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200 Backyard Activities For Kids (Never Bored Again)

A kid playing on the obstacle course with colorful structures.

As all parents know, sending children outside to play is more difficult than it sounds. There can be a lot of resistance and complaints, especially if it is not part of your regular routine and there are attractive screen-based distractions indoors. The backyard can be more inviting if there are new and interesting ways to interact with it.

This does not mean going out and shopping for fancy play equipment, but working with what you have to give the kids something to do. Children need constant daily play outside. Indoor activities do not replace outdoor activities, so it is up to parents to insist that children get their daily dose of fresh air. Outdoor play gives children a unique opportunity to be in a space without fixed rules.

There are fewer requirements to calm down, be quiet, and stay clean. Outside, they are free to do whatever is reasonably entertaining. They are allowed to operate without the supervision of their parents or teachers, which is more conducive to imaginative play and to enter a state of creative flow, rather than hearing “don’t do that” all the time, the outdoors is a place where “Let’s do it!”

We have put together 200 backyard activities for kids.

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Backyard Camping

A couple of kids camping in a tent at the backyard.

If you live in the city and need to block out noise and street lighting, consider hanging clothes around your campsite and putting blankets on the clothesline. You can design your sleeping bags to sleep under the stars or build a tent out of old sheets. You will probably want to make a fire pit, but make sure you comply with the laws in your city.

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Make Recipes

A toddler cooking on the grill with a parent.

If you are going to have your kids cook in the backyard, it is best to take out the grill for a barbecue, whether you are going to teach them to make barbecued chicken, sausage, or pork. If you do not have a grill, it is time that you get one, especially since the summer is already here.

Home Theater

A projector screen setup in the backyard.

In some corner of the backyard, you can set up an improvised stage, hang a curtain so that children can practice theatric plays, and develop their stage skills. Look for scripts for children’s plays, which you can print and rehearse to act at home or recreate their favorite movie.

Make Crafts

A couple of kids making crafts together with the use of watercolor paint.

Making crafts is a great option to develop skills in children. You do not have to go to the store to buy items, just recycle objects such as toilet paper rolls, egg boxes, used paper, or other objects found in every house.

Costume Chest

A couple of girls wearing superhero costumes.

Most children like to wear costumes. Organize a box or closet of clothes of all types and sizes so they can experiment. Add clothes and accessories for adults.

Children love that their clothes are too big, and it can be quite funny. You can also add hats, caps, scarves, necklaces, shoes, fabrics of different sizes and colors and the idea is to see who can disguise more creatively.

Do Experiments

A girl wearing safety gear doing experiments at the backyard.

Experiments are of great importance as they teach children the principles of science and physics in a fun way. They can learn about the volume, movement, transformation of matter, discovering certain chemical reactions. These experiments can awaken their curiosity to learn and discover new things about science.

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Make Toys with Recycled Objects

A boy playing with a recycled wooden toy truck.

Let’s take this opportunity to educate children on the importance of recycling. In the backyard, teach them to separate certain basic materials like paper, glass, cardboard, etc. For example, with a cardboard box, you can make a house or a car, or with some empty cans, you can make a bowling alley. The idea is to take advantage of these resources and turn them into games.

Take Care Of Plants

Two kids taking care of the plants and flowers of the backyard.

Gardening is the perfect summer activity for kids of all ages. Even the little ones can help plant seeds in the backyard to grow their own food. This is a good way to teach them to take care of the environment and protect nature.

Scrap Board

A couple of scrap boards placed beside the pool.

Attract a hidden universe of creatures. Find an old scrap board and place it on the ground. Come back several days later and pick it up to see what has accumulated underneath.

Know Your Environment

A kid playing on a mossy little hill with sticks.

Pick a special place. Encourage children to go to their special place every day to spend several minutes sitting in it and watching the world go by, becoming intimately familiar with the wildlife around them. Know the birds that live there, know the trees in which they live. Get to know these things as if they were your relatives.  

Become a Cloud Watcher

A boy taking pictures of clouds with his camera.

