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21 Board Games for 7- to 9-Year-Olds

7 to 9-year old kids playing board games on the floor.

Finding a board game that will educate and entertain antsy children who are literally climbing walls sounds like an impossible quest. But rest assured – after reading this article which was based on five-star Amazon reviews from parents, your children will be as quiet as mice – except for occasional shrieks of laughter.

Board games for 7-to-9-year-olds should be fun, educational, interactive, and challenging to keep them engaged. Award-winning board games are all well designed, easy to play, and multi-generational. They teach children problem-solving and critical thinking skills and impart useful knowledge.

While good board games are entertaining – great board games are educational and fun for all generations of a family (including Grannies!). So, I have decided to share my favorite board games, including their educational value that will not only suit your budget but also create precious family memories for years to come.

The Best Board Games for 7- to 9-Year-Olds Under $25

The following educational board games for 7- to 9-year-olds have been carefully selected, based on their five-star Amazon ratings and glowing reviews from parents who have spent countless hours of fun with their children.

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Furthermore, I have included games that are tailor-made to aid your child’s cognitive and fine motor skills, including their general knowledge.

Improve Spelling Skills: Scrabble Junior Board Games

Scrabble Junior Game

Click image for more info

The main difference between the traditional Scrabble board game and the junior version is that children who are still learning to spell can improve their literacy.

It’s a great board game for children that are still at different levels in their development, as one side of the board game is for children who are starting to read (but need help). The other side is for more advanced readers.

The more accessible side of the game is perfect for children who are not yet capable of stringing together their own words; however, they can discover replacement letters in existing words.

Scrabble Junior is great for children ranging from 7 to 9 years of age as they can all enjoy a game that reinforces their reading abilities in a fun and engaging manner. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way for them to expand their vocabulary.

Likewise, it’s an excellent long-term investment in your children’s education as they can play it for numerous years.

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A Diversity Themed Boardgame: Guess Who?

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Click image for more info

Guess Who? is an excellent board game for children to teach them about diversity. The revised version of Hasbro’s board game features various diverse characters, which have received rave reviews.

The “Guess Who?” characters are representative of diverse genders, races, and ethnicities. Moreover, a reviewer remarked that the game contained several descriptive hints that normalize discussions about sensitive topics.

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Furthermore, it teaches children how to define people’s physical attributes in a kind and neutral way.

Other reviewers have also pointed out that the game helps their children practice critical skills like asking questions, taking turns, and using the correct descriptive words while improving their speech.

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Improve Counting Skills: Trouble Board Games

Trouble Board Game for Kids Ages 5 and Up 2-4 Players

Click image for more info

If you want an excellent family board game that even a granny could enjoy and that will improve your child’s counting abilities – look no further!

The Trouble Game has received rave reviews from parents who pointed out that while the game is meant for kids, they too had a load of fun.

Parents tend to reminisce about their own childhoods, while children love playing a new game with their families.

A reviewer highlighted that she was thrilled to experience the best aspect of the game by placing the colored pegs in the correct slots and enjoying the childlike thrill of the game’s popper.

They also loved the rewarding click of pushing the colored pegs, which resulted in the dice tumbling and obtaining their number. Moreover, forcing an opponent to go backward resulted in much teasing and laughter.

Another great advantage of this excellent family game is that the rules and counting are straightforward. Therefore, every child feels empowered to enjoy the game.

However, apart from improving children’s counting skills, it also encourages great sportsmanship and endless fun.

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Highly Rated: Connect 4 Family Board Games

Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Click image for more info

More than 40,000 Amazon reviewers awarded the Connect 4 board game with a five-star rating – that should speak for itself.

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Most reviewers said that their children quickly understood how to play the game, and they highlighted the fact that the game did not take long to finish.

It’s a great game for working parents who want to spend quality time with their children as they can play a few rounds with them while juggling other responsibilities.

Many parents also felt a sense of nostalgia as they played this game when they were children, and they found it rewarding to play the game with their children now.

To illustrate my point, one reviewer said that her kids received Connect 4 as a Christmas gift, and they were still enjoying playing it eight months after the festive season.

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Great Family Fun: Hedbanz Board Games

Spin Master Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game New Edition, for Families and Kids Ages 8 and up

Click image for more info

Hedbanz is an excellent choice if you are looking for a children’s game that your entire family will also enjoy on vacations and during the holidays.

The board game consists out of six fun headband characters that your family can choose from, like pirates, unicorns, and cat ears, including scoring badges, picture cards, and sample questions.

This fast-paced family favorite improves a child’s problem-solving skills, including their ability to memorize clues and to concentrate on the game entirely.

