjoyed our list as much as we enjoyed putting it together and that you find that perfect gift for your remarkable young man!


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