Children can lie on their back and look at the clouds in the sky, learn to identify the different types and what they mean for the weather.

Viewing Table

A father and son looking at a leaf with magnifying glasses.

Set up a viewing table. Under a sheltered overhang or porch, or even inside if desired, set up a small table where children can collect treasures they find in nature. It can change by month or season to reflect what is going on around you.

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Dig In The Dirt

A boy playing with mud.

For many children, pure happiness can be found with a shovel and a piece of soft dirt. A bucket of water takes you to the next level. Every yard with young children should have a designated ‘mud pit’ area, where they ‘have free rein to dig as they please. They will find interesting things while doing it, like worms, bulbs, roots, rocks.

Picking Fruit

A couple of kids harvesting apples in an orchard.

A great way to get the kids involved in picking fruit, especially, if you have fruit trees in the backyard. After picking the fruits, sit down and start enjoying them.

Scavenger Hunt

A close look at a kid with a magnifying glass on a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunt can be fun for kids. It helps them to use all their five senses while they are involved in accomplishing tasks.

Bird Watching

A girl bird watching on a wooden structure.

Get the binoculars out and let your kids do some bird watching. The activity is soothing, awe inspiring and stimulating.

Play in the Sandbox

A toddle paying on the sand box with plastic toys.

If you don’t have a sandbox in the backyard, you can build one. If you don’t have sand, you can opt for dirt. The kids will still love it.

Bounce House

A boy playing on an inflatable bounce slide house.

Rent a bounce house and let the kids jump and squeal while they explore the inflatable space. You can also buy your own bounce house for use throughout the summer and beyond.

Stomp Rockets

A stomp rocket on the grass lawn of the backyard.

Get foam rockets for the kids to stomp. The more they stomp, the higher the rockets go. This is a great way to help your kids release their energy in a safe environment.

Play in Sprinkler

A boy playing with the sprinklers on a hot day.

Playing in the sprinkler can be fun for kids who want to cool down in the hot summer heat.

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Slip and Slide

Kids playing on the slip and slide at the backyard.

Place a plastic mat in the backyard, turn on the hose to wet it with a little liquid soap, and have your kids slip and slide their way to a fun afternoon.

Follow the Leader

A row of kids playing follow the leader.

When you are unable to take the kids to the playground, go in the backyard and give the kids an adventure of following the leader.

Huge Bubbles

A girl chasing and playing with bubbles.

Kids love to make bubbles. However, you can take it to another level by blowing giant bubbles.

Car Racing with Remote Control

A close look at a row of remote-controlled toy cars.

Purchase cars that operate with remote control and have a car racing event in the back yard. Make sure you are equipped with the right batteries.

Swim in the Pool

A group of kids swimming in the pool.

Buy one of those plastic swimming pools that you can install in your backyard, if you don’t have a regular pool. Get the goggles and floaties out and have the kids play in the water.

Flying a Kite

A boy flying a kite during sunset.

On a breezy day, your kids can fly a kite

Backyard Picnic

A happy family on a backyard picnic.

Have a picnic in the backyard by setting up a small table with snacks and drinks.

Melting Crayons

A close look at a girl's melted crayon artwork.

What child does not love arts and crafts? Get together cookie cutters, aluminum foil, and lots of sunshine, and start having the kids melt broken crayons.

Obstacle Course

A group of kids playing on the obstacle course.

Set up an obstacle course in the backyard using stepping stones and foam blocks. You should set some rules and guidelines and allow the kids to improve their motor skills and have fun at the same time.

Sale on the Sidewalk

If you want to get kids to clean out their rooms and get rid of things they may not want, have a sale on the sidewalk, and they will love the idea of making money.

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Zip Lining

A boy playing on the zip line in the backyard.

This will take some investment, but you can set up a zip liner in the back yard. Make sure it is kid-friendly and safe.

Throwing Water Balloons

A girl playing with a water balloon in the backyard.

Throwing water balloons is fun for kids, especially in the summer months.