It’s a great game to entice your child away from their Nintendo games!

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Learning Chess Skills: No Stress Chess Board Games

Winning Moves Games Winning Moves No Stress Chess, Natural (1091)

Click image for more info

This board game is aptly named as it’s a fun way to teach children the fine art of playing chess without the added frustration of learning a new game.

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The board game includes a complete chess set which is intended to teach children pertinent chess rules and strategies with a deck of cards that makes it easy for them to understand.

One satisfied father remarked that his son quickly understood the rules of chess on the first night that they played the game as the card deck was a great learning aid.

Moreover, the reviewer’s son was so confident in his chess-playing skills after a few games that he no longer relied on the cards to guide him. His father pointed out that his son would probably not have continued playing chess if he had been taught with a traditional chess set.

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Strategic Thinking Skills: Sequence Board Games

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3" x 8.1" x 2.31"

Click image for more info

Sequence garnered over 22,000 rave reviews from clients as anyone from 8 to 80 years old will enjoy playing this game.

While reviewers have said that it was easy to master the rules of the game, they had a hard time classifying the game. In fact – one reviewer described it as a combination between poker and bingo. While another classified Sequence as a rummy, tic-tac-toe, and bingo mixed game.

Although it really does not matter how one would describe it, there is an overriding consensus that Sequence is fun for your entire family. So, no wonder it’s a top seller!

Furthermore, it brings card and board game fans together to spend endless hours together as a family while honing their strategic thinking skills.

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Tactical Skills: Battleship Board Games

Battleship Classic Board Game Strategy Game Ages 7 and Up For 2 Players

Click image for more info

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Battleship is a fantastic game for all aged children, especially families with children whose ages vary dramatically, like 8-year old’s and teenagers.

While Battleships was designed for only two players, families have found their way around that restriction as a parent can play against two children.

It’s incredible to see how involved the two opposing players can get as they try to ascertain the location of the other player’s fleet based upon the outcome of every consecutive round.

Younger children aged seven might become bored after an hour’s play as it is a long duration game. However, older children could play this game for hours, especially with a parent.

While the game’s customer reviews were overarchingly positive about the merits of this game, there were some complaints about the quality of the board game.

However, Battleships is less expensive than most board games, coupled with the fact that your family will have hours of fun is all that matters.

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Strategic Thinking Skills: UNO Board Games

UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, Travel-Friendly, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up [Amazon Exclusive]

Click image for more info

Uno is a classic family board game that is geared towards children who are seven years and older and ideal for traveling on family vacations.

The game is based on a competition to see who can deplete their dealt cards first, and children tend to become so engaged with the game that they could spend endless hours playing with them.

They learn how to think strategically to get rid of their dealt hand with action cards that say things like skip, draw, reverse, including wild cards that change the tempo of this exciting game.

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However, get ready for their excitement when they realize that they only have one card left and victoriously shout UNO!

Another bonus is that the UNO tin is an excellent way to store the 112 cards when traveling or to keep them together.  Board game cards tend to wander away…

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STEM Skills: Rummikub Board Games

Rummikub by Pressman - Classic Edition - The Original Rummy Tile Game, Blue

Click image for more info

Rummikub has stood the test of time. It has been played by several generations of children who are now enjoying it with their grandchildren.

To attest to that, over 55 million Rummikub board games have been sold worldwide thus far. Therefore, you will be assured of endless, multi-generational fun.

Rummikub is a powerful learning aid to develop your child’s STEM skills. The game develops their abilities to recognize patterns, sequencing, and planning, which are all vital to your child’s development.

Children also learn the importance of taking turns as they need to place their numbered cards or tiles in groups or runs. The first child to utilize all their cards will be the winner.

While it’s a fast-paced game, the rules are easy to understand for children and adults alike, which was made evident by several glowing adult reviews.

To quote a five-star reviewer: “Rummikub is such a challenging yet fun and rewarding game! It brings my whole family together, which means that they leave their devices behind while I sharpen my mind.

She added that she is nearly 60, and any game that mentally challenges her and makes her laugh at the same time must be brilliant.

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Furthermore, her granddaughter loved playing it so much she asked for her own Rummikub set to play with her family during the holidays.

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Fine Motor Skills: Operation Electronic Board Games

Operation Electronic Board Game With Cards Kids Skill Game Ages 6 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

Click image for more info

Operation is a classic electronic board game that has taught many aspirant Doctors about anatomy in a fun way.

One rave reviewer said that the updated version is incredibly similar to the original game that she played as a child where she had to perform complex surgical procedures like retrieving bones which would set the buzzer off, which delighted her children.

The reviewer added that there are twelve removable body parts that are incredibly difficult to reach, including a tricky connection between the ankle and knee bones.

