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Can You Order Missing LEGO Pieces? If So, How?

Pieces of Lego blocks on the wood floor.

LEGO is one of the biggest toy companies around the globe, and has created billions of Lego pieces worldwide since its original debut. If you’re a fan of LEGO and enjoy putting LEGO projects together, you have likely experienced losing pieces of a set at one point or another.

If you are missing LEGO pieces for a current project you are building or for an older LEGO set you have purchased, you can purchase missing pieces if you are aware of the pieces you need.

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Ordering replacement LEGO pieces

Girl playing Lego.

If you have an official LEGO set and you are missing LEGO pieces or you have misplaced them yourself, you can search for and order missing bricks directly from the official LEGO website.

Once you are on the official LEGO website, you can search for the specific LEGO set in which you are missing pieces to find the bricks you need to order.

How to search for replacement LEGO pieces?

Once you are on the official customer service website for LEGO, you can search for LEGO pieces you are missing by using the name of the actual set you own, the set number, the theme of the set, and any other factors that may be relevant to the set itself. It is best to search for a LEGO set part replacement by using the exact set name or set number to avoid finding the wrong set of replacement pieces and bricks. 

Is it possible to buy individual pieces of LEGO?

Hand holding a block of Lego.

Yes. You can buy individual LEGO bricks for just about any set that is currently available on the market. Searching for individual pieces of LEGO can be done using the official LEGO website as well as various toy collecting sites and online communities. Searching for individual LEGO pieces is possible by color, design ID, element ID, and other search terms that are relevant to the piece(s) and set(s) you are interested in.

How do I order missing replacement LEGOs that never arrived in my set or kit?

Lego worker holding a wrench and toolbox.

From time to time, a LEGO kit you purchase may be incomplete or may be missing a brick or a few LEGOs that you need in order to complete it. If this is the case, you can also use the official website to order replacement or missing bricks. Once you are on the official Bricks and Pieces section of the website, you can select “Missing” bricks to submit a report regarding your missing LEGOs.

How do I submit a report on missing LEGO bricks using the website?

Lego website seen through a magnifying glass.

Head to the official website. Ensure that you are using the official LEGO website and not a third-party service that assists in finding missing LEGO bricks and pieces. Once you have accessed the LEGO website, navigate to the Bricks & Pieces section of the site. From this section of the LEGO site, you will be asked to choose between three options: Missing Bricks, Broken Bricks, and Buy Bricks.

Select Missing Bricks and allow the following page to load. You will be prompted to enter your age as well as the country you reside in. Provide LEGO with accurate information to process your request as quickly as possible. 

You will be prompted to complete additional steps, including:

  • Enter set number: Enter the set number of the LEGO kit you are missing bricks from, if applicable. Most LEGO set numbers contain anywhere from 4 to 7 digits in total.
  • Choose brick: You will need to choose the type of brick that is missing or that requires a replacement of your set from the available bricks that appear based on the set number you enter. Choose the brick(s) that are missing from your set.
  • Enter address: You will be asked to enter a shipping address for your missing LEGO pieces and replacement parts.
  • Confirm: You will be prompted to confirm that you are requesting missing LEGO pieces for your identified set.
  • Check summary: Review your request and confirm your replacement order. Allow anywhere from 2-8 weeks for your LEGO replacement bricks to be delivered.

Do I need to pay for replacement LEGO pieces from a kit that the parts are missing from?

Little boy building a Lego set.

No. If you have purchased an official LEGO kit that is missing bricks or pieces, you can often request additional spare parts free of charge using the official LEGO website and request form. LEGO may request proof of your purchase by requiring you to enter in the specific set number or the type of brick you require before you are able to receive the missing LEGOs in your set.

Do I need to use an official LEGO replacement for my missing bricks and pieces?

In most cases, yes, it is recommended to use the official LEGO pieces whenever you are missing a piece from a standard LEGO kit. While there are other LEGO-style bricks and pieces from third-party brands available, there is no guarantee that the colors and shapes will be exact. Using the same brand as your original LEGO set when searching for replacement parts is best to prevent issues when trying to use the part(s) with your current set(s).

Is it possible to order individual bricks without a set or missing pieces?

Lego figurines on the pyramid.

Yes. LEGO, along with third-party LEGO brick suppliers, offer a variety of individual programs and store options to shop for pieces of bricks based on your own project needs. With LEGO, you can also try their “Pick a Brick” program, which allows customers the option of shopping for LEGO bricks individually, even if they are not doing so for their own LEGO set.

What to do if you are missing stickers and other parts of your LEGO set

Opening up your LEGO set only to discover you are not only missing parts, but also stickers and other pieces of your set can be extremely disappointing. However, you can also request additional items such as missing stickers and set add-ons from the official Bricks & Pieces section of the LEGO website.

Filling out the Bricks & Pieces form on the official LEGO website can walk you through the process of requesting not only bricks and missing LEGO pieces, but also additional pieces and stickers that are missing from your latest LEGO kit and set. Using the Bricks & Pieces form, you can submit a special request for missing stickers and additional items for your LEGO set using the same system and with the same set identification numbers as well as the same numbers for the pieces or stickers you are missing and wish to request. 

Do I need to pay for missing stickers and set add-ons?

Lego duplo box

Similar to LEGO pieces that are missing from an official LEGO set, you are not required to pay for any add-ons or stickers that are missing from a set you have purchased. 

Losing a LEGO piece or special brick does not have to feel stressful or upsetting, especially with the ability to order missing replacement parts at any time. When you know where to go when you are missing LEGO pieces, you can quickly find the replacements you need to complete any LEGO project or set you have your heart set on. 

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