Freeze Tag

This activity will need a bunch of energetic kids to pull it off since it is a group game. However, it can be quite entertaining and the ideal outdoor activity.

Hunting Bugs

Boy playing with his bugs in a plastic container.

If the kids love animals and nature, then bug hunting is the perfect outdoor activity.

Car Wash

A girl cleaning her toy car in the backyard.

This activity may not be for smaller kids entirely, but you can get both the older kids and younger kids involved in some way or the other.

Bike Riding

A family riding their bikes in the park.

Bike riding can be a fun activity for the entire family, but the kids will also enjoy it, especially, if the parents participate.

Squirt Paint

This activity is similar to paintball, but it is safer. Get a squirt gun and fill it with watercolors and let the kids have fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

Two kids doing chalk artwork on the concrete floor.

With masking tape, you can let your child create designs on the sidewalk and then fill them with colored chalk. Your child will step away from it with pride.

Tailgating in the Backyard

Get the grill out and put some hot dogs and burgers to cook behind the family vehicle. Your kids will feel as if they are at a sporting event.

Tie and Dye Party

Buy white T-shirts and let your kids reveal their tie and dye skills. You can even invite the other kids in the neighborhood, turning it into a party.

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Taking Pictures

A girl taking photos of flowers with a professional camera.

Buy your child an instant camera to take into the backyard for photos of anything that seems interesting.

Movie Night with Projector

Get a movie projector screen out and set it up in the backyard for a night of watching a popular film. Order pizza and make some popcorn.

Farmer’s Market

Set up a farmer’s market in the backyard, invite the neighbors over, and give your kids a real-life experience of how you shop at the farmer’s market.

Tree Climbing

A boy hanging from a tree branch in the backyard.

If you have trees in the backyard, get your child to climb the tree as a challenge. Make sure it is safe.

Rope Jumping

A girl playing jump rope at the backyard.

Rope jumping is a great exercise for kids and a great outdoor activity. If you don’t have a skipping rope, get one.

I Spy

A boy peeking through the wooden fence.

I Spy is a nice game to play in the backyard and quite similar to “Follow the Leader.” It engages the kids in critical thinking.

Water Table

A toddler playing with a plastic water table toy.

The water table is similar to slip and slide, but in this case, you would set this up for the toddlers.


A boy playing on the trampoline on the grass lawn.

Kids love to jump on a trampoline. If you don’t have one, be sure to get one for the backyard. They can jump as high as they want.

Hula Hoop

A boy and a girl playing with hoola hoops.

Buy hula hoops and let the kids hula hoop in the backyard.

Hop Scotch

Girl playing hop scotch on the sidewalk.

Mark out lines in the concrete and have the kids play hopscotch.

Pick Up Game of Basketball

A close look at a boy playing basketball.

Get the kids in the neighborhood and in your household together for a pickup basketball game in the backyard.

Make Mud Pies

If it isn’t a rainy day, pour water on the ground and have the kids make mud pies to throw on each other safely.

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Go on a Sound Hunt

Have the kids go on a sound hunt, listening to all the sounds of birds and animals in the backyard.

Play Volleyball

A group of friends playing volleyball.

You can set up a volleyball net in the backyard and have your kids play volleyball.

Play With A Baby Doll

A girl playing with her baby doll on a stroller.

Your child can set up her doll set in the backyard, giving the baby doll a bath and playing with the other things in the doll set.

Toy Car Wash

Children playing with carwash equipment and toy cars.

Set up a toy car wash in the backyard and invite the neighborhood kids over.

Make a Bird Feeder

Two kids showing off the bird house they made.

Make a bird feeder from wood and leave water and food inside for the birds to come.

Play Hide and Seek

A group of friends playing hide and seek.

Have the kids play hide and seek in the backyard.

Star Gazing

A father and daughter using a telescope to gaze at stars.

This can be a family activity.

Ride Scooters

Two girls riding on scooters at the park.

Kids can ride their scooters in the backyard to be safe while having fun.

Collect Rocks

Two kids collecting various colorful rocks.

Carve out some time to go rock hunting and learn more about geology.