Sam’s nose buzzes and glows a fierce red color when her child touches the metal structure with his surgical equipment, which results in screams of laughter. However, Sam now sports an ice-cream cone to illustrate what it’s like to have a brain freeze.

It’s a fun game that improves children’s fine motor skills and familiarity with our body’s anatomy.

Who knows – your child might just become a doctor?

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The Best Board Games For 7-To 9-Year-Olds Under $50

While the following board games are a little more expensive, I have only selected games that received five-star reviews, including multiple awards for the best board games. Therefore, they are a significant investment in fun family gatherings!

Award-Winning: Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Games

Latice Hawaii Strategy Board Game - The Multi-Award-Winning Smart New Family Board Game. Intelligent Fun for Creative People.

Click image for more info

Latice is a multi-award-winning game for a good reason! It is geared towards creative families who love strategic, challenging, fun games.

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Rave reviews have highlighted the fact that the game is easy to learn, and the rules are straightforward.

Furthermore, it should take only 20-30 to play if your family does not suffer from “analysis paralysis,” that is. However, the timer should keep everyone on pace.

The game pieces are well crafted and do not break easily like other board games, and their inserts work well to hold everything in place. Moreover, the artwork is fantastic!

While there are various rules, they are easily adjustable for younger children, and they even have great videos if you are unclear about the rules.

The most striking complementary remark from a five-star reviewer was that the game is enjoyed by all the generations in her family, including her geriatric Mom.

Furthermore, it is compact in size, which means that they can enjoy playing together on family vacations.

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Building Skills: Mouse Trap Board Games

Mouse Trap Board Game for Kids Ages 6 and Up, Classic Kids Game

Click image for more info

Parents have remarked that the Mouse Trap is a creative yet fun board game that entertains their children for hours.

A child therapist usually recommends Mouse Trap for children who prefer interactive, hands-on games and love building things.

One reviewer said that her children enjoy the fact that they need to build the game themselves and see the ball run through the game’s ‘Rube Goldberg’ structure.

Other reviewers highlighted the fact that the game’s manufactured quality is excellent – to such an extent that it should last for many years to come with care.

Furthermore, another reviewer said that the Mouse Trap is their family favorite as their 5- and 10-year-old boys could not wait to build the mouse trap and to set it off.

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Family Fun: The Game Of Life Super Mario Edition Board Games

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Play Minigames, Collect Stars, Battle Bowser

Click image for more info

The Game of Life, Super Mario Edition is a firm family favorite for children aged eight and over. It is a marked improvement on the original version as children are not interested in things like purchasing insurance or preparing for retirement.

However, rave reviewers have highlighted the fact that their 6-year-olds enjoyed the Super Mario edition as much as they did.

Children love exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, defeating the evil Bowser, playing rock paper scissors, and collecting stars with their favorite characters like Mario, Peach, and Yoshi.

The game is easy to understand and ideal for 2-4 players. It only takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish; however, children tend to play it over and over again. Furthermore, the minigames are an added plus to keep children engaged for hours.

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Family Favorite: Not Parent Approved Board Games

Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game and Gift for Kids 8-12, Tweens, Teens, Families and Mischief Makers – The Original, Hilarious Family Party Game

Click image for more info

Not Parent Approved is an award-winning family game that inspires creative thinking in a fun way. While it is geared towards children aged eight, even sulky teens will be tempted to join in.

Unlike other board games, larger families will enjoy this hilarious game as it’s suited to 4 to 10 players, and the game’s rules are easy to understand by younger children.

Not Parent Approved is designed so that even losing players will feel content as the game is intellectually challenging and not based solely on how lucky they are.

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Gamers: Monopoly Board Games

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly: Roblox 2022 Edition Board Game, Buy, Sell, Trade Popular Roblox Experiences [Includes Exclusive Virtual Item Code]

Click image for more info

It is the perfect board game for children who love programming their own Roblox games and playing Monopoly – it’s the best of two worlds!

In this version, the magical world of Roblox is combined with the traditional Monopoly board game. The only difference is that instead of acquiring real estate, children trade, buy, or sell Roblox experiences.

They can collect Dev Teams, games, and promotions in their pursuit to outplay each other.

Moreover, they can immerse themselves in the game by moving around the Roblox board as their favorite characters, namely: Classic Noob, Domino Crown, Bloxy Award, Mr. Robot, Dominus, or the infamous Builder- Man’s Construction Hat.

Players can also collect bonus Robux for their daily logins, deck out avatars, sell items, or, most importantly, “bloxxed by some noobs.” It is all dependant on the next roll of the dice.

