5 Month Old Baby Activities

Watching your baby grown in front of your eyes is an experience beyond words. When my elder daughter was born, my most favorite activity used to be observing her small developments. With each passing week, she surprised us with a new skill or development such as a half roll, or a clap.

So, be it the first smiles, their facial responses, or the ability to roll or sit without any support- your baby is going to amaze you.

When babies are about five months old, they show frequent changes in energy levels and undergo a rapid growth of senses. They start expressing emotions with their facial expressions and begin to develop better hand-eye coordination. Thus, it becomes mandatory for parents to get involved with them in some 5 month old baby activities.

In my case, I used to spend a lot of time with my daughters and invent new activities that we could do together and have some fun. If you are also confused about what to do with a 5 month old baby, then here is the solution.

I have gathered some entertaining activities and games for 5 month old babies that I enjoyed with my kids. These activities will not just help you in keeping the babies happy but also help in their overall development.

10 Games And Activities For A 5 Month Old Baby

So, if you also wonder what to do with a 5 month old baby, here is my list of the most entertaining things you can do with your little ones:-

1. Treasure Chest

Everyone loves a treasure chest, right? So, why don’t you create a chest for your baby? It is one of the simplest and exciting activities for 5 month old baby. I used to hide her favorite toys like a rattler or a stuffed monkey in the cardboard box and reveal them as a surprise to her. It surely brought a whole lot of laughter and happiness to her face.

What do you need? – A cardboard box and some objects that you want to introduce to your baby such as toys, teddys, etc.

How to do it? – Put the objects in a cardboard box. Keep the box in front of them and take the objects out one by one. Keep talking to your baby, get them excited as they anticipate what’s next, and let them play with what they find the most exciting.

Just make sure that there aren’t any sharp or solid objects as babies have a tendency to put everything in their mouths.

Skills developed – Hand and eye coordination, and visual and tactile senses

2. Follow The Sound

Sounds are always intriguing objects for kids. The occurrence of certain sounds not just makes them curious but helps in their growth and development.

What do you need? – A toy that produces sounds such as rattlers, soft soothing music, etc

How to do it? – Produce the sound with the rattler, let your baby know its direction, and encourage him to follow it. Let him roll in the bed, crawl, and chase the object producing sound. It will be a fun activity for both of you, and this way you spend some precious time with your kid.

Tip – Don’t forget to miss out on such precious moments. You’re going to miss it when your baby learns to play games on their own.

Skills developed – Auditory skills, cognitive abilities, muscle-eye-ear coordination

3. Bath Time Fun

Once your baby starts having fun in their bathtub, there is no going back. At first, my younger one used to cry whenever we made him bathe, but once he started playing with water by himself, he started crying while we used to take him out!

What do you need? – A bathtub for babies, small floating or water-squirting toys.

How to do it? -While your baby is in the bathtub, place some toys like floating chickens or squirting ducks. This will help you in two ways. First of all, it will distract your baby and you can easily clean them and secondly, it will make your baby sleep better and stay healthy.

Just make sure that you never leave your baby in the water unattended.

Skills developed – Visual perception, plying, muscle movement

4. Chase The Bubbles

Bubbles make everyone happy. Don’t they? Be it a kid or a grown-up like us, small flowing soap bubbles are intriguing and can make everyone happy. You can also use them with your baby as it is one of the best games for 5 month old babies.

What do you need? – Any toy or tube that can create soap bubbles. If you don’t know how to make soap bubbles, you can learn it here.

How to do it? – Simply, blow the bubbles! Blow them in your baby’s direction, and if they enjoy it, blow more. Let your baby touch or play with the stream of small bubbles and let their curious eyes and hands chase the magical bubbles.

Skills developed – Hand-eye coordination, curiosity

5. Story Time

Tales have been one of the most basic ways to entertain kids while simultaneously teaching them morals, good habits, and manners. Stories also tend to develop the imagination and skills of babies as storytelling develops the brain and encourages babies to use their imagination. Plus, it is one of the classic ways to put your baby to sleep and can be the best bedtime activity.