Lemonade Stand

A little girl selling lemonade at her lemonade stand.

Make a lemonade stand and have the neighborhood know about it so you can sell or give away.

Paint Rocks

This is a close look at a kid painting rocks.

Paint the rocks, which were collected.

Plant a Tree

A brother and sister planting a tree in the backyard.

A tree starts from planting one seed and years later, you will reap the benefits.

Pick Berries

A girl picking strawberries.

Picking berries is another way to pass the time.

Make Sundial

This is a makeshift sundal at a sandy beach.

Make a sundial and let this be a family experience.

Have a Yard Sale

A girl selling items at a yard sale.

Collect some of the things you or your kids don’t need and involve them in a yard sale. Put up signs around the neighborhood to promote your yard sale.

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A campfire with marshmallows on sticks grilling.

Have a campfire with the kids, and you can also include the neighborhood kids.

Water Fight

Siblings having a water fight in the backyard.

Use a water gun to play fight in the backyard.

Play in the Rain

A girl is playing under the rain.

If it is raining, put on your rain clothes and galoshes and go have fun in the rain and in the puddles, which are formed.

Have A Bicycle Wash

A kid trying to wash a bike bigger than him.

Let the kids have a bicycle wash in the backyard with the neighborhood kids bringing their bikes.

Butterfly Garden

This is a close look at a girl tending the garden.

Plant the kind of flowers in your garden that will attract butterflies.

Piñata Party

A group of kids at a piñata party.

Have a Pinata party and invite the neighborhood kids.

The Hammock Swing

A couple of kids sleeping on the hammock.

Put up a hammock in the backyard and use it to relax in.

Make a Swing

Make a swing with ropes and a piece of wood.

Miniature Golf

A toddler playing miniature golf.

Make a hole in the ground and use it to play miniature golf.


A boy playing with sparklers at the backyard.

You can have a fireworks party, but be mindful of the neighbors.

Feed Ducks

Two girls feeding the ducks.

Feed the ducks in the backyard pond.

Geocaching or Treasure Hunting

A team of kids on a treasure hunt.

Go treasure hunting in the backyard. You may be surprised at what you could find.

Have an Outdoor Concert

Three girls performing in a band.

You can host an outdoor concert for yourself and the neighborhood.

Watch the Sunset

Wait until the sun sets and go in the backyard to watch it go down.

Watch the Sunrise

Wait until the early morning and go watch the sun rise.

Gathering Wildflowers

A close look at a girl holding a bouquet of wildflowers.

Gather wildflowers with your siblings.

Make Bird Nests

A close look at a kid making a bird's nest.

Make a nest for the birds to enjoy.

Make Scarecrow

Use old clothes to make a scarecrow.

Build a Stick House

A girl in a makeshift stick house teepee.

Build a house from sticks.

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Make A Wind Chime

Make a wind chime for the front door.

Build Bird Bath

Build a bird bath in the back and make sure to fill it with water.

Catch Insects Using A Net

Siblings at the park catching bugs with a net.

Use a net to catch flying insects.

Host a Talent Show

You could call up the kids in the neighborhood for a talent show in the backyard.

Kick the Can

Grab some of the cans in your recycle bin and do some can-kicking outdoors.

Catch Fireflies

A kid looking at the fireflies he caught.

Use a net to catch fireflies.

Play With Outdoor Kitchen Set

A girl playing with a kitchen set toy.

If you have a play kitchen set, you can use it in the backyard with your sibling or neighborhood friends.

Make a Racetrack For Toy Cars

Make a racetrack using chalk on the grass so you can play with your toy cars.

Make Chalkboard As A Message Center

Kids playing a chalkboard message center.

Make a black chalkboard for a message center. You can use it to write the list of things you want to do in your backyard.

Paint Lines on Concrete For Racing Toy Cars

Paint some lines on the concrete and use it to play with your toy racing cars.

Make a Tire Ramp For Obstacle Course

Make a tire ramp for the jungle gym or obstacle course.