While the game is geared towards children aged eight and older, a rave reviewer said that she purchased the game for her 12-year-old daughter, who loved playing the game.

She added that it’s fun and incredibly similar to the original Monopoly game, with a few minor differences.

The reviewer stressed the fact that if your child is obsessed with Roblox and board games in general, they will love playing the Roblox version of Monopoly.

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Critical Thinking Skills: Labyrinth Family Board Games

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids and Adults Age 7 and Up - Millions Sold, Easy to Learn and Play with Great Replay Value (26448)

Click image for more info

Labyrinth has received critical acclaim with consistent 5-star reviews. According to one reviewer, it’s the kind of game where the artwork, concept, and gameplay culminates in a masterpiece of great family entertainment.

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Another reviewer remarked that they had played it ten times in the space of 24 hours as it entails addictive problem solving and critical thinking skills that reward players for their advanced cognitive abilities.

Furthermore, the rules are easy to understand, and it allows for up to 4 players to learn important lessons like taking turns, recognition, and strategic planning.

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Creativity & Storytelling Skills: Dixit Board Games

Dixit Board Game | Storytelling Game for Kids and Adults | Fun Family Board Game | Creative Kids Game | Ages 8 and up | 3-6 Players | Average Playtime 30 Minutes | Made by Libellud

Click image for more info

Dixit is a fantastic game for children with vivid imaginations who get bored with linear games that involve rolling dice to move around.

Children love improvising and coming up with creative descriptions of whimsical pictures without saying what it depicts or making it up as they go along.

The art designs are quirky and thought-provoking to such an extent that one positive reviewer remarked that it is intimidating playing this game with her daughter as she is a natural storyteller.

However, she simply loved the easy-to-understand game and was even tempted to buy one for herself!

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Problem-Solving Skills: Wildcraft Board Games

Family Board Game – Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game for Kids Ages 4-8 and Up – a Fun, Cooperative & Educational Board Game that Teaches 25 Medicinal Plants and Problem Solving Skills!

Click image for more info

Wildcraft is clearly a fantastic game as it has been awarded several five-star ratings. It teaches children to identify 25 edible plants and highlights their medicinal properties, which might come in handy someday.

A parent described it as a well-designed learning aid that shows children which plants they can use to treat bee stings, sunburn, and hunger.

Furthermore, it teaches children to help other players to climb a fictional mountain together, so they learn the importance of teamwork.

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Parents also remarked that it stopped their children from bickering when they hiked in nature as they loved spotting the game’s edible plants and knowing how to use them.

Most reviewers were also greatly impressed by the game’s magnificent design, coupled with the fact that it was produced from sustainable, recycled materials and printed with organic ink.

A middle-aged buyer said that the game taught her so much about herbs. Moreover, she loved the fact that her competitive niece learned the importance of working together.

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Harry Potter Fans: The Clue Board Games

Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Mystery Board Game for 3-5 Players, Kids Ages 8 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

Click image for more info

It is the perfect game for children who are obsessed with Harry Potter and love solving riddles!

The Clue is a gripping game in the who-done-it genre where children can play as different Harry Potter characters like Harry, Ginny, Ron, or Hermione.

Children need to find out where certain crimes were committed, who vanished, and which spell was used during their adventure.

According to a five-star reviewer, it’s a much better version of the traditional Clue board game, and they have enjoyed playing it for hours on end.

She added that they all loved the changing staircases, doorways, and secret passages as it was a riveting game for her entire family.

However, the reviewer did say that it can be challenging to spot the various game pieces as they are all the same color as the parchment.

While this game is geared towards children aged eight and above, the rules can be tricky for younger children, and the game might be better suited to 9-year-olds.

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Great Family Nights:  Ticket to Ride Board Games

Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

Click image for more info

With over 14,000 five-star reviews, Ticket To Ride is clearly a great family game!

The game is easy to understand, and it’s a wonderful combination between strategic moves and the element of chance, so even younger children will love playing it.

The board game is designed with a map of the United States, and each participant must complete a specific route. If they complete it, they are rewarded or penalized for not completing a said route.

While it is geared towards 8-year-olds, even younger children will enjoy playing it as the game only takes an hour to complete.

In fact, one rave reviewer said that they loved playing it so much (as adults) that they have bought all the expansion playing sets, adding that they now proudly “own” Europe and Africa…

Buy It Here


I have spent the better years of my daughter’s childhood playing endless board games, and those cherished family nights will always be dear to me. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you have found great board games for your 7-to-9-year-olds that will not only aid their development but create fun childhood memories.


New York Magazine: The Best Board Games for Kids on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Amazon: Board Games for Families with Kids

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