For my kids, stories might have changed from fairy tales to sci-fi adventures, but bedtime stories are still a part of their routine. They love it and you can always recite a story or two to your kids as well.

What do you need? – A beautifully illustrated book with lots of pictures, images, and visual stories.

How to do it? – Place your baby on your lap, keep the book in front of them and recite stories as you flip the pages. Let your baby play with the pages if they want to; allow them to touch the paper, colors, and visuals. It will all lead to the development of their perception and imagination.

They might not understand the story at such a young age but they might learn to pick up the language, rhythm, and sounds of words.

Skills developed – Language skills, perception, and imagination.

6. Smell The Fruits

Introducing fruits and vegetables is one of the most beneficial activities for 5 month old baby. Apart from learning about fruits or veggies, it simultaneously encourages them to attach smells to particular objects.

What do you need? – Fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to do it? – Get some fruits and vegetables, cut them, and let them spread their fragrance. Bring them close to your baby or even let your baby hold, smell, and touch them. It will definitely make them happy and who knows they might find their favorite future vegetable or fruit this way!

You can allow them to lick the fruits or vegetables, but make sure they don’t eat them raw as they’re still too young.

Skills developed – Senses of smell, touch, perception, and the memory of particular objects and their smells

7. Tummy Time

Tummy time is one of the most innovative games for 5 month old babies as it leads to muscular development and better movements of hands.

What do you need? – A bed, rug, and some toys to play with.

How to do it? – Put your baby on his tummy and place some toys in front of him. Keep an eye on their activities and let them play unless they roll or face any discomfort.

Never place your baby on their tummy just after feeding them as it might cause digestion problems.

Skills developed – Overall senses, body movements.

8. Baby’s Day Out

Connecting with the natural environment is the best form of activity for young kids; it not just opens a whole new world for them but also develops their senses. So, it is recommended that you take your baby out for small strolls or evening walks once in a while.

What do you need? – A baby pram, sling, or baby stroller.

How to do it? – Put your baby in the pram or just keep them in your arms and go out to some quiet place, preferably a park or anywhere with natural surroundings. Let your baby touch the leaves, flowers, soil and observe their surroundings. Keep an eye on your baby’s activities and let them explore the natural world.

Make sure that your baby is wearing warm clothes if the weather is chilly.

Skills developed – Overall senses, perception.

9. Baby Sit-Ups

What’s better than playing with your baby all by yourself? No toys, no sounds- just you and your tiny one. Hold your baby in your arms, do some baby sit-ups, soothe them, make them laugh, and give them the thing you both need the most – Love!

What do you need? – Just you and your baby

How to do it? – Put your baby on your lap and sit on the edge of the bed. If they are too small, keep your hand behind their head and slowly raise your knees and bring your baby’s face close to yours. Kiss, play, talk, and repeat.

Skills developed – Better bonding between you and your baby, development of head muscles

10. Time For Some Baby Dance

If you are still looking for things to do with a 5 month old baby, stop searching and just dance!

Everybody loves to dance, especially kids. So, whenever you feel like they are in the mood, dance with your babies.

This is one of the most entertaining 5 month old baby activities, and it also works as an exercise that develops muscular movements in kids.

What do you need? – Any electronic device that can play some music, or you can sing by yourself.

How to do it? – Play some music at a low, comfortable volume; make some moves with your baby. You can take them in your arms, make them sit by themselves, and enjoy some steps to the beat. After all, it is all about having some fun together.

You can change songs, experiment with music to see what kind of music is your baby’s favorite. Who knows, your little one might start headbanging to some rock n roll!

Just make sure that there are no solid objects around that might hurt the baby and ensure that they are not dancing at the edge of the bed.

Skills developed – Overall muscular development, auditory skills


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