Make a Rock Wall for Climbing

Use a piece of board to make a rock wall for climbing. Use it as part of the obstacle course.

Make a Boat

A kid playing on a makeshift carton boat.

Use sticks or a board to make a boat and pretend you are sailing on the seas.

Make an Lighted Tent

A close look at a lighted tent set up in the backyard.

Use a plastic tablecloth and some sticks to make an illuminated tent so you can gaze at the starts while in your tent.

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Make a Tire Swing

A father and son playing on the tire swing.

Get an old tire and rope to make a swing.

Make a Water Pillow

Make a water pillow from plastic and play with it or use it to cool down for the summer.

Make a Tic-Toc -Toe Board

Make your Tic-Toc-Toe Board and host a competition.

Make a Skateboard Swing

Use a skateboard to make a swing.

Make a Doll House

Use a board or stick to make a dollhouse you can play in with your dolls and accessories.

Make a Tree House

A close look at a backyard tree house set.

This would require more work, but you could make the treehouse with a ladder to climb in.

Make a Teepee

A girl playing with her teepee in the backyard.

Make a Teepee from sticks. You can invite a play date inside.

Make a Mini Playhouse

A makeshift wooden playhouse with cafe.

Make a mini playhouse from board or sticks.

Make a See-Saw

This is a rustic wooden seesaw.

Make a See-Saw from Board. There have to be two players.

3 Legged Race Or Crabbing

Get the whole family together and prepare for a fun day outside! If the kids are competitive, this is the perfect time to have fun running around doing 3-legged races, crabbing, or wheelbarrow walking.

Color Flower Pots

Girl painting the flower pots.

Get some flower pots and paint them in different colors.

Play Ring Toss

A boy playing ring toss.

Toss the ring on the stick and see how many you can do. This dictates the winner.

Play Ker Plunk

Each player would take turns to remove one stick from off the tube and at the same time, minimize the balls falling through the net to the tray. When the player engages a specific rod after touching it, then it must be removed.

Hula Hoop Croquet

Use hula hoops to play a game of croquet.

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Squirt Guns

Set up targets with plastic cups and use them to play with your squirt guns.

Paint Empty Bottles

A boy is painting on the empty plastic bottle.

Paint the empty bottles in your recycle bin and leave them out to glow in the dark.

Make Paper Airplanes

A boy playing with a paper airplane.

Paper airplanes are easy, cheap, and a lot of fun. Get down to business with the cardstock, and you’ve got a great outdoor activity for party guests! Have guests make their own giant paper airplanes for the garden party.

Make Cardboard Ring Toss

Again the launch of rings, in this case with cardboard rings designed and decorated by the participants and guests of the party themselves, what do you think?

Foam Popsicles

A few simple materials are all you need to make some foam popsicles for hot air balloon play!

Play Chess

Two boys playing chess.

Get a chessboard and play chess in the backyard.

Baton Fight

Use plastic batons and stand on a stool to battle. This is similar to a pillow fight.

Catch the Apple

Catch the apple without the use of your hands. This game is the cause of laughter and the best times at a garden party. It is simple, original, and healthy.


A family playing with a plastic bowling toy.

Bowling in your own backyard is just a great idea. All you will need are several plastic bottles and balls (not too light).

Balloon Darts

A boy playing balloon darts.

Fix a bunch of colored balloons on a panel or tape them to the wall. Then have the children stand at a specific distance and blow up the balloons using darts or punches, it will be a very fun experience.

Pirate Party

A close look at a pink pirate theme party.

If the theme of your garden party is about pirates, you cannot miss a catwalk of terror. The children will imagine that the grass is water, and they will have to walk a wooden strip suspended on two supports.

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Pirate Catwalk

Let’s see then some variants of pirate catwalks, for example, one that ends in a pool, or one that goes over a pool, for more fun.

Colored Balls

A girl playing in the ball pit.

If the weather is rather cool, the idea of the walkway over a pool full of water may not appeal to some parents, which is why, in the absence of water, colored balls. A pool full of colored balls will be the objective of every pirate, and they will have a blast.

