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Can LEGO be Recycled? If So, How? Where?

Kids playing with Lego bricks.

Lego bricks remain one of the favorite childhood toys for most children. There are a lot of reasons why children love these toys including the fact that they are great for working on their imagination. They can put the blocks together into different structures and designs.

Using the various blocks, they can build up just about anything that they want, and children often dive right into this practice immediately. They are so thrilled to have the resources that they need to start building something using their own hands. 

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Legos: A Great Gift for Your Children

Kids playing with Legos.

You cannot go wrong purchasing Legos for your children. Not only will they like them because they are something that has transcended time, but also because they are something that they can pull out of the box and start using right away. There are no batteries or other materials required, and it is something that they can share with their friends and/or siblings.

In fact, getting children to build things together is a beautiful way to show them how much they can get done when they work together. 

Sharing with Those in Need

Hands playing with Legos.

There are great programs put in place by Lego to make sure their customers can help others in need. They can work with the company to recycle their Legos and get them into the hands of those in need. The program is known as a recycling program because it allows children with Legos that they are no longer using to recycle them back into the ecosystem to get them to children who don’t have Legos available to them. 

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Children that come from families that are unable to afford Legos can look forward to potentially getting these toys from those who do have the means to make it happen. The program allows those with Legos to do something nice for those who don’t have the means to get them.

You Can Donate them Back to the Company

Lego logo against Lego blocks.

The Lego company will take your unwanted Lego bricks back from you if you wish. They will make sure that all of your old pieces that you are no longer using can get into the hands of someone who can put them to good use. You should consider doing this because they have a large network that they can reach out to in order to get the bricks where they need to go.

On top of that, it is possible to have your bricks ground down and turned into new Lego bricks with the company. In other words, they make sure that nothing is gone to waste when they receive the donations. 

You Can Donate them to Local Charities

Mom and son playing Lego.

If you do not feel like donating your bricks back to the company itself, you can always choose to donate them to local charities. Most charities are more than happy to accept the bricks that you send their way. The charities that directly work with children are always the ones most in need of these bricks.

They may send them out as holiday gifts to the children, or they may even just have them available to the children who come to them. A few of the organizations that will accept Lego bricks include: 

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Boys and Girls Club 

One organization that you can count on accepting your Lego bricks is the Boys and Girls Club. They are great because they help to get young children the mentorship that they need in order to help them become the great people that they are destined to become. Keep in mind the fact that the experiences that children form when they are in an organization like this are lessons that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Teach for America

This is another great charitable organization that will happily accept Lego bricks at any time. They know that there are a lot of children that they work with who would love nothing more than to receive something that they can put their hands on and play with. They want to make sure that they have things like Lego bricks at the ready so that they can keep the children on task and learn more and more about how they can create things with their own two hands.

Your Local School System

Sadly, many school systems throughout the country have seen their funding gets cut. They simply don’t have the budgets that they used to have, and this puts many of them in a tight spot for trying to take care of providing supplies and toys to the children in the system that they take care of. A donation of Lego toys would certainly be welcomed at virtually any school system in the entire country. 

Your Local Library

Many libraries work with patrons to set up a Lego club that the children can enjoy. This is a great way to bring children into the library to check out what it is all about. Enticing them with some Legos is a fun way to help the children associate something fun with a trip to the library. That is a goal that many parents have for their children, and it just makes sense that they would go about trying to make the library as enjoyable as possible. 

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Why Should You Donate Your Legos? 

Colorful Lego Bricks

Legos are a pricey toy for some families. There are some who are simply not able to take on the price tag that is associated with these bricks. Thus, you should try to donate your Legos in order to allow more and more people to experience the joy that comes with playing with Legos.

You never know what they will be able to get from playing with Legos, but you can help provide them with the opportunity to experience some of the same wonder and joy that you have experienced by getting to play with these. 

Another great reason to look at Legos as something potentially worth your time is the fact that you can help save the environment when it comes to donating Legos. They are reusing some of the same materials that they have previously used, and that means that they do not have to consume as many raw materials as they previously would have if you hadn’t made that donation. Considering all of that, it just makes sense that you would want to send your Legos in for a donation as soon as you possibly can.

Recycling Legos is something that is starting to catch on in many areas. If you are generous in spirit with your Legos, then you can also get your Legos recycled through the system without any problem. Make sure you at least consider doing this if you are interested in helping out people in need. 

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