Hanging Blackboard

The little ones of the party can enjoy painting with chalk on a blackboard in the garden. It is as easy as hanging one on the fence and voila, hours and hours of entertainment. Just make sure that the colored chalks are not missing.

Catapult Game

A boy playing with a wooden slingshot.

Children and adults will go crazy with this game. If you plan to build it, do not let children play without the supervision of a common sense adult. It is played using a ball to hit down a stack of plastic toys or cans.

Game of Scrabble

This is a family game to play amongst siblings or neighborhood kids. It can be fun.


A ball tied to a post with a heavy and sturdy base will guarantee moments of fun and physical exercise. You can spin the ball or make up games with friends.

Angry Birds

Do you remember the game Angry Birds? Basically, you can play it in the garden, and with birds made of balls tied to the trees. Make sure they are tied so that they can reach and knock over objects.

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Target Table

This is a row of can towers for target.

A target table like this is ideal for children to shoot with squirt guns or to shoot balls. You can make one using a large wooden board and several tin buckets. Let children and young people decorate it with paint, let it dry and voila, fun is guaranteed.

Water Sprinkler Toy

Kids playing with a water sprinkler.

Attach water toy to a garden hose and use it to spray your opponent. It can go up to 9 feet distance.

Inflatable Play Mat

OEVES Inflatable Splash Pad Water Sprinkler Pool for Kids Toddlers Outdoor Play ,3-in-1 Upgraded Outside Water Toys for Baby ,Play Mat for 1 -12 Year Old Girls Boys,68x43in Wading Pool, Dolphin

Click image for more info

Buy an inflatable play mat that spouts water while your kid is sitting on it.

Puppet Show

Girl playing with a puppet theater.

Plan and have a puppet show.

Make a Play Kitchen

Kids playing a make believe kitchen at the yard.

Use a board to make a play kitchen.

Make a Water Fountain

A girl drinking from a water fountain.

Make a water fountain out of stones.

Make an Outside Shower

Make an outside shower, but make sure you have a place for water to drain.

Make a Fort

An idea to make a fort without costing you a lot of work or money is to do it with recycled pallets now that they are so fashionable.

Play Badminton

Two girls playing badminton.

If you can put a net or make a kind of net, you can play badminton.

Play Horseshoe

Put a target in the yard made with a sheet and paint of colors.

Set Up A Reading Corner

A boy reading a book at the backyard.

Having a backyard is a great advantage where you can sit down to rest or even create an outdoor reading corner.

Make Key Chains

Use motor skills to make key chains from scratch.

Build Fortress Using Old Sofas, Chairs, and Sheets

Use old sofas, sheets, and chairs to build a fortress.

Play Frisbee

A kid playing Frisbee with his dog.

Throw Frisbees to your dog or to each other.

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Turn On Your Radio and Dance

Turn your radio on and have a blast dancing and singing.

Play Simon Says

Simon Says is a popular game you can play in the backyard.

Dress Up Halloween Costumes

A group of kids wearing costumes.

Dress up in last year’s Halloween costume and have a costume parade.

Create a Puzzle

Kids playing with large puzzle pieces.

Create a puzzle with small cardboard squares.

Make a Made-Up Game

Kids jumping on the pool with inflatables.

Make up your own fun game.

Make Jewelry

Close look at a piece of makeshift arts and crafts jewelry.

Make jewelry from scratch.

Host a Luncheon

A group of kids on a backyard luncheon party.

With your parents’ permission, you can host a luncheon.

Organize Photo Shoot

This is a close look at a backyard baby photoshoot.

Organize a photoshoot, especially if you love taking pictures.

Create Time Capsule

Choose a container to create a time capsule and decide where you will hide it.

Organize a Tournament

Organize a sports tournament.

Compose A Dance Routine

A little girl dancing in the park.

Choreograph or compose a dance routine and perform it.

Make Bracelets

Make beaded bracelets from scratch.

Face Painting

A little girl having her face painted.

Have a face painting event.

Play Tug of War

A group of kids playing tug of war.

Tug of War is a popular game you can play in the backyard.

Use Magnifying Glass

A kids playing with a magnifying glass.

Use a magnifying glass to view different species of insects such as a caterpillar. Bring a jar to put them in.

Play Card Game

A girl playing a solitaire card game.

Card game is ideal for the outdoors as it is for indoors.

Have a Tea Party

Girls having a tea party in the backyard.

Plan a tea party with plastic cups.

Use Pots and Pans to Have An Orchestra Performance

Bring out the pots and pans for an orchestra performance.

Play Hot Potato

Hot Potato is another popular game you can play outside.

Play Name a Melody

If you love music, play “Name a Melody” and see who wins.

Host A Painting Night

Decide what you are going to paint and have a night of painting.

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Create a Small Garden

A boy planting seeds at the small garden.

Make a small garden near your fence.

Host a Magic Show

If you love to perform magic, you could consider hosting a magic show.

Host Relay Race

If you have a big space outdoors, you can host a relay race.

Create Floral Arrangement

A close look at a woman making a floral arrangement.

Use the flowers in your garden to create a floral arrangement.

Do Somersaults

A girl in the middle of a cartwheel.

Do somersaults in the grass.

Do Handstands

A boy doing a hand stand with support.

Show off your handstands.

Have A Pretend Restaurant

Create a pretend restaurant.

Make a Rocket with Cardboard

Kids playing with a cardboard rocket.

Use cardboard to make a rocket.

Host a Spelling Contest

Catch up your spelling with a contest.

Cardboard Maze

Make a cardboard maze for the kids to have a blast similar to an amusement park.

Paint the Fence

A toddler painting the fence.

Paint and decorate your fencing.

Play Popular Games

Play the most popular games outdoors like Red Light Green Light, Red Rover, and Steal the Bacon.

Pillow Fight

Boys doing a pillow fight inside the tent.

Have a pillow fight with siblings or neighbors.

Canvas Painting

A boy painting on canvas in the backyard.

Paint a canvas.

Roller Skating

A couple of girls roller skating.

If you love to roller skate, you can do it in your backyard.

Play Kickball or Soccer

A little girl playing with a soccer ball.

Play soccer or kickball in your backyard.

Water the Plants

A little girl watering the plants.

If you have a garden, it is the perfect time to get everyone involved in watering it.

Have a Parade

Gather a wagon, stuffed animals, and some pots and pans for an instant parade.

Egg Hunt

Children on an Easter egg hunt.

Color eggs and have an egg hunt. It will be less messy compared to doing it indoors.

Toast Marshmallows

A group of kids toasting marshmallows.

Toast marshmallows at night.

Build a Bridge with Ropes

A girl on a rope bridge.

Build a bridge using ropes.

Build a Rope Course

A girl on a rope course.

Build a rope course and use it as an obstacle course.

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Host a Manicure and Pedicure

A girl playing with nail polish.

If you are a girl, you can host a manicure and pedicure event with your neighborhood friends.

Build a Castle with Mud

A girl trying to make a mud castle.

Use mud instead of sand to make a castle.

Tell Ghost Stories

This should be a family affair, telling and enjoying ghost stories.

Create a Twister from Bubble Wrap

Twisters are fun. You can put bubble wrap over a mat and play twisters.

Play Memory Game

Memory games are fun to play. You can buy memory cards or make your own.

Play Tag Using Clothespins

Play tag football with clothespins.

Make a Recycled Wall

Use a piece of board to make a recycled wall, placing or gluing plastic items on it.

Walking on Tight Rope

Take a piece of rope and tie it to two trees or stumps to make a tight rope.

Tossing Water Balloons

Kids playing with a bucket of water balloons.

Fill balloons with water and toss the balloons at an object. Keep score of how many the winner has thrown.

Field Hockey

A little girl playing field hockey.

Play field hockey using a laundry basket, balloon, and pool noodles.

Walk on Stilt Cans

Build stilt cans out of two empty cans and rope. Pretend you are at the